Kuroda pounded as Orioles take series finale 6-3

Ramirez walks five as Thunder lose
Thoughts on the off-day

This game was not nearly as close as the 6-3 final score indicates. The Yankees were down three runs after the first inning, a deficit that feels close to insurmountable these days.

(Rob Carr/Getty)
(Rob Carr/Getty)

This was an unfortunate time for Kuroda to have his first bad start of the year. The Orioles were all over him even before he took a line drive to the calf, as four of the first six batters they sent to the plate hit the ball to the warning track or beyond. Two of those four hit the ball over the fence for homers, resulting in a three-run first inning deficit. Kuroda allowed two more runs before being removed in the third. His night ended with eight hits allowed (four for extra-bases) and 14 batters faced.

The good news is that Kuroda is apparently fine after the line drive. We saw Andy Pettitte go down for three months with a leg fracture on a similar play last year, so it was definitely a fingers crossed moment. Thankfully, it’s just a bruise and he’s expected to make his next start. Kuroda has been awesome this year and I consider this start just a bump in the road, nothing to be concerned about. Everyone will throw a dud now and then. Shake it off and do better next time out.

Lyle's quietly returning to Earth. (Rob Carr/Getty)
(Rob Carr/Getty)

Daily Dose Of Runs (Three)
For the ninth time in the last 16 games, the Yankees scored no more than three runs. It was exactly three runs on Wednesday night, two from solo homers (Curtis Granderson and David Adams) and one from an RBI single (Robinson Cano). Granderson was the man on offense, going 3-for-3 with the solo homer and a walk. He was a triple away from the cycle. You could see he was on the verge of breaking out on Tuesday, when he hit a few rockets right at people. The Yankees really need his bat.

Other than that, there’s not much to talk about offensively. Non-Granderson players went 4-for-30 with two walks, both drawn by (who else?) Travis Hafner. Only two of the final 17 players they sent to the plate reached base, so they went out without a whimper too. Did you know the Yankees have the lowest OPS (.675) and wRC+ (79) in the AL over the last 30 days? They also have have the lowest ERA (3.22) during that time, but it goes to show how dreadful the offense has been. When a starter has a bad start like Kuroda did on Wednesday, they have little chance of winning.

Preston Claiborne finally allowed his first run as a big leaguer — the first batter he faced (Matt Wieters) clubbed a three-run homer to break the game open. The first two runs were charged to Kuroda. Claiborne allowed just the one run in two innings, then Adam Warren followed with four scoreless to close the game out. He’s been outstanding as the long man.

That’s … probably it, right? Not exactly an eventful game. No news is good news, I guess.

Box Score, WPA Graph & Standings
MLB.com has the box score and video highlights, FanGraphs the nerd score, and ESPN the updated standings. The Red Sox beat the White Sox, so they are just one game back in the loss column now. The Orioles climbed to within three back.

Source: FanGraphs

Up Next
The Yankees are off on Thursday, then they’ll head to Tampa for a three-game weekend set with the Rays. Fausto Carmona Roberto Hernandez and David Phelps will kick that series off on Friday night.

Ramirez walks five as Thunder lose
Thoughts on the off-day
  • Eddard

    Of course those offensive numbers will go up with Grandy and Hafner back in the lineup. Adams is also an upgrade at 3rd.

    Maybe the club was right that Romine isn’t ready. He’s certainly a downgrade from Stewart right now and I didn’t know that was possible.

    If I had a ROY vote I’d vote for Adam Warren. He needs to be given a bigger role.

    I think they can take 2/3 from the Rays and get this road trip back to .500 which would be pretty good. Price is out and BGDP goes for us tomorrow.

    • Mouse

      Um, there’s no game tomorrow.

    • Bob Buttons

      It’s also funny how Price is probably their most hittable pitcher ATM.

    • Alex R.

      BGDP? Big Genital Double Penetration?

  • Roadgeek Adam

    Time for 6/10/11 revenge. Anyone for a benches clearing brawl that knocks Carmona out for the season?

    • Kramerica Industries

      Ok dude, I forget.

      Like, yes, I can tell that the Yankees were playing the Indians that weekend. That series was after a series against the Red Sox (where the Yankees got swept) and before a series against the Rangers. Yankees took 3/4 in that series from Cleveland, and the loss came in the final game. I also know that Carmona did not pitch in the final game of that series, because the series finale undoubtedly came after that 6/10 date.

      So, what exactly happened that would be cause for revenge?

      • Troll

        Carmona, aka Ben Richards, aka “The Butcher of Bakersfield”, slaughtered hundreds of innocent civilians by disobeying superior orders whilst flying a heavily-armed helicopter. There’ll be no running, this time, Carmona! We’ll get you, man!

        • Bob Buttons

          Sources say Carmona may or may not be a descendant of Jack the Ripper, so Scotland Yard may be sending agents under the guise of “Manchester City club representatives” to be “honorary guests” on the road trip to TB.

        • Wheels

          Yes, a Running Man reference! And Richards, I’ll see you in hell.

          • Troll

            “Only in a re-run.”

            PS: “Where’s Buzzsaw?” – “He had to split.”

    • Kramerica Industries

      Ok, fine:


      Yankees whacked Carmona and the Indians in that game. No wonder I don’t remember.

