Yankees will stick with internal options following Jeter setback

Wang throws 5.1 scoreless innings in first Triple-A start
Game 17: Finish The Sweep

Via Bryan Hoch: Brian Cashman confirmed the Yankees will stick with their internal options on the infield in the wake of Derek Jeter‘s setback. “We’re going to stay as we are,” said the GM. “Those guys have done a nice job. They’ve earned the right, and regardless, this time of year is certainly going to be a factor in anything that happens.”

Nunez, 25, is hitting just .184/.267/.211 (34 wRC+) in the early going this year while the 30-year-old Nix is at .172/.219/.276 (30 wRC+). That’s as bad as it gets right there. Nunez’s throwing has been much, much better these first few weeks, but that only goes so far. Teams usually aren’t looking to sell off pieces at this time of year anyway, so the Yankees are stuck with these two for the time being. Hopefully one of ’em starts hitting.

Wang throws 5.1 scoreless innings in first Triple-A start
Game 17: Finish The Sweep
  • trr

    nice job, my ass…
    I realize there is no immediate upgrade out there, but hope the F/O will explore any and all options

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I’m sure they still will. I just don’t see what other choice they have at the moment.

      The devil over my shoulder is slightly laughing at Nuney not hitting for shit, but playing passable defense. I will admit it.

    • toad

      Bear in mind that the Yankees have look for a long-term solution at SS, so giving up much of anything for a patch is a poor idea. At this point Jeter cannot realistically be considered a reliable SS even after he can play.

  • Roadgeek Adam

    While Velazquez may be ahead of him in picking order, you could always call up Addison Maruszak and see how he performs. ;)

  • johnfish

    I guess in Cashman-speak, hitting below the Mendoza line qualifies as a “nice job.”

    • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

      Or he realizes there aren’t likely to be better options available anytime soon and doesn’t feel that saying they’ve sucked will help their confidence.

      • CP

        Maybe he should have said that the current options suck and he’s desperate to upgrade. That would have really helped keep the cost of a trade down!

  • Kosmo

    I would expect Nunez to pick it up offensively. Nix I´m not to sure about. If you look around MLB and MiLB not much to choose from.

  • Eddard

    Yeah, let’s write the kid off after less than 40 ABs and after he came back from a wrist injury. Everyone keeps doubting Cashman and he just keeps coming up with gem after gem, reminds me a lot of how people always doubt Andy.

    • Preston

      Who wrote him off? Nunez will hit better. But even when he’s hitting he isn’t the best with the bat. And I’m skeptical that he’s put all of his defensive problems behind him. That said he’s the best option both internally and considering the cost of acquiring a replacement he’s probably better than external options too.

  • Laz

    I would be content with his 2011 self from Nunez. Nunez won’t be a star, but I think he can fill in adequately. SS around the league sucks, they can survive.

  • Walt Ibarra

    Me! Me! Choose Me!!!

    • Addison Maruszak

      *sharpens blade*

  • CONservative governMENt

    What kind of package would the Rangers want for Profar?

    • monterowasdinero

      More than we could give them.

      How about Brendan Harris-backup infielder for the Angels? Solid, inexpensive utility infielder…

      Cheaper than Profar by the million$.

      • Bob Buttons

        He couldn’t beat out whomever Rays had at short pre-Bartlett and whomever Twins had at short post-Bartlett (Punto?). That should sound an alarm in your head.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I guess you can look at the Myers deal for Tampa as a roadmap.

      I’d be EXTREMELY weary of trading premium pieces for someone not established in the big leagues in the least. It’s not just our prospects that can fail.

      I was one of the only vocal people on here that didn’t like the Myers deal for Tampa, and it was pretty much because of the same logic.

      I see the opposite point of view, though.

      • FEED.ME.MORE!

        “It’s not just our prospects that can fail.”

        Surely, you jest.

        I am interested to see what Texas does with Profar, though. After signing Andrus and Kinsler, I wonder where his value is to the Rangers going forward.

        • Preston

          He’ll play second and Kinsler will play some 1B and OF, he’ll pout about it, but he doesn’t really have a choice.

