Update: Yanks will have $1.18M-$1.88M to spend internationally in 2013

Catcher defense, starring Jose Molina and Tony Pena
Yankees will skip Ivan Nova following rain out

Thursday: Badler says all 30 teams were also assigned international “slot” values, indicating a worldwide draft may be forthcoming. There are 120 slots (four rounds) and the Yankees are allotted $1,177,900 total, including $487,200 for their first pick (28th overall).

Tuesday: Via Ben Badler: The Yankees have a $1,877,900 international spending pool this summer, the third lowest in baseball by virtue of having the third best record in the league last year. The Astros, meanwhile, will have just under $5M at their disposal. The international signing period officially begins on July 2nd.

Every team was allocated $2.9M for international players last summer, which the Yankees spent on the first day of the signing period on three players: C Luis Torrens, OF Alex Palma, and IF Yancarlos Baez. The spending pools are scaled based on the previous year’s record now, though there has been plenty of talk about a worldwide draft lately. Either way, the Yankees used the international market to build their farm system for decades because of the ability to spend freely, but that ability has now been taken away. That isn’t good for anyone, especially the players.

Catcher defense, starring Jose Molina and Tony Pena
Yankees will skip Ivan Nova following rain out
  • Blake

    The penalties I believe are only fined internationally and not loss of draft picks like in the draft…..so considering that and that an international draft is probably coming at some point the Yankees should just get the players they want and try to use this financial advantage as long as they can …..not counting on that though

    • This Year

      Do you know the magnitude of the fines? If not, Mike, this would be an interesting follow-up, at least to me.

      • Blake

        I actually was wrong…,there is draft pick loss associated with going over the limit so….they are stuck….. Sucks.

        @BenBadler: Teams will lose multiple first-round picks for exceeding their pool space if there’s an international draft in 2014 http://t.co/tgpLNLFpOJ

      • zs190


        BA had an article that has details on the penalty because the Rays went over the limit last year.

        • zs190

          oops, I think I might have read the original question incorrectly, nevermind

      • The Lime

        If you blow your limit out of the water, you basically have to pay a tax and can’t sign high priced agents the following year:


        I’d like the Yankees to ignore the limit and act as if it didn’t exist.

        The following year they’d have to forfeit any high-priced talents, which is certainly risky, though this may be a moot point if an international draft is implemented, as they’d likely be drafting towards the back anyway.

        In the event that they bomb this year and blow up the team, then things get a little different and perhaps going crazy isn’t a great idea, as they wouldn’t be able to take advantage of a larger limit the following year. I don’t think they’ll blow up the team for reasons many people have already discussed.

        If they want to sign a premium player, they’ll basically have to throw all of their money on a single horse, so in a sense, following the rules may be riskier, though cheaper, than simply breaking them.

  • trr

    Personally, I like seeing the international players, especially from Europe, Asia….

  • CONservative governMENt

    I can kind of understand a spending limit, but adjusting it by record seems overdoing it in terms of competitive balance. Hopefully the Yankees can use their web of scouts to find hidden gems.

  • Fan

    Slowly but surely MLB is finding ways to provide owners with excuses to take all of the fans’ money home instead of reinvesting in the sport. It is sickening to see baseball stoop down to the level of salary cap sports.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I’d have no problem with everyone getting the same amount fo spend on IFAs. I’d even have no problem with a straight cap. What I don’t want is the type of “capology” that only an MBA can understand all the time coming to baseball, where no one really likes it, so all types of expceptions and holes are plucked in it in order to undermine it.

      I also want even less to see this kind of shit, where doing well leads to a handicap the following year. “Hey Yankees…..27 World Championships!?! Now you’ll have to face TWO tames at the same time! Try to beat the shift with 16 guys on the field.”

      • jjyank

        Yeah. I wouldn’t mind a straight cap, but I feel like MLB is trying too hard to create parity in the sport. Of course, that’s easy for me to say as a Yankee fan. I’d imagine an Astros fan might tell me to go fuck myself.

