2013 Draft: Day Three Open Thread


2013 DraftWelcome to Day Three, the last gasp of the 2013 draft. Rounds 11-40 will be chosen today, and none of those picks are directly tied to the draft pool. No pool money will be lost if these guys do not sign. Expect to see some/all of the last remaining high-end high school players chosen at some point this afternoon as super deep backup plans. None are expected to sign but it’s worth a shot.

The Yankees landed three true first round talents with their free first round picks on Day One, and Day Two brought a mix of interesting prospects and draft pool-saving selections. Day Three will be a smorgasbord — interesting prospects, nepotism picks, organization filler, pretty much the works. Here are some quick links before we proceed:

  • Our 2013 Draft Order Tracker is now up and running. It’s available at all times under the Resources tab, right under the street sign in the banner. We’ll keep track of the Yankees’ draft pool situation between now and signing deadline there, so check back often.
  • In other draft pool news, scouting director Damon Oppenheimer told K. Levine-Flandrup he does not expect to have any trouble signing the team’s Day One selections. Sandwich rounder LHP Ian Clarkin told reporters he wants “life-changing money” to turn pro, and I’m guessing he’ll find something a bit over the $1.65M slot value to be pretty damn life-changing.
  • “The Yankees nailed their first three picks,” wrote Keith Law in his AL breakdown (subs. req’d). He also notes they took some interesting bullpen options on Day Two and Clarkin “was inconsistent this spring in command, but his velocity was strong at year end and he would have gone in the teens had he performed better.”
  • Here are the best remaining players heading into Day Three, according to Baseball America. The first seven are essentially unsignable high schoolers.

The draft resumes this afternoon at 1pm ET with a rapid fire conference call that will be broadcast on MLB.com. You can also follow all the picks live with the Draft Tracker. There won’t be a liveblog today, so use this thread to talk about any and all picks.

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  1. crawdaddy says:

    Bobby Valentine tweeted that Murphy out of Sacred Heart signed with the Yankees.

  2. Travis L. says:

    Yankees take Kendall Coleman (LF) from Rockwall H.S. in Texas in round 11.

  3. Travis L. says:

    Yankees take Philip Walby (RHP) from San Diego State in round 12.

    • Colin says:

      I like the sound of his fastball. Like to see if they can work on that breaking pitch

      Walby is a strong, durable right-handed power-type pitcher with an aggressive approach. He airs it out with his deceptive delivery and arm slot to make his fastball — which typically sits between 89-93 mph — seem a lot faster. The heater is live, and it tails with some late sink. He also has an offspeed pitch that is somewhere between a curve and a slider and an infrequent changeup. Being a one-pitch guy, the development of his secondary stuff will most certainly be necessary for him to make it to the next level.

      • CashmanNinja says:

        I love the sound of that fastball. There’s nothing worst than a fast, but straight fastball. If it has no life on it then any hitter can square up on it. Add some tail to it and it becomes that much harder. His sounds like he could get a lot of grounders with it and I love that. Plus the deceptive delivery…I’m alright with that as long as it’s compact and smooth. If it’s that herky jerky, violent type then I’m fine with it. Next up is to fix the secondary stuff. At the very least it sounds like he could be an alright reliever if he polishes the secondary stuff. He’s going to need the change up if he wants to start, though.

  4. CashmanNinja says:

    And here we go…this is a guy that sounds like he could be a stud reliever. Kind of reminds me of Joba.

    Coshow, Cale
    Oklahoma Christian University (OK)
    DOB: 07/16/92

    “After being used sparingly in two years at Oklahoma, Coshow transferred to Oklahoma Christian and became the staff ace. Coshow has a plus fastball that he can run up to 96 mph and also throws a curveball and a changeup, both of which could be average or better in the future. He does have weight problems, however, and lacks command of his pitches. Coshow was a top recruit coming out of high school and still has considerable upside. A team that thinks they can smooth out his command issues could take Coshow.”

  5. DERP says:

    Josh Romanski’s brother just got selected

  6. CashmanNinja says:

    The Tigers just took Justin Verlander’s brother (again). I like seeing teams ‘keep it in the family’ so to speak. Here’s hoping the Astros grab Biggio’s kid.

  7. CashmanNinja says:

    And the O’s stole Carl Yastrzemski’s grandson from the Red Sox.