          • Laz

            But is that the best use of their value?
            Profar is only rated so highly because he has a decent bat at SS, and Kinsler’s bat is only so good because he is at 2nd. Might be better off if you can swap profar for a top notch 1B or OF prospect.

            Andrus/Kinsler/Taveras > Andrus/Kinsler/Profar
            is the gist of my thoughts.

            • Preston

              The offensive positional adjustment from SS to 2B is minimal, and Kinsler is better than Mitch Moreland with the bat. So maybe it’s not the optimal way to maximize each players production, but it maximizes the teams production. I just don’t see them making a prospect for prospect swap. There is a lot of risk involved in a deal like that. I would need Taveras plus one of St. Louis’s better pitching prospects to consider it.

      • CONservative governMENt

        Why are you weary of trading premium prospects for someone not established? Is it just the Pineda deal or are there others?

        • Robinson Tilapia

          It’s seeing plenty of “next big things” never pan out over the years. Think of how many sure fire superstars-that-weren’t are walking around baseball right now.

          Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m against developing young players, or anything of that sort. It’s an acknowledgement that none of this is an exact science.

        • Preston

          Prospects flame out all the time. Justin Smoak, Dustin Ackley and Jesus Montero were all once upon a time elite prospects and not a single one has turned into an adequate starting player for the Mariners. That said, Profar is about as safe as it gets. And I don’t think the Rangers would be interested in trading him for prospects. The only player I could see them moving him for is Stanton.

          • Robinson Tilapia

            Just one mention of Drew Henson leads Mike Axisa to tears.

  • Bennett

    Nunez hasn’t had as much time as originally expected due to getting all these minor dings. Let’s give him a little more time before writing him off completely.

    At any rate, it would be best to exercise patience for now given how it’s A, still early in the season and B, not exactly a great market for shortstops at the moment.


    Adam Warren and DBJ for Tulowitski. Make Colorado an offer they can’t refuse……

    Nunez did get hit, twice. Let’s let him get more time and repetition in the batters box before we start casting him off. Besides, given his strong (!) defense so far, and the team winning, I see no reason to do anything silly.

    • Bob Buttons

      Supposedly Cashman nixed the deal when Colorado wanted Nunez in the deal when Cashman’s offer of Warren, DBJ and Adams was countered due to concerns about Adams’ health.

    • Laz

      CO wouldn’t bite for that, Tulow is an injury risk, and still has ~$145M left owed to him. Great player, but don’t want to empty the farm for another injury risk $20M player.

  • Travis L.

    How much to get Pastornicky from ATL? Does anyone know anything about Triunfel of SEA? He has been around forever, but never in the bigs… still about 21-22 years old.

  • Andrew Romine

    Trade for me!!! I want to play in the same org as my brother!!!

    • Travis L.

      HAHAHAHA!!! I used to get ripped for thinking he was better than Nunez!! Those were the days….

  • Bill

    This is a great opportunity to see what Nunez can do as the regular SS. Yes, he’s struggled so far, but has also been hampered by injuries. The good thing is that his defense is MUCH better which gives the Yankees the flexibility to continue to go with him. He will hit again soon enough. My main concern is that his defense continues to hold up as he works out of his hitting slump. If it doesn’t the Yankees won’t be able to stay with him and will have to use Nix.

    As far as trade options are concerned, no one is going to give the Yankees a SS that can hit much better than Nunez anyway. At least not for a reasonable price.

    Down on the farm Marsuzak mashes lefties, but can’t hit righties barely at all. Nunez and Nix both hit lefties better than righties, so there’s no real upgrade there.

    • Addison Maruszak

      *sharpens blade faster*

  • Hit Man

    Kinda like the situation with Mo last year. See what you have and have an audition. Nunez has to stay but please upgrade the Nix slot. Whats up with Mustelier? Why so secretive?

  • Sweet Dick Willie

    Did the former Attorney General clear waivers? He’s got to be as good as Nix, no?

  • RetroRob

    Nunez is not quite the hitter people think he is, nor is he quite the poor fielder people think he is, as long as he’s playing SS and not bouncing around. That’s not to say he’s a plus fielder, because he’s not. And as I write this, Nunez throws a ball into the stands for his second error of the year!