Granderson picks up three hits, plays right in latest rehab game

Game 36: Royal Sweep
Vidal Nuno will start Game Two of Monday's doubleheader

In his fourth rehab game with Triple-A Scranton, Curtis Granderson went 3-for-5 with three singles (two to left, one to right) and one strikeout. He grounded out to first in the other at-bat. Granderson played all nine innings in right field and had to make three plays — he fielded a single hit in front of him and caught two fly balls of unknown difficulty. Curtis is scheduled to stay with the team through the end of their homestand tomorrow, but the plan after that is unclear. He could be activated, he could continue rehabbing. We’ll find out eventually.

Game 36: Royal Sweep
Vidal Nuno will start Game Two of Monday's doubleheader
  • Wil Nieves #1 Fan


  • Leg-End

    As long as Wells is rakeing no rush. Be great to have him back though, easy powah.

  • trr

    Soon…very soon…

  • Manny’s BanWagon

    Joe G is gonna have a nice problem once Grandy comes back finding ABs for all these guys with Wells playing great, Gardener doing a solid job and Ichiro coming on.

    • Laz

      Only one should be benched right now is Ichiro. Unless they find another way for them all to get ab’s.

  • Cuso

    Get his ass up here. I need to make a lineup decision in FB.

  • Preston

    I just hope they deal with this right. Granderson should be in a corner, and Ichiro should be on the bench.

    • RetroRob

      It is interesting he seems to have played in right the last couple games when he was in the field. Probably telling.

      Ichiro won’t be benched, but he should lose the most playing time if they go to a four-man OF and use the DH slot.

    • Johnny Castle

      NOBODY puts Grandy in a corner.

  • http://aol AMANDA

    Goodbye fransico

    • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)


    • forensic

      I’m not so sure about that, unfortunately.

    • Laz

      I’m not sure why he is still here. Hafner has always been better vs lhp than him.

  • Pistol pete

    When he returns Gardner or Ichiro to to the bench. Good problem but who goes.