• Graham Nash

    If Pettitte announces mid-summer that he’s retiring this year, and Jeter still not 100%, do you see any chance the Cap’n decides to hang it up and go out with Andy and Mo?

  • Tyler

    From the chat:

    “WAR isn’t great for catchers anyway, the only defense it considers is throwing out base-stealers.”

    This is just not true, at least for fWAR.

  • nycsportzfan

    Thats just a bit harsh on the Ichiro is done front.. He did just hit a HR, and the game before that, he had a multi hit game.. In one breath, U say(mike) that its way to early to read anything into the Hafner, Wells, Youk being so good at this point, and in the next, u say Ichiro looks done, when its way to early to make that claim.. I think ichiro’s gonna be a beast for us, and continue what he did when he joined us last yr, as hes motivated to make a run at a championship has Yankee stadium to hit , where his lefty swing plays nicely, and hes just another guy here in NYC..

    • Tyler

      In Mike’s defense, he is probably looking at what Ichiro did the past two years as well, minus the one good month he had with the Yankees. Taking that into account in conjunction with his 30 PAs this year, I agree with Mike in saying that Ichiro is probably done.

    • Long-Past-His-Day-Rod

      Mike has hated Ichiro since he got here.

      He may very well be correct, but I’m siding with you (right now) that it’s still too early to make that call. Wells was worthless last year, but seems to be having a good year so far. I’m also willing to give him the benefit of the doubt but say it’s still too early to tell.

      Even Ichiro’s “atrocious” 2011 and 2012 he had .272 BA/.310 OBP and .283 BA/.307 OBP. Certainly not great numbers by any means, but definitely seviceable combined with his speed and defense IMO. But he doesn’t hit HR’s so he must be worthless.

      • Tyler

        Ichiro in 2011: 79 wRC+ and 0.1 WAR = atrocious and in no way serviceable
        Ichiro in 2012: 90 wRC+ and 2.4 WAR = not atrocious and certainly serviceable

        So you guys each get a point I guess, but I agree with you that it is too early to say Ichiro is cooked for good.

  • bologna

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