Game 71: Back For More

Ichiro was the star of game one. (Mike Stobe/Getty)

Ichiro was the star of game one. (Mike Stobe/Getty)

The Yankees beat the Dodgers this afternoon in the first game of their doubleheader, but it didn’t come without a cost. Joe Girardi ran through arguably his four best relievers, with Joba Chamberlain, Boone Logan, and Adam Warren the only bullpeners not to appear in the game. Both David Robertson (14 pitches) and Mariano Rivera (ten pitches) told Andy McCullough they should be available tonight, but being available and Girardi being willing to use them are different matters entirely. Joe always seems to make sure he doesn’t overwork his relievers, especially his 43-year-old closer. We’ll see. Here’s the lineup he’s running out there against southpaw Chris Capuano:

  1. CF Brett Gardner
  2. SS Jayson Nix
  3. 2B Robinson Cano
  4. DH Vernon Wells
  5. RF Thomas Neal
  6. LF Ichiro Suzuki
  7. 3B David Adams
  8. 1B Lyle Overbay
  9. C Austin Romine

And on the mound is hopefully the good version of right-hander Phil Hughes. He’s alternated very good with very bad starts his last four times out, and he’s coming off a stinker.

As you saw this afternoon, the weather is flawless in New York today. Won’t be any rain issues tonight like there were last night. The second game of this doubleheader is scheduled for 7:05pm ET and can be seen on My9 locally and ESPN2 nationally. Enjoy.

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  1. JonS says:

    I thought Zoilo was going to get the start. :(

    • The Real Greg says:

      He has struggled against lefties in his minor league career. That’s probably the reasoning. Less this year, but last year he had a major platoon split.

      • Dalek Jeter says:

        Vernon Wells has struggled against pitching for…3 seasons? But he’s not only starting but he’s batting clean up.

        • The Real Greg says:

          Look below.

          • Dalek Jeter says:

            We don’t need to be married to this stupid platooning. Pronk, even with his 0-28, has been better than Wells this season. Ichiro has had a reverse split and has been hitting over .300 this past month, and him and Nix have been on fire this week. as much as I hate myself for suggesting this, until they cool off (which could be next week):

            Ichiro LF
            Nix SS
            Gardner CF
            Cano 2B
            Neal RF
            Hafner DH
            Overbay 1B
            Adams 3B
            Stewart C

            • The Real Greg says:

              Even Torre did the platooning thing, man. It is what it is.

              • The Bastard says:

                F that. Torre was a terrible manager blessed with exceptional talent.

                • The Real Greg says:

                  So is Mike Scoscia. Don’t see him with 4 rings.

                  • The Bastard says:

                    Mike Scoscia is far better than Torre ever was and he’s never had talent like Jeter, Posada, or Mo. Hunter wasn’t even Bernie’s equal.

                    Joey 4 Rings got a HOFer (or close) at SS, CF, Closer, LHP. Posada, had he gotten at-bats in 1997, would be there too.

                    Stick Michael was the brains. Torre just filled out the lineup card, and poorly (ask Kenny Lofton).

                    • Mick taylor says:

                      I am sure torre will return his rings to you. You are an idiot. torre was a great manager from 1996 to 2003. He made many great strategic moves in the playoffs and world series during that time like using strawberry as a pinch hitter, substituting fielder for Tino, etc. He did a poor job against the red sox in 2004, but in retrospect the Yankees had no business winning that series with that terrible starting pitching compared to the far superior redsox with Martinez and schilling.When Joe is inducted into the hall of fame as one of only 5 managers toever win 4 world series you can hold buck showalter’s tissue box.

                    • The Bastard says:

                      I’m sure you can sniff Torre jock when you bring him Green Tea to sleep through another game.

                      If that’s the best you got, you’ve proved my point.

                      Name one MLBer he developed. Dude didn’t even develop one relief arm.

                      1996 – Maybe I’ll give you, but even then he had Mo throwing 100 innings, Jeter arriving, and Bernie and Paulie in their primes.

                      1997 -Lost cause he gave 2 ABs to Posada in the ALDS while Girardia when 2 for 15. They lost the last two games by one run each.

                      1998-00 – He had an amazing starting staff and offense and did nothing special. They won on talent alone. The manager had no real role. Just look at those teams – Cone, Pettitte, Clemens, Wells, plus Mo, Jeter, O’Neill, Bernie. And yet, he was still a moron. Posada puts up a 3 WAR season and he gets 2 Abs in the 1998 ALDS.

                      2001 – Need I remind you he played the infield in, even though Mo gives up bloops?

                      2002 – Scoscia kicked his butt and they lost Game 2 and 3 late, giving up early leads in both games. The lack of reliable bullpen arms, without the starting horses, starts to slowly kill them.

                      2003 – Jeff. Weaver. While Mo rides pine in a pivotal game 4.

                      2004 – You bet your a$$. Except you forgot to mention that Schilling was pitching on one leg. And was starting Bernie’s Ghost in CF while Lofton was the DH (or not playing). Meanwhile his complete inability to develop relievers leads to the immortal trifecta of Herdia, Sturtze, and Loaiza in crucial must won games.

