Game 52: Back in the Bronx

(Al Bello/Getty)

(Al Bello/Getty)

The Yankees have dropped three straight and five of their last seven games, easily their worst stretch of the season since losing four of the first five games back in April. All seven of those games were played on the road though, and now they’re back in the Bronx were they … haven’t scored much this year? It’s true. The Yankees have averaged just 3.3 runs per game (92 wRC+) at home compared to 4.5 runs per game (90 wRC+) on the road. That will even out as the season progresses, I’m very sure of it. Hopefully it starts tonight. Here’s the lineup that will face right-hander Jeremy Hefner…

  1. CF Brett Gardner
  2. 2B Robinson Cano
  3. DH Travis Hafner
  4. 1B Lyle Overbay
  5. RF Brennan Boesch
  6. LF Ichiro Suzuki
  7. 3B Jayson Nix
  8. SS Reid Brignac
  9. C Chris Stewart

And on the mound is Baseball America’s sixth best prospect in Missouri prior to the 2005 draft, right-hander David Phelps.

The weather in New York is a whole lot nicer than it was last night, but there is actually a chance of showers tonight. Not torrential downpour, but enough that they might be playing in slop or even delayed at some point. The game is scheduled to start a little after 7pm ET and can be seen on both YES and SNY locally. Enjoy.

Injury Updates: Derek Jeter (ankle) has been cleared to start throwing, but nothing else … Curtis Granderson (pinky) had a pin placed in his hand this morning. It doesn’t change his timetable at all, it’ll still be at least four weeks before he can resume working out … Andy Pettitte (trap) is expected to rejoin the team during the Indians series early next week. My guess is Vidal Nuno gets sent to Triple-A following tomorrow’s start to clear a roster spot for Mark Teixeira/Kevin Youkilis, with Pettitte taking Nuno’s rotation spot when it comes around on Tuesday … Eduardo Nunez (ribcage) is still resting following his setback the other day and is not close to returning.

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  1. SDB says:

    Alright. Enough of this losing streak. Three’s enough.

    For Prussia.

  2. Mike Axisa says:

    Can we try to be civil in the game thread tonight? I’ve been busy these last two nights and didn’t see the mess the comments devolved into until this morning. Don’t be assholes.

    • Eddard says:

      I don’t understand why people have to get personal. It’s a blog about a baseball game. I always try to follow the Robbie Cano philosophy and just have fun.

      • Darren says:

        …you make blogging look so easy with your natural talent and lightning quick typing, that’s why people are so frustrated with you.

        • Winter says:

          Sometimes it seems like he just mails in a comment, but we really can’t complain because he’s carrying the comment section.

          Wait, what am I saying?

    • trr says:

      Mike’s right. It’s easy to understand the frustration, but personal attacks on each other?
      Let’s score a few runs tonight (3? 4?) and win this one…

    • Rolling Doughnut says:

      Right. The personal attacks are bad enough (it’s easy to get big balls behind a computer screen) but when it gets to calling on someone to commit suicide, that should be grounds for blog banishment no?

      • trr says:

        Way, way over the line

      • Dalek Jeter says:

        I agree 100%. Greg and I disagree about 99 out of a 100 things, but I can never, ever get behind telling anybody..especially somebody who I believe already suffers from some form of commit suicide. That really jumped the line.

        • nycsportzfan says:

          Your one of the biggest jerks on here, and your actually telling someone there over the line? Crazy! Without Tilapia and yourself, there probably would be very little disprespect going on here all together.

          • Dalek Jeter says:

            I may be an asshole, but I’d never tell a person to kill themselves online or otherwise.

            (something about the pot calling the kettle black)

            • nycsportzfan says:

              Its all over the top. Its a MB, and were all fans of the same team. Were supposed to stick together, not diss eachother. I’d never of even thought to diss anyone on here if i wasen’t attacked numerous times first.

              Its easy being a asshole to somene when your not face to face with them, hence why i don’t do it.

          • Pat D says:

            I guess you don’t see every comment that gets posted, do you?

    • nycsportzfan says:

      I wondered how people even get away with being such assholes on a simple Game thread. Ban there asses if they can’t be civil!

    • Get Phelps Up says:

      I must say that I regret my suicide comment toward Greg. It just was a result of the moment after a heartbreakng loss and an incredible amount of stupidity. Now, I realize it was way over the top.

      On the other hand, there were several guys in that thread (2 in particular) that I think should be given the axe.

    • Pseudoyanks says:

      These kids today…(sigh)

  3. Darren says:

    Holy crap, Lee Guetterman continued to play baseball professionally until 2007! That’s after being out of MLB since 1996. That’s so cool. Think he loved the game?

    And if you think that’s a non-sequitur, you better bone up on your Yankee- Mets trades.

    • nycsportzfan says:

      Lee Gutterman pitched in the first game i seen live at old yank stadium back in 1990 or 1991(can’t remember?)

  4. Buddy says:

    My god.

    I can’t believe that THAT is the New York Yankees lineup.

  5. LarryM Fl says:

    The more that I see Ichiro out in the field practically every night. The more I believe his contract was not one of a player helping a club but the business side of selling stuff at the Yankee stores. Ichiro does not help the club now. What will he be like next year.
    Chris Stewart has not displayed enough of his warts to allow Romine to gather some experience while its justifiable. Oh well, I have been a Yankee fan for a long long time. This lineup should not be a surprise to me.

    • Winter says:

      “Chris Stewart has not displayed enough of his warts to allow Romine to gather some experience while its justifiable.”

      What does that even mean?

      • Mikhel says:

        It is a way to say that Stewart can not catch. Warts are small small things that “grow” in your skin and I’ve been told they can get pretty painful, that’s why when a catcher can not get a ball or repeatedly makes mistakes, it is said it is because he has warts and it is afraid he’ll be hurt.

        sorry for my poor english :p

      • LarryM Fl says:

        It means I prefer Romine than Stewart in a Nutshell.

  6. King George says:

    That’s what I proposed in the other thread. Having Adams take short would be ideal…but Mike said there’s no chance it happens. Ha!

