Lineup help coming, but at all the wrong spots

Mo blows first save of 2013 as Mets walk-off with win
Update: Cashman confirms plan is to have Teixeira & Youkilis back with big league team on Friday

Later this morning, Mark Teixeira and Kevin Youkilis will play their first minor league rehab games with Double-A Trenton. Teixeira has been sidelined since early-March with a wrist injury, Youkilis since earlier this month with a back problem. Both players will spend today and tomorrow with the Thunder, and the Yankees have been dropping hints that both could be activated on Friday if everything goes according to plan. Obviously they’ve yet to say anything officially.

The Yankees have scored a total of five runs in their last three games, and for the month of May they’re averaging just 3.7 runs per game. The AL average is 4.5 runs per game this year. Getting Teixeira and Youkilis back on the same day would be a major boost to the lineup, at least in theory. The problem is that neither guy fill a position of real need right now. Lyle Overbay and David Adams have been competent at worst and rock solid at best at the corner infield spots, where Tex and Youk will ply their trades. They will be upgrades, but first and third bases are hardly problem areas right now.

The true problem areas are catcher, shortstop, and right field. Here, look at this mess (stats don’t include last night’s game, which don’t make it any better anyway):

  • Catcher: .239/.300/.380 (92 OPS+) in 183 plate appearances
  • Shortstop: .213/.289/.290 (69 OPS+) in 196 plate appearances
  • Right Field: .225/.277/.342 (66 OPS+) in 204 plate appearances

That’s three below-average to well-below-average spots in the lineup on any given night, not counting the black hole Vernon Wells has become. The lack of offense at those spots isn’t a “surprise, injury!” thing either. The Yankees willfully replaced Russell Martin and Nick Swisher with inferior players this offseason, and Derek Jeter‘s injury was known way back in October. The team decided Eduardo Nunez and various scraps would be good enough should the 38-year-old icon not heal exactly on schedule.

There is no immediate help coming to shore up those three positions. Jeter has yet to resume baseball activates following his setback and isn’t expected to return until sometime around the All-Star break. Curtis Granderson saw a specialist about his fractured left pinky yesterday and will be shut down a minimum of four weeks, meaning he’ll likely miss at least six weeks when you include rehab games and all that. Frankie Cervelli will head to Tampa later this week to continue rehabbing from his fractured hand, but he has yet to begin throwing a ball or anything like that.


Assuming Youkilis and Teixeira make it through their Trenton assignments okay and are indeed activated on Friday, I think the Yankees will clear room on the roster by optioning Brennan Boesch and a pitcher to Triple-A Scranton. It makes sense to get the 13-man pitching staff down to a normal dozen, and I guess it’ll be one of Ivan Nova, Shawn Kelley, and Preston Claiborne who goes down. Seems obvious it should be Nova, no? The other two have been solid and Nova could start every five days in a non-results-oriented environment to work on things.

That leaves the Yankees will a four-man bench of Jayson Nix/Reid Brignac, Adams, Overbay, and the backup catcher. Nix, who has a handful of big league appearances in left and right fields, would be the de factor fourth outfielder. Overbay would be a spot starter at first base and DH as well as being Joe Girardi‘s go-to lefty bat off the bench. Adams would be the backup second and third baseman, and would probably see plenty of action against lefties.

Carrying what amounts to three first base/DH types in Teixeira, Overbay, and Travis Hafner is far from ideal, but I get the sense the Yankees want to keep Overbay around until they know Teixeira’s wrist is in the clear. Not only did Girardi say they plan to ease Teixeira back into the lineup earlier this week, but wrists are tricky and generally easy to re-injury. I doubt they want to dump Overbay only to have Teixeira go down a week or two later. It’s an imperfect roster, but I assume it would only be a short-term thing.

The returns of Youkilis and Teixeira will improve New York’s offense, especially against left-handed pitchers. Like, super duper improve against lefties. It would help if they played positions other than first and third, but that’s life. The Yankees need all the lineup help they can get right now and aren’t in a position to beg. There are no solutions for those catcher, shortstop, and right field problems on the horizon though, so the offense will continue to be a problem even after the two big corner bats return in a few days.

Mo blows first save of 2013 as Mets walk-off with win
Update: Cashman confirms plan is to have Teixeira & Youkilis back with big league team on Friday
  • MB923

    Maybe the Yanks trade Overbay to the Mets if Tex is fully healthy and ready. If he gets hurt, then Youk plays 1B. I find it highly unlikely that both will be on the DL at the same time again.

