King: Chamberlain hit by line drive in rehab outing

Yankees steal a win from Rays in extra innings
Game 49: For the Sweep

Via George King: Joba Chamberlain was hit by a line drive during the first inning of an Extended Spring Training game yesterday. He was able to remain in the game and even threw a second inning. “It could be his last (rehab) appearance but one thing we know is that he needs a couple of days off after two innings,” said Joe Girardi.

Chamberlain, 27, has been on the DL for just about a month with a right oblique strain. The Yankees previously indicated he would throw in another official minor league rehab game with one of the full season affiliates before being activated, but it seems like they’re willing to skip that step. Both Shawn Kelley and Preston Claiborne have pitched well in Joba’s absence, so the team isn’t desperate for bullpen help right now. It appears Ivan Nova is most in danger of losing his roster spot, plus the Bombers will also have to accommodate the recently acquired David Huff in the coming days as well.

Yankees steal a win from Rays in extra innings
Game 49: For the Sweep
  • emac2

    Maybe we can get a waiver and go with a 30 man roster for the rest of the year. Everyone is too damn good to cut but no one is good enough to trade.

  • Pseudoyanks

    Nova to AAA rotation and Claiborne to AAA pen.

    • trr

      Claiborne so solid so far though…

      • Kosmo

        Nuno and Nova to Scranton. Pettitte is the probable SP for the June 1st game.
        I´d be very surprised if NY options Claiborne to AAA.

        • mitch

          I’d be disappointed if Claiborne gets sent down. Who knows what he’ll amount to in the long term, but he clearly has earned a place for now. What exactly is Nova’s role right now? Backup long reliever? They should send him down and have him start until he works things out.

    • ClusterDuck

      Huff instead of Claiborne.

      No way that should happen and yes I know Huff throws LH.

  • Joe R

    They’re probably going to try to clear Huff through waivers again and get him to AAA I would think.

  • mike myers

    those layers of fat really protected him.

  • steve

    F Rondon was removed off the 40 man,that should clear way 4 huff

  • mitch

    Francisco for Huff. Didn’t see that coming, but can’t say i’m disappointed

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Huff still seems like a venture not worth taking. I don’t see what he adds that he’s to put us in the potential crunch, nor do I think he was even worth exposing Rondon for.

    I get the general idea as to looking for help wherever you may need it, but I also feel pretty safe in assuming passing on Huff would have been a risk worth taking. :)

    Demote Nova for Joba. Allow Huff to clear waivers or not.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      …..or you DFA Ben Francisco for him.

      Still would have passed on Huff.

  • Manny’s BanWagon

    That’s probably Karma paying him back for mouthing off to his superior.