    • King George says:

      Wow, what a reply fail. I’m not even sure how this happened. I’m disappointed in myself.

    • Dalek Jeter says:

      I’d much much rather him try the outfield. Especially RF at Yankee stadium, with how small it is. SS requires more agility than Adams supposedly has after that ankle injury.

  7. Dalek Jeter says:

    Hey guys before we get started I have a question about a trade that I made in a fantasy league with another poster here:

    I got: Giancarlo Stanton and Aroldis Chapman

    He got: Josh Hamilton and Corey Hart.

  8. nycsportzfan says:

    Hoping for a massive scoring out put from our guys tonight. Maybe 4runs??lol

  9. Cy Pettitte says:

    I can’t wait for this fucking series to be over.

    • Dalek Jeter says:

      Are you sure about that…I mean we’ve got Boston coming in right after this. That looks to be a tough series. Only silver lining is that Youk and Tex are back, but I don’t expect them to hit the ground running (especially Tex).

  10. BigBlueAL says:

    Great start.

  11. Dalek Jeter says:

    Well…that was a quick, and terrible start.

  12. nycsportzfan says:

    UGH!!!!! What kinda throw home by Cano was that?? Looked like a little leaguer throwing

    • The Doctor says:

      An attempt to throw the ball as fast as he could because there was literally no other way they were getting him. Either he takes his time, makes a strong throw, and guarantees they don’t get him, or he tries to get rid of it quickly and at least has a chance.

  13. Troll says:

    Last I checked, the Yankees boast the worst batting average with runners on while the Red Sox are batting upwards of .380 with the bases loaded. I honestly cannot remember the last time I witnessed this level of atrocity within the Yankee’s offense.

  14. Mike HC says:

    Jeter has been cleared to start throwing? When did his ankle injury spread to his arm?

    • The Doctor says:

      Last I checked Jeter’s arms and legs are attached to the same body. Everything’s connected.

      • Mike HC says:

        Hmmm … interesting theory

        • Mikhel says:

          You can throw but can’t expect to be great at throwing if your lower part of the body is not healthy. At least Nolan Ryan, Clemens and Pettitte have said it and I tend to believe them, specially Nolan.

  15. Dalek Jeter says:

    13 minutes in and already on beer 2…

  16. Mike HC says:

    I think I might have a better arm than Boesch if that throw is any indication.

    • The Doctor says:

      Honestly didn’t think there was any way he could score on that. Literally came on a perfect hop to Boesch. Guess the Mets have a better report on his arm than I do.

    • Dalek Jeter says:

      Just saying, with the speed of Ichiro’s release…the ball would’ve gotten there at the same time.

      • The Doctor says:

        Definitely closer than people think, but at least his reputation might have held the man at 3rd.

  17. nycsportzfan says:

    Come on Phelps! Are you kidding me? This guys been dominant, now he faces a scrub, and somehow hes gonna pitch to the oppositons level? Frustrating!

  18. Dalek Jeter says:

    This…this is going to be a long night.

    I guess get Nova up?

  19. Cy Pettitte says:

    it’s fucking Rick Ankiel just go at him.

  20. Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

    This is shaping up to be a lllooooong night.

  21. Dalek Jeter says:

    Jayson Nix always does something to help (the other) team win.

  22. Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

    Jayson Nix. Professional Baseball Player.

    God awful.

  23. Eddard says:

    Why is Adams not playing? That’s a DP if he’s there!

    • nycsportzfan says:

      THere isn’t one good reason you can possibly come up with to why Adams isn’t in there over Nix, unless Adams is injured or dinged up. None!

      • Mikhel says:

        Even if Adams were playing, that type of play is difficult for Adams, he’s been fielding the ball sideways instead of putting his body in front of the ball to block it in case he can’t get it. In Tampa it cost the NYY at least 4 runs in plays a normal thirdbaseman can do.

  24. The Real Greg says:

    Oh my lord…. Just kill’em now please.

  25. nycsportzfan says:

    No fucking way! No Fucking way!!!!!!!!!!! Thats just inexplicable in a little league game! My god!

  26. Leg-End says:

    At this point you can only laugh.

  27. The Doctor says:

    Professional baseball player!

  28. Cy Pettitte says:

    Ike Davis grand slam so I can turn this abomination off

  29. SDB says:

    “Nix does something to help the team, EVERY game.”

    Just waiting for Ma and Pa to say that now

  30. Hans Moleman says:

    Professional ball player, etc etc.

  31. Kramerica Industries says:

    Nix is so fucking worthless.

  32. The Doctor says:

    … Hockey anyone?

  33. Matt says:

    Why does Adams need a day off? He’s a young guy and he won’t be playing much anyway in a few days.

    Nix is terrible. There is no reason to put him out there against a righty pitcher. Period. And especially not on a night that you already sat Vernon Wells, when your offense has been terrible of late.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      Because he’s made of glass. Period.

      • Matt says:

        That’s ridiculous. Adams will be a bench player in 2 days. What are you resting him for when your lineup is already short? Besides, it’s not like he’s going to play anyway after Youkilis comes back because Girardi seems to think that Nix is actually good and he plays more positions.

  34. Dalek Jeter says:

    Anybody listening to the radio broadcast, what kind excuses are Ma and Pa making because that was like the definition of a double play ball.

  35. BigBlueAL says:

    Rock bottom.

    • Troll says:

      Not even close . . . The offense still sucks and it will continue to suck until after the All-Star break, if ever.

  36. Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

    Can’t even get Ike Davis out.

    Bullpen time.

  37. SDB says:

    Aw jeez. Even Ike Davis is getting hits now.

  38. Eddard says:

    I can’t believe he gave up a hit to Ike Davis. Take him out and boo him off the field. He’s no longer BGDP.

  39. Winter says:

    I’m only watching on gameday, but Phelps seems to have Phil Hughesitis. Gets two strikes, can’t put him away.

  40. DJ says:

    Good job Phelps. Gtfo

  41. sangreal says:


  42. flamingo says:

    In play, run(s)

    Okay, if Phelps gave up a hit to IKE DAVIS he’s really got nothing tonight.