    Can’t expect much in return, but it’s better than releasing him to see someone pick him up and get him for nothing, and I’d certainly expect the Mets to go get him.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Not a bad idea.

    • The Real Me

      While I’m not sure about the trade to the Mets (although Davis did not look good at the plate and only adequate on D), I agree Youk could back up Teix at first since it certainly seems Adams can hold his own at 3B and at the plate.

      I’d hate to lose Overbay but there are other options on the team now (provide both Youk and Teix aren;t injured at the same time again).

      • MB923

        I’d hate to lose him too, but there is no where to put him once Tex gets back, and I’m pretty sure we’d all take Tex and Hafner over Lyle.

        Wish they can find a way to keep Adams too even if he’s on the bench. Against LHP, it can be Adams to 1B, Youk/Tex as 1B and DH.

        • MB923

          Correction, Adams to 3B. Though I guess Youk at 3B and Adams as DH can make sense too.

    • Mike HC

      I doubt you could get anything for Overbay in a trade. I guess it couldn’t hurt to try though.

      • MB923

        Oh I know they won’t get much at all, but I just find it better to trade him than completely dump him.

        I mean, something > nothing, right?

        • Mike HC

          True, but I’m questioning if we could even get “something.” I just don’t see a team in contention thinking Lyle Overbay is the answer, and what team not in contention would even about trading for Overbay?

          • JohnnyC

            Agreed. Just keep him until Teixeira is stable. Maybe you can flip him for a PTNL.

      • Preston

        I think you could get something of value for him. At least to make it worthwhile to trade him rather than cut him for roster space. Remember the Casey Blake for Carlos Santana trade?

        • Mike HC

          Blake was a lot more valuable then than Overbay is now. Clearly that trade was horrible though and I get you aren’t saying we could get a player like Santana. I just think Overbay has about zero trade valuable, or valuable so negligible that any player we get in return would basically be minor league filler.

          • Mike HC

            And by “valuable,” I mean value, ha

    • http://bleacher/report ken

      maybe the yanks could trade tex instead! overbay has had more clutch hits in 2 month’s then tex has had here in 4 years!

      • vicki

        so, so wrong.

      • Sweet Dick Willie

        I haven’t been around much lately, but I see the trolls are still here.

  • tim

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to keep Boesch and send down Adams since he has options? I have loved his bat but not having a true outfielder on the bench is concerning.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Boesch has options as well. He’s already been sent down once this year.

      • tim

        But then we dont have an outfielder on the bench.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          Mike’s point is that the fourth outfielder would be Nix. That may not be what everyone wants to hear, but would he really embarrass himself more out there than Boesch has? I assume someone has a GIF of Brennan Boesch running right past that rolling ball to share.

      • MB923

        I think that was his last option.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          He doesn’t have one next season, I think, no, but you don’t burn an option every time you get sent down.

          • MB923

            Ahh okay. Forgive me since I need to read Baseball 101 on transactions.

            • MannyGeee

              Yeah, I used to think so too. But he can ride the trolly up and down from Scranton all year now that he’s used the option, so far as I know.

  • DERP

    The top 6 of the Trenton lineup today is awesome. 10:30 game sounds absolutely brutal though.

  • Mattchu12

    If we move Adams to left field or right field, suffering the defensive consequences, that does help in the lineup because Granderson can move to either left or right.

    Overbay is just screwed though.

  • Eric Plunk

    overbay to RF
    Adams to SS
    teixeira to catcher
    Ronnie Mustelier to 1b


    • Robinson Tilapia

      Eric Plunk to teh 8th!!!

    • MannyGeee


  • trr

    There’s just no quick fixes out there @ SS or C.
    Would love to see the team try to push a deadline deal for Brian McCann. Evenually, Granderson will return. SS? Good Luck…

  • SRB

    Totally “out of the box” but, if Romine can’t handle the audition and Sanchez is considered the future (w/ a call up to AA due soon), could it be a viable option to try JR Murphy for a spell? Could he do any worse? Would it give the team a look at his future trade potential?

    • trr

      at this point, I don’t know what’s out of the box anymore, but Murphy is really, really green.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I wish I knew the answer to that. Perhaps someone who follows scouting reports more closely can talk about how big-league ready he’s considered, even with the strides he’s made.

      I wouldn’t even think about “trade value” at this point, though. He could easily wind up the “catcher of the future” while Sanchez winds up falling on his face. Take nothing for granted.

