Saturday Night Open Thread


So YES has this YES View thing now. Could be cool?

Nice bounceback win this afternoon, especially since Phil Hughes turned in his best start of the season and fourth consecutive strong start. By Game Score (81), it was the best start of his career, tied with this one. Pretty awesome. Good Phil sure is fun to watch.

Here is your open thread for the night. There is plenty of NHL action on tonight, plus the Nets are playing Game Seven. The Mets were rained out, but MLB Network will air a game later. Most will see the Dodgers at the Giants (Magill vs. Vogelsong), which is always fun. Talk about those games or anything else. Have at it.

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  1. The Real Greg says:

    By the way, continuing from the game thread, I have decided to add the Kinks to the list, which makes 7 slots filled and 3 to go.

    And Freddy Garcia is shutting out the Angels through 5 innings. In fact he has a no hitter through 5.

    • The Real Me says:

      The Kinks are an interesting choice. Definitely added a lot to rock/punk, but not a huge number of hits. Certainly made music for a long time. Not sure if they’d be in my top 10, but I’d have a few bands in there that many people haven’t heard of or would completely disagree with.

      • The Real Greg says:

        If they were just popular in the 60s and fizzled out then they wouldn’t be there. What put them over the top was the fact that they enjoyed a revival period in the late 70s and early 80s and had a top 10 single in 1982/1983 with “Come Dancing”

        That plus they do have a good legacy and influence.

        • The Real Me says:

          What about Jimi Hendrix? Clapton (in his various forms, from the Yardbirds, Cream, Derec and the Dominoes, solo)? Santana? All could be included for various reasons.

          • The Real Me says:

            Derec Derek

          • The Real Greg says:

            One of my rules is that it can’t be dominated by an individual performer. It can’t just be one star and 3 other guys. All four members have to be on equal footing and/or contribute.

            • Rinse Dream says:

              That’s be news to Ray Davies, no? Dave Davies was a decent guitarist but there’s a reason there were rumors that Jimmy Page played lead on their iconic early hits.

        • rey sanchez says:

          Jefferson Airplane. Underrated, but needs to be considered.

        • OldYanksFan says:

          Moody Blues
          Jethro Tull
          Bee Gees
          Pink Floyd

          Are Black people allowed?

          • The Real Me says:

            I like the inclusion of Tull and The Moody’s. I’d have them on my list. Possibly Elton John. Since I don’t have the “10 year” rule, I’d include UK, but only their first album with Bill Bruford and Allan Holdsworth. Then there’s Torque. Again, one album, 103103. Since this is my list, they don’t have to be RnR Hall of Fame inductees, just my favorites. :-)

    • The Real Greg says:

      Now he is through 6 innings with a no-no. He has thrown just 65 pitches

    • Cool Lester Smooth says:

      What about Neutral Milk Hotel. I’m not sure if they were together long enough to qualify, but “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea” is a classic.

      • The Doctor says:

        I adore NMH and freaked out when I heard they were reuniting, but there’s no way they’re in a 10 greatest bands list. Maybe a personal favorites top 10 but not an objective list.

    • Toad says:

      No love for Motown?

      Too long ago? Doesn’t fit the definition?

      • The Real Me says:

        Some Motown artists belong on a true Top 10 of all time list. If you’re ever in Detroit, go see the Motown museum. Well worth the time.

  2. YankeeFan says:

    Brooklyn Nets Game 7 tonight.

  3. Cool Lester Smooth says:

    Word. It looks like “Good Phil” started early this year.

  4. Ivan says:

    Not that anyone would care but there is NBA action tonight. Nets Vs. Bulls Game 7. Just to correct on that Mike.

  5. dkidd says:

    sweaty freddy, ya’ll

  6. jim p says:

    Can someone explain this to me, please? I must be missing something obvious, or my brain isn’t working right, or…

    I go to the standings at

    There’s a column “WCGB” Wild Card Games Behind. The teams which would have clinched if today ended the season all have a dash in that column. The other teams have just numbers.

