• forensic

    There’s the final four too!

  • Preston

    Thoroughly disappointing bull-pen today.

    • forensic

      Just today? Before today’s game, they arguably had the second worst numbers of any bullpen in the majors. I’m sure they’re closer to the worst now.

  • who cares

    Joba Chamberlain is such a waste of talent what a bust. I am so happy I didn’t pay for the mlb package.

    • Bob Buttons

      Happy is caring.

      • vicki

        this cheered me up.

  • Eddard

    A sweep is likely tomorrow. Our so called good lineup couldn’t even hit Verlander last year and the only player who did manage to hit him was injured yesterday. CC couldn’t even throw 90 mph his first outing, what chance does he have against this Tiger lineup?

    Overbay, Youk, Hafner, Wells all performing. Who is failing us? The players we already had- Cano, Gardner, Joba, Logan.

    • Bob Buttons

      Actually pretty sure we scored 5 runs or more off him last year at some point.

      • forensic

        They hung in there alright against him in April and June last year and he dominated them in August and October. Scored 5 runs in both April and June starts, but both also involved unearned runs.

  • Andy

    Rafael DePaula’s first start in the USA was today. 4.1 innings, 2 R, 5 H, 1 BB, 11 K(!). Impressive first start, I hope he can give our minor league pitching a boost this season.

    • Bo Knows

      And not a single one of those balls were hard hit apparently. Tje 1st run scored off a bunt single, the 2nd came from a reliever allowing the man to score. It might sound early but if De Paula has a similarline or bwtter over the next 4-5 starts I would like the yankees to bump him up to tampa.

      • Andy

        I agree, he’s already 22 so he should be promoted fairly aggressively. I wonder if he’ll be able to make it to AA ball by season’s end.

        • Bo Knows

          I hope so, it really bodes well for him to be generating that many whiffs and that much weak contact. Hopefully Patterson sees it as well (which he probably does)

  • Kramerica Industries

    Of all the things to focus on today, all I’m going to say is to get that doddering piece of shit, Jobber, off this fucking baseball team.

    Seriously. Fuck that guy.

  • Gonzalo Hiram

    We need a lefty specialist instead of Warren or Kelley, Logan isn’t a bad reliever but he isn’t amazing against lefty hitters, last year that role was for Rapada.

    Wells, Hafner and Youkilis are doing a good job.

    Besides our supposed to be good pitchers, Cano and Gardner are killing the team.

    It would be good to get Casper Wells and get rid of Francisco or Boesch.

    • trr

      It’ll take a lot more than that

  • Crespo


    What do you think of doing a piece about the career of Joba up to this point? I think we could all use some clarity about what went wrong with that whole situation.

    • Bob Buttons

      I bet one word can sum it up.


    • matt montero

      If he knew the exact reason, he would be working for the Yankees. It’s pretty tough to determine whether it was something in his development, rushing him to the majors, injuries, mishandling, or just being overrated. It’s probably some combination of all (or some) of those factors, but I would be interested in reading that too.

      • Crespo

        I would just like greater detail as I didn’t pay as close attention to the team as I do now and it seems as if the situation w Joba was one of the most important events in recent Yankee history

      • WhittakerWalt

        A little bit of all those things. It also didn’t help that he was SO phenomenal when he first came up at the end of the year. Nobody could be as good as he was in that 7 week period. He was bound to disappoint after that.

  • Slu

    Well, I am off my whole small sample size thing. This team sucks. It is difficult to watch.

    • MannyGeee

      Lets go a couple more times through the rotation before we consider anything a bust.

  • Manny’s BanWagon

    The pitching staff better get there’s shit together fast because if they give up more than 4 runs its pretty much game over.

  • RonNY

    Thank God for SU! Go CUSE!!!!

    • Manny’s BanWagon

      No Way. Let’s go Michigan!!


      • forensic

        I’m with ya!

        • forensic

          I’ll say though, the radio guys for the game are painful. Bill Raftery and John Thompson (with someone else doing PBP) on the regular call and Jim Gray and Bill Walton doing the breaks and halftime.

          • Manny’s BanWagon

            Raftery’s voice is like an ice pick through your ears.

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