        My feeling is that this is already instituted in the draft. Not only do the Yankees pick at the end of the round, but they have significantly less money to sign those picks. I’m not a fan of the same system in place for IFAs.

        • MannyGeee

          ” I’d imagine an Astros fan might tell me to go fuck myself. ”

          I would tell him to do the same. Its not your fault (and SURELY not the Yankees’ fault) that the Astros are not willing to spend the money that the Yankees (hell, even the money the Indians have spent) to field a team that can compete.

          I know this seems like a semi-simplistic way to look at it, but I am gonna say with some confidence that regardless of the fact that the Astros have the “permission” to spend $5M on IFAs next year, they won’t have the desire to do so.

          I agree 100% with Mike. The players suffer the most here.

          • Robinson Tilapia


            Fuck the Astros. Their billionaires have an many billions as ours. They play in a city so big, with so much urban sprawl (which may, or may not, be an attendance problem – I have no clue. MAYBE ATHENIAN CAN PERFORM A STUDY), that they have some of the worst traffic in the US.

            Actually, I have no clue what tht has to do with anything other than NO ONE in baseball should cry poverty. Find a way to get better than doesn’t impede on the Yankees geting better.

            Someone said this below, but this isn’t global economics here. This is baseball. They’re all fucking billionaires. Let’s save saving the poorer class for other arguments on other blogs.

        • Laz

          Straight parity is not the best for the sport though. Teams like the Pirates/Rockies have much smaller fanbases, and aren’t as productive in generating money if they were in the playoffs every year.

      • TomH


      • A.D.

        that only an MBA can understand

        Let’s not give MBA’s too much credit there

        In all seriousness I agree, you want to cap IFA bucks because you need to crush the bargaining power of a bunch of 16 year old kids, and not just have the most popular teams get an upper hand, ok. But then one should level the playing field not invert the playing field, especially since IFAs are a pretty big crap-shoot

      • Laz

        Agree exactly. Is like MLB wants to go the NBA route were teams are just trying to bomb at the end so they can get the best draft picks.

        Give Yankees same amount of money, draft already penalizes them, you shouldn’t encourage teams that are doing the absolute rebuild to lose as many games as possible.

  • Chris

    This new system is going to ruin baseball. The system rewards being average. Not being bad and certainly not being good.

    1. A team like the Yankees has every kind of restraint on it. Spending, draft etc…MLB wants teams to run through ups and downs. They clearly don’t see sustained success as good for baseball overall.

    2. Terrible teams with no money are hurt because there aren’t any rewards per say of being very bad. Only financial flexability in the draft. If a team sucks, and has a low payroll why would they then spend 5 mill in a draft?

    3. The new system has ZERO protection for a team to keep its own players. Take the new “model” franchise. Washington. What is going to happen when they need to spend to keep Harper and Strasburg? Those are 2, 20M+ a year deals once they hit FA. Sure they can try and swing a Tampa Bay deal and buy out years but face it. There are spending restrictions to get money back from MLB, if they win their system will fall apart because they won’t have the money and picks to draft well and they will have to either trade someone or allow someone to walk. How is that fair to anyone? In 5-7 years teams that benifit now will be crying how the system is hurthing them.

    They got what they asked for. Spending restrictions and basically a penatly for winning all the time. Lets see what happens when more than just the Yankees are hurt by this policy.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Can’t argue with this one bit. It sucks.

    • Jersey Joe

      Definitely agree. System sucks. Especially for Washington – but that offseason should be fun to watch with Harper and Strasburg.

    • KeithK

      Any kind of system designed to increase parity is going to penalize teams that are consistently good. That’s intentional. It’s not a bug.

      Terrible teams still get higher draft picks in addition to the pool money. So they have earlier crack at the top talent. Just like they always have.

      The Nats have the “protection” of the qualified offer. If Strasbourg and Harper play to the level we expect then the Nats either break the bank to keep them or they get extra draft picks. Just like it’s always been, except that the team no longer has to risk a ridiculous arbitration victory to get compensation.