    • MannyGeee

      In fairness, learning catcher is as much about the act of playing the position as it is about learning your staff. grabbing a kid and throwing him in is a little trickier than throwing a Vidal Nuno out there.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    I half-agree with the overall premise. Sure, the most glaring problem areas remain, but this is going to be a better, deeper team with more regulars around AND healthy.

    It’s not the worst bench imaginable. “Imperfect” seems like the right word to me as well. I honestly do believe Nix would be workmanlike in the outfield if needed in a pinch. After all, and repeat after Suzyn, professional ballplayer. The problem, of course, is that not many are convinced that Ichiro’s a viable everyday option, and I’m honestly not sure if the future HOFer can “rise to the task” beyond beating out more infield singles and sneaking them past the infield.

    A healthy Tex improves over Overbay in every way. We’re too in love with a couple of clutch moments with Overbay. That being said, yes, he has succeeded every expectation, and he should remain on the roster until Tex is healthy.

    Amazingly enough, no, I’m not sure David Adams and Kevin Youkilis aren’t the same exact thing right now, except one trends upward and one trends “ouch! my back!” Probably best to keep them both around as well.

    I look forward to Nova going down and doing whatever the hell it is Ivan Nova needs to do. I’m beyond caring at the point, and my hope is that Michael Pineda supplants him in any starter conversation soon. It’d be a shame to send either Kelley or Claiborne down, but that wouldn’t surprise me either. I just wouldn’t get why.

    Read the wee hours of the game thread last night. Thanks to those who spoke up. Now let’s move on.

    • sddc

      Not many are convinced that ichiro is a viable option? He’s beyond that; he’s pushing the limit as the worst everyday corner outfielder in the game.

      Tex will be a huge addition for the simple fact that you can pencil him in the middle of the lineup everyday

      Agree on the Adams & youk analysis

  • Thefax

    Doesn’t Adams have some experience at short stop?

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I think it’s more the injuries than experience.

      • The Real Me

        He has injuries at SS?

        • Robinson Tilapia

          Only there. It’s a weird thing. They’re kept in a bag safely kept between second and third.

          In all seriousness, isn’t everything we’ve read about how his injuries have hampered his mobility, and that he wasn’t exactly Ozzie Smith at short to begin with? He’s looked damn good so far at third, though.

          • The Real Me

            Yup. From the games I’ve seen him play (including live against the Rockies!) he’s been just fine. Wish they could have used him there since the beginning of the season and skipped Youk. I don’t see Youk adding much, if anything, over Adams, as least in the SSS we’ve seen so far. The extra money could have been used on many different things, some of them even on the field.

            • The Real Me

              Correction, didn’t see him against the Rockies. That was before he was brought up. Wishfull thinking on my part (or just old age and a poor memory).

    • pat

      Not since highschool.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Ah. Even better answer.

  • TheOneWhoKnocks

    I know this is rough right now guys but for August-November we’ll have
    SS Jeter
    LF Granderson
    2B Cano
    1B Tex
    3B Arod
    DH Youk/Hafner
    RF Hart
    C Mccann
    CF Gardner
    with CC, Kuroda, Andy, Pineda, Phelps in the rotation and hughes-robertson-mo in the pen

    • The Real Me

      While I might not entirely agree with who you believe they’ll have come August, as was pointed out earlier, they’re 30-21. This is still an awesome start. If they can continue to play over .500 ball till the ASB, they’ll still have a good shot at the division. Boston will go through a slump at some point as well?

      (Didn’t we say that about Baltimore last season?)

    • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

      Wow, that’s very optimistic on what they’ll do at the trade deadline.

    • Sweet Dick Willie

      At this point, I think there is a realistic chance that Jeter doesn’t play at all this year.

      Kendrys Morales missed a season and a half with his broken ankle, and he was 27 when he broke it.

      I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think that planning on Jeter’s return this year is prudent.

  • mitch

    Adams has done a nice job, but I think they need another outfielder. Nix is fine in a pinch, but i’d prefer him as the 5th OF. Adams for Neal might make sense at the moment. Then they could bring Adams back up for Overbay once they’re sure Tex and Youk are healthy.

  • Pasqua

    Thing is, Overbay and Adams — for as pleasantly surprising as they’ve been — are a part of that lineup that is scoring nearly a run less than league average in May. Offensive help is offensive help, whether it’s at the expense of the guys we like, or not.

    I, for one, welcome our new offensively-oriented overlords. :)

  • Mike HC

    Replacing Overbay and Adams with Tex and Youk should be a pretty big upgrade in theory. Of course, Tex and Youk actually have to go out and produce now.

