Minor League Links: Patterson, Scout’s Notes

Yankees hang on for 3-2 win over Royals
Yankees place Eduardo Nunez on the DL, call up Alberto Gonzalez
Mark Montgomery and J.R. Murphy. And Larry Rothschild, him too. (Presswire)
Mark Montgomery and J.R. Murphy. And Larry Rothschild, him too. (Presswire)

Josh Norris brought the heat with a lot of great minor league info these last few days, so let’s round it all up…

Yankees hang on for 3-2 win over Royals
Yankees place Eduardo Nunez on the DL, call up Alberto Gonzalez
  • Preston

    It sounds like Sanchez has made huge strides defensively and that’s exciting. I think that the Heathcott love and Austin hate shows the flaws of using scouting only. Sure Heathcott looks better in a uniform, but he hasn’t been the better player in the box scores. Also, the idea that every pitcher that has effort in his delivery has to be a reliever is ridiculous, just look around the MLB, it just flat out isn’t true.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Different scouts are going to see different things. Some days, players will play like the height of their ceiling. Some days, they’ll look like their lowest floor. That’s why it’s all projections, and why no one can guarantee you a damn thing about a kid who hasn’t stepped foot in the big leagues, no matter whether it’s Tyler Austin or Jurickson Profar.

  • kenthadley

    Either Mason Williams wakes up or he’s a dog. Bichette and Culver are clearly busts. But Sanchez is the answer. I saw Trenton last week and didn’t see much from Austin or Slade, but Turley overcame a bad first inning to look good. The Trenton relievers looked real good. Overall these are really interesting reports. Would love to see more.

  • Buddy

    So, outside of Sanchez, everybody i THOUGHT was good sucks and everyone i thought was AAAA guys / filler is a major leaguer.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Here’s hoping the comment section works up such a nice, rich lather a couple of us can use it to shave today.

  • adjusts batting gloves

    Would love to know what this Yankee scout’s take was on Jose Quintana, back in the day…

  • TomH

    Bad news, if accurate, about Williams. Sounds less like a talent than an attitude problem.

    That said, the scout needs to lose the teen-age “like.” It undermines credibility.

    • Preston

      I put no stock in this crap, he knows he has an attitude problem because he jogged to first on a grounder. Yes he needs to hustle. But he’s a young kid dealing with poor play for the first time. It’s pretty natural to hang your head. He’ll snap out of it. By the end of the year he’ll be showing why he was thought of so highly.

  • CS Yankee

    Few observations from those reads;
    1) Gil seems like a positive PC and is working on the finer things in development.
    2) Scouts (assuming it just wasn’t one scout) really like repeating their words, which is typically a sign of insecurity.
    3) Seems like we have a bunch of 4th OFers, Releif Pitchers, and Back-up Infielders being developed.

    Tell me that we have a better farm than this, please!

    • Chip

      He was definitely an old school scout. This is the type of guy who would hate on Gardner for being a tweener, Ichiro for being unconventional, Cano for never developing power and being too lazy and Kuroda for not being able to throw 95.

      It’s an interesting read but you have to remember that this is one guy’s limited view of the teams. Sanchez probably had a great 4 days behind the plate but could then go and have a terrible game where it looks like he should move to first. Williams could just break out and start doing a Granderson impersonation so who really knows

  • qwerty

    Slade looks like a bust at this point and Williams looks like a future jose tabata. I know some fans here and elsewhere are all too quick to brag about the yankees’s ranking of 11th/14th for best farm teams, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that dropped down to 20th after this season ends, and it won’t be because all our best prospects have been promoted to the majors.