    The Yankees have (at this moment) “+1.0″ in that column. I can’t figure what that “plus” means. They’re the only team with that. Of course I hope it means the Yankees are handicapped to get a WC position or something, but…

    Any clarity would be appreciated.

  7. SDB says:

    Looking forward to some more baseball tonight while home alone. Hopefully Detroit/Houston will turn into a run-filled slaughter (particularly as I have Jackson, Hunter and Cabrera in both my fantasy leagues, and need some runs and RBI.)

    And it’s always fun to root against Boston.

    Looks like Aybar just killed the no no.

  8. The Real Greg says:

    And Trumbo homers to break the shutout.

  9. Guns says:

    The Blue Jays are HOLY SHIT awful.

    • Bob Buttons says:

      Feels awesome when people try to buy a championship and blows up and it ain’t us, no?

      • Guns says:

        Hell yes. Especially when everyone in the media buys into it hook, line and sinker.

        • Bob Buttons says:

          Funny how our less risky investments get blasted hard and Jays get praised for taking on a SS and SP with injury problems, a knuckleballer who only started throwing it regularly a few years back, and a lefty who got blown up last year playing in the NL East.

      • Cool Lester Smooth says:

        Ugh. Vince Young flashbacks.

      • Improbable Island's Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR) says:

        There’s a difference between other teams and us: When WE buy a championship, we fucking WIN.

        • Bob Buttons says:

          And they say anybody can do Cashman’s job.

          Of course, since I fucking hate NoMaas, it feels good to say: fuck no, nobody can win every game if they had 200 million to burn.

      • Pat D says:

        That’s why it’s impossible to “buy” a championship. I mean, shit, the years most indicative of when the Yankees tried to were 2001-2008, when they didn’t.

        Or 1977, when they did…

  10. Mickey Scheister says:

    I miss Teix and all but Overbay’s doing a great job in key spots. Unless he sucks ass the next couple of weeks, it’ll be sad to see him go!

    • SDB says:

      Yeah, it’s a shame Overbay can’t play another position and hang around, as I’d rather not see him go anywhere else or down to AAA. Is it too late to teach him how to play 3B once Teix comes back?

      He’s been an absolute pro, fantastic in the field, producing some pretty clutch runs and hits – I’ve been eating all my words about how the Yankees were throwing money away by signing him. And his running a couple of days ago in that DP to allow Nunez to score a go-ahead run was brilliant.

    • vicki says:

      asymptomatic? nobody?

  11. The Real Greg says:

    And all of Garcia’s work goes for not as O’Day gives up the lead.

  12. Improbable Island's Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR) says:

    Fuck the Red Sox.

    • Bob Buttons says:

      *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap*

    • Guns says:


      And the Celtics. And the Patriots. And the Boston-loving media at ESPN who proliferate the myth that the city’s teams are gritty, never-say-die underdogs who’s every victory is a testament to the team’s heart and soul.

  13. Vern Sneaker says:

    The Allman Brothers Band, back in the day. NOBODY played guitar like Duane Allman. RIP, Skydog. .

    • The Real Me says:

      First concert I ever saw. July of 1974 at the Nassau Coliseum. Probably still have the ticket stub, as I’ve kept nearly all of them, at least for concerts I saw through probably around 1997 or so.

  14. forensic says:

    That sound you hear…

    is the Angels and Blue Jays hitting rock bottom (and hopefully staying there).

  15. howdy boys says:

    If josh hamilton didn’t give his 20′s away to drugs do you guys think he would have been the most talented player since griffey? I assume the rays would have brought him up at 20, or 21 and traded him at 25 26.

  16. jjyank says:

    Pat D gives the best full body rubs

    • The Real Me says:

      Not sure I want to hear any more about that ….

      • Pat D says:

        I’d like to know if it’s true. Since if it is, I might have a skill not previously known to me. Then I could go out and make some money.

        In other news, FUCK YOU TROLL!

    • vicki says:

      dylan: to live outside the law you must be honest.

      use your own handle, troll.