                      Then there’s the all-offense teams of 2005-2007. That has little to with the manager and more to do with spending $200 Million each year.

                      All told, Torre had a nice stretch of simply keeping the clubhouse stable. But his managerial skills are vastly overrated when you consider all the guys he got little to nothing from where they could have – Brown, Lofton, and the utter lack of any ability to develop borderline talent. Then there are the complete facepalms – Miguel Cairo at 1B, Tony Womack in CF, Bernie in RF, Posada as a backup for three years.

  2. The Real Greg says:

    The problem with the Yankees is that their best RH hitter is Chris Stewart. If they had a good right handed hitter, than they could take Wells away or move him down in the lineup.

    • The Bastard says:

      Or they could start Hafner over Wells.

      • The Real Greg says:

        Against lefties

        Hafner: .194/.359/.452
        Wells: .301/.344/.446

        And unless they played a glut of lefties early, that stat is important

        • jjyank says:

          This is were sabermetrics can help you.


          Hafner vs. LHP: .358 wOBA, 125 wRC+

          Wells vs. LHP: .340 wOBA, 113 wRC+

          Not a massive difference, but Hafner should get one of these starts against a lefty for sure.

          • jjyank says:

            Let’s delve deeper, SSS be damned.

            At home, Hafner vs. LHP: .475 wOBA, 206 wRC+

            At home, Wells vs. LHP: .252 wOBA, 52 wRC+

            That’s only 13 and 19 games, respectively, but still. You can’t tell me with a straight face that Hafner shouldn’t have started one of these games.

          • The Real Greg says:

            Looking at the data and the formulas, I think that could be a product of Hafner having fewer at bats against lefties than Wells. Now whether it would continue with more at bats remains to be seen.

          • Tom says:

            Hafner has 39 PA’s against lefties this year.

            Sabermetrics won’t help when you don’t know how to apply the stats.

            • The Bastard says:

              Do you not read? All are saying SSS.

              That said, it’s doesn’t take a math genius to show that Hafner should be starting. Wells is cooked. And of course, for all this justification based on splits, why the F does Wells get any ABs against RHP? With Zoilo, the answer should be exact zero.

              It won’t be.

            • jjyank says:

              My point isn’t that Hafner should be playing against every lefty, or even play in both games today. But he’s clearly not completely helpless against them, and Wells has been struggling something awful. In the name of shaking things up, why not give Hafner one of the starts today? It’s not like lefties have owned him, SSS or not.

  3. dkidd says:

    keep winning ugly

  4. The Bastard says:

    Seriously, Hafner doesn’t start either game? Awful.

    • jjyank says:

      This might be the first time that you and I agree on something, but I’m with you here. Hafner against LHP is still a better option than Wells. He should have at least started one of these games.

  5. your mom says:

    So who hits the obligatory HR against Hughes tonight?

  6. Eddard says:

    If we see Adam Warren shadow Phil Hughes tonight I think that’s a pretty good indicator that they could flip roles. If Phil labors through 4 1/3rd again I think we’ll see the move made. To me, tonight is Phil Hughes’s last stand. This is against a weak NL lineup, he needs to pitch better than a 5 ERA to be a starter.

  7. Robert says:

    This is why the old guys breakdown… No reason Wells and Ichiro should play a Doubleheader. Yes I know Ichiro is Hot now!!!

    • Dalek Jeter says:

      This is why the old guys breakdown… No reason Wells and Ichiro should play a Doubleheader. Yes I know Ichiro is Hot now!!!


  8. Wheels says:

    It seems like Ichiro is in some pretty excellent condition however.

  9. Karl Krawfid says:

    In 10 years the Yankees have not taught Phil Hughes an out pitch.

  10. CG says:

    lol this is a great start

  11. Dalek Jeter says:

    Phil isn’t getting the low outside corner to LHH early…that’s a bit of a bad omen going forward.

  12. King George says:

    The story of Philip Hughes as a Yankee is illustrated in this one game:

    7 pitches, 2 runners on, no outs, 2 hits

  13. WhittakerWalt says:

    No, John. I would argue that Hughes does NOT have “all the talent in the world.” He lacks a solid out pitch, just for one example.

  14. Cy Pettitte says:

    another garbage Phil start

  15. Wheels says:

    Jesus Christ Hughes.

  16. The Real Greg says:

    Of course the lineup will mean absolutely nothing in this game if Hughes keeps going like this.

  17. CG says:

    Even better! Will phil get an out before 3+ runs score? Taking all bets here.

  18. Eddard says:

    Get warming Adam Warren. I can’t believe there’s still people who want Hughes in the rotation. Yeah, keep trotting out the guy with a 5+ ERA.

  19. Karl Krawfid says:

    I mean all you have to do is get 2 strikes on yourself and sit fastball against Hughes.

  20. Rolling Doughnut says:

    Whaddayaknow, Philip is missing his spots.

  21. your mom says:

    Nice to see Hughes has brought his A-game.

  22. Kramerica Industries says:

    It would be so nice if Hughes could get Out #1 prior to Run #1, you know.

  23. Cy Pettitte says:

    why don’t they flip Ichiro and Neal if Neal’s arm is so bad?