    • Brian in MA

      “Fausto” is usually terrible, so lets just knock him around for a bunch of runs. No need for a brawl or anything. Hanging a crooked number on him in just a couple innings will sting more than a “brawl” in which nobody likely does anything (pray that you don’t get a Greinke moment)


    Mike’s marking of the weakness of the Yankee bats over the past month reminded me of this article, from a few days ago, which makes the case that it is neither the “over the hill gang” of hitters that is propelling them, or a slightly above average starting rotation, but Mo. The link to the full article and the relevant statistics is after the excerpt (it’s not just “feelings” and “eye-tests”):

    “The real reason the Yankees have overachieved? Because they are this year’s Baltimore Orioles. They have been winning close games, those decided by two or less runs, by an astonishing margin, nearly three-quarters of them (.727 percentage) while essentially only splitting games decided by three or more runs.

    And that has more to do with superb late relief pitching. The Yankees have had 20 save situations this year and have saved 18 of them or 90%. And that of course is all about Mariano Rivera, who is 16 for 16, at 100%. The average major league team has 15 save situations and saved 11 of them, or 69%.

    If the Yankees had saved only 69% of their save opportunities, they would have won four fewer games. So while their batting is slightly below expectation, and pitching is slightly above, and those have offset, their very clutch pitching is sensational, and this is causing them to win a much higher proportion of close games that an average team. And do better than their overall stats would imply. Obviously one of those four wins has already been attributed to the relief staff because of their better-than-anticipated ERA. Now, we see the other three extra wins can be attributed to pitching very well when it really counted, in those close end-of-game situations.

    The Yankees are not overachieving because of the Over the Hill Gang. No, it is all about that 43-year old guy who has yet to see the other side of that same hill…yes, Mariano Rivera.”


    • Bob Buttons

      Well according to BRef Yanks are barely below average in BA and OPS+ and well above average in ERA+. Also only a tad below average in limiting HRs and well above average in limiting walks. Surprisingly they are 10-4 against LHP.

      No idea what all these I mentioned means. Lost my train of thought half way through,

  • Mike

    It’s times like these that I’m glad we have good young pitching depth like Hughes and Phelps in our rotation.

  • dc1874

    Record on this date 2012….22-21

  • your mom

    David Adams, Preston Claiborne and Adam Warren continue to impress.

    • Travis L.

      Yep, I’m actually looking forward to seeing what they do for the entire season and seeing what 2014 will look like with Montgomery in the pen.

    • Brian in MA

      Arod and Cano likely aren’t going anywhere so Adams would be without a position unless he takes up 1B or OF for a couple years.

      Bullpen arms (and young pitchers) are volatile, so lets not get too far ahead of ourselves. Warren’s 4 scoreless were basically garbage time innings.

      • Eddard

        That’s one thing Adams does is make A-Rod expendable. Youk and Adams are our guys. Hopefully this gives the FO the room to force A-Rod to retire. If he doesn’t they just tell him he’ll sit on the bench.

        But Warren’s been solid all season long. He needs to be given a bigger role and if he does he’ll be in the running for ROY.

        • TomH

          That’s one thing Adams does is make A-Rod expendable. Youk and Adams are our guys. Hopefully this gives the FO the room to force A-Rod to retire. If he doesn’t they just tell him he’ll sit on the bench.

          It all depends on whichARod returns. If it’s the one we saw at the end of last season, you may be right. (This is even more likely to be the case should this team collapse between now and ARod’s return.)

          But if it’s some other ARod, closer to the ARod of old, there isn’t a chance of this happening, especially re Adams. The Yankees are historically–back to the Stengel era–unsentimental about “the kids.”

          • The Real Me

            Either way, no. If the old A-Rod returns, then you won’t want to get rid of him. If the A-Rod of last year returns, you won’t be able to get rid of him.

            In my opinion, A-Rod + Adams > Youk + Adams. Despite what Eddard says, Youk is not “our guy”. He’s hear for the year and will likely move on, unless A-Rod is completely useless. I think A-Rod will have some use, but will probably only be able to play ~ 50 – 70% of the games at 3B, creating a role for Adams. Of course, this is only opinion. I have been wrong once or twice in my lifetime. :-)

      • the tenth inning stretch

        A-Rod will spend at least half his time at DH.

  • trr

    Allow me to stoop to cliche: Baseball is all about pitching.

  • mt

    The Yankees worst offense in AL over the last 30 days is not a surprise to anyone who has been watching – they have very few rallies. There would be more hysteria about it if we had lost, instaed of won, a lot of those one run games (which we could have very easily done without a major difference in our offense/pitching.)

    Tomorrow is a win I would really like to have against Hernandez/Carmona – not too confident against Mike Moore and Cobb – next 2 weeks should be interesting for this offense – we face Moore, Harvey, Buchholz, and Masterson as part of the next 11 games or so.

    Except for Granderson (he was the most encouraging thing about last night), not sure if there are any offensive reinforcements that will help in the short term.

    It would be great if Brett Gradner could win us a game or two with his offense or baserunning over the next 2 weeks. He and Suzuki have been offensive disappointments and as far as I am concerned even if Wells, Hafner and Overbay slump against some of these better pitchers (which will probably happen) they have already given more than we could have expected. I want to see our non-Wells OF contribute.

    Robbie Cano has been great statistically but for him this year I have always said that his performance with RISP is the key driver – he has to drive in a lot of runs no matter where he bats in line-up when he gets the chances – so far he is batting .854 OPS (ranked #43 in AL for those with more than 25 plate appearances) which is good but that contrasts with the Cabreras, Bautistas, Chris Davis, Trouts, Machado, Ortiz, types etc. all who exceed 1.000 (Miggy is at 1.5!!!!) – Cano is the superstar on the verge on getting a record contract – he needs to absolutely kill in those situations for this particular injury riddled team – otherwise we rely on our starters/bullpen holding up the so far magnificent one and two run record. That has a very thin margin and can turn around at any moment with a slight decrease in our stellar pitching.