Badler: Yankees looking to trade for international pool money

Mailbag: Murphy, Brewers, Betances, Thames
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Via Ben Badler (subs. req’d): The Yankees are among several clubs looking to acquire more international spending pool money in advance of the July 2nd signing period. Teams can indeed trade pool money, but the deal can not be officially announced until July 2nd.

The Yankees have just $1.88M to spending internationally this year, which is nothing. Only seven teams have pools worth more than $3M this year, so the number of clubs willing to deal international money is very limited. Badler also says clubs are having trouble working through trades because they can’t figure out how to value a chunk of money. That’s not surprising, this stuff is very weird.

Mailbag: Murphy, Brewers, Betances, Thames
RAB Live Chat
  • CountryClub

    What do you trade in return? A player?

    • The Evil Umpire

      100,000 euros and 50,000 rubles to be named later

      • The Evil Umpire

        Wait, lemme try that again… How about the winter ball rights to Melky + IPK?

      • Robinson Tilapia

        1. If it’s Europe, dental equipment.
        2. The rights to Edward Snowden.
        3. Mikey O’Brien in a box.

    • jjyank

      Gift baskets?

  • Kramerica Industries

    More brilliance by MLB.

  • JCK

    How long until the owners scrap this silly new international system? It seems like all it does is hurt the majority of teams (if only 7 have more than $3MM) and make baseball less appealing to international athletes…

  • trr

    This limit does not apply to older intl. players correct?

    • RetroRob

      No, it doesn’t, such as the Cuban pitcher who is 26.

      Wouldn’t it be funny if older international players lied about their ages now, but in the other direct. No, no, I swear I’m not 21. I’m 26!

      • Andy in Sunny Daytona

        It’s already happened with that SS for Cuba, Diaz.

      • trr

        Ha-ha yes, it would!
        Thanks Rob

      • Caballo Sin Nombre

        Cute thought; but the deal with the older Cubans is that they also have well-documented track records of competing at a reasonably high level.

        • Greg

          Yeah, despite the long running stereotype, it’s actually quite difficult for an established Cuban player to lie about his age in any direction.

  • Bavarian Yankee

    I wonder if you can trade “cash considerations” for int. spending pool money, like giving a team $2M and getting back $1M of pool money. I’m sure the Marlins would do it :D

    • Cool Lester Smooth

      That would be pretty sick.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)


      Cash consideration of any kind is not permitted to be included in a trade involving a Club’s bonus values unless the cash consideration is included to offset the salary obligation of another player included in the assignment (and is no greater than such obligations)

      • Cool Lester Smooth


  • LK

    Not sure what fair value would be, but I’m happy they’re looking to get some more cash. The international signing limits are really going to restrict the way the team has operated.

  • TomH

    Does Hal get involved in the sorts of negotiations and planning sessions that lead to these leveling moves?

  • Jp

    Just keep the buffoon Levine out of it. He’ll trade 10 players for 1 million dollars. He needs to stick to his dogs.

  • Robinson Tilapia


    • RetroRob

      Silly. It’s Cashman who spends it on the whores.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Cashman can pay less for better quality whores. Hal has throw in a bit of extra bribe money.

        • dkidd

          meanwhile, hank accidentally strangled his whore while petting it

          • Robinson Tilapia

            I don’t even want to know where Randy Levine fits into this.

            He lost his whore in his hair. There, that’s it.

          • jjyank

            Hello there pretty little whore, I love you. And then I stoke it, and I pet it, and I massage it. Hehe I love it, I love my little naughty whore. You’re naughty! And then I take my naughty pet and I go…Uuuuuuh! I killed it! I killed my whore! And that’s when I blow it. That’s when people like us have gotta forge ahead, Helen. Am I right?

            • Bo Knows

              Dude, I think you wrote your email in the wrong place…….

              • Manny’s BanWagon


          • Cool Lester Smooth

            Now he’s going to a rabbit farm. At least, that’s what Cash said.

            …what was that sound?

    • Different Josh

      I laughed pretty hard at this. Is that a problem?

      • Robinson Tilapia


      • John

        “Of Whores and Yankees”

        Could be a best seller.

  • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

    Isn’t their total pool $1.88M this year? I think the $1.18M is the total of their 4 slot values, and teams get $700K on top of their 4 slot values. (in addition to the 6 $50K exemptions)
    They’d then be able to trade for an additional amount up to 50% of their pool, so up to an additional $940K, I believe.

  • abu

    this sounds so stupid.

  • Bo Knows

    You know what might make sense? Giving everyone the exact same amount of pool money to work with (let’s say $5 million) that way everyone is on a level field, there is still plenty of money to sign several top prospects but not enough that teams can go crazy and gip the system.

    But I guess easy is not convoluted or on a level of useless idiocy to fly for Selig.

    • Fernando

      This + 100. The players aold put the amateurs so that free agency would not be affected. Odd that to create parity, Selig created a system that does not treat teams the same way.

  • gageagainstthemachine

    This has Constanza being traded for a bucket of Tyler chicken all over it!!

    • gageagainstthemachine

      (Apparently auto correct isn’t a fan of “the Sein”)

  • Wolfgang’s Fault

    If they ransom off Cashman, what would that come to in pesos? Rice & beans? Included Levine & his dogs as a throw in?

  • Manny’s BanWagon

    This whole system is just so assinine.

    MLB wants parity and that’s what they’re gonna get which is unfortunate for Yankees fans.