  24. Rolling Doughnut says:

    Does Joe get Warren up in time? That is the burning question.

  25. Wheels says:

    this sucks

  26. your mom says:

    Hughes might not record an out.

  27. Mickey Scheister says:

    Poor mans AJ Burnett.

  28. Cy Pettitte says:

    Phil is so mentally weak, does he ever battle when he doesn’t have his best stuff? he either has his stuff and is good or he doesn’t and implodes. Kuroda went 6 2/3 2ER with no feel for 2 of his pitches.

  29. trr says:

    Phuckin’ Phil

  30. your mom says:

    At least Dempster is kinda shitting the bed for Boston too.

  31. Bartolo's Colon says:

    The worst part about this is hughes is going to be good next year when he plays for another team

  32. Dalek Jeter says:

    “huh, we’re not getting low outside. Let’s keep going there. And keep going there. And keep going there.”

  33. your mom says:


  34. Wheels says:

    Get him out of there

  35. Eddard says:

    LOL! Jerry Hairston Jr. I just don’t know how Phil keeps his job after this. Put Warren in to shadow him and switch their roles. Phil is the new AJ.

  36. your mom says:

    Death by singles. No obligatory HR here please.

  37. trr says:

    All Right!

  38. The Real Greg says:

    Talk about minimal damage. Dodgers wasted a chance to break it open.

  39. vicki says:

    and now we get cap.

    hope yall like offense.

  40. trr says:

    They stink.
    C’mon, we can beat this guy!

  41. pat says:

    If we don’t smash the ever loving shit out of Capuano I’m going to be a slight bit perturbed.

  42. Pasta Stumbling Sojo says:

    As they were reading that scouting report for Capuano, I realized that “TD Bank” sounds just like… something inappropriate (but awesome).

  43. your mom says:

    I have a feeling Phil is gonna shut down LA the rest of the way here(other than the obligatory HR of course).

  44. Cy Pettitte says:

    now the Blue Jays can’t lose. Can the Yankees file for transfer to the AL Central? AL East sucks.

  45. The Real Greg says:

    Watch Cap dominate. He’s coming off of the DL so those early stats may not mean that much plus of course the utter rubbish of the Yankees offense.

    • Cy Pettitte says:

      don’t care who he is or what he has done this year, he throws with his left hand so scoring even 2 or 3 runs off him would be surprising to me

  46. WhittakerWalt says:

    “He changes speeds, he hits spawts”

    She got it out of the way in the 1st inning this time.

  47. pat says:

    This is gonna be one of those games where we just hack away at sh*t pitches, isn’t it?

  48. trr says:

    Cano struggling against LHP

  49. dkidd says:

    i liked it better when toronto was sucking

  50. The Real Greg says:

    Sad news:

    Joe Adalian ?@TVMoJoe 2m
    HBO confirms that SOPRANOS star James Gandolfini has died in Italy at the age of 51.

  51. King George says:

    Hughes had him 0-2…and he gets a hit again. 1st inning, had him 1-2 and of course he got a hit then too. Phil needs a putaway otherwise his ERA+ will continue to suck

    • your mom says:

      I guess he’ll continue to suck then. It’s not like he’s going to magically develop an out pitch. Then again, Houdini does pitch for this team.

    • Shittyshittybangbang says:

      Hate to even find relevance in commentary after the Gandolfini news ….., but I guess life goes on. Fucking shocking !!! Anyways …, Hughes is an enigma. Dude has very good “stuff”, I.M.O…., but when you look at the A Gon at bat, you scratch your head. 1 and 2 count, and you throw a dead red hitter a meatball, prior to making him look bad on a slider. Who’s calling pitches ?

  52. pat says:

    Ump been squeezing both pitchers.

  53. Bartolo's Colon says:

    I saw two dudes jump in the hudson by the boat basin the other day, I would not recommend

  54. The Real Greg says:


  55. Wheels says:

    I don’t give a crap about Jason Kidd. Back to the game

  56. ExitCashman says:

    So with Hafner and Neal, the Yankees have 2 position players who cannot play a position.

  57. King George says:

    It’s bad enough that I’m stuck in traffic and have to listen to Ma and Pa. I don’t need to hear Suzyn talk about how it “makes a lot of sense” for the Yankees to trade for Ethier.

  58. nycsportzfan says:

    man, i can see the teams lining up now to sign hughes to 50million dollar plus contract.lol(sarcasm)

  59. Tom says:

    So has every hit, with the exception of the Puig bunt, been a 2 strike hit?

  60. Eddard says:

    The only thing Phil Hughes can put away is a box of doughnuts. Warren deserves a shot.

  61. your mom says:

    Hughes looked mad that Gardner didn’t make the catch. Maybe if he wasn’t giving up hits left and right he wouldn’t be in this position.

  62. Anderson Silva says:

    Pathetic Phil Hughes as usual?

  63. Tom says:

    Wow – hell of a nice play by Adams, probably saved a run there (at least temporarily)

  64. Cy Pettitte says:

    Pineda can’t back soon enough

  65. Chris says:

    Neal might be the worst combination of glove/arm I’ve seen in a while out there

  66. Wheels says:

    Oh Romine.

