Draft Signing Updates: Judge, Kendrick, Webb


Yesterday we learned the Yankees agreed to sign California HS LHP Ian Clarkin (1s) to a straight slot $1.65M bonus. Here are some more updates on various draft picks (draft round in parenthesis):

  • Fresno State OF Aaron Judge (1s) has already been offered slot money, reports Jon Heyman. He has yet to accept, however. As the 32nd overall pick, Judge is slotted for a bit less than $1.68M. I’m hopeful this will get done soon, as in this week.
  • Auburn LHP Conner Kendrick (9) has signed, or at least agreed to sign according to his Twitter feed. No word on the bonus, but he’s slotted for a bit more than $140k. Doubt he got any more than that.
  • South Carolina LHP Tyler Webb (10) has signed, which you probably realized when he pitched in last night’s Short Season Staten Island game. Webb was slotted for just over $135k, but he signed for only $30k as a college senior with little leverage. Nice chunk of change saved there.
  • San Diego State RHP Phil Walby (12) and Sam Houston State LHP Caleb Smith (14) both signed for $100k, report K. Levine-Flandrup and Jim Callis. The team announced both signings last week. Slot money for every pick after the tenth round is $100k, with any excess spending counting towards the pool.
  • Oklahoma LHP Ethan Carnes (21) has signed for $75k, reports KL-F. It’s below-slot but there are no draft pool savings here. That stuff only applies to the first ten rounds.
  • Texas HS RHP Shane McCarley (33) will talk to the team about possibly signing this weekend, reports KL-F. He’s a good but not elite quarterback prospect with a scholarship to Old Dominion in his back pocket.
  • Washington State SS Ty Afenir (39) has signed, the team announced. No word on the bonus, but again, anything over $100k counts over the pool. I highly doubt he got that much.
  • The Yankees have signed USF OF/RHP Chad Taylor as an undrafted free agent, reports Nicholas Flammia. No word on his bonus, but anything over $100k counts against the draft pool. UDFA’s almost never get six figures though. Most don’t even get five figures. I don’t know if the Yankees intend to use Taylor as an outfielder or pitcher — he did both in college and spent most of 2013 on the mound — but I guess we’ll find out eventually.

All of the team’s draft selections can be seen at Baseball America, and you can keep track of the draft pool situation with our 2013 Draft Pool page. It looks like the Yankees might wind up with enough leftover pool money to make a run at one or two of their late-round gambles — Missouri HS 3B Drew Bridges (20) and Florida HS LHP Nestor Cortes (36) seem most likely — though, we have to see what happens with Judge and California HS 2B Gosuke Katoh first.

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  1. Robinson Tilapia says:

    Any of these not-Judge guys interesting?

  2. Pseudoyanks says:

    So, if they sign Katoh for $150,000 or so they could end up with about a million dollars or so to go after a later rounder, right?

    • Mike Axisa says:

      There’s no way he signs for that little. I bet he winds up with $500-750k or so.

      • Pseudoyanks says:

        Yeah, after I wrote that I checked BA and read “regarded as a tough sign” … sigh.

      • LK says:

        Is he actually worth that much?

      • crawdaddy says:

        I think he gets closer to slot money than what many have predicted.

      • Tom says:

        Still though… if they are willing to pay the overage tax on the up to 5% over money, they currently have a little over 600K (without losing a pick). If they can go under for the two remaining later round guys and shave a little off of Katoh, they could be looking at 900K -1mil to play with. Of course that also depends on what Judge signs for.

  3. Fin says:

    Hope Judge signs soon. I’m sure I’m not alone in looking forward to following his nightly performances down on the farm. Could be a very fun prospect to follow.

  4. Pasta Stumbling Sojo says:

    I could find this by searching, so I’ll ask here. How do minor league contracts work? As an example, how much will Tyler Webb earn this year and in coming years (assuming he stays with the team)? I can’t tell if what they’ve offered him is a signing bonus that’s separate from a normal annual contract. I gather that they can renew the contract 6 times while he remains a minor league player.

    • A different Mike says:

      When they sign, that is a one-time signing bonus. They are then paid based on what level they are playing in.
      2010 numbers, from http://nationalsportsandentert.....l-players/

      • First contract season: $850/month maximum.
      • Alien Salary Rates: Different for aliens on visas – mandated by INS
      • Triple-A – First year: $2,150/month, after first year no less than $2,150/month
      • Class AA – First year: $1,500/month, after first year no less than $1,500/month
      • Class A (full season) – First year: $1,050/month, after first year no less than $1,050/month
      • Class A (short-season) – First year: $850/month, after first year no less than $850/month
      • Dominican & Venezuelan Summer Leagues–no lower than $300/month

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        Always amazes me how little that is. Thanks.

        • j says:

          they do get food allowances during the regular season and depending on where they are assigned the cost of living probably is not that high. But still it is not that much.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

      The $30K is a signing bonus. Salaries for non-40 man roster players are generally extremely low.
      Some slightly out of date (and possibly inaccurate) info:

    • Pasta Stumbling Sojo says:

      Thanks a lot for the info, guys. I don’t know why I wasn’t able to find it when I initially searched.

      And yeah, that is really a small amount of money. And Webb’s signing bonus of $30k is also really small.

  5. Danny says:

    LSU eliminated, bet Rumblelow signs soon

  6. Fin says:

    MLB.com has tonights cancelled already.

  7. Wayne says:

    Is connor kendrick a reliever? What is the update on ryan butler? My guy tells me judge won’t sign with the yankees!!

  8. Wayne says:

    Shane mc carley is how tall and weighs how much? I hear he really has a chance to be good hopefully this is not John elway all over again . But he is not considered as Big a prospect in football. He had suffered a broken foot but i like what i hear about his mental make up. Hopefully he signs! Also wondering who is going to be the first starting pitcher we drafted this year to start in staten island. Probably. Palladino.

  9. vicki says:

    tyler webb! go cocks!


    ethan carnes! boomer sooner!

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