Pettitte’s next start pushed back to Friday


The Yankees have pushed Andy Pettitte‘s next start back to Friday, Joe Girardi confirmed this afternoon. Ivan Nova, CC Sabathia, and Phil Hughes will start against the Diamondbacks next week (in that order) following Monday’s off-day.

Pettitte, 40, had his last start pushed back after his back stiffened up on him last week. He was scheduled to throw a bullpen session today, and Girardi confirmed the decision to push Andy back again was just an extra precaution. The Yankees could push Pettitte back one more day to Saturday if needed (Hiroki Kuroda could start Friday on normal rest), but if he can’t go on Saturday they’ll need to come up with another starter for that game.

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  • dkidd

    uh, oh (?)

  • The Real Me

    It’s a long season. Better to be safe, especially with someone like Pettitte, who they probably didn’t expect to make 30 starts anyway.

  • forensic

    Hopefully he won’t be too rusty and out of it for that start. Even a compromised Jays lineup can take it out of the park pretty well, especially in Toronto.

    Gotta wonder if there’s at least a little bit of influence here trying to keep Hughes away from having to pitch there right now too, and instead having him face the weaker Rays offense. Unfortunately, doing that also puts Nova in the Toronto series, so you’re almost stuck with one or the other.

    Hopefully they both figure something out over that eight day span and have a few good starts.

  • Jersey Joe

    I hope it is nothing, but the offense is doing better than expected. For the meantime, I don’t think this is that much to worry about.

    • trr

      well, let’s hope not – all this bad injury news can’t go on all season…can it?

      • ROBTEN

        Perhaps they haven’t paid the right people…

        Dino: Good morning, Hal.

        Hal: Good morning gentlemen. Now what can I do for you.

        Luigi: (looking round office casually) You’ve… you’ve got a team here, Hal.

        Hal: Yes.

        Luigi: We wouldn’t want anything to happen to it.

        Hal: What?

        Dino: No, what my brother means is it would be a shame if… (he knocks another player in the kneecaps)

        Hal: Oh.

        Dino: Oh sorry, Hal.

        Hal: Well don’t worry about that. But please do sit down.

        Luigi: No, we prefer to stand, thank you, Hal.


  • Future Mrs. P

    I’m available to rub his back if that what it would take to make him better.

  • tommy cassella

    the yanks will be lucky if petite pitches on august 28th. the yanks always minimize their injuries. I hate to sound like a pessimist gut that’s the yanks do. if they say a guy will be out for two weeks, it’s usually two damn months.

  • tommy cassella

    the yanks will be lucky if petite pitches by august 28th. i hate to sound like a pessimist. the yanks always minimize their injuries. if they say a guy will be out two weeks, it’s usually two months.