  67. nycsportzfan says:

    These young guys get fooled to easy. Romine and Adams at bats were really frustrating.

    • your mom says:

      In all fairness to Adams and Romine, they really should be getting more development time at AAA. Unfortunately, injuries have forced them into their current situations.

  68. J-Money says:

    To the people who make fun of Chris Stewart all the time: Watch Austin Romine.

  69. Chris says:


  70. Guns says:

    Phil Hughes. Just another name in a long line of top flight pitchers produced by this organization. Can’t wait for the new crop of studs!

  71. The Real Greg says:

    And there were people screaming for Romine to get more AB’s over Stewart earlier this season…

  72. dkidd says:

    we could really use cody ransom right now

  73. teddy says:

    when are the yanks gotta get a gm who can develop players

  74. dkidd says:

    thomas neal looks really comfortable out there

  75. SDB says:

    A 1-2-3 inning! Only with Hughes (OK, fine, Nova as well) is that an achievement.

  76. Eddard says:

    People said Hiroki didn’t have a good game giving up 8 hits in 6+ innings. Phil Hughes has given up 8 hits in 3 innings.

  77. Mick taylor says:

    Former fed chairman Paul volker is at the game. Maybe he help Hal get under 189 million budget

  78. Wheels says:

    Dammit Robbie

  79. your mom says:

    Shit Cano…..need to try harder next time.

  80. Pat D says:

    I guess he assumed it was gonna make the gap.

  81. The Real Greg says:

    Good play by the Dodgers. And he might have been safe looking at replay

  82. Derbs1221 says:

    Atleast Hughes is making the decision on whether to resign him or not easier…

  83. teddy says:

    pathetic by cano, thats why he not as good as pedroia

  84. Rolling Doughnut says:

    Down by three, it’s this lineup, maybe not a wise move.

  85. your mom says:

    Fuck Wells, you suck.

  86. nycsportzfan says:

    Wells swing sucks! Hes a human infield pop up!

  87. Wheels says:

    kinda slow around first. questionable call though

  88. Cy Pettitte says:

    Vernon is so fucking bad. Please do something Cashman.

  89. Crime Dog says:

    Wells is making his argument for worst player in the majors right now. Doesn’t help that he keeps hitting in the middle of the order.

  90. Kramerica Industries says:

    Gee, thanks Vern.

  91. Anderson Silva says:

    Wells hits 4th, the Yankees do not score runs.. Girardi sucks.

  92. nycsportzfan says:

    Fucking wells has more things that need to go right in his swing then any other player i’ve seen in some time. I hate his stance and foul through. Its terribly off balance.

  93. J-Money says:

    Wells is absolutely horrible. Get him out of my life

  94. nycsportzfan says:

    Thanks for taking at least one away from us Cano.

  95. Cy Pettitte says:

    They might as well play Zoilo and see what they got.

  96. The Real Greg says:

    Get a better RH outfielder Cashman. Then we can say goodbye to Wells.

  97. Anderson Silva says:

    Another zero on the board thanks to Cano and Wells. Great job guys!

  98. teddy says:

    i don’t like the stereo type, but cano not husling is why drp players get called lazy. he also cost the yanks a run

  99. WhittakerWalt says:

    “Wellsie had some good at-bats today, he just couldn’t get anything to fall in”

  100. stuart a says:

    in california so I did not hear the Cano apologists o radio or tv. disgraceful effort. I bench him now..

    so at $15 mill he does not run it out, i assume and $20 mill per year he will run it out……

    what a disgrace. probably cost them some runs. he is a disgrace. his effort is a joke…build a team around that guy… good luck with that 1… remind me of the superstar era the yanks had with winfield and many others and they won nada.

    when will the wells experiment be over? really the guy is beyond words…he is so bad it is sick.

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      In celebration of Yeezus.
      “It’s that rich n*gga racism, come in, please buy more.”

      Hmm Cano might make a good example of New Slaves.

  101. Tom says:

    So there was an interesting article on Fangraphs the other day


    Wells is one of 5 players with more popups then extra base hits. Jason Nix is also one of the five. Both have routintely hitting in the top 4 in the lineup.

  102. Crime Dog says:

    Can’t wait for the inevitable Manny Ramirez experiment. Probably could be better than Wells with his eyes closed even now.

  103. Anderson Silva says:

    that was an easy out, Puig had a terrible jump. Unfortunately Romine is the worst catcher in the majors.

  104. WhittakerWalt says:

    Wells is actually even worse than I’d feared he would be.

  105. Eddard says:

    I said it before the game and I’ve been vindicated, Phil Hughes should not be a member of this rotation. This offense can’t afford to fall behind by 4-5 runs every time Phil pitches. Someone else can pitch better than a 5 ERA. Warren can keep the seat warm until Pineda is ready. Phil can work out his issues in the pen.

  106. Kramerica Industries says:

    Can Hughes just, like, go away already?

  107. Cy Pettitte says:

    Nova at AAA – 17.2 IP 2.04 ERA, 15H, 6R, 4ER, 1HR, 4BB, 17K.

    maybe it’s time to give him another chance? so sick of Hughes.