  43. Cy Pettitte says:

    This team is a fucking embarrassment this series, what a joke. Seems like a good time to break o out the “If George was still here” meme.

  44. Troll says:

    I wasn’t expecting this level of implosion. These guys are f***ing nuclear.

  45. dontchaknow says:


  46. The Real Greg says:

    And the beat goes on. Red Sox must be salivating right now.

  47. Rolling Doughnut says:

    Oh my. Ike Fucking Davis knocks Phelps out. Unbelievable.

  48. WhittakerWalt says:


  49. Kramerica Industries says:

    It’s pretty fucking irritating to be having this much trouble with a team that’s as fucking terrible as the Mets.

  50. Leg-End says:

    Phelps had nothing. Nova has a shot at redemption.

  51. nycsportzfan says:

    Are these guys trying to lose this game? How can you possibly be this wild as a MLB pitcher? It just dosen’t even seem possible.

    Phelps didn’t get through a single inning….LOL Holy shit! Against the freaking mets! Thats just not exceptable ever, period. There should be no reason any starter worth a shit should ever only be able to record one fucking out in a start against such a pathetic offense.

  52. Anderson Silva says:

    thankfully we had big game Phelps today… fuck him and fuck proffesional ball player Nix

  53. trr says:

    Just turned on the TV – WTF???

    • Dalek Jeter says:

      Phelps had no idea where the ball was going. If it wasn’t over the middle of the plate and up, it was a ball. Then with bases loaded, one out, he induced a taylor-made double play ball and Nix botched it, didn’t get a single out.

  54. forensic says:

    Well, this is certainly not a good start.

    With how offensive their offense is, this one might be over already…

    • The Real Greg says:

      This game was over when they scored 2 runs let alone 5.

      • Troll says:

        Greg, you’re being generous. It was over after they scored ONE run.

      • Matt says:

        Don’t be an idiot. The game was not even close to over at 2. It was though after Nix booted a routine double play grounder and allowed the Mets to set up a huge inning.

        • The Real Greg says:

          You haven’t been watching the offense recently have you?

          • Matt says:

            Wake up. Those games were in the NL park with no DH against 2 good starting pitchers. Did you not just see the Mets put up 5 against us? Their offense is even worse than ours.

            • Mikhel says:

              Do you know what team has comparable offensive stats to those the NYY have? The San Diego Padres, and they don’t even have a DH. If you don’t include the DH and P in either team, the Padres are better offensively, not by much, but better.

      • Rolling Doughnut says:

        It’s the first inning. Their guy has a 75 ERA+. Anything can happen.

        • Troll says:

          Let’s be honest here, just for a second. Anyone who expects this offense to score six runs, at the very least, hasn’t been paying attention to the New York Yankees in the month of May. I’m surprised they haven’t broken any records with their offensive struggles.

  55. WhittakerWalt says:

    That escalated quickly.

  56. DJ says:

    Better keep Brignac up and not Nix. Please. And least Brignac can field a ground ball

  57. Winter says:

    Where’s your god now, Eddard?

    No seriously, where is he? I could use some religion after that.

  58. Matt says:

    Phelps was bad, but he should have been out of that inning at 2, and he usually tends to settle in as the game goes along. That inning is mostly on Nix for booting what is an easy double play ball. When you play garbage, your results are going to be garbage. It’s not a shock to anyone, except Girardi apparently.

    • DJ says:

      Phelps was horrible regardless of Nix. Get the .100 hitting 1B out. No excuses

      • Anderson Silva says:

        or the sub .280 OBP SS

      • Matt says:

        Phelps was doomed once Nix booted that ball. He was very likely to give up at least 1 more run even if he did everything right. When your pitcher has NOTHING, you can’t boot that ball. You just can’t. It was not a difficult play one bit. Every third baseman in the league turns that into a DP. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Except for Nix.

    • Gonzo says:

      Nova spiked the water.

    • Anderson Silva says:

      It seems like all of our SP have terrible first innings. Seems like a big problem that needs to be addressed.

      • Mikhel says:

        Didn’t the Pirates attempt to bring a reliever to start a game, and then throw the starter in the 2nd or 3rd inning after he warmed a LOT in the bullpen? Or maybe i dreamt it happened sometime in my lifetime.

  59. Dalek Jeter says:

    that was…surprisingly smooth looking to not turn the 2.

  60. Wheels says:

    Just turned it on. WTF?

  61. nycsportzfan says:

    I still can’t believe its 5-0 in the 1st against Hefner and the mets. I also can’t believe David Adams needed a day off all ready. Thats just mind boggling to me.

    • sangreal says:

      Girardi is so used to managing ancient players that it must be habit to give everyone except Cano regular rest. Doesn’t seem like Nix has ever faced Hefner so it can’t be the binder

  62. Ray B Free says:

    HAHHAHAHAH. The pixie dust is gone. They are going to get swept by the pathetic Mets. I hope Mets fans enjoy this since it’s the only highlight they’ll have. Well that and passing out drunk.

  63. nycsportzfan says:

    Welp, the people who were perdicting a sweep might of been right, just wrong team.

  64. fabricio says:

    I’m pretty sure his forearm was still bothering him

  65. Eddard says:

    Maybe Hafner or Lyle can pop a 3 run HR here and get us back into it.

  66. trr says:

    Steady Ladies & Gents , our turn now

  67. nycsportzfan says:

    Welp, the scrap heap gang has finally lost there mojo. We need to start getting guys back before this gets any worse.

  68. Cy Pettitte says:

    here comes a 1-2-3 10 pitch bottom of the 1st

  69. nycsportzfan says:

    93mph dead middle fastball and Gardner weakly pops out to LF. Phelps coulden’ just do that? Simply throw it over?

  70. Dalek Jeter says:

    I hate throwing down ultimatum type things…but I really think if the Yankees have any chance to win this game they need to score here.

  71. DJ says:

    Anyone know who’s starting Friday for BOS since Buchholz isn’t anymore apparently?

