• mick taylor

    yeah, but i would like yo know how many games tex got a clutch hit to win a game. he has become like a – rod, a stats. compiler hitting home runs when the team is up 10- 0. lyle has been very clutch

  • Davidi

    Why not make a move for Profar? Maybe Williams and Romine gets it done

    • Haha


  • Wolfgang’s Fault

    Nunez isn’t a disappointment yet. He was drilled twice and pretty badly and was playing banged up as a result, and then injured and placed on the d/l. He gets an incomplete. Looking forward to seeing him play healthy, in warm weather, and for an extended period of time before a true and accurate evaluation can be made. IMO, he’s a player & he’ll show that if he can get and stay healthy and he gets to play. Hope the “brain trust” remains patient with him.