  108. Crime Dog says:

    Not to complain but I don’t get why Nix is batting second… He’s done about as well as you could expect, and has a .630 OPS. No power, no on base skills. He really shouldn’t be a starter obviously but man he should not be hitting second either. Lineup construction hasn’t been Joe’s strong point this season.

    • The Real Greg says:

      Short answer: Do you have another option to bat 2nd?

      • Crime Dog says:

        Ichiro who doesn’t look dead. Ride the streak. I do understand Joe’s need to not stack lefties, but Nix can’t be getting more ABs than Cano.

        • The Real Greg says:

          Well he does have a reverse split this year, although it’s probably based on SSS. However, Cano’s inability to hit lefties this year might be denying that.

  109. forensic says:

    Hooray for Phil Hughes!!!

    It still baffles me how people can continue with the “He’s got such great stuff” and still say it with a straight face.

    • Crime Dog says:

      Was never one of those guys who was in love with Phil, but I always gave him the benefit of the doubt and considered him an asset as a pretty good 4 starter. But this is the end of the line for me, I’d rather see Nova/Warren in there with Pineda waiting.

    • Kramerica Industries says:

      It’s so incremental, too, tonight.

      It’s not like Seattle where he ended the game before it started. It’s, you know, two runs here, a run there, two runs at some other point…

      boom, five run deficit in the fifth. Giving his team no chance to win.

    • Tom says:

      And think making him a qualifying offer at the end of the season isn’t a massive risk.

      Can you imagine what happens if he accepts it? ~14mil for a back of the rotation starter (especially if they are on plan 189)

    • WhittakerWalt says:

      Even when he was just breaking in I was not that impressed. For a guy you’re refusing to trade, a supposed “can’t miss” prospect, his stuff is rather pedestrian. It’s not like he throws 98 with a 75mph curveball. He has a decent fastball and a decent curveball and no real out pitch. Yay.

  110. your mom says:

    Might as well let Hughes pitch as long as he can cause we can’t come back from 4+ runs with this crappy offense.

  111. Shittyshittybangbang says:

    Cano, Cano, Cano ….., if you weren’t such a dog on that “hustle” thing, you might get the benefit of the doubt …, but since not, YOU FUCKING DOG !!!

  112. The Real Greg says:

    Well as it turned out, the lineup we sent out would not make any difference anyway.

  113. number 21 says:

    I think it’s safe to say that the dodgers are gonna win this game…

  114. Wheels says:

    This game is probably over.

  115. Rolling Doughnut says:

    Five runs in five innings. About right.

  116. fabricio says:

    please get rid of hughes im tired of seeing him do his good and bad start thing i want pineda pitching in his rotation spot!!!!!

  117. Eddard says:

    I wonder where the Phil Hughes supporters went. 5.16 ERA. We drove AJ out of town for these numbers. Why doesn’t anyone want to drive Hughes out with him? Because his value is greater to us than in a trade they say. Yeah, keep saying that as he keep giving up 5 runs in 5 innings of work. His value to us is nothing, it’s actually negative because he puts the team in such a hole.

    • Crime Dog says:

      I think his value is higher with the Yankees than in a trade still, but I don’t think he can stay in the rotation still. I bet Nova makes the next start with Hughes being skipped, and then everything gets re-evaluated after that.

      • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

        They will need an extra starter for the Tampa series due to the DH. Nova should get that start, I’d imagine. If he does well, I’d be all for leaving him in the rotation and putting Hughes in the pen. Give Nova one more shot while Pineda rehabs.

  118. SDB says:

    The saddest thing tonight:

    After this start, I don’t even know how many NL teams might take Hughes.

    Second saddest thing:

    If it comes down to finding a right hander for a DH spot tomorrow, I hope (can’t believe I’m saying this) Girardi puts Chris Stewart in, even if it’s batting clean up.

    Just not Vernon. Please. Not Vernon.

    • Crime Dog says:

      I say just put Hafner in there. Even with his slump he still looks like a Major Leaguer. Maybe he runs into a fastball from Moore. You can’t embarrass yourselves and Wells by putting him up against Moore.

  119. Anderson Silva says:

    Phil Hughes sucks and should never start for the Yanks again. That being said, I cannot believe they are being shutout by Capuano and his 68 ERA+. Amazing.

    • your mom says:

      Believe it baby!!!

    • The Real Greg says:

      Even Kay predicted that Capuano would give the Yankees fits. So if Michael Kay is getting predictions correct, you know they were obvious.

    • WhittakerWalt says:

      I am not even remotely surprised. ANY pitcher can shut down this team.
      Jose Lima circa 2000 could have thrown a shutout at this bunch of castoffs and has-beens.

  120. The Other Sam says:

    On a better note, I am currently at the SWB Rochester game. Fiorino is playing third, Grice had a grand slam and Iberra just homered. 7-4 SWB.

  121. Eddard says:

    I don’t care if Hughes can’t be traded because nobody wants him. Get him out of the rotation. Put him in the long man role where he can pitch in low leverage situations. Problem is, he’s the only starter that creates these low leverage situations. You’ve got Warren, even Nova would be a better option. Anybody else really.

  122. The Real Greg says:

    Has anybody seen Almonte field? If we need to PH we need to be sure he is sound defensively.

