Fan Confidence Poll: June 3rd, 2013

Yanks lose again; Sox win rain-shortened rubber game 3-0
Update: Cashman confirms Yankees hope to re-sign Girardi

Record Last Week: 1-6 (12 RS, 31 RA)
Season Record: 31-25 (223 RS, 218 RA, 29-27 pythag. record), 3.0 games back in AL East
Opponents This Week: vs. Indians (three games, Mon. to Weds.), @ Mariners (four games, Thurs. to Sun..)

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Given the team's current roster construction, farm system, management, etc., how confident are you in the Yankees' overall future?
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Yanks lose again; Sox win rain-shortened rubber game 3-0
Update: Cashman confirms Yankees hope to re-sign Girardi
  • Hardy

    (223 RS, 218 RA, 25-18 pythag. record)

    that can’t be right

    • Mike Axisa

      Whoops, fixed.

  • AndrewYF

    Tex and Youkilis came back, but the Yankees lost several games in the standings, and their offense is utterly pathetic still. Back down to a 7. I view this scale as an absolute scale, rather than a relative scale, so I’m not going to be ridiculous and vote ‘5’.

  • emac2

    I don’t know who is making decisions but the roster games forced by a bunch of old DH’s is really hurting the team. I don’t understand how the team accumulated a bunch of long shots and then decided that, instead of giving everyone a chance and seeing who can do what the roster gets set by seniority?

    I think Wells and Romaine have done the same thing over their last 40 at bats and yet one is hitting 5th and one is only playing because no one else on the active roster can play his spot.

    We should be looking at platoons and lots of rest for old players and yet the lineup often alternates between hot and cold hitters.

    We get two guys back early from injury and assume they will be our best hitters and bracket Cano?

    A lot of bad decisions being made that are totally contrary to the roster they have constructed. Someone who shouldn’t be making decisions appears to be too involved.

    • The Other Sam

      Hal Steinbrenner, who decided the rotation would be supernaturally perfect and a ‘good enough’ offence got on the cheap only needed to score one run per game.

  • The Real Me

    While I’m usually quite positive, we’re now 1/3 of the way through the season, and I need to revise my confidence rating down. This has nothing to do with this season’s results, as I look at this more as a long term type of poll. I am now at a 7, wondering if a 6 might be more realistic. Reasons:

    1) The team, as constructed, is not scoring runs and even with Teix and Youk back (and when Granderson returns), I don’t think this will change significantly.
    2) The returns of A-Rod or Jeter may not drastically improve this team, as we really have no idea of when they will return or how they will perform. This, of course, will carry into next year as well (and beyond in A-Rod’s case)
    3) The financial implications of a $189M budget. If they break away from that going forward, it may affect how I vote, but I until I see some movement, I’m staying no higher than a 7.
    4) 2014 (and beyond) pitching. Very up in the air at the moment
    5) Game-impacting players – No prime-year A-Rod, Jeter, Teix, etc. I don’t think Cano can carry the team by himself.
    6) Cano’s contact situation. Will they re-sign him? Will that affect who else they can sign?

    I need to see these things worked out before I feel I can go higher than a 7. And I believe that’s still optimistic considering the concerns I have.

  • steves

    Confidence is tough after a 1-6 week, watching Youk and especially Tex looking very not ready for prime time, a roster only a Kevin Maas fan could love, continued disappointing performances for Austin, Williams and Slade and a 2 week West Coast trip coming up. Also, how is it that other teams finish rain delayed games at 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning and the Yanks play a 5 inning game. A 3 is being kind under the current circumstances.

  • trr

    In the aftermath of last week’s debacle, I’ve downgraded to a 6. I’m starting to wonder if the returning injured will really have enough impact to truly lift our offense.

    Let’s remember, as many have posted, that no team is as bad as it looks losing, or as good as it looks winning

    • MannyGeee

      Tex is going to need a month to get his timing back. He’s had about 20 ABs of significance so far this season, which would put him at roughly April 15th.

      Youk needs to get his timing back too, but that will come.

      Newsflash for everyone, Grandy/Jeter/A-Rod/Nunie (yes… even Nunie, Eddard) will struggle seeing live real MLB pitching until their timing comes back. So will any hurt ball player.

    • TomH

      Let’s remember, as many have posted, that no team is as bad as it looks losing, or as good as it looks winning

      Maybe sometimes it is.

      • YanksFan

        Your usual positive outlook. At least your consistent with your view of the NYY.

        Are you still optimistic about the Blue Jays. You know you’re usual double-standard.

  • MannyGeee


    For real, this FCP is going to be a blood bath today.

  • JonS

    I’ve been at a 5 since game 1. I didn’t fall for the month of fools gold and I had no reason to be excited about the lineup even if unhurt.

    • Fins

      Ive been right with you since day 1, though I did vote a 6 a couple weeks ago, just because I had to give the team credit for how they were playing. The lineup has started to play how it looks like they should play on paper. Fortunately, we have Wells and Ichiro locked up for next year.

  • Reggie C.

    Rafael DePaula’s declining strikeout rate is the worst development of last week. Would love to see one of our prospect outfielders come through with a hot stretch and validate the helium given these guys in the Yankee blogosphere. Still plenty of time for one of the kids to figure out some consistency.

    The ML team not scoring runs over this stretch isn’t much of a surprise. Kinda blows that the upcoming stretch isn’t easier, but perhaps getting out of town can heat some of the All-Star pressing bats.

