2013 Draft: Yankees sign supplemental first rounder Ian Clarkin


Wednesday: The Yankees have officially announced the signing, so it’s a done deal. Clarkin passed his physical and will soon begin his pro career.

Monday: Via Jon Heyman: The Yankees and supplemental first round pick Ian Clarkin have agreed to a $1,650,100 signing bonus, which is exactly slot money for the 33rd overall pick. This was the pick the team received as compensation for losing Rafael Soriano to free agency. The deal is still pending a physical, which he will take today.

Clarkin, 18, is a left-hander out of a San Diego high school. He sits in the low-90s with his fastball and also offered one of the very best curveballs in the draft class. His changeup is advanced for a prepster. Read more about him right here. As you probably remember, Clarkin declared his hatred for the Yankees in a pre-recorded video that was aired during the draft broadcast before saying he would need “life-changing money” to sign. Unsurprisingly, $1.65M has a way of changing minds. I’m pleasantly surprised the Yankees got him signed for slot this quickly.

Keep tabs on the team’s draft pool with our 2013 Draft Pool page.

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  1. SDB says:

    Awesome. Now to get Judge signed next.

  2. jjyank says:

    He was supposed to be the toughest sign of the first rounders, right? Some were saying that he’d be the guy the team would need to go over slot for. Great to see him both signed, and signed for slot money. Awesome.

  3. Bob Buttons says:

    A tad surprising that we didn’t need to go overslot but hey, who’s complaining (other than fans of other teams)?

  4. Caballo Sin Nombre says:

    Straight slot! That was unexpected. Now, maybe, there is a chance to pick up a late round signability guy.

    • CS Yankee says:

      that could very well be the end game…

      Sign kids for slot, less if they are College seniors, take the additional 5% +/- dollars they can go over without penalty, and sign that 20 round guy for some “life changing money”.

  5. CS Yankee says:


    Thought for sure he was going to be 2-300 over slot with all the talking. They might have drawn a line in the sand with him and his comments though, either way, good deal.

    Surprised that Judge is the one that is still unsigned out of the three.

    • Bo Knows says:

      I doubt they did, kid had all the leverage. They probably sold him on how much the team wants him and the progress he could have training under professionals.

  6. Cuso says:

    Sweet! Can’t believe it only took slot money. Good news after a gray week.

  7. DERP says:

    From the article:

    The Yankees’ other first-rounder, center fielder Aaron Judge from Fresno State, has been offered slot money by the team but hasn’t accepted as yet.

    • CountryClub says:

      If they were to lose 1 of the 3, he would be the one that I’d be OK about them not signing. I’s like to see them get all three, but I think he’s the biggest long shot. I wouldn’t cry about the Yanks having another 1st rd pick in what’s supposed to be a stronger draft next yr.

    • BeanTooth says:

      Easy and quick are not the same thing. Judge will take a while because this is the moment of his maximum leverage. If he goes back to school and comes out a senior, he’ll be in a terrible situation. He needs to sign now, but also to make the Yanks sweat a bit in the hopes he’ll get a little extra.

  8. pat says:

    Straight slot, homie. Now watch him bust a corpuscle brushing his teeth.

  9. Caballo Sin Nombre says:

    It has occurred to me that, since Katoh was an overdraft, the Yankees are better off NOT signing Katoh and drafting a better player next year. The exception would be if they can sign Katoch under-slot and use the savings to get a guy like Quantrill. So ithink it could be possible that, if Quantrill’s price is within reach, they will then squeeze Katoh enough to make it happen. Once Judge is signed, their next priority should be quantril.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      Overthinking a bit, I think.

      • jjyank says:

        A bit. I doubt the Yankees drafted Katoch in the second round with the intention of not signing him. He was most likely picked to save some pool money. I don’t think it’s really any deeper than that.

      • Caballo Sin Nombre says:

        Interesting criticism. It suggests there is an exactly optimal amount of thinking. :)

    • pat says:

      Quantrill is going to school. Money is not an issue for his family and he has said straight out that he will be going to Stanford. Forfeiting the slot money for Katoh would be a mistake. They didn’t take him in the 2nd to let him walk. They would have taken a college senior.