  • Preston

    They need to be working Adams out in the OF. He looks like a big league player and Ichiro (and Wells lately) look toast. If you can keep his bat in the lineup then Youk and Tex coming back is a big upgrade. Overbay would definitely still get plenty of time as Tex and Hafner are both going to need days off and he can pitch hit pretty much any time Nix, or a catcher bat in the late innings.

    • Preston

      *pinch not pitch

  • LarryM Fl

    The Yankees are a wealthy organization and the release of Ichiro or using him exclusively as a 4th OF was a plan but Granderson forgot to get out of the way. I just don’t understand Girardi’s desire to use Ichiro for defense over Boesch’s ability to put it in the seats if he played at all. Its not like we can’t live with a so so defensive RFer. You only have to run 10 steps in any direction to cover the territory. Ichiro is toast.

    Brignac should play against all rigthies if he could hit .250 and field as he did last night. It would be fine.

    Romine should be a starter 75% of the time until Cervelli comes back. I believe his lack of hitting is a totality of catching at this level and the learning curve to his position but he clearly is capable to hit. But needs to play. Stewart’s warts are showing.

    Youklis is our third baseman when comes back but Adams deserves to stay at the second utility infield spot. Overbay should be traded as soon as Teix. is truly healthy. Given his ring for being a member of our 28th WS win, opening day in 2014 when he is signed over the winter to cover for Teix. again.

  • mt

    If no one gets hurt between now and the weekend (a big if) I would rather send Boesch and the 13th pitcher down for Youk/Tex (it may be Nuno sent down as 13th pitcher after Nuno starts tomorrow since Pettite will then have to replace the 12th pitcher by Monday or Tuesday of next week anyway. Claiborne or Warren maybe get demoted as 12th pitcher in favor of Pettite? – remember Joba is back).

    Should be interesting if Nova survives the demotion of the 13th and 12th pitcher – he probably should be one of the pitchers to go down but who knows whether and why Yanks will keep him up.

    I would therefore rather take my chances with Nix as a fourth outfielder and Overbay as a back-up 1B and pinch-hitter than have a DFA’d Overbay and in effect have Youkilis as the back-up 1B.

    Nix would be 4th OF and of course would also see time as part-time SS – Brignac cannot hit but I have been impressed with his defensive work at SS. (Also Brignac has played a couple of games at OF in his career and Overbay could fake it for a couple of innings I am sure if we had major injuries during any particular bad luck game so we wouldn’t have to forfeit.) Nix’s need to be at 3B would decrease since Youk and Adams would be on the roster. So having him now as 4th OF is perfect time to take advantage that Nix can at least play the OF – that positional flexibility is one of his strengths since he is not that great offensively or defensively.

    I think the really hard work for roster composition is if and when Jeter and Arod return. However until that time, Yanks better keep both Overbay and Adams in the short term especially since they are one of the only ones (besides Gardner) who haven’t gone comatose at bat.

    It is not as if Yanks are really using Boesch anyway since he has been called back up from AAA – they are living and dying by Wells/Ichiro. Maybe Boesch will play one or both the 2 last Mets games.

    Youk and Teix may not help hittting wise as they get up to speed against ML picthing (especially initially) but I am hoping they at least can immediately help Yanks work the opposing starting pitcher for pitch count a little more.

  • Vern Sneaker

    I’d very much like to see Overbay and Adams stay around (hopefully big-league pitching won’t catch up to him, it seems like his bat is the real deal),but even with a healthy (??) Youk and an adequate (??) Tex, this is still not a team that will make the playoffs on its offense, in my opinion. We’ve known since March this was going to be about pitching and more pitching. Here’s hoping it continues…

    • mt

      Agree that it is about pitching but offense has gone to OK in April to worst in AL in May. We just wasted 2 good starts where starters gave up 1 run in 13 innings. The plan to survive was supposed to be starting pitching (actually has neeen better than I expected especailly with CC struggling and Pettite injured), shutdown bullpen (has been very true nothwitstanding the last 2 games), AND timely hitting/run production produced by speed on basepaths. That last part has unfortunately totally disappeared.

  • Eddard

    I said it a few days ago, Mike, the most important injured player is Frankie Cervelli. Not because he’s better than the rest, but because the dropoff from him to Stewart/Romine is so great. They’re both black holes and Stewart is an incompetent defender.

    We can get by with the SS being a black hole. The FO is responsible for Ichiro. I’d play Boesch and at least have a chance at some power but Ichiro sells too much merchandise per the FO.

