Update: Brignac clears waivers and elects free agency

Game 76: Could Have Had Yu
Pineda throws six scoreless innings in latest rehab start

Tuesday: Brignac has indeed elected free agency, reports Bryan Hoch. Would have been nice to keep him in Triple-A, but it’s not the biggest loss in the world obviously.

Monday: Via Jon Heyman: Reid Brignac has cleared waivers after being designated for assignment last week. He has yet to accept a minor league assignment and can instead elect free agency. The Yankees swapped Brignac for Alberto Gonzalez in an attempt to upgrade the backup backup backup infielder spot, and it would be nice if he accepted the Triple-A assignment. As bad as Brignac was in pinstripes, having a legitimate shortstop stashed in the minors is kinda important.

Game 76: Could Have Had Yu
Pineda throws six scoreless innings in latest rehab start
  • Eddard

    Having a legitimate shortstop stashed in the majors is kinda important too, Mike. They don’t even have that right now.

  • Jersey Joe

    Not sure Brignac is a legitimate SS; that’s why he is in AAA.

    Then again, there will always 2010, during which he batted as a replacement level SS.

    • The Doctor

      I think by “legitimate shortstop” Mike means someone who can do more than just fake it defensively. We all know the bat may as well disintegrate in Brignac’s hands, but it’s better than having literally no one who can play the position. That’s a big hole on the left side to have no one playing.

  • Duh Injuries

    Brignac is a schmuck who is showing he is not a team player.

    If he was so good / good enough to play in the majors he’d be traded but he was DFA.

    He ought to be thankful he’s a Yankee.

    • KeithK

      Oh please. The Yankees dropped him for Al Gonzalez, which basically means that he wouldn’t get called up again unless Gonzalez got hurt and the other guys (Jeter and Nunez) stay hurt. If he wants to play in the big leagues it’s definitely better for him to not go to Scranton.

    • trr

      No, he’s just making what he thinks is his best choice.
      He’s such a marginal player, how can you have any ill will towards him?

  • Greg

    He’s hearing Cito’s footsteps from Charleston.

  • trr