  123. Cuso says:

    Hey! Did you know an anagram for Chris Capuano is “A Crap Cushion?”

    Unfortunately, 5 runs is good enough.

  124. LarryM Fl says:

    This is so sad. I’m one of those fans who advocated for the young guys to play but Adams and Romine look so over matched. Neal does not look to good either.

    Phil Hughes is consistent as usual!

  125. Lukaszek says:

    I have a sudden urge to poop. Bottom of the fifth, no one out. I rush to the bathroom to satisfy my pooping desires. I sh*t like the wind so that I could get back to watch the rest of the inning. Hopefully there’s only been one out so far.

    I come back and it’s the top of the sixth already! What the feck offense?!

  126. Robinson Tilapia says:

    At least they saved all the general shittiness for the nightcap.

    It’s not even the sharp pain of a blown save, or anything like that. This game is like being bludgeoned repeatedly with a blunt object until there’s just nothing left.

    I’m just watching for a Zoilo at-bat.

    • The Real Greg says:

      Drinks flow, people forget
      That big wheel spins, the hair thins
      People forget, forget they’re hiding
      The news slows, people forget
      The shares crash, hopes are dashed
      People forget, forget they’re hiding….

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        “Eminence Front.”

        Always liked that tune.

        I’d give you a dollar if you ever complimented like that on one of the Smiths lyrics I’ve thrown your way.

        • The Real Greg says:

          Only because I didn’t “play the game”.

          I will now.

          By the way, listen to the isolated bass on it.

          About halfway through, Entwistle kills it

  127. Kramerica Industries says:

    Brignac’s OBP is still worse.

  128. The Real Greg says:

    Lefty with a changeup = Kryptonite

  129. Cuso says:

    Might as well:

    An anagram for Phil Hughes is “Uh? Sigh. Help.”

  130. King George says:

    Over/under starts for Philip Hughes for the rest of the season: 7.5

  131. Kramerica Industries says:

    So, is the new game going to be “Better than Brignac?” or “Better than Romine?”

  132. trr says:

    James Gandolfini dead at 51

  133. your mom says:

    I bet Mike has the game recap done already.

  134. Kramerica Industries says:

    Well, you knew Puig was going deep eventually.

  135. The Real Greg says:

    Ironically first pitch following Hughes= homer

  136. Anderson Silva says:

    yes please, more Warren!

  137. BFDeal says:

    Eddard weeps.

  138. Hans Moleman says:

    I can’t believe I missed picking him in fantasy by seconds.

  139. WhittakerWalt says:

    Is this better than, worse than, or about the same as losing to Jeremy Bonderman?
    I’m convinced we could actually lose to a pitcher who’s still on the DL. It’s only a matter of time.

  140. Kramerica Industries says:

    I think the Yankees run differential has now fallen to 0.

  141. Anderson Silva says:

    Romine is the worst catcher in the majors, hands down.

  142. ExitCashman says:

    I know that I feel more confident in the Yankees organization when money is spent on free agents like Youkilis, who are known commodities, than unknown suspects like Cespedes, Darvish and this Puig guy. To use all those resources to find out about their talents is just a waste when you’ve got guys like Wells and Francisco just waiting for you.

  143. Chris says:

    If you knew the story behind how and why the Dodgers paid all that money for Puig, you wouldn’t be in favor of that process. They lucked out. Didn’t read Sherman’s article, so I’m not sure if this was in there…but I’ve read quotes from Kasten and Colletti about how they had to overpay for Puig to be taken seriously in the international FA market. Players wouldn’t even work out for the Dodgers, and other teams, because they weren’t seen as a real option to bid. That 42 million dollar bid changed that. It was an investment in the future signings, not just Puig.

  144. Steinbrenner's Ghost says:

    Cashman Failed.

    • ExitCashman says:

      It isn’t just that he failed this year. He doesn’t learn from his mistakes. How similar was the Youkilis signing to the Nick Johnson signing? Very. He takes big money risks on players who are prone to injury. Look at Pedro Feliciano. He complains that he has no money to work with and tosses $12 million down the toilet?

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        You peaked with the Mets jokes. I enjoyed the Mets jokes. Stick with those. You’ve got a future there.

        *smacks on ass*

  145. Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

    Vernon Wells is awesome.

    I really hope Almonte gets a legit chance to play, at least against RHSP.

    • Crime Dog says:

      I’m thinking that the team is hoping Neal succeeds vs LHP and Almonte vs RHP so that they can quickly replace Wells as a platoon, with Wells maybe getting some ABs vs LHP as a DH.

  146. your mom says:

    I feel sorry for every single Yankee fan at the stadium that wasted money to watch this total shit-fest of a performance by the home team.

    • JonS says:

      Only if they bought their ticket in January. Anyone who’s bought a ticket recently should have know the cluster fuck that they were paying to see.

  147. Chris says:

    I was always under the impression that there aren’t too many bad one year deals. And he seems to get players on a lot of one year deals, which I would think is a positive. Kuroda is 2 examples of a one year deal. Andy, same. You gotta list the good with the bad.

