Draft Signing Updates: Judge, Palladino, Giel

Pineda throws 74 pitches across 5.2 innings in latest rehab game
Game 68: Stop the Skid

The Yankees signed eighth rounder Georgia Tech OF Brandon Thomas to a below-slot bonus on Friday, now here are some more updates on various other draft deals (draft round in parenthesis):

  • Both California HS LHP Ian Clarkin (1s) and California HS 2B Gosuke Katoh (2) worked out with the Yankees before last night’s game. Doesn’t mean they’re close to signing; high picks typically come in for a dog and pony show soon after the draft.
  • Fresno State OF Aaron Judge (1s) is still negotiating with the team, according to K. Levine-Flandrup. He’s slotted for just under $1.68M, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was under contract by this time next week. Hard to think this will be a prolonged negotiation.
  • Howard JuCo RHP David Palladino (5) signed for $371k, reports KL-F. He agreed to terms earlier this week. The big (listed at 6-foot-9) righty was slotted for just about $278k, so he got almost a hundred grand over-slot. Good for him. They must really like his arm.
  • Texas HS OF Kendall Coleman (11) signed for $150k, reports KL-F. Like Palladino, he agreed to terms a few days ago. Any money paid to a player drafted after the tenth round in excess of $100k counts against the draft pool, so Coleman chips $50k off the ledger.
  • Missouri HS 3B Drew Bridges (20) received a call from the Orioles gauging his price in the third round and from the Yankees in the sixth round, reports Anvil Welch. “The Yankees are coming in this week or next to talk contract … I’ll make a decision after the meeting. If I get the money I’m asking, I’ll sign. If not, I’ll go to Missouri State,” he said. I’m guessing Bridges is just a backup plan in case the team winds up with some extra draft pool cash.
  • Florida HS LHP Nestor Cortes (36) hopes to sign and will pitch in a summer league in the coming weeks, reports KL-F. Sounds like a typical summer follow situation, where the Bombers scout him further in the coming weeks before deciding whether to make an offer.
  • According to Baseball America, the Yankees have signed UNLV RHP Andy Beresford (19), Western Oklahoma JuCo RHP Alex Polanco (23), Adelphi RHP Dillon McNamara (27), and Hawaii Pacific 3B Chaunsey Sumner (32). No word on the bonuses, but I doubt they’ll impact the draft pool. Polanco is Placido’s nephew and McNamara is a local kid from Staten Island.
  • The Yankees have signed Columbia RHP Tim Giel as an undrafted free agent according to his Twitter feed. He was the top prospect in the Ivy League coming into the spring. No word on his bonus, but anything in excess of $100k counts against the draft pool. An undrafted free agent getting that big a bonus is unheard of, however. He’s a four-pitch righty who relies more on location than pure stuff. Here’s some video.

All of the team’s draft selections can be seen at Baseball America, and you can keep track of the draft pool situation with our 2013 Draft Pool page.

Pineda throws 74 pitches across 5.2 innings in latest rehab game
Game 68: Stop the Skid
  • CountryClub

    LSU offered Paladino a full scholarship at the last minute, so they must have really liked his arm too.

  • Caballo Sin Nombre

    BA seems to have missed that the Yankees have signed picks 12 through 15, 24, 28, and 34. This was mentioned at the bottom of the official Yankees press release that announced the Jagielo signing.

    • CS Yankee

      Did not know that they signed Jagielo…could not find it on their website. Was he above slot?

      Thomas missed out on higher money, age and playing time over the last year. I expect that Thomas just may be the sleeper of the group, hopefully the top four sign so they don’t have to overpay for Bridges to salvage losing a major piece.

  • Robinson Tilapia


  • Dan

    Via Sickels’ site, Bridges wants $250k and the Yanks offered 6th round slot which he declined, when they took him in 20th, they told him that they would meet his price if money was leftover

    • David Brown

      I wish you had supplied the link to the Sickel’s Site. That said, if the piece is correct, Bridges will get done, since there is not a big difference between 6th Round Slot ($208,000) and the $250,000 he is asking for (unless of course, they either have unexpected difficulties with Judge or Clarkin, or Quantrill is willing to sign). What I like about the Draft is there is so much strategy involved. Each move (At least in the Top 10)), that both the Yankees and every team make, affects the entire Draft (not only who you might draft, but even those you drafted before). Bridges is a perfect example of this: He turned down the Orioles, so obviously if he would have agreed, he would not be available. But, if he would have taken the Yankees 6th Round offer, they may not have had the extra money needed to pay Palladino and (or) draft Coleman, which was facilitated at least in part by the drafting of Murphy (and the savings of $188,000 at that spot). Now, they may end up with two HS prep players, and a player (Palladino) that LSU was so desperate to have, they offered a full ride to. Very interesting stuff.

  • nycsportzfan

    I did some research on Palladino after we drafted em and thought he really looked like a steal, as he throws quite a few pitches and has solid heat, that tops at i believe 95mph. I’m excited to see him in the system.