  72. Anderson Silva says:

    and of course the 77 ERA+ pitcher is going to retire this fucking atrocious lineup in order.. what a joke of an offense.

  73. SDB says:

    Sterling going on about how the base hits didn’t hurt as much as the walks and Phelps not putting hitters away. Not a WORD about Nix blowing a chance to get out of the inning with just 2 runs. Yeesh.

  74. Mike HC says:

    I’m optimistic the team is going to break out of their offensive slump tonight. Whether it will be enough to win the game, I don’t know.

    • Troll says:

      This is hardly an offensive “slump”. It’s a shitty lineup.

      • Mike HC says:

        It’s a little of both. I should clarify that “breaking out” with this lineup is more like 5 or 6 runs, while in the past in meant more like 8 or 9.

      • Dalek Jeter says:

        I don’t like agreeing with Troll, but he’s right. Besides Pronk and Cano we have 2 back up infielders, a back up catcher, 2 back up outfielders and a ML Average centerfielder.

        • Mike HC says:

          But even this lineup is better than scoring 1 run per game so far this series.

        • Troll says:

          I think you’re being awfully generous to consider Brignac and Nix back-up infielders when, technically, they’re back-up back-ups. Same goes for Stewart, in my opinion. He SHOULD BE a back-up’s back-up. Then there’s Boesch, who too, is a back-up’s back-up.

          Gardner CF – Starter (Although average as you pointed out)
          Cano 2B – Starter
          Hafner DH – Starter (Technically, but some could argue that)
          Overbay 1B – Back-up to Teixera (and Youkilis?)
          Boesch RF – 5th/6th Outfielder
          Suzuki LF – 4th Outfielder
          Nix 3B – Back-up to Youkilis, who is a back-up to ARod (One could even argue that he’s a back-up to Adams)
          Brignac SS – Back-up to Nunez, who is a back-up to Jeter (One could even argue that he’s a back-up to Nix)
          Stewart C – Back-up to Cervelli (who probably shouldn’t be starting but he’s certainly held his own thus far)

          • Dalek Jeter says:

            When it comes to Brignac/Nix, I think one of them could be a back up, while the other would be the “back-up back-up.” But I think you’re point is the roster is basically running on fumes…and I can’t help but agree with you.

            • Troll says:

              Yeah, I’ll grant Nix official back-up status. Unlike others around here, I think he has value. He’s not the best back-up/utility man, but he’s certainly serviceable.

    • Guns says:

      Yes. Unbearably shitty players like jayson nix, ichiro suzuki, vernon wells, chris stewart, reid brignac, brennan boesch, and lyle overbay will surely break out of their slumps and start producing at their career norms.

      That’s right, I said lyle overbay. He fucking sucks. He just fucking sucks a little less than the rest of this lineup.

      • Mike HC says:

        Ok, let me re phrase … I’m optimistic this shitty lineup, playing to their true talent level, will outperform tonight and put some runs up on the board.

  75. Mick taylor says:

    Jason nix sucks. He has144 at bats with 1hr and aterrible

  76. Guns says:

    It’s insane how the Yankees continue to develop such talented pitching in their system. The list is never ending. So Phelps had a bad start…there’s a line of talent waiting to take his place. I heard there’s going to be an E:60 about how the Yankees have managed to consistently churn out a stable of young arms year after year.

    • The Real Greg says:

      If this is is sarcasm, I’m right with you. You could also add position players to that list.

  77. Tom says:

    Going to go out on a limb and say 5 runs doesn’t win this game (meaning the Yankees will score at least 5).

    If the bullpen shuts them down (which is obviously a tall order), I think the Yankees win this.

  78. Mike HC says:

    That was definitely strike three but what an odd call.

  79. nycsportzfan says:

    What are you looking for hafner? My god!

  80. Matt says:

    Hard to get your guys going again when some of your better hitters are sitting on the bench for no reason. Wells is slumping, but he is still better than Ichiro. He needs to be in there. And Adams is also sitting inexplicably.

    The team is depleted enough as it is. Some of these guys aren’t going to play a lot in a few days when Teix and Youkilis come back, so why not ride them harder right now while you do need them?

  81. Cy Pettitte says:

    nice response. they should forfeit and save the pen.

  82. nycsportzfan says:

    Another inning of absoulutley nothing hit hard. Gardner completely weakly pops out as dead red a 93mph belt high fastball can be, and Cano bloopys a single to left, and Hafner looks mindless starting at strike 3, and Overbay hits grounder to the pitcher.

    Hefner must of thrown about 5-7 easily hittable balls that inning, and we did nothing.

  83. Dalek Jeter says:

    I’m a Girardi fan but I’ll never understand why he sticks with short guys instead of just going to his “long man” in a blowout.

    For all he knows tomorrow is going to be a 2-1 game going into the 5th but for whatever reason (pitch count, injury) and he’s going to need Claiborne at his best.

    I mean it’s Nova’s job right now to come in during games like this and pitch from the 2nd to the 5th or 6th…

    • Mike HC says:

      He seems to like bringing in his short men in the middle of innings, and I guess once they get in the game, might as well give them another inning if going well. Then he brings in the long man. We will see what he does tonight though.

    • Rolling Doughnut says:

      It’s not a blowout yet, even with our lineup 5 runs is doable.

  84. nycsportzfan says:

    I dont know if I can do another 9innings of no offense. I said a couple wks ago, when i compared this offense with the 91 yanks, and of course, someone pointed out this team being way better, to wait a couple wks and check back with me. Like i said, i wonder if this offense is as good as the 91team?

  85. Winter says:

    Ok. It sucks that Phelps shit the bed in the first inning and put the Yanks in an early 5-run hole. And the offense is looking weak. But it’s the first inning Hefner has pitched to a 4.76 ERA with a 5.26 FIP. He’s backed up by one of the worst bullpens in the game. It’s never easy to overcome a 5-run deficit, but it’s still possible for the Yankees to win this game.

  86. Robinson Tilapia says:

    Just got in. Not big enough a game for BGDP, eh?

  87. Winter says:

    “As good as Nova has been the last two years.”

    Um, what?