      Is the current system ideal? No. But suggest something better that maintains a level playing field.

      • Chris

        But they don’t have that “protection” of the QO. If the Yanks win the world series this year and Cano walks they get someone elses pick but not their draft slot money? What good is a pick in the top 5 or 10 if you can’t afford to sign anyone in any other round?

        • Laz

          Don’t get their pick, they get a sandwich pick, which is around slot 30.

      • hogsmog

        Like Robinson said before, a hard cap (which drifts up with inflation) and standings-determined draft order (which could even be an international draft). It stops the best teams from getting better and makes sure the worst teams get better faster, but doesn’t have explicit disincentives for success when trying to sign a given player.

    • MannyGeee

      What you just defined her, with the Nats winning because they drafted 2 great players and other teams benefiting from it, is called ‘parity’. And it sucks to be good or great in the world of forced parity.

      Also, it doubly sucks because you spend YEARS developing a system and strategy to play within the rules (drafting, IFS, FA spending & trades) for the league to move the goalposts in the name of parity. Doesn’t affect the Yankees nearly as much as mid market teams like the Nats and Rays.

  • Brett Pedroia

    I LOVE how Boston, Toronto and the free spending Rangers all have more international bonus money than us, The rangers and jays ALWAYS outspend us.

    I hope Selig pulls a Giamatti

    • trr

      Easy Brett, it’s just a game

    • jsbrendog

      i had to reign myself in from making a brett pedroia joke…

  • TomH

    There are too many teams. Some should fail rather than have their bad-faith capitalists propped up with socialist methods.

    • Gonzo

      I disagree that there are too many teams. MLB is making money hand over fist and their revenues increase every year.

      The teams form a cartel wherein the success of each of them ensures success for all of them. The Yankees/Dodgers/Red Sox want and need for the Rays/Royals/Pirates to be viable. This is planned and accepted among team owners.

      FWIW, I believe the Yankees voted for this system much to the surprise of most of us.

  • John C

    Makes it that much more puzzling why they didn’t go harder after guys like Chapman, Cespedes, Soler and Puig who were not subject to such budget restrictions.

    • Gonzo

      Reports were that they went pretty hard after Soler. Like really hard after him.

      • Manny’s BanWagon

        If that was true, he’d be a Yankee. Same goes for all the rest of the above mentioned players. The Yankees certainly have the capacity to outbid anyone.

        • Gonzo

          That misses the point. I’m pretty sure every team including the Yankees had the resources to win the bid for Michael Ynoa, Gary Sanchez, Ronald Guzman, etc…

          That does not mean they weren’t in on them or even in on them hard. Does that mean they weren’t in on Cliff Lee hard?

    • Bo Knows

      First off the new CBA wasn’t even out until after Chapman, also no one believed the rumors about Chapman’s fastball because when he was working out in front of teams, he was supposedly only in the low 90’s.

      The Yankees were said to have made a good offer to Soler that was said to be of similar money to what he ultimately got, but he chose the 9 years and slightly more money.

      I don’t blame Yankees at all for Puig or Cespedes, Puig was 42 million dollars that is proven free agent money not something you cough up for an unknown quantity. Same can be said about Cespedes, all anyone knew about him was that he was a workout warrior that is not enough to try and risk as much as he got.

      • Gonzo

        When I ask for a raise, remind me to show my boss a video of me jumping boxes beforehand.

        • MannyGeee

          so much spandex!

          • Manny’s BanWagon

            My secretary almost certainly would get a raise if she showed me a video of her jumping up and down in spandex.

      • TopChuckie

        His accurate point was that all it took to get these lottery tickets was money, the number one advantage the Yankees had over all the other teams and which now is being seriously restricted. I remember with Cespedes and Puig, and I think at least with Soler too, that many were hopeful the Yanks would take advantage while they still had the advantage because it was clear those days were numbered. Darvish is another they should have used their advantage to get. They needed to spend that money while they still could, even if it was a big gamble, the kind they got burned on with Igawa, because now they have plenty of money but can’t effectively use it. Sure, they probably don’t mind putting it in their pockets, but it doesn’t make the team better and doesn’t do us any good.