    • jjyank says:

      If you’re going to troll my handle like that, you could at least do something creative, smart, funny, intelligent, etc. Instead, you just make yourself out to look like an ass. Congratulations.

      • jjyank says:

        Stop bitching….Tilapia is my cuckold tonight

        • Nutty the Squirrel says:

          If you’re gonna use the word “cuckold” at least use it correctly.

          • Cool Lester Smooth says:

            Well, assuming basic intelligence, which, admittedly, may be excessive, he might be casting an aspersion on the honor of our favorite fish’s wife.

            • Nutty the Squirrel says:

              I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that he lacks the common knowledge of how Robinson is not a female name.

              That or he enjoys sleeping with the fishes.

  17. Get Phelps Up says:

    More fun Blue Jays facts:

    They’ve gotten off to the 2nd worst start of any AL East team since 2004. (2010 O’s were the worst)

    Highest BA among qualified platers: .247 (Colby Rasmus)

    Highest OBP among qualified players: .327 (Joey Bats)

    JA Happ is the only member of their rotation with an ERA+ above 100 and an ERA less than 5.29.

    The Angels are the only AL team that has committed more errors than Toronto.

    Only the Astros have allowed more runs/game.

    Their 82 OPS+ is the third worst in baseball, the same for their .291 team OBP.

    Their .680 OPS is the fourth worst in baseball.

    Their .226 team batting average is the worst in baseball.

    • The Real Me says:

      Nice! This would be even more fun if it were the Red Sox. Unfortunately, they’ve gotten off to a good start this season.

  18. Pat D says:

    Since I’m way late to this party, I’d like to comment on this best bands thing.

    Trying to gather Greg’s criteria, it seems like we disqualify Nirvana, Guns N Roses, The Jimi Hendrix Experience (who if you’re going to disqualify them for something it should be for short career, not that they were Hendrix and a backing band, because that is wrong), and any band where it was Lead Singer & The Backup Band (Springsteen, Tom Petty, Buddy Holly). Obviously we’re not considering solo acts either so Elvis, David Bowie, a bunch of others are out.

    What is your take on Motown? If you include them, it’s hard to ignore The Temptations or The Four Tops.

    The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd are no-brainers to me.

    For the other five spots, there’s a lot to consider. The Beach Boys, The Kinks, The Animals, The Doors, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Queen, Aerosmith, The Clash, U2, R.E.M. and Radiohead are ones that all pop into my mind for consideration.

    They’d all be a step above groups like AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers Band, The Sex Pistols, The Ramones, Pearl Jam, Coldplay, off the top of my head, to name several.

    The wild card might be The Velvet Underground. I’ve never been able to get into them but they always seem to be that fringe snob group’s choice.

    • The Real Greg says:

      Didn’t think of Motown. I’ll look into it. I think though they go into the Doo-Wop/R&B category

      I added the Kinks to the list today. Queen was already there, so that’s 7.

      U2 is in consideration. So are The Eagles. The Beach Boys I originally didn’t consider a rock band, but I will look into it.

      • vicki says:

        motown is definitely r&b/soul. different animal.

      • Pat D says:

        If you’re going for just purely “rock,” then you probably do have to exclude Motown.

        As for The Beach Boys, as mercurial as I am with a great deal of their music, they had considerable longevity and influence. They’re most definitely a rock band too. Not sure what else you could consider them.

        • Pat D says:

          In addition, I’d put The Eagles in the AC/DC through Coldplay list I had.

          Fleetwood Mac is one I totally forgot that deserve consideration, though they wouldn’t make my top 10.

        • vicki says:

          phil spector and chuck berry could tell you what to call the beach boys.


        • Robinson Tilapia says:

          Almost. Peak (post-blues era) was three albums, even though I love “Tango in the Night.” I thought about them.

      • MannyGeee says:

        Is Aerosmith in play? They meet the criteria and I got to say they are the epitome of rock stardom… Well, that is until Steven Tyler morphed into a middle aged Jewish woman, but I digress. Put Aerosmith in the list.