  • OldYanksFan

    Do you believe in ‘Clutchinss’?
    Loverbay has been a top producer in terms of RBI/AB.
    However, he has a .763 OPS and 0.4 WAR so far, which ain’t great. He also posts a sub .500 OPS against LHP, so he’s totally useless there. If Teix is healthy, he is a significant upgrade, and greatly helps us against LHP.

    Adams has been great considering, but again, a .744 OPS is a .744 OPS. You might hope Youk will better that by 75 pts or more.

    You never know with Jeter, but I don’t see how his D will improve, and I wonder what kind of offense he will provide after missing 1/2 or more of the season.

    Same goes for ARod, although he is better on both O and D than Jeter, so he may be helpful.

    We do need help. Wells, Hafner and Overbay are all now producing a lot less than the first 5 weeks of the season. I don’t know what’s up with Nunez, but I prefer to see him at SS. He has started poorly, but I still think he is an average or better hitting SS.

  • Raza

    What does Thomas Neal have to do to get a promotion to the big leagues? There is no way he can hit worse than Ichiro at the moment. The power isn’t there for Neal at AAA that he’s shown in the past but a .350 BA and near .450 OBP is impressive enough.

  • Giuseppe

    How about Hughes and Overbay and/or a bucket of balls for McCann? I think I’ve had enough of Stewart, and it lets Romine get one more season of seasoning down int he minors.

    • MannyGeee

      Reverse the trade, would you take a pitcher on a contract year and a scrap heap (albeit the clutchiest of the clutchy) 1b with a massive platoon split for an extremely useful catcher (granted, one that you will likely lose in FA)?

  • Bubba

    I’ll give you Swisher but for the love of all that’s holy give the Russell Martin BS a rest. At this time last year, Russell was sporting a triple slash of 190/333/339. It wasn’t until 9/7/2012 that Russell matched the triple slash you are now bemoaning.

    Was it a mistake to let Swisher walk? Probably but that’s the cost of signing players to long term contracts. Ichiro made no sense at all from an on-the-field standpoint. The likelihood of him being a productive player was ludicrously small. Whether that’s a FO screw-up or higher up the food chain one who knows. Letting Martin walk was not a mistake.

    • Mike Axisa

      And then he hit .219/.301/.429 with 17 homers and actually good defense the rest of the season, something the team’s current catchers couldn’t do outside of a video game.

      Cheaping out on the most important position on the field was the biggest mistake the Yankees have make in several years. Can’t believe they though Cervelli and Stewart were legitimate catchers for a team that insists it is championship caliber. lol

      • JohnnyC

        Either they really really think Chris Stewart is good or they were punting the 2013 season in order to get under 189 in 2014. Which is worse?

      • Bubba

        I have always respected your opinion and knowledge of baseball but in this instance I just don’t see it. Russell had pockets of torrid streaks followed by long stretches of utter suckitude. After 5/29 he had 8 hits over the next two weeks with 4 homers (2 in one game). After the 2 homer game, he had only 5 hits (no homers, 2 doubles) over the next month. July 21 he was sitting at 180/297/360. Is Russell better than Stewvelli? Yeah, but not at the cost and for over half of the season last year he wasn’t.

        As to defense, Stewart is considered a good defender. You often state that offence is more important than defense.

        • Mike Axisa

          You often state that offence is more important than defense.

          I do. It just so happens Martin is better at both.

          • Bubba

            But he wasn’t for much of last year.

            • Mike Axisa

              But he was for the six years before that and has shown again this year he’s better on both ends of the ball.

        • WhittakerWalt

          “Stewart is considered a good defender.”

          Stewart is considered a good defender by people who are wrong. I think we can see that.

      • Peter Lacock

        “Can’t believe they though Cervelli and Stewart were legitimate catchers for a team that insists it is championship caliber”
        Why can’t you believe it?
        Can you believe that they made several offers to Martin starting in the Spring of 2012 and ending with him choosing to go elsewhere?
        Can you believe they didn’t want to overpay Martin?
        Can you believe there was no one else better to acquire?
        Can you believe that Cervelli is hurt so it can’t properly be evaluated?
        Can you believe that I think you have a personality defect?

        “Derek Jeter‘s injury was known way back in October”
        Yeah and he was supposed to be back by April 1 all the way up until March and they had Nunez and Nix.
        You can’t believe that either?
        2 deep behind Derek Jeter isn’t enough?

        • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

          When the 2 deep are that questionable, and Jeter being back by opening day was always a question and more of an absolute best case scenario, and what Jeter would be when he came back and how much SS he would actually be able to play was a big question, having Nix and Nunez as depth is very shaky, not in numbers of players, but in quality.

          Whether there was a reasonable cost, viable alternative is a different question. I’m not sure there was.

    • LK

      If there’s one thing that has annoyed me most about the Russell Martin haters, it’s this “well he was only hitting X for the first Y games of the season” bullshit. All that really matters is what he hit for the entire season. And, to the extent that production is going to uneven, wouldn’t you PREFER him to produce more late in the season when supposedly the pressure is on?

      • Bubba

        I don’t hate Russell. Mike was making a point about C production to date. Just picked a similar time frame.

        Just curious, does the same logic apply to Ichiro? People love to discount his final few weeks of the season yet ignore Martin’s first 80%.

        Until you get to a magic number, all games count the same. Assuming production will always be uneven, I’d prefer less dispersion.

        • LK

          I’m not saying to ignore Russell Martin’s first 80% of the season. I’m saying to look at his ENTIRE season, in which he hit pretty well for a catcher. Similarly, I’d say you should look at Ichiro’s entire season, in which he pretty much sucked. Never throw out data unless you have a compelling reason to do so. All of this slicing and dicing of the season into “Martin was terrible early on” and “Ichiro was on fire after the trade” obscures the facts.

          • YanksFan

            Then why not wait for the season to end to see where our catchers end up. Mike has not stopped his bitching about it. Cerv was doing well and you can’t see his injury beforehand. The figures would look better if Romine was at .200, instead of where he’s at.

            Cash had a value on Martin – 3/20 and he turned it down 2 off season’s ago. He stuck by his guns. Good for him. I wanted Martin back but not at his salary.

  • Darren

    That bench of Breignac/Stewart/Nix and Adams is a far cry from Chili Davis/Strawberry/Leyritz and Wade Boggs.

    (i know, I know, I’m conflating 96 and 98 but you know what I mean)

    • jsbrendog

      boggs was a starter and never a bench player. charlie hayes occasionally spelled him cause boggs was old and hayes was a rh hitter. strawberry was a mid/late season pickup from the international league so he wasn’t on the team at this point in the season in 96, only played 11 games in 97, but was actually around in 98 for 101 games.

      • trr

        Darren, your point is valid even if you have your players mixed up a bit. This year’s bench doesn’t compare to 2009, let
        alone 1996 – 1998. Of course the injuries have so much to do with this. I think we’re all hoping as the injured pieces begin returning the team’s offense will revise. It had better, it’s tough to win consisitently when you only score 1 – 3 runs a night.

        • jsbrendog

          except his point isnt valid based on years and such. the bench has always been mostly shitty and been improved as the year goes along. not until the past couple of years has the bench been solid going into the season.

          • trr

            The Yanks have long been masters of the great mid-season pick up. Will that trend continue this year? Let’s wait and see….

          • Darren

            Except you’re wrong.

            First of all, I specifically acknowledged conflating multiple years.The main thrust of my point is valid – the Yankees barely have adequate starters, let alone a bench with even one dangerous hitter. The fact is that many past Yankee teams have a good if not great bench. This bench would be downright atrocious.

            Second, look at the bench in 98 – usually some mix of Chili, Strawberry, Raines, Sojo, even Girardi. And in 96 you don’t remember Boggs’s huge PH walk? He was pinch hitting because he was on the bench. Again, the fact is the Yankees had Tino and Big Daddy on the same team. And Leyritz could PH for Girardi. Which is a lot different than Reid Brignac.

            So, anyway. Yeah, you’re wrong.

            • jsbrendog

              well you only know what your point was. but from your original comment you’re wrong. the benches were always made better in mid season. go back and look at the benches that they STARTED with. they were improved in june/july/august. you know, like the EXACT guys you mention, dstrawberry, fielder, and even leyritz one yr i believe from SD. thanks for playing.

              • Darren

                You don’t really have a point, do you? That the Yankee bench is usually bad in the beginning of the year and gets better as the year goes along? Ok. How does that refute my point? It doesn’t.

                • jsbrendog

                  reading comprehension my friend:

                  benches they had at the end of the season in prior years that were crafted during the trade deadline WERE WAY BETTAH DEN DA WUN NOW!!

                  no shit.

                  the bench sucks. it has almost always sucked the first few months of the year and has been fixed during the trade deadline. i dont see what is so hard here. this is the last time i indulge you since if you don’t get it spelled out you won’t get it at all.

                  you are comparing apples to guava. the bench will be improved when teams fall out of contention and will be fine. this bench is just as bad as benches on June 1 during the 90s and early aughts.

