Granderson’s hand has healed; still not ready to swing a bat

Salisury: Yankees have "kicked around" the idea of pursuing Carlos Ruiz
Gary Sanchez traded for Pedro Ciriaco

Via Bryan Hoch: The fractured bone in Curtis Granderson‘s left hand has healed, but he is not yet ready to start swinging a bat. He must first do some hand strengthening exercises, stuff like that. Needless to say, Granderson is still a few weeks away from returning to the lineup, and that’s a problem. The Yankees can’t wait around much longer to improve the offense, the rest of the AL East won’t let them. At least he’s progressing.

Salisury: Yankees have "kicked around" the idea of pursuing Carlos Ruiz
Gary Sanchez traded for Pedro Ciriaco
  • TomH

    The Yankees can’t wait around much longer to improve the offense, the rest of the AL East won’t let them.

    True all the way down. If something isn’t done very quickly–forget any just-before-the-deadline stuff–the Yankees will hit the basement. A month of games like this one today and they’ll stay in the basement.

    But “improve the offense” how? Presumably, we don’t want them to give up any top prospect(s) to do so.


      Improve the offense by Granderson coming back. I thought that would be obvious. And Jeter and Aroid to a lesser extent.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      New, better pieces with potential flaws. Guys that aren’t going to cost actual potential contributors.

      There’s seven guys I wouldn’t give up for quick fixes in the system. I want enough balls in the lotto thingie to have a better chance at a few winners. I want long-term viability, even at the expense of 2013. Sorry.

      • mitch

        There are plenty of upgrades available that wouldn’t require any of those 7 guys. And i say this without even knowing who those 7 guys are.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          I’d reluctantly give up Rookie Davis.

          • dkidd

            toadvine is untouchable


            • I’m One

              He’s on my list too!

          • mitch

            he’s on my no-trade list along with Cash Consideration and the mononymous PTBNL

          • Wolfgang’s Fault

            Other than his name, we don’t even know who Rookie Davis is at this point. I’m telling you, you have to first give these guys a chance to develop and see what kind of baseball players they are before you glibly toss their names off in deals & maybe find out later these guys were great. I know it’s not sexy or exciting or whatever gets your engine going, but you gotta exercise some patience w/these kids, particularly pitchers and catchers w/raw ability.

      • Wolfgang’s Fault

        I agree, but would expand it to more than 7. We don’t really know who most of the players we have really are yet, & neither do the Yankees for that matter, so unless and until, I’d be very careful about dealing the great majority of them. This is what happens when you wait too long developing a productive farm system. For the time being, I’d like to try & wait it out, see what happens, & put more value on the future than the present.

        If this club can somehow stick around, fine, all for it, but I don’t want to deal suspects/prospects without knowing for sure which is which (whom is whom?). Just unbelievable they left themselves so thin at catcher they had to turn to an obviously not ready for primetime Austin Romine when Cervelli went down, & that’s not a knock on Romine as he’s coming off a serious back problem last year & he looks to me like he’s going to be a very serviceable to good catcher for someone someday, but this ain’t that day (though he actually did get one of the Yankees two hits today in only 2 a/b’s).

        I’m not even ready to deal Hughes or Chamberlain as their upside is still greater than the value of most anyone we’d get back for them, & either or both of them are still capable of turning it around & making themselves worth resigning here come winter. I wouldn’t be hasty to deal Nova either, btw, as he, too, has a live arm (he gets it up to 95 pretty regularly) & you get the feeling w/him (at least I do) that he’s close to putting it all together. You need to be very careful when evaluating still young pitchers as they can take a while before they put it together, but if they do, well, you get the idea.

        The system is clearly getting deeper & more talented, but we still don’t really know what we’ve got there. Sometimes you just gotta suck it up (or even just suck for a while) & look to brighter days ahead. If this club can stick around until around the A/S break & then some of the walking wounded return & something else of value falls into their laps that can keep them in the hunt, & they’ve got enough to make a serious run, of course you do it. Obviously, though, they need to be thorough in evaluating their own talent & shrewd about if &/or when to deal it, & responsible enough to be keeping serious focus on 2014 & beyond.

  • trr

    well..there’s this, I guess

  • mitch

    Help is on the way. Offensive problems — consider yourself solved.

  • Chris Z.

    On the bright side….at least they suck because of injuries. If all the regulars were in and this was the result we would be in SERIOUS trouble!

  • http:/ Mark Teixeira – Ghostbuster (formerly Drew)

    Just expecting to the guys to on the DL to come back and stay back is clearly an unrealistic expectation. I hope that Cashman makes a move very very soon, as in yesterday.

    • I’m One

      First base is the position I’m most concerned with, followed by 3B & C (not necessarily in that order). Right handed hitters with some power, please. Even with A-Rod returning, he’ll need plenty of days off.


    Kindly shut the f*$k up, Bryan.

    Hypothetical Brian Cashman

  • Esteban

    Hope he doesn’t tweet about it!

    • Pseudoyanks

      He knows when to STFU!

  • Dan

    So by NOT playing hardly at all this year Granderson has made himself an almost major necessity to retain in the offseason somehow.