  10. Robinson Tilapia says:

    Here’s to twenty years of “BUT HE HATEZ TEH YANKEEZ!” on his way to a HOF career in pinstripes.

  11. GT Yankee says:

    Said Clarkin upon signing, “This is the NEW happiest day of my life”.

  12. DERP says:

    Looking at who is left in the top ten, the Yankees should have a good deal of money left over, especially if they are willing to spend the extra 5%. Just eyeballing it, it looks like they could have 1MM left over counting the 50K extra the 11th rounder got.

    • CONservative governMENt says:

      Hal likes the sound of that!

      Seriously, I think it will take some time but I’m glad the Yannkees have learned to negotiate. P

  13. David Brown says:

    It goes without saying they would love to add Quantrill. But, if they cannot land him, at least three of Bridges, Fowler, Cortes & Floyd becomes a real possibility to get signed. I hear the Bridges price is $250,000 (Based on Calis), so this should really help.

  14. Hassey says:

    sounds like we went from Maxwell Smart on annual draft day to Jason Bourne

  15. Pat D says:

    One of my least favorite moments in sports was when noted Yankee-hater Ian Clarkin signed a contract with my Yankees for life-changing $1.65 million, just for having the potential to play professional baseball. This guy makes me want to puke. He’s a disgrace to the uniform he now has the chance to wear.

    I can’t wait to not boo him at Yankee Stadium after he washes out in high A.

    /dumb fan’d

    • jsbrendog says:

      man you had me in the beginning there. well done

      • Hassey says:

        I wouldn’t even care if he hated the Yankees. I’d guess that most (not all) young ballplayers in this country hated the Yankees growing up, unless they grew up in Yankee territory. And we know how few ballplayers actually come from Yankee territory

        • RetroRob says:

          The Yankees are the most loved and hated team in MLB. They have signed many players who were no doubt not Yankee fans growing up.

          They are now his employers and the employer of all his teammates he’ll be going to battle with on the field. He will now love the Yankees until he is no longer part of the organization.

          Overall, though, it was a joke since he knew he could be drafted by the Yankees and his mother is a Yankees fan who grew up in New Jersey. He was six-years-old when the World Series game 7 that shall not be mentioned by name happened.

  16. Cuso says:

    Judge and Rumbelow need to quit playing their reindeer games and sign….or else….I’m gonna slap them.

    And then they go Twin Towers style and double splash me like Big Boss Man and Akeem, the African Dream.

    And then Slick starts tap dancing and preaching around me.

    ….not sure if I had a point.

  17. Mike says:

    If the Yankees do use up some of the remaining draft pool money, who would be the guy you realistically want? (I don’t think Quantrill is signing).

    Any chance we could entice Thomas to give baseball a try, and let him go be a quarterback for Oklahoma?

    • Cuso says:

      which one, then?

      wait, i may have misread…

      • Mike says:

        Could the Yankees pull a Drew Henson and give Thomas money to play pro ball for them and be the QB at Oklahoma? Then if he shows some promise, buy him out of football in a couple years.

        • 28 this year says:

          Paying him adn still letting him play QB is probably allowed but buying him out of football later might not be allowed under the draft pool structure. I feel like that could open up a whole lot of circumvention of the pool if in 3 years, you can pay the player more without it counting against the draft pool.

  18. Ed says:

    Watched Rumbelow in the CWS vs UCLA. Reminded me a little of Wetteland. Big guy, puts everything into it. Couple of wild pitches weren’t fun to watch (though my UCLA grad wife thought they were wonderful for the time being). Like to see him sign ASAP after the tourney.

  19. Caballo Sin Nombre says:

    In any case, the Yankees already signed Derek Toadvine, who was the guy I really wanted. Because I’m looking forward to seeing his name in the boxscores.

  20. Caballo Sin Nombre says:

    Callis tweeted confirming that Caleb Smith (14) signed for $100K slot.

    • Caballo Sin Nombre says:

      K Levin-Flandrup confirmed Walby was $100K as well. He also claims the mostly likely late picks to sign with pool money are Bueno, Fowler, Bridges, McCarley and possibly Cortes; but not Floyd.

  21. Caballo Sin Nombre says:

    K L-F just posted that Conner Kendrick signed at $115K.

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