            • jsbrendog

              your point here, is somewhat valid yet still misses the point that a) benches suck, that is why ppl on them don’t start, b) all yankee benches have been fortified during trade season, and c) as i said earlier if you cared to read, wade boggs was a starter and was on the bench cause charlie hayes got the start that day. and guess what? Charlie Hayes was an addition to the bench via trade in August!!! WHO KNEW?! and wade boggs played 132 games that yr.

              parting gifts are with Vanda on the way out

              • Darren

                No shit that benches often suck! Thanks for enlightening us. This bench happens to be really, really bad and can’t compare with some of the better benches we’ve had in the past, whether those benches were later in the season, in the WS, or whenever. Not sure how you can argue with that.

                Anyway, I am a billionaire and must stop arguing with you to go party on my 300′ foot yacht with your mom.

                (that’s the way to end all internet arguments right?)

              • jsbrendog

                mike aldrete, strawberry, fielder, sojo, hayes

                all on the roster/bench during the 96 playoffs

                all picked up in july\august.

  • King George

    Is it inconceivable to go with this lineup? I know David Adams isn’t an every day SS, but he could be a stopgap for a while…at least until Nunez is back.

    CF Gardner
    3B Youkilis
    1B Teixeira
    2B Cano
    DH Hafner
    LF Wells
    SS Adams
    RF Ichiro
    C Stewart/Romine

    • Mike Axisa

      Adams hasn’t played SS since high school. There’s no way he can do it at the MLB level with zero prep time.

      • Dalek Jeter

        Is there anyway we can hide his glove in RF, with Wells in LF, Gardner in CF, and Ichiro riding the pine?

        • mitch

          I don’t think that’s out of the question in the future, but they can’t just stick him out there in a major league game. I think that’s something he’d have to work on in the off season.

        • JohnnyC

          No way. They’re already trying to hide Stewart’s glove behind the plate.

          • trr

            and yet Stewart was the “defensive-minded” catcher….

          • jsbrendog


        • Guns

          Did I hear somewhere that Overbay has been taking flyballs in RF?? Anyone know anything about that?

          • jsbrendog

            i heard, from a dude who had no proof and i never bothered to fact check (full disclosure,) that the yankees asked him and he said nope, don’t wanna do that.

            • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

              apparently, he’s OK with it.

              I informed Overbay of the latest “developments” in the situation, asking him if he would give it a try if the Yankees wanted him to.
              “Absolutely,” Overbay said. “I’ll do whatever. They need me to catch? I’ll catch. They need me to pitch? I’ll pitch.”

              • jsbrendog

                awesome. this is a good day for sourcing and factual research.

              • MannyGeee

                Love(rbay) that dude. Hes a true gamer… a “Baseball Player (TM)” Classy, gritty, and a true professional.


  • will

    Yankees are the austin jackson of 2010, is their “winning/BABIP” finally catching up to them?

  • nsalem

    Considering that a) Tex is coming back from an injury that by most accounts is highly susceptible to re-injury and often stripped other’s with similar injuries of power for an extended period of time b) Youk has had to sit out 176 games due to injury since the beginning of 2010 (approximately injured 1/3 of the time).
    I have my doubts about how much their return will really help us offensively. I’m sure they will provide better offense then we have had to some extent. I do have reservations though that they can return to even close to their former offensive levels and that they can stay healthy for a long period of time. I hope I am way off base on this thought and even if I’m not, I still believe the Yankee’s will remain in contention if their pitching remains healthy and effective. With the exception of a couple of teams most of the AL seems filled with teams with flaws even greater than the Yankee’s.

    • mitch

      They don’t have to be anywhere near their former levels to help the team offensively. Just having a couple guys capable of working a long count will be huge.