  88. The Real Greg says:

    Kay brings up some good points but the problem is nobody cares what the circumstances are. People will jump the Yankees when they fail no matter what. Including Yankee fans.

  89. Dalek Jeter says:

    Random, but as a New Jersian who spent all of his summers down the shore, I actually really like the “stronger than the storm” thing, am I alone in this?

    • The Real Greg says:

      Always good to see New Jersey seen in some positive light in the country. Especially now with the mess that Rutgers has gotten themselves into.

      • Dalek Jeter says:

        I (like most Jerseyans in their 20s) have at least 7 friends that I can think of that graduated from or are attending Rutgers…this entire athletics department should be fucking ashamed of itself.

      • Troll says:

        I’ve spent my summers in Rye Beach, NH and I’ve been to the Hamptons/Montauk and Chatham many times. I’ve only been to the Jersey Shore once, but if Sandy taught us anything it should be this: RESPECT MOTHER NATURE. If you’re going to build on the water, make sure that the structure can withstand the worst possible onslaught. Building on stilts, unless they’re concrete/steel/adamantium pillars, is not a good idea when a breach is always a possibility. Disaster, as wrought by the elements, should serve as a lesson for future generations, a lesson that builds upon the past by diverting its mistakes.

  90. Rolling Doughnut says:

    Hefner sucks. 6 runs is doable

  91. King George says:

    Ma and Pa are saying Phelps stunk because he’s “still feeling lingering effects from the liner to the forearm”

    • Anderson Silva says:

      Kay went for that excuse as well

    • Dalek Jeter says:

      They were questioning the same thing in the TV booth, but dismissed it saying that if he had felt anything that he should have said something and would have been nowhere near the mound tonight.

  92. Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:


  93. Rolling Doughnut says:

    Just under it.

  94. Anderson Silva says:

    story of this offense, not good enough… that pitch was about as close to the middle as it can get

  95. Mike HC says:

    Hefner vs Chris Stewart … They are still airing the Major League game, right?

  96. Cy Pettitte says:

    nice AB Stewart lmfao

  97. Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

    Not down the middle enough for you, Stewie?


  98. The Real Greg says:

    Oh my goodness Chris Stewart….

  99. SDB says:

    Chris Stewart, clutch as ever.

  100. Mike HC says:

    Chris Stewart take a meatball with two strikes on him?

  101. Anderson Silva says:

    Hefner is throwing all his pitches to the middle of the plate.. it’s amazing that they can’t hit them

  102. Matt says:

    That at bat by Stewart was just pathetic. What in the world could you be looking for? Both of those last two sliders backed up right out over the plate.

  103. Mike HC says:

    Maybe Stewart’s pitch framing can score us some runs tonight.

  104. Pasta says:

    So i rush all the way back from my trip to watch this game
    And what the fuck happened?

  105. The Real Greg says:

    At this point, I will take two outcomes. Either the Mets score more runs and blow them out or the Yankees complete a comeback. I will not take a comeback falling short.

    • The Real Greg says:

      For the record, I will take the Mets scoring more runs just so I can shut this game off.

      • Mikhel says:

        I say the Yanks will score a few runs in one inning to make it interesting and the next half inning, Nova will surrender twice that amount.

  106. Cuso says:

    Hooray meaningless defense

  107. Mike HC says:

    sweet play … needed every bit of that extension

  108. your mom says:

    WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON??? I come in and see this shit? This team….

  109. Mike HC says:

    Whoa. Did Mo go for the kiss on the lips to that teacher?

  110. Wheels says:

    Jesus, lol

  111. Mike HC says:

    Damn, I thought Boesch had that one too

  112. Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

    Catchable ball.

  113. The Real Greg says:

    Looking at the side angle, it looked a bit deep for him

  114. Troll says:

    At this point, when desperation may very well start to settle in, why aren’t top prospects getting a chance to shine? Hell, I’d even dig down to Single-A if I thought they were good enough (I’m looking at you Mister Sanchez!) What’s the harm, in all reality? Would it seriously impede their development? Physically or mentally? Bring ‘em up! One, two, three, four, however many it takes to possibly right the ship while the starters are lollygagging on the DL,

    • Troll says:

      Is it because the front office doesn’t want to risk hurting their trade value?

    • The Real Greg says:

      Because they need to sell tickets. And while you and some others might appreciate seeing the young players, the general public probably does not.

      • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

        The general public doesn’t want to see guys like Chris Stewart either. I’m sure more fans would like to see Sanchez than Stewart.

        Not that I think calling up Sanchez is a good idea.

        • The Real Greg says:

          If they fall way out of it, they might start doing it. It would be an interesting decision since the Yankees have never really been “out of it” since 1993.

          Even in 2008, they were in the neighborhood.

    • your mom says:

      They should bring up Culver to play SS. Can’t be any worse than Nix right?

    • Winter says:

      “What’s the harm, in all reality? Would it seriously impede their development?”

      Yes, it would. For example: A player who doesn’t know how to hit a curveball doesn’t benefit from trying to learn against major pitchers.

    • Mikhel says:

      Just imagine if the youngsters out perform the millionaire prima donna… THE HORROR!! Ca$hman would get criticized even worse than when he said he didn’t want Soriano… with Soriano by his side LOL.

  115. your mom says:

    Okay goodbye Greg.

  116. Anderson Silva says:

    welcome to the party warren…

  117. Pasta says:

    All wimps out now
    We are still winning this fucking game

  118. Anderson Silva says:

    first pitch popout against a triple-A pitcher.. that’s the AB of our 3rd best hitter in this shitty ass lineup

  119. The Real Greg says:

    Go get him Coney

  120. Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

    Awful AB’s.

  121. The Real Greg says:

    I don’t know which at bat was worse. Cano’s or Gardner’s

  122. Rolling Doughnut says:

    Robbie. WOW.

  123. nycsportzfan says:

    This is marlins bad.

  124. dontchaknow says:


  125. SDB says:

    Five pitch inning. Yuck.

