Update: NHL will play two games at Yankee Stadium next January

Yankees call up David Adams, designated Chris Nelson for assignment
Game 40: Another New Player

May 15th: Done deal, both the NHL and the Yankees have officially announced it. The first game (Rangers-Devils) is scheduled for 12:30pm ET on Jan. 26th (Sunday), the second (Rangers-Islanders) for 7:30pm ET on Jan. 29th (Wednesday).

April 16th: Katie Strang has confirmed the NHL is planning on two outdoor games at Yankee Stadium next season, with the three locals participating: Rangers-Devils (Jan. 26th) then Rangers-Islanders (Jan. 29th). The deal is expected to be finalized soon.

April 10th: Via Helen Elliot: Yankee Stadium is the “preferred venue” for an outdoor NHL game on January 26th of next year. The NHL is hoping to play three outdoor games next winter — the scheduled Winter Classic in Michigan plus two others. Dodger Stadium is the favorite to land the third game.

The Yankees have been trying to lure the Winter Classic — the NHL’s annual marquee/cash cow event — to the Bronx since the new Yankee Stadium opened in 2009, but scheduling conflicts with the Pinstripe Bowl have prevented it from happening. The Pinstripe Bowl contract doesn’t expire until 2015, but the Winter Classic is usually played right around New Year’s. The tentative late-January schedule of this game could make it possible. Either way, I’m totally there if it happens. (h/t Ryan Dadoun)

Yankees call up David Adams, designated Chris Nelson for assignment
Game 40: Another New Player
  • AnthonyD

    Yankee Stadium won’t be the Winter Classic? No thanks. I’ll be there when the PS Bowl expires.

    • Jamey

      Unfortunately the Bowl System is just one big payday for venue, NCAA, & the committees. Most of those they could care less about quality of game or crowd (Pinstripe & the one at RFK/FedEx have been mostly giving away tickets since their inceptions) because they’ll make a ton of money even if the game ends 3-0 with 100 combined turnovers & 400 people in the stands. So I’d be very surprised if the Yankees don’t renew that, ESPN may even kick in more money to keep the venue.

  • Chris

    The NHL is working overtime to ruin the WC. Its a huge thing for the league. So why not water it down and have 3? Come on guys…

    • Jamey

      Didn’t fail when they tested it in 2011, in fact fans complained there wasn’t one the following year. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2011_Heritage_Classic

    • johnnybk

      They aren’t watering it down. They’re doing more because outdoor games are hugely popular.

      • chris

        It certainly waters it down. People are crazy about college football but when the NCAA added 12,000 bowl games people tuned them out. They aren’t a big deal anymore. Same here. If you oversaturate the market it loses its appeal.

        I am all for making everyone wait all year for 1 game. Thats the best. Make people hang on for 1 game. Personally I’d like them to tie it into an all star game. Have the All star game and skills competition the day before then kick off the 2nd half with the WC. Now THAT would be a draw.

        • jsbrendog

          hockey fans love hockey. an outdoor game in multiple different markets is brilliant because it is so popular. if there were 2 in ny at once, rangers leafs, islanders someone it would be watering it down. or one in ny and one in nj at the same time.

          but having one in LA, one in NY, and one in Det, 3 of the largest markets with teams that are almost always competitive and have recognizable stars is a goldmine. it is a great way to increase exposure to the sport and drag in the casual fan.

        • PFOJ

          As a Canadian, I’d like to insist on two outdoor games a year if the Winter Classic is going to be exclusively played in the USA. But, I’d like to see them cap it there before we’re watching a half dozen outdoor games a year.

          Also, this is my first ever serious RAB comment ever. It feels strange, guys.

  • Mike R.

    Islanders vs. Rangers please.

  • Hank

    Dodger Stadium? They are aware that LA is warm in the winter right? I can’t imagine how their portable refrigeration equipment could keep up with the California sun shining down on the ice all day.

    • http://gotfisheries.blogspot.com Dropped Third

      You would be surprised, technology is pretty good today. If they can play hockey in Arizona, Texas and Tampa in May they should be able to pull it off in LA in January even if it is outdoors.

  • johnnybk

    I also would be there in a heartbeat

  • http://gotfisheries.blogspot.com Dropped Third

    SWEET, the playoff bond Islanders better be one of those six teams.

  • John


    I’d totally do both the bowl game and the outdoor game. Agreed with Mike on how this late scheduling of a game could really make it a reality.

  • AnthonyD

    Do we think the Yankees jammed them for a second date? What’s up with the Wednesday date – is that for NBC SN Rivalry night?

  • whocares

    blah blah…. non-f@uck*&g news.

  • Evan3457

    An ice hockey game at night in January!

    Just what I was waiting for…hypothermia, frostbite and gangrene.