    • trr

      When it comes to staying healthy what else can we do but cross our fingers and hope the injury wheel stops spinning? I have more faith that Tex will stay healthy rather than Youk, but in the end this is the hand we’ve been dealt and we gotta play it, at least until we get closer to the trading deadline

      • nsalem

        I’m keeping my fingers crossed with both hands. Perhaps it was Tex’s preseason statements to the effect that you should expect some sort of regression and a higher chance of injuries to a player as they enter their 30’s has left me wary. I would have expected that would be more likely to come from someone in their late 30’s rather than their early 30’s. Youk also made comments several days before the Yankee’s were going to Toronto about the difficulty of staying healthy while playing on turf and then his back went out by the time they went north. I found both these statements rather odd the time. Just hope this is all coincidental rather than self fulfilling prophecies. Like Mike I think the real killer is losing Granderson again. I also don’t think moving players to different positions such as Overbay and Adams is a solution. Our success so far has been from great pitching and decent defense. Weakening the defense can potentially effect our pitching which right now is our bread and butterl

  • Guns


    .266 wOBA – 5th worst among AL outfielders (min 120 PA)
    60wRC+ – 4th worst among AL outfielders (min 120 PA)

    Ichiro sucks ass. That is all.

    What’s that? He’s signed through next season? Brilliant!

    • trr

      I suppose we should be happy it was a only a 2-year deal!

      He was signed as a marketing tool, perhaps with the crazy idea he was going get 3,000 hits (he sure seems to be trying for it, as he’ll swing at anything). Meantime, he’s here. We can only hope he gives us a hot streak similar to what he did last Sept.

      Now would be a nice time for that, wot?

  • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals

    Is Wells melting because he’s tired (Hafner syndrome), toast (Ichiro syndrome), or overexposed (insert random young kid that we fall in love with but turns out he sucks after 60 days syndrome)?

    • Kosmo

      Wells at this stage of his career is at his very best a .270 hitter. One shouldn´t have the expectation he´s going to be any better. I´m thinking .265- .270 w/ 25 HR 80 RBI is all that we can hope for. He´s also better suited to hit 5th or 6th. Wells is also entitled to slump on occasion. Still a great last minute pickup.

      • nsalem

        Wells has seem a little over anxious the last week or two. In all fairness though he has had some nice cuts the last few games that just happened to be hit right at someone. I’d give him another 15 or 20 AB;’s before i would call this a serious slump.

        • jsbrendog

          i haven’t been watching a lot but in the past week or so i have prob seen 5 or 6 wells abs and each time he made solid contact but either hit it right at someone or someone made a pretty good play.

          this isnt to say he doesnt look overmatched when i dont see. all im saying is he seems to be making solid contact, taking good swings, and im not worried….from the sss i have seen

  • .zip file

    “The Yankees have scored a total of five runs in their last three games”

    The last 3 games they have faced Alex Cobb, Jon Niese and Matt Harvey. Alex Cobb and Jon Niese have usually pitched well against the Yankees in the past, including last year when the Yankees had a better hitting line up. And Matt Harvey may be one of the best young pitchers in baseball. Stretch it out to the game before these three, and they faced Matt Moore. With the Yankees having three black hole positions on offense, it shouldn’t exactly be surprising that they would struggle to score runs against these guys.

    • mt

      Great points, especially Cobb, Moore and Harvey as 3 out of the last 4 are pretty challenging (we missed Jake Odorizzi who blew up in his start for Tampa Bayright after we left town). I guess we should be thankful that we did get to see the former Fausto Carmona. The Niese thing seems to be Yankee related since his overall stats were not that great coming into the start.

      I guess the offensive concerns will escalate if Yanks continue to look bad against the Hefners and Gees of the world. Anyhow, we face Bucholtz on Friday so after these next 2 games we are quickly back in it.

  • Cuso

    I understand that this will relegate guys that “aren’t the problem” (Adams, Overbay) to part-time roles.

    However, getting the Tex and Youk bats in the lineup make the lineup deeper, regardless. When you have to depend on the Adams and Overbay spots in the lineup to be “THE” run-producing spots it just doesn’t have the same effect on opposing pitchers. Tex and Youk are proven run-producers. Overbay and Adams have been doing that, but still don’t inspire a lot of concerns of ways to approach them in the minds of opposing pitchers.

    When you have to weed through Cano AND Youkilis AND Tex AND Hafner, the chances of the under-performing positions of RF, C and SS being able to do something helpful (not even hit – move runner over, bunt, sac fly, work deep count, whatever) is greater. You won’t NEED Nix to come through with a hit. You won’t NEED Stewart to come through at least once a game. The pressure on them won’t be as great because opposing pitchers see them as a soft landing spot.

  • MannyGeee

    I will say this and then leave… This team gets infinitely better by adding Youk & Tex next week than they are today in their biggest hole… a lineup against LHP.

    Tex & Youk vs LHP >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> LoverBay & Pronk/San Francisco vs LHP.

    Add Adams in there with Wells & Cano, and they are almost formidable against southpaws again…

  • Laz

    It’s time to bench Ichiro.