  126. Tom says:

    On the bright side Mr Awesome O’clock has given up 3 HR’s; unfortunately they have all been solos so Philly is only up 3-1 on the Red Sox

  127. Leg-End says:

    5 pitches, down 6 with the 1-2-3. They just want to go home already.

  128. Pasta says:

    Yankees have tickets to see star trek tonight huh

  129. your mom says:

    Yeah, we’re not coming back in this one.

  130. Anderson Silva says:

    that inning was something else..

  131. Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

    Girardi should get himself tossed.
    It won’t have any effect, but at least he can spare himself from watching this.

  132. stuart a says:

    Cano what a superstar. Man once you are perceived as a superstar life is good. guy hitting under 290 and never walks and people are talking 8 year deals for a guy who does not run out groundballs…

    cano is a superstar if I am Mark Twain.

  133. BigBlueAL says:

    To be honest Im surprised it took this long for this team to play this bad. After their 1-4 start I expected many games like we have seen the past week, pretty miraculous it has taken this long for this team to look like many of us expected them to look before the season started.

    • Wheels says:

      This team will make the playoffs.

      • The Real Greg says:

        That is a very interesting statement.

        • Wheels says:

          I know it’s kinda dumb to make a grand statement like that, but I think it’s the truth.

          • The Real Greg says:

            Hey man, I say stuff here all the time that I think is the truth and it turns out wrong. What I said yesterday about that being a turning point in the season is what I honestly thought and felt.

            I don’t care

      • Troll says:

        Yeesh. That’s a bold bit of confidence there . . . . There are a lot of good teams in the AL. Nothing’s guaranteed, nothing at all.

  134. KenClay says:

    At least the Yanks are battling. Quality ABs. Solid D. Never give up, even against future HOFer Jeremy Hefner. Warren hits Baxter to retaliate for that HR… that should get the team fired up!

    • Troll says:

      Quality At-Bats . . . if that’s not the staple of the 2013 Yankees, I don’t know what the hell is.

  135. Dalek Jeter says:

    Another random thing, because I’m bored: over/under 1.5 3 point shot attempts by Shaq in his NBA career, what do you all think?

    • Pinkie Pie says:

      Shaq made 22 3-point field goal attempts in his career in the regular season and made exactly one.

      Doesn’t really answer your question but still a fun fact.

  136. nycsportzfan says:

    I wonder if we’ll even threaten for a bigg inning tonight?

  137. Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:


  138. The Real Greg says:

    And that is game.

  139. Dalek Jeter says:

    Why is Claiborne still in there again? All they’re doing is killing his confidence right now.

  140. Rolling Doughnut says:


  141. Kramerica Industries says:

    Fucking pathetic.

  142. Pinkie Pie says:

    Lucas Duda chants in Yankee Stadium that aren’t being drowned out? This is just sad.

  143. SDB says:

    I’m just taking solace in the fact that the Nats are out-homering Baltimore (Zimmerman went yard three times) and hoping for a Phillies win.

    This is just painful.

  144. Leg-End says:

    You know I’d take seeing a run, just one.

  145. Pasta says:

    Adam warren wants to get sent down

  146. your mom says:

    There’s the Adam Warren I remember from last year.

  147. number 21 says:

    At least the Phillies are beating the Red Sox

  148. trr says:

    Another tough night.
    Why aren’t they hitting Hefner?

  149. nycsportzfan says:

    One more thing before I go. At least were in contenion when reinforcements are set to start returning. Have a good night everyone.

  150. Anderson Silva says:

    Last comment before taking off.. Warren is not a ML pitcher. He has no clue where his pitches are going. He’s been very lucky so far this season (kinda like the whole club) but is coming back to his true talent level (shitty pitcher)

  151. Pinkie Pie says:

    I’ve officially become desensitized to the Yankees getting their asses handed to them by the lowly Mets.

  152. King George says:

    Silver lining: We are sucking balls. Major balls. And Boston is losing. And Baltimore is getting their asses pounded. We aren’t losing ground, knock on wood. This is actually lucky for us. Could be a lot worse.

  153. Improbable Island's Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR) says:

    So, is THIS the worst loss of the year? Or is it still yesterday?

    Silver lining – if we win, it’s the best win of the year!

  154. nycsportzfan says:

    Were in it! And i’m back!!!lol

  155. Dalek Jeter says:

    At least we won’t be shut out…Thanks for not showboating Boeschy. :D

  156. your mom says:

    Yay a run!!!! No SO.

  157. Pinkie Pie says:

    Boesch hit that a long way.

  158. Leg-End says:

    Burt Macklin you sonna of a bitch.

  159. nycsportzfan says:

    Hey now, a pulse?

  160. nycsportzfan says:

    This team can’t hit away pitches for nothing. Crazy! They don’t even swing at em ever.

  161. Kramerica Industries says:

    Thanks to this game, I have now been dragged into arguments with Red Sox fans about Jason Varitek’s cowardly “Captainship” against ARod.

    This night just gets better…

    fuck me.

  162. SDB says:

    Time to see if Nova can reach the bar that Phelps set.

  163. Troll says:

    Hey, has anyone stopped to think that maybe Cano can’t handle the pressure of being the team’s sole superstar (at the moment, at least) or perhaps the lack of protection means that he only gets a steady diet of crap, which combined with his utter lack of plate discipline, spells doom? I don’t know. This slump just seems a whole hell of a lot longer than usual. I suppose that black hole offense around him doesn’t help hide the fact that Cano is clearly not carrying the bats right now.

  164. nycsportzfan says:

    Boesch has 46at bats and only has 1less RBI then Ichiros

  165. Manny's BanWagon says:

    3 losses is only 3 losses but it especially sucks when it’s against a shit team and it’s even worse when that shit team is the Mets. This is embarrassing.

  166. Chris says:

    I love Cano as much as anyone, but I want nothing to do with 8 to 10 years of anyone currently not named Trout, Harper, Machado, Harvey, etc. In other words, people with fresh pubes.

  167. WhittakerWalt says:

    To quote Mike Axisa: “sooner or later you have to score more than one run.”

  168. nycsportzfan says:

    At least no other team is getting a Tex, Youk, Nunez, Jeter, Pettitte, Cervelli, back from the DL over the course of the season.