  8. CashmanNinja says:

    Smith, Caleb
    Sam Houston State (TX)
    DOB: 07/28/91

    “Smith entered the year as Sam Houston State’s Friday night starter, but struggled under the weight of the expectations. Though he rebounded after being moved to the back of the rotation and improved as the season went on, questions about his command and breaking ball linger. Smith throws his fastball in the low-90s and mixes it well with a solid changeup. He overuses his changeup, however, because he lacks a feel for his slider. Smith has a stiff delivery, which hampers his command. Ultimately, he may be better suited for the bullpen.”

  9. DR says:

    Has Pettitte’s son been drafted yet?

    • DERP says:

      I don’t believe so.

    • CashmanNinja says:

      Not yet. He’ll probably be a tough sign, though so a team wouldn’t waste a pick on him this early. They’ll probably give him a courtesy draft in the 30′s/40′s, but he probably wants to go to school.

      • RetroRob says:

        He should. He’s not considered a prospect, at least coming out of high school. Go to college and get a degree and hope the stuff improves some.

  10. Jacob the OG says:

    Raph rhymes just got taken, we took him last year

  11. DERP says:

    The last pick, Jordan Barnes, worked out for NY and ran into A-Rod.


  12. Govin says:

    Did anybody notice that Alex Rodriguez was drafted by the Colorado Rockies in the sixteenth round.

  13. Ross says:

    Crap! I wanted Johneshwy Fargas!

  14. Bo Knows says:

    I think the Yankees are going to devote the vast vast majority of their slot to the top 4 guys.

    I bet Katoh gets either slot or just about $1 million

    Jagielo and Judge will eith sign in the 1.6-1.9 million dollar range

    I think Clarkin gets the most money and signs somewhere in the $1.9-$2.2 million dollar range.

    The fact fact the yankees took so many Seniors and players that probably won’t cost much to sign, hints that they are going go big on their first rounders, especially the young man with the most leverage.

  15. DERP says:

    Only two HSers selected in the 18th round.

  16. Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

    2B Derek Toadvine

    What Pedroia’s last name should have been.

  17. CashmanNinja says:

    It sucks to see so much great talent left, but the commitments are too strong. Serrano and Okey are there for the taking, but oh well.

  18. CashmanNinja says:

    Interesting pick here.

    Floyd, Jordan
    Shawnee Heights HS (KS)
    6’03″ lbs
    DOB: 02/23/95

    “Floyd was an honorable mention all-league offensive lineman this fall and is an imposing figure on the mound as well. With his football career now over, he has worked to get his body into baseball shape and is listed at 6-foot-4, 245 pounds. Floyd’s fastball has already seen an uptick in velocity to the upper-80s and he likely will add more velocity as he continues to refine his baseball skills. He also throws a curveball and a changeup, both of which show promise. Floyd is committed to Kansas State.”

    It’d be nicer if he could register a fastball a bit more, especially when you take in account his size, but there’s a difference between baseball shape and football shape. He definitely has a great frame and if he can keep getting toned then he could add a few more mph since he’s still so young. He’s not even in college yet and is 6’4″, 245…damn. AND he’s a lefty. This is the kind of guy you go over slot for.

  19. Danny says:

    Quantrill was a really nice pick,easily the 4th or 5th best talent we’ve drafted, could have gone as high as the 2nd round Perfect Game said. Stanford commit so probably won’t sign though.

  20. CashmanNinja says:

    Yanks just took Paul Quantrill’s son. Good thing Torre isn’t still here or he’d ruin him.

    Quantrill, Cal
    Trinity College School (Canada)
    DOB: 02/10/95

    “The son of former All-Star pitcher Paul Quantrill, Cal has the kind of makeup and advanced understanding of the game expected of a Major Leaguer’s son. Like his father, Quantrill relies on his sinker, which sits in the upper-80s with late movement. He also throws a changeup, curveball and slider. Of his secondary pitches, his changeup is the best and has the potential to become a plus offering. Quantrill is listed at 6-foot-2, 171 pounds and is expected to add velocity as he physically matures. He is committed to Stanford.”

    He sounds like he could actually become an elite reliever if he’s got a fastball with movement and a great changeup. He could really keep hitters off balance, and that’s if he bombs as a starter. A 4 pitch pitcher with some life on his stuff and a feel for the game…another guy to go over the slot with. Try him out as a starter and if that fails it sounds like at the very least he has the makings of a really good reliever. Sign this guy.

  21. bobtaco says:

    Rubber arm gene?

  22. CashmanNinja says:

    Serrano to the Rockies in the 29th round. I’m guessing teams were well aware that his commitment wouldn’t be broken. I hope he dazzles in Tennessee and gets drafted well in the future.