    • ExitCashman says:

      I agree. The Kuroda signing was a good move. I do not give him credit for Andy because he was here before Cashman and could always return if he so desired.
      The signings have been so expensive and they mortgaged the future of this organization, including Burnett (who we are still paying), and Tex, whose skills are declining and health is deteriorating.

      • Chris says:

        can’t see anyone predicting that Teix decline. AJ seemed pretty obvious, can’t disagree.

        • ExitCashman says:

          I hope that the organization learns from this and does not sign Cano to a contract longer than 4 years. It doesn’t matter that he is the offense today, he won’t be in 5 to 8 years, and the team will be burdened with yet another massive contract.

          • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

            Not sure there is a better place to spend the money though.
            Obviously it would be better if they could keep it to 4-5 years, but that probably doesn’t get it done. The Yankees one edge over the rest of baseball is their $$ (if they choose to actually keep spending it). If they’re going to have a $230M payroll, that’s going to include massive contracts (which will virtually always end with bad, overpaid years on the back end, it’s just a matter of how many of those years). That’s the tradeoff of signing big-time, relatively young players in free agency. If they’re no going to bypass that market, it seems they are giving away their one advantage.

  148. Tom says:

    So with the offday Monday, if Nova starts Sunday he actually could lineup with Phil’s spot in the rotation (you can move everyone up a day with the offday).

    Is it way too early to consider that if Nova pitches decently on Sunday?

    • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

      I’d be shocked if the Yankees drop Phil from the rotation this soon.
      I’d like to see it (if Nova actually pitches well). But I’d be shocked.

      • Fin says:

        I would agree with you if this was a normal Yankees team/situation. However, with this truly awful offense, I’m not sure the Yankees give him the normal length of rope we are use to them giving a player before they make a move. He’s just giving this offense no chance to win games.

      • Tom says:

        I’d be shocked too, but other than past prospect status why does Phil have such a long leash?

        After tonight, Phil will have roughly the same ERA as Nova – both this year and career (and that’s with Hughes bullpen work helping his career ERA)

        Phil is pretty much what he is and he’s going to be a FA. Nova has more potential upside (I think) and has years of team control left.

        • forensic says:

          “This is a guy who won 18 games for us a few years ago…”

          • Robinson Tilapia says:

            Well…..but that actually happened.

            I don’t think that’s a good talking point on either side.

            The argument I’d throw out now is that this guy had 2013 to demonstrate that he was trending towards some sort of consistency and earned the benefit of the doubt and, accordingly, a new contract. It hasn’t happened. Therefore, I still throw the QO out there in order to recover a pick and, otherwise, don’t give him dick.

            • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

              He keeps up his present rate of performance, and he’s probably taking the QO straight to the bank.

              • Robinson Tilapia says:

                Then it’s a good thing that:

                1) I’m actually not giving the offer out
                2) No one’s giving it out until after the season anyway

            • forensic says:

              That actually happened largely because he had amazing run support that season (and most seasons in his career for that matter).

              I don’t understand why people would want to risk having to pay him nearly $14 million to pitch like this again next year.

              I might hurt my arm trying to pat myself on the back so much, but it’s so nice to see people finally realizing all this coming around to my POV from way back before the season and in ST when I said he should already have been in the bullpen since he’s possibly the worst of the starter options and there’s no way he should be back next year so you’re working toward the future that way too.

              • Tom says:

                That’s what I don’t get. People just assume he’s going to turn it down ~14mil?

                If he takes it, the Yankees are kind of screwed, especially if they are working under the 189mil plan.

                He’s young enough, why not take the 14mil and become a FA again after 2014. Sure there’s a risk of injury, but I doubt the Yankees would do a 2nd QO and that would undoubtedly help his next contract.

              • Robinson Tilapia says:

                As the late Gorilla Monsoon said, a pat on the back is only sixteen inches away from a kick in the ass.

            • Fin says:

              I think you’re nuts. No way are the Yankees giving him a QO. He would take that in a second. He is looking at a 1 yr contract at 5 or 6mil the way he is pitching. I cant see any way on earth the Yankees give this guy 14m. He might not even get his next start, let alone a 14m offer.

              • Robinson Tilapia says:

                Then think I’m nuts. I’m fine with that.

                They’re likely to spend that much on a mid-rotation starter anyway.

                I say he still gets multiple years at less of a yearly salary somewhere else and, perhaps I am being a bit stubborn here, but I’d like to recover a pick for letting him go.

                I also realize I am saying this after a start where she shat the bed, which is not the most timely moment to speak about offering Phil Hughes more money than I’ll ever see in my life, but whatever.

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        Let’s see what happens with Pineda.

        Normally I’d agree, but it’ll be either Hughes or Phelps, and who would you put in the pen right now? It’d be Hughes for me.

  149. Wheels says:

    3 measly hits.

    • WhittakerWalt says:

      Only one of which made it out of the infield. Plus NO walks.
      That’s about as bad an offensive showing as you’ll ever see.

  150. SDB says:

    Papsmear just blew another save. My night got just a little bit better.

  151. Fin says:

    Unfortunately, when you see this as the starting lineup before the game, you can pretty much expect this type of performance from them. Anything more than a run or 2 is a surprise. I don’t know how people can get so frustrated. Its not like the Yankees have a bunch of guys underperforming. Guys are playing to their abilities.