  169. forensic says:

    At least the Yankees haven’t quite reached the Marlins level of offensive ineptitude, yet.

    The Marlins have 6 of their 8 position player starters tonight with OBP’s under .300. The Yankees only have 5 of 9 under .300…

  170. dontchaknow says:

    <3u overbay :,)

  171. Wheels says:

    Good job Overbay

  172. sangreal says:

    Rally time

  173. Dalek Jeter says:

    Brennan “Powerhouse” Boesch?!

  174. sangreal says:

    Gonna be hard to justify playing Ichiro over Boesch if he keeps this up

  175. Pinkie Pie says:

    Nice play Tejada. The Yankees need to capitalize on this.

  176. Dalek Jeter says:


  177. Wheels says:

    Oh Ichiro

  178. Pinkie Pie says:

    Ichiro is really, really terrible. Why is he on this team again?

  179. Matt says:

    Great work Girardi. You sit Vernon Wells, probably because he is slumping and you think he needs a day, but then start a guy who is even worse than him in Ichiro in his place! Sigh…

    • Winter says:

      If Wells needed a day, who would you start in his place? Gardner, Ichiro and Boesch are the only other outfielders.

      • Matt says:

        I meant that he thought he needed a day off mentally, not physically. He could have also put Nix in the outfield and played Adams at 3B.

        • Winter says:

          Nix has played OF 22 times in his career. He’s an emergency option and, honestly, hasn’t really hit that much better than Ichiro.

  180. Chris says:

    Can’t wait to see Rice pitch to Ichiro

  181. WhittakerWalt says:

    “Ichiro still looking to find his swing”

    Thanks, Kay. I’m sure that’s what it is.

  182. Cuso says:

    Total zero with the bat.

  183. JobaWockeeZ says:

    DFA him.

  184. Matt says:

    Joe needs to really think about pinch hitting Wells for Stewart if his spot in the order comes up with guys on base. This is really the game on the line right here. No point in saving him.

  185. Rolling Doughnut says:

    Keep the line moving.

  186. Cuso says:

    I don’t need to hear the CenterStage bullshit right now

  187. Dalek Jeter says:

    Damn…can’t hit the ball harder than that if you’re Brignac…

  188. Pinkie Pie says:

    Shit luck.

  189. brian says:

    people love to hate on Nix and he’s not a good baseball player but he has a .316 obp which isn’t unplayable by any means

  190. Tom says:

    A Chris Stewart HR here and it’s a 2 run game!

  191. Matt says:

    Letting Stewart but here is a complete give up by Girardi. Why not take one shot at it with Wells?

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      Giving up implies that Girardi agrees with the notion that Stewart isn’t a good hitter. I am not sure that’s the case.

      • Matt says:

        He certainly couldn’t think that Stewart is anywhere near the caliber of hitter as Vernon Wells, slump or not? Allowing Stewart to hit there was akin to throwing up the White Flag. Even if he came through and Girardi got lucky, it was a move that signaled that he wasn’t serious about trying to win this one.

      • WhittakerWalt says:

        He doesn’t agree with that, but he should.

    • Dalek Jeter says:

      If it’s an elimination game in the playoffs or a key game in lat September I can get behind this argument, but in May, w/ one BUC who hasn’t exactly shown that he’s even MLB worthy to this point I can understand why Joe didn’t.

      • Matt says:

        You take one shot at it and if he fails, the game is basically over anyway. It doesn’t really matter because both of your catchers are terrible. And if the backup gets hurt and you have to play a position player there, so what? You are getting blown out anyway.

        • Dalek Jeter says:

          My only argument is if Romine is seriously injured then we’re stuck with Bobby Wilson as the BUC. I’m really just arguing the standard operating procedure of managers.

          • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

            Couldn’t Stewart get hurt just as easily as Romine?
            Either way, Bobby Wilson would be a Yankee.

            • Dalek Jeter says:

              Yeah, I’m trying to argue on the side of the establishment, but I’ve always been on this side of it.

    • Cuso says:

      If it was a shot to tie it – fine

      6th inning and a Homer would still leave you with you with a 2-run deficit.

      • Dalek Jeter says:

        Yeah,I was going to say MAYBE if Stewart was the tying run.

      • Matt says:

        Which is a heck of a lot better than a 5 run deficit, which is basically game over with this lineup if you don’t come through.

        He had nothing to lose by at least trying, except perhaps Stewart’s confidence (which is already pretty low).

  192. Chris says:

    I’m sure this at-bat will end well

  193. SDB says:

    Stewart does a better job extinguishing rallies than any relief pitcher I’ve seen.

  194. Wheels says:

    What a tease

  195. Chris says:

    all arms, all suck

  196. Rolling Doughnut says:

    Why, why why did they let Stewart hit?

    • Winter says:

      Because they only have one other catcher and it’s only the 6th inning.

      • Rolling Doughnut says:

        I think Matt’s post above is right:

        “You take one shot at it and if he fails, the game is basically over anyway. It doesn’t really matter because both of your catchers are terrible. And if the backup gets hurt and you have to play a position player there, so what? You are getting blown out anyway”.

  197. Chris says:

    Stewie and Ichi!!!

  198. TomH says:

    Arguably, the Yankees are fielding a lineup as bad as the Mets’. That they were in 1st place for so long is not so much a rebuttal of that claim as it is an incitement to try to understand HOW they were in 1st place for so long–or at all. Pitching obviously (but that won’t do it alone), and over-achievement, possibly owing to the effect of wearing pinstripes. But what can’t continue won’t continue.

  199. Chris says:

    That’s more baseball activity than Stewart is doing

  200. Pinkie Pie says:

    McDonalds blows.

  201. Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

    What the hell Jordan Zimmermann?

    • Dalek Jeter says:

      Best starting pitcher on the Washington Nationals, and maybe the NL, in 2013 according to the numbers?

      • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

        He didn’t do the Yankees any favors tonight. Neither did Tyler Clippard.

      • WhittakerWalt says:

        As an aside, you are so right about that horrible Kate Smith recording.