  23. CashmanNinja says:

    And Biggio to the Phillies. Damn, I was really hoping the Astros would take him.

  24. DERP says:

    Love the Charlie White pick

    • Jacob the OG says:

      got anything about him?

      • DERP says:

        I don’t know anything about what kind of prospect he is. Looking at his stats, he is very fast, doesn’t strike out, and has no power at all.

        I am a big Maryland fan, so that is the main reason I like the pick.

  25. DERP says:

    Cody Thomas sounds like a nice pick.

  26. CashmanNinja says:

    Cody Thomas is going to be an insanely difficult sign, almost impossible. But damn it’d be nice.

    Thomas, Cody
    Heritage HS (TX)
    DOB: 10/08/94

    “Thomas profiles well as a physical outfielder with potential to become a solid baseball player. But he also is an excellent quarterback. Thomas is committed to Oklahoma, where he will play both football and baseball. On signing day, coach Bob Stoops compared Thomas, out of Colleyville Heritage H.S. (Texas), to Heisman Trophy winner Sam Bradford and told reporters the Sooners wouldn’t have recruited Thomas if they “didn’t feel there was a great chance” he would play football. Should Thomas surprise and chose baseball, he offers big power potential. His swing is long and needs some work, but he has the athleticism to make the necessary adjustments.”

  27. DERP says:

    Also drafted Kevin Cornelius in 2011

  28. CashmanNinja says:

    Geez, the Red Sox are taking TONS of catchers.

  29. DERP says:

    Dodgers just drafted Joc Pederson’s older brother, whose name is Tyger!

  30. DERP says:

    Milwaukee just picked someone who was born 6/3/96.

  31. DERP says:

    Nice gesture by Arizona

  32. CashmanNinja says:

    Astros took Clemens’ kid. Leiter’s nephew went to the Phillies…ew.

  33. Danny says:

    Huge praise on our 36th rounder. Got a Gio Gonzalez comp.

    From Perfect game:

    “Nestor Cortes is a 2013 LHP with a 5-11 195 lb. frame from Hialeah, FL who attends Hialeah HS. Compact athletic build, strong lower half. Easy delivery, high leg raise, compact quick arm action, hides the ball well in back, stays balanced, polished delivery that has some deception and is repeatable. Fastball topped out at 92 mph, comes out of hand easily, good sink and run at times. Good 1/7 shape on curveball, solid spin and good bite. Outstanding change up, maintains arm speed well, very good late life. Throws strikes with all pitches and can throw to spots, misses bats. Quick worker who knows what he’s doing on the mound, dominated. Strong physical resemblance to Gio Gonzalez without Gonzalez’s nasty CB at the same age. Signed with Florida International.”

  34. DERP says:


  35. Jacob the OG says:

    Just drafted andy’s son

  36. CashmanNinja says:

    Yanks got Pettitte’s kid!

  37. DERP says:

    Whitson finally went

    • CashmanNinja says:

      He’s the example of what a risk it is to go back to school. He was taken in the 1st round a few years ago and could have gotten a good chunk of money, but went to school (trying to cash in as well as receive his education) and it just hasn’t worked out for him. He’s almost certain to go back for 1 more year to try to do better than the last pick of the 37th round.

  38. Jacob the OG says:

    Yanks win for those extremely focused on the draft. Also a big thanks for keeping us as up to date as possible on these kids

  39. Jacob the OG says:

    Imagine jacob is jason’s brother

  40. Wayne says:

    Alex Polanco what is the scouting report? Starter or reliever?

  41. Wayne says:

    How is jordan floyds delivery?

  42. Wayne says:

    Does cale coshow Have medical history? Similar mechanics to joba?

  43. David Brown says:

    Draft thoughts. I suspect the signing class will be extremely small (20 players perhaps?) Most interestingly: The Yankees only took 16 Prep players (Far less than usual). You have to assume Josh Pettitte,Cal Quantrill, Cody Thomas (A chance to play Quarterback at Oklahoma), and Jordan Floyd are not signing (Floyd, who led Shawnee Heights to a third-place finish in the 5A state tournament, signed with Kansas State last fall and said he told interested Major League teams that it would take a big financial commitment for him to sign now.
    “I really like K-State and I’m ready to get out there,” he said)www.Topeka Capital Journal.com. I also think Ian Clarkin, Gosuke Katoh, and Tyler Wade get done. It will be very interesting to see what happens.

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