        They may have been big, maybe even seemed foolish at the time, gambles in a vacuum, but since it was the last chance the Yanks were going to have to take those sort of gambles, they should have done it because they were best able to afford it, and any money lost if those gambles didn’t pan out would come back to them now when they no longer can take advantage of their superior revenue by putting it back into the team.

        Sort of like when you know you have to get up from the poker table soon, so you play with weaker cards just to squeeze in those last few opportunities to score while you can.

  • EndlessJose

    Besides spending money there’s only two other ways to win or get young great players.Oversell your players in trades(Orioles,A’S,Mets) or lose for a couple of years(Nationals,Tigers,Rays,Mets).

    The yankees are put in a bad situation when in comes to getting young players and if they can’t use there money internationally I don’t know where there gonna get there great prospects.

  • trr

    Pretty much correct; baseball isn’t capitalism and it sure ain’t socialism. Gonzo, you are spot on when you say that booming economic health of the game blows away any argument that there are too many teams, unless the arguments is the talent pool is somewhat diluted, (only to the purists among us…)

    I guess the Yanks thought they would always dominate such a system, but suprise! They need to adjust, but are chained to the “old system” by dint of so many long term contracts for older players.

  • LarryM Fl

    I agree with most of the prior comments. The CBA is an attempt at fairness with a spending cap on salaries and player benefits. It should be even for all teams. With this fairness so should the IFA’s have the same spending caps.The Yankees pursue WS title number 28. They continue to make the playoffs for the next couple of years. There ability to refresh the minors will be less fair every year that they finish on top of the win totals.

    Besides the draft, the fans may not come to the big ball park and spend $250 for a family of four. As the fans resist the price of going to a game. It will affect even more the Yankee product. Baseball will suffer a depleted Yankee product. The Yankees are clearly the choice team to play on opening day. They are the choice team for a weekend series. They are the choice team to want to beat.

    Baseball is trying to hard to even the field. Baseball maybe making the field slanted in the wrong direction. Houston has a 25 million dollar payroll. The fan in Houston pays his $200 for a family of four to go to the game. Who is getting cheated the Yankee fan or Houston fan? But Houston may total 62 wins this year and pile up top draft choices for years to come while the owners reap incomes on all kinds of products while spending nothing. It is wrong.

  • Jake H

    My problem with this is that the Yankees and some other teams have spent tons of money to build relationships with scouts and coaches down there. They have spent money on academies and MLB has decided that everything should be equal. The Marlins and White Sox haven’t spent money internationally so those bonuses are just not going to be spent. Lets reward lazy teams by giving them more money and having showcases so they don’t actually have to do anything to see players. Great plan.

  • Bill Bruford

    These spending caps are ridiculous, and only serve to keep more money in the hands of owners. I don’t see anyone rushing to put a cap on ticket prices.

  • vicki

    i hate it. does anyone consider it a good move to have added puerto rican players to the amateur draft? it wasn’t for puerto rican players, certainly.

    the winners were then and will be now american players who are at a competitive disadvantage, relative to latin kids who commit fulltime to baseball at age fifteen. mlb is forcing what amounts to workforce protections, possibly because the face of the game got too brown for some people.

  • Dave M

    That’s BS. Not fair.

  • trr

    ha! last year we took my wife’s relatives from Germany to the Stadium,
    and it cost more than we went to Broadway

  • Robinson Tilapia

    The shit just gets smellier, more liquidy, and has pieces of corn in it.

  • Cool Lester Smooth

    Damn. The MLB really is determined to fuck international players, (and the Rays) bloody.

  • Nutty the Squirrel

    Once again, the greedy capitalists fuck over the impoverished peasants in poor countries.

    Major League Bourgeoisie!

  • Fernando

    Well you can blame the players. They sold out all the non-union members (I.e. the high schoolers, college players and international kids), which is why those limits were imposed on the college draft and international signings.