        • TomH says:

          I’ll take Kate Smith over all those tasteless, ill-bred, melismatic whoopers who use “God Bless America” or the national anthem to display themselves.

  202. Chris says:

    They could lose every game for the next week and they still would have overachieved as a whole. It’s just bad timing. And I love sh*tting on awful players that idiots label as gritty and gutty..or professional..which is half our roster at this point

    • Winter says:

      The Yankees pythagorean W-L is 31-22. They are 32-21. So they have overachieved by exactly 1 win. Which is not a lot at all.

      • Winter says:

        EDIT: Wow, those are Sox numbers, I read the wrong line. Yankees pythagorean W-L is 28-23 compared to an actual record of 30-21. My point still stands.

        • Chris says:

          You think this cast of characters should even be 28-23? I think you are missing my point. Yes, a pythagoean expectation is based on runs scored. Not individual overachieving players, which I’m referring to.

    • Rich says:

      Honestly, we are all pissed because its the Mets. And we have to hear it tomorrow from these clown Met fans who will have nothing else to go by once Friday comes and reality strikes. Like, their team sucks and have no excuses to be what their record is except poor talent (except Wright, Harvey and Parnell).

      • Chris says:

        Yet this poor talent team might just hand us a 4 game sweep. I’m taking solace in the fact that these aren’t the New York Yankees, so it really isn’t bothering me. This looks nothing like the team anyone expected.

        • Rich says:

          Its a bad week against an inferior team on a hot streak, change the Mets to the Mariners (who beat us 2 out of 3) and its the same thing.

          • Chris says:

            Sounds fine, but that doesn’t change what I said about our team. Like I said, this isn’t the Yankees, so I’m not really concerned. It could be the Mets, Mariners, Padres..whoever..this lineup is just as bad if not worse over a long period

            • Rich says:

              Yeah I agree. Look our pitching needs to not spit the bit like Phelps did, which is rare, like once a month. We lost our starting and replacement 3B, starting and replacement SS, our outfielder got HBP by two bum leftys and he broke his hand and pinky, our 1B broke his wrist swinging off a tee, our starting catcher broke his hand on a foul tip and we will be no worse than 2 games behind first place as of Friday. If I told anyone that before the season started, Mike would’ve banned me for being a nutjob.

              • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

                If Mike banned the nutjobs, there’d be nobody left to comment.

  203. Pinkie Pie says:

    Weak, Brett, weak.

  204. Rolling Doughnut says:

    I can’t remember Cano slumping this bad for so long.

  205. sangreal says:

    YES broadcasters so bored that they’re just playing with random camera angles

  206. Chris says:

    So we have Vidal Nuno going tomorrow to stop a 4 game sweep at the hands of the 2013 New York Mets. Hahahahaha

  207. Rolling Doughnut says:


  208. Chris says:

    I told you…Ichiro should be able to eat Rice.

  209. Winter says:

    Who’s better vs RHP, Nix or Brignac?

  210. Chris says:

    Let’s all be honest. If someone had told you last year that, after 2 months, 5 of your 9 starters were Nix, Brignac, Stewart, Ichiro, and Boesch….You all would have thought something happened to the team plane.

  211. Dalek Jeter says:

    Smallest and dullest of silver linings: Nova hasn’t looked half bad and if Adams starts tonight I believe it’s 6-3 right now.

    • Rich says:

      Good point, why did Looseleaf bench Adams and start Nixsie but Romine can’t get off the bench for the Miracle Catcher? When can Stewart be DFA’d?

    • Chris says:

      He’s been good enough to probably earn a start in a different winnable game that he’ll end up losing.

  212. Mick taylor says:

    Would someone explain to me why in the 6th inning with 2 runners on, girardi letstewart hit with wells on the bench . Answer:

  213. Chris says:

    Rick Ankiel laughing at the Yankees

  214. Dalek Jeter says:

    ….I hate to nitpick a 8-3 game but Adams probably makes that play too.

  215. Chris says:


  216. Steve D Fl says:

    welcome back to earth

  217. Chris says:

    If you can’t nitpick a 9-3 game to the aren’t a very good nitpicker

  218. Dalek Jeter says:

    Cheers to the guy in sandals with bright pink toe nails. My last beer is in dedication to him.

  219. Rolling Doughnut says:

    Papelfuck is in for the 9th in Philly

  220. Winter says:

    I know it doesn’t matter much at this point, but why PH Adams instead of Wells?

    • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

      Saving the guy with more power in case they get a bunch of guys on?

    • Rich says:

      In fairness, who cares. Phelps spit the bit (seems like in any game that is semi-above a regular season game he does) and we lost before the sun set. Hopefully the offense shows up against MR. G

  221. Chris says:


  222. Pinkie Pie says:

    Gritty single.

  223. Rolling Doughnut says:

    Anyone watching Papelbum doing his best to blow the save?

    • SDB says:

      Yup. Yet, I’m rooting for him and I feel so horrible. I’ll need to take a shower after this game is over.

  224. I'mVernonI'mVernon4U says:

    Make that another terrible game I missed this season.

    I’m getting tired of these pitching duds. Andy vs. Houston, Phil vs. Mariners, CC vs. Rays, and now today. Any more than 4 runs scored by the opposing team is pretty much a death sentence for the Yanks subpar offense.

    I would have been content, although not happy, with a series split. Instead we’ve managed to pick up a series loss. Regression sucks.

  225. Winter says:

    I’m sorry, but I will never get defensive indifference. It just doesn’t make sense.

  226. Pinkie Pie says:


  227. sangreal says:

    Defensive indifference really is stupid

  228. Troll says:

    Anyone else concerned that both Lackey and Dempster have actually been pretty decent?

  229. Troll says:

    I repeat, Chris Davis is a god, or at least a demi-god . . . Dem O’s, man. Dey is goooood. Loving their offense.

  230. ClayDavis says:

    Since introducing the stupid soccer team, team is 2-5. Baseball gods be angy (as they should be).

  231. trr says:

    Patience, Brothers and Sisters.
    Patience and Forbearance.

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