    • JohnnyC

      DePaula’s declining K rate doesn’t concern me at all. They want him to throw his secondary pitches more and pitch more to contact than he has. The problem with trying to K everyone is you pile up the pitch count and leave the game before 5 innings. If he were giving up more hits it’d be alarming but he’s not. If anything, he’s become more unhittable.

  • Mike HC

    7. Our early season run of luck seems to be running out. The offense has nowhere to go but up though at this point.

  • jmpnjyy

    With the injured coming back, it was ludicrous to believe they would light it up. They probably needed more rehab at bats as stated. This 189M BS is a joke. Funny how Tampa Bay can even score alot with a limited amount of high end offense players.The lack of offense from catcher and SS has been a killer.Ichiro has been a disaster and doesnt even run when he manages to get on base. He looks lost and disinterested batting low in the order. Stick him in the 1 or 2 spot and bat Cano 3 and try to manufacture runs. Cant do any worse than before. If he grounds out he has a better chance of betting out a DP thus leaving Cano with a runner to work with and the 4 and 5 hitters a shot. With injuries piling up throughout MLB, at least inquire about moving Hughes,Joba,Nova and maybe even Ichiro(out west?) by eating the contract to contenders in need if injury situations arise. All that can happen is the offers are ridiculous and you keep them. Catcher looks like a lost cause with nobody available.I bet we dont see Jeter or Arod until late July if at all.

  • Bavarian Yankee

    been at 6 all season, so I guess I’ll just stay there. Slumps are always bad, especially when most players are slumping at the same time. Seems like playoffs are in late May – early June this year :D

    • Vern Sneaker

      This team’s slumps happen when the pitching gets inconsistent. The lack of run production is not a slump — the team can’t hit and it was clear from the end of ST that it wouldn’t. My guess is it will get a bit better when Youk and Tex heat up, and Cano probably will too. The catching, SS, and RF holes seem to have no easy fix, and everyone else is mediocre. I’ve been at 5 since the start of the year (= a marginal playoff team).

  • your mom

    Who dafuq is voting 10???

    • Klemy

      Hal Steinbrenner.

  • LarryM Fl

    6 down from 7+, I knew the returnees could not be expected to hit the ground running and improve the club immediately. But Youklis and Teix have been a very short sample disappointment. Why return them th the lineup after a couple of rehab starts. They are clearly not ready for prime pitching. Also, I don’t quite gather some of the lineups. Brignac should start against righties and Nix against lefties then played as the dictates of the game. Boesch should be seeing at least 50% of the playing time. Its obvious the Wells experiment is going in the wrong direction at this time and he shows no ability to adjust especially outside pitches to RF. Ichiro is starting way too much at the expense of Boesch and could play the 4th OF and still be given some good playing time.

    You can’t get too mad about the pitching but HUghes is wearing out the 2014 welcome mat especially if Nova and Pineda make it back and functional.

    OH well I’ll park my a$$ in front of the TV and hope, pray and beg for two consecutive hits in the same inning or batters who can work the pitcher like the good old days


    I usually go with 9, but I’m voting a 8 this week.

    My downgrade has nothing to do with the past week’s performance. I’m voting 8 because I don’t see a solution for the outfield following Grandy’s injury. Wells and Ichiro have been very bad. They aren’t going to call up Almonte or Mustelier, so I don’t see any way out of that issue.

    SS and C, I’m not too upset about. Most teams barely have one starting caliber player at those positions. We are down to backup backups.

    Youk and Teix will work themselves back into form. It might take time, but it’ll happen.

    • YanksFan

      Agree with all this.

    • MannyGeee

      Agree with 99% of this, my only point of contention being that we are now assuming that “going to call up Almonte or Mustelier” would be an upgrade.

      There is a reason FHOFRM is down in AAA, and it has nothing to do with potentially abandoning the strong Cuban American fanbase in the Greater Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area.

      • FEED.ME.MORE!

        I’m not saying they’d be an upgrade, but at least it’s possible. I’d rather try the AAA guys than just run out underachieving vets.

  • dkidd


    here’s hoping this was the worst week of the season

    the best thing for this team is a west coast trip. nix is a beast on the road. a beast!

  • Brian in MA

    They can’t hit. the whole scrap heap has turned to pumpkins.

  • Preston

    We need OF help, and soon. Right now we have for empty bats in the lineup. There probably isn’t much we can do at C and SS as teams usually hold on to those types and honestly we’re down to the third stringers so just waiting on Cervelli and Jeter (or even Nunez) is probably the best option. But it’s hard to run out what we have in the corner OF spots right now and win. These are offensive positions and Ichiro has been one of the worst offensive players in baseball this season. Wells had the hot start, but is starting to fade. I haven’t lost all confidence in him, but he needs to be given more days off and platooned more effectively. Hopefully Granderson comes back at some point, but if we are going to start hitting we need at least one upgrade in the OF. I don’t know what will become available before the deadline, but we should be going after it hard. I’m also a strong advocate of seeing what David Adams could do in RF. Heck even giving Boesch playing time doesn’t sound like a bad thing to try right now.

  • Mason WIlliams BAC

    The Yanks offense is really really rough. The same kind of rough that got them bounced from the playoffs last year…but with the unwelcome additions of another year of age, 189 mil cap, and a ton injuries. It’s really tough to watch night in night out. Also, their farm system just doesn’t develop a lot of hole-filling prospects (like teams like the red sox do, ie Lester Bucholz Jackie Bradley JR, Rizzo who they traded away…. Boegarts on the way). Regardless of where they draft, outside of relievers and Cano, its been pretty dry for years. I’m at a 5 down from a 6. I need to see 189 disappear, this years draft come up aces, and some sort of fountain of youth for me to feel like a 7 or 8 is warranted.