    Seems I wasted my time though, kept watching for a Zolio AB and doesn’t look like its gona happen.

  152. Robinson Tilapia says:


  153. Robinson Tilapia says:


  154. ExitCashman says:

    That wasn’t Zoilo. That was Ben Francisco batting lefthanded. Cashman snuck him onto the roster again!

  155. Fin says:

    YAY! Lol wasn’t a complete waste of time watching all of this game. Would have been more of a justification if he got a hit, but at least he hit it hard.

  156. forensic says:

    Girardi: “I haven’t thought about taking him out of the rotation.”

    Shocking, and of course it’s immediately followed by talking about his number of wins from years ago.

    • WhittakerWalt says:

      Managing a baseball team must be close to impossible. You really can’t give an honest answer to anything, unless you want to be an insane asshole like Ozzie Guillen.

    • Tom says:

      Please tell me you are making up the last part (even though I know you aren’t)

      The first part I don’t mind – because even if he was considering it you can’t say anything because what happens if someone gets injured or Nova bombs.

  157. stuart a says:

    Hughes is still young and become elite from 1 bozo reporter. he is 26. been in the rotation for 4 or 5 years. he fooled many of us, he is not very good and will not get much better period.

    hughes and Joba total lightweights, underachieved big time…

    Not 1 comment on the postgame about Cano and his hustle play. the guy gets a pass always. never been big in the playoffs, won very little and people act like he is a all time great.

    the guy is hitting about 200 against lefties for the 2nd year in a row…Puig or Cano you can have 1 of them on your team who do you take? that is after 16 games of Puig… I take Puig…Cano what a overated, non hustling, joke…..His pimp Boras will try to peddle some angel dust in the offseason and some fool will regret it in 3 years or less..

    • forensic says:

      If him getting thrown out at 2nd is the hustle play you’re talking about, that was discussed on the postgame and Girardi just said he took a really big turn around 1st for some reason.

      And Boras is not Cano’s agent anymore.

    • Get Phelps Up says:

      I guess you missed Cano in the 2011 and 2010 playoffs when you were too busy vehemently rooting against the Phillies.

      • Get Phelps Up says:

        2007 too but I can’t blame you for not watching the playoffs that year.

      • stuart a says:

        look at cano’s career playoff stats not much doing there also..

        all the love for a loafer. the guy does not put out effort.

        he took an big turn around 1st.. bull watch the replay he had to put things into another gear because he did not do that from the start.

        What is cano’s career BA in the playoffs? I bet under 250….

        • Get Phelps Up says:

          You said he has NEVER been big in the playoffs and I pointed out that that was wrong. I personally don’t put too much stock into his playoff BA which is a) a small sample and b) skewed heavily by a historically bad showing last year that even you have to admit won’t happen again.

          • Get Phelps Up says:

            He’s played in 11 playoff series and has 4 great ones, 1 decent one and 5 bad ones. It’s not like he has been awful every single time like Swisher was for example.

            • WhittakerWalt says:

              Also it’s like really hard to hit in the playoffs. Even the mighty David Ortiz has had shitty playoff appearances.

        • WhittakerWalt says:

          All this talk of “loafing” is basically just straight-up racism on your part.

  158. stuart a says:

    Yankees could finish in last in the division that is not out of the question.

    toronto on fire, boston and baltimore are good teams and tampa who knows…

    brignac at about 150, romine about the same, wells on his way to under 200 but still batting in the middle of the order, cano pounding the ball around the park at 175, this offense is worse then anemic.

    i move hughes to the pen, give Nova a shot, why the hell not?? over 5 ERA for HUghes he does not deserve to start right now he is not 23 and with 8 starts, the guy has pitched a bunch of innings.. If Nova fails maybe give him another shot. At this point no chance I sign Hughes nones, unless i see drastic improvement the rest of the season..

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      Except I’ve seen that movie before (Nova) and didn’t like it either.

      I’m all for sticking Hughes in the pen right now, but I’d rather give that spot to Pineda, not Nova.

      • stuart a says:

        of course when pineda is ready you give him a shot but we are about 2 weeks away on the Pineda option.

        • Robinson Tilapia says:

          I’d rather roll the dice on seeing a cameo from good Hughes than putting Nova out there.

          Again, probably the worst timing for me to say that but, hey, it’s my opinion.

          • Chris says:

            It probably makes no difference and they both offer no upside, but I’d probably roll with the guy throwing well over Hughes and whatever he’s doing out there.

  159. stuart a says:

    oops I forgot Jay Z is now Cano’s pimp. on the girardi lie on Cano. DId not expect anything more from GIrardi on the Cano loaf.

    Girardi will never tell the truth, what he really thinks. what girardi thinks is; man I wish when i played I had cano’s talent with my mind and effort I would have been great but cano is the best we have. Cano could not hold Bernie’s jock, let alone jeter, and many other very good players.

    what is cano’s career obp 350 or less>>>again a good hitting 2b, totally overrated and does not give a good effort all the time. effort should be given all the time,when a guy makes $17 mill, running out a play hard is not asking to much…..

  160. stuart a says:

    222 is canos’ playoff BA…

    what a joke…

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