        • Pat D says:

          Aerosmith would be knocked out of my Top 10 because they’re essentially a lesser American version of the Stones.

          I still like them a lot, and a lot of their music brings back memories of great vacations as a teenager, but I can’t put them top 10.

    • vicki says:

      ugh. the record with nico is on the jukebox at work. angsty seventeen-year-olds are forgiven, but nobody else should listen to the velvet underground. #whywehaveaskipbutton

      i think greg should reconsider the ramones, on influence and longevity grounds. honorable mention for cheap trick and (guilty pleasure) kiss.

      • Pat D says:

        Sorry, I can’t strongly consider bands who can’t get into the R&R HOF.

        Before you object to that, the ones I mentioned who aren’t in it aren’t eligible yet.

        • vicki says:

          rock hall voters are middle-brow schlocksters.

          • Pat D says:

            Indeed they are.

            But with all the acts that are in the R&R HOF, and the fact that they induct 6 new ones every year, if I’m going to consider you for best of all time, you’d better be in it.

            You don’t see me advocating for The Monkees, do you?

            • vicki says:

              “mary, mary” is a hot tune.

              anyway, i think you’re better than this rnrhof argument.

            • Improbable Island's Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR) says:

              I disagree. as we all know, Hall voters can fuck up. A lot.

              • Pat D says:

                Give me 5 groups/solo acts that aren’t in that should be.

                • The Real Me says:

                  Well, we can give you plenty that are in that shouldn’t be in. How about that?

                  • Pat D says:

                    Oh, I agree.

                    But I’m sure there are more questionable choices that are in rather than obvious choices that are not.

                    It’s better to be more inclusive and let in questionable choices that to miss obvious ones.

                    • Improbable Island's Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR) says:

                      Eh, that’s a big matter of opinion.

                      Oh, HUGE one: Journey. Absolute utter fucking TRAVESTY.


                      Cheap Trick, who I don’t really like but who are iconic.

                      The Doobie Brothers.

                      There, we got five.

                    • Pat D says:

                      Kiss is the only one I think I’d agree with. I like the Doobies, but not sure they measure up. I’m honestly not familiar enough with Hall and Oates and Cheap Trick.

                      But, and sorry to piss you off, I fucking HATE Journey.

                    • Improbable Island's Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR) says:

                      You hate Journey?

                      I hate you, Pat. That’s my favorite band.

                • Improbable Island's Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR) says:

                  I can give you one off the top of my head. Hall and Oates.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      I don’t know if anything passed the Nico album is really trancendent. I like “White Light/White Heat,” but it’s not a classic album.

    • Improbable Island's Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR) says:

      I’m amazed the Four Seasons haven’t been mentioned.

      Also, no Journey love? My all-time favorite band.

      • Pat D says:

        I think that’s because most people consider The Four Seasons a vocal group as opposed to a band, accurate or not.

        Also, they’re not going to appeal to everyone because the high vocals can be grating after a while. See Beach Boys, The.

        • Improbable Island's Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR) says:

          The Four Seasons are in a whole other league from the Beach Boys, great as they are. They had a redonkulous number of hits and they’re in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. I think they’re a perfect candidate (And definitely a band, by the way. I believe the piano player wrote a metric fuckton of their songs).

          • Robinson Tilapia says:

            Yes, and that league would be High-A.

            Frankie Valli doesn’t belong in the same building as Brian Wilson unless Frankie’s the doorman.

  19. The Real Greg says:

    I hope each one of the Nets players goes home and cries to their mommies. What a pathetic display

  20. Pseudoyanks says:

    Just stop the hating already and put the Grateful Dead in!!!

    • Pat D says:

      Dammit, I knew I forgot someone else.

      Not in my top 10 though.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      Absolutely top 10. Early 70′s period is some of the best pure music ever made. The body of available music out there because of the sheer amount of taping that went on is amazing….and 80% of it makes for fabulous listening. Fascinating to see how they changed throughout the years.

