Ivan Nova and Monday’s doubleheader

Wells' slump comes at worst possible time
Newman: Ty Hensley expected to miss all of 2013

Via George King & Chad Jennings: Joe Girardi confirmed Ivan Nova is a candidate to start one game of Monday’s doubleheader against the Indians if he comes through today’s Extended Spring Training game well. “As long as he feels good and throws the ball well (it’s possible),” said the skipper. “We are allowed to add that 26th man [for doubleheaders].”

Nova, 26, is on the DL with a triceps issue and is eligible to be activated on Sunday. I’m probably reading too much into this, but I thought it was interesting Girardi mentioned the 26th man. The rules say the 26th player has to go back to the minors immediately following the doubleheader, so either they’ll have to rearrange the bullpen — technically send down Vidal Nuno or Preston Claiborne, called them back up as the 26th man — or Nova’s going to minors to work on things following that game. My money’s on the former.

Wells' slump comes at worst possible time
Newman: Ty Hensley expected to miss all of 2013
  • trr

    Yes, it will be Claiborne or Nuno sent down

  • Steve

    I would have to think it would be Claiborne. Nuno give the Yankees, a second LHR in the bullpen plus, he could go give them innings.

    • ROBTEN

      True, but Nuno hasn’t pitched in almost a week and a half.

      Logan has pitched twice and Kelly has pitched four times since then.

      At least as of now, it could be either Nuno or Claibore, but I’d have to think–rightly or wrongly–it’s going to be Nuno since there has been opportunities for him to pitch and he hasn’t. He’s become the “break glass in case of emergency” pitcher, much like Romine is the “break glass in case of emergency” catcher.

  • Tim B

    I like both of them. I would like to see more of both of them. Iw ould personally send down Shawn Kelly. His ERA is very high even though its still early in thge season.

  • Mason Williams BAC

    Why not Just give Nuno a shot?

    • LarryM Fl

      No one under 30 gets a shot with the Yankees!

  • LarryM Fl

    After Nova throws 123 pitches to complete 3 innings the guy who pitches in long relief may get sent down or Nova’s on the DL.

  • NY Larry

    The #5 starter role will continue to be a mess until Pineda gets back. I like Phelps but he’s better in relief. Nova is a head case with a great arm and no clue. He has no control. Nova couldn’t hit a bull in the ass with a snow shovel. And after every bad start he says that he threw well. Leave him in the minors.