  21. Robinson Tilapia says:

    Not in any order whatsoever.

    The safe picks…

    1. Led Zep
    2. Beatles
    3. Pink Floyd
    4. Rolling Stones

    For the rest, I considered not just longevity, but relevance throughout their longevity. For example, Deep Purple still releases albums. Who gives a shit. I considered impact on those who came after, and awesomeness and length of peak period. Also, yes, talent and versatility.

    5. Grateful Dead
    6. U2
    7. Radiohead
    8. The Who

    Here’s where I get stuck, as I think about several seminal bands in certain areas, bands for which entire genres would not be here if it wasn’t for them. Many don’t have that body of work, though. Do the Stooges belong? Velvet Underground? Blondie? Not really. Some of the most important moments in music, but not great careers. King Crimson was a band I gave a ton of thought to, but there’s not the moment. A lot to respect, but not a lot to truly love unless you’re a proggy.

    So it leaves me with this, and some of you will hate my final pick.

    9. The Jimi Hendrix Experience (They WERE a band, and those three albums were seismic.)

    10. Depeche Mode. It’s been over 30 years. No one legitimized synths more. Amazing peak period.

    None of this reflects my favorite bands or anything although, yeah, I’m a major fan of some of my odder picks. Honestly, though, my favorite all-time band is Queensryche, and I doubt they make the top 50-100 bands of all time.

    • Pat D says:

      The legitimization of synths was not necessarily a good thing for music.

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        I will mightily disagree with that to the death.

        • Pat D says:

          Not all things with synths are bad.

          But the fact that so much of today’s popular “music” comes out of a synth instead of instruments is what makes me regret their invention.

          That said, check out a Monkees song called “Daily Nightly” that has great use of an old Moog synthesizer.

          • Robinson Tilapia says:

            To each his own. Electronic music is a great joy of mine.

            Still, though, DM was the first synth-driven band to headline stadiums.

      • vicki says:

        i’m happy we can agree on this, pat.

    • Improbable Island's Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR) says:

      My favorite all-time band is Journey.

      I’d totally put Aerosmith and The Four Seasons on the list.

    • vicki says:

      stooges new record is great. they belong before most of your 5-10.

      don’t get me started on depeche mode. though they, with the smiths and joy division mentions earlier, flesh out the music-to-suck-cock-by triptych. and not in a good way.

    • Insania says:

      Geoff Tate is one of rock’s biggest douches

    • Pseudoyanks says:

      Fuck yes on Radiohead.

  22. Pat D says:

    I just realized I haven’t given my Top 10.

    Mine would be:
    1. The Beatles
    2. The Rolling Stones
    3. Led Zeppelin
    4. The Who
    5. Pink Floyd
    6. The Jimi Hendrix Experience
    7. The Doors
    8. Radiohead
    9. U2
    10. CCR

  23. MannyGeee says:

    “Talk about whatever you want except politics and Rock Band Rank lists” in 3……2…..

    For real, this Congo has the proteintial to get heated with just the slightest of matches.

  24. Pseudoyanks says:

    Here goes (in no order):
    The Dead
    Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (and every possible iteration)
    Pink Floyd
    The Who

  25. Dalek Jeter says:

    I just feel like sharing, though I know it’ll never be seen:
    1. Beatles
    2. Pink Floyd
    3. Led Zepplin
    4. Nirvana
    5. The Clash
    6. Queen (not getting nearly enough love)
    7. The Rolling Stones
    8. Radiohead
    9. The Jimmy Hendrix Experience
    10. The Smiths

    This is absolutely a subjective list for me, Nirvana and The Smiths helped me discover what I now consider “Good Music” also, talk to me in a decade or two, and Gaslight Anthem will make its way onto this list.

  26. DC says:

    Might as well throw my list out there:

    Pink Floyd
    Led Zeppelin
    Jimi Hendrix Experience
    Rolling Stones
    Prince and the Revolution
    Van Halen

    Honorable Mentions:
    Beastie Boys
    Parliament Funkadelic
    The Police

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