Jeter resumes baseball activities in Tampa


Via Andrew Marchand: Derek Jeter resumed baseball activities in Tampa today. The Cap’n recently went for a checkup on his twice-fractured ankle and was apparently cleared to begin workouts.

Jeter, who will turn 39 in a little more than two weeks, took 25 dry swings and fielding 20 ground balls hit right at him according to Brian Cashman. Not exactly the most intense workout, but it all has to start somewhere. The timetable following the setback called for Jeter to return sometime around the All-Star break, though I’m sure the Yankees will play it a little more conservatively this time around.

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  1. Pseudoyanks says:

    I wonder if a gift basket was sent after 25 dry swings…

  2. The Real Me says:

    Looking forward to see what he’s got when he returns. While there will be a decline in defense (when he plays the field), hopefully it’s more than made up for on offense. I’m hoping he’s able to play in 5 of 7 games between SS and DH upon his return.

  3. Over/under 150 at-bats for Jeter in 2013?

  4. forensic says:

    fielding 20 ground balls hit right at him

    So many jokes to be made here…

    • Dalek Jeter says:

      Hey man, only 5 got through for base hits.

      • WhittakerWalt says:

        Jeter ALWAYS makes the routine play!

        /Michael Kay’d

        • Bill says:

          joke all you want, the yankees become a better team with a better chance at a championship when he gets back to playing shortstop, period

          • WhittakerWalt says:

            I’d say they’re better once he’s in the lineup, for sure. Whether he’ll ever be able to adequately play shortstop again is another issue entirely. Even when healthy he’s barely passable at short.

  5. trr says:

    If I had to pick a favorite player, yes, it’d be Derek Jeter.
    But at 39, coming off 2 breaks in his ankle, just how much can we hope for?
    One more major set back will probably end his season. Having said that, we can only hope he stays healthy and we get as much as he has left to give

  6. Wheels says:

    Congrats to Brett Gardner, AL Player of the Week.

  7. dc1874 says:

    C’mon…football players play with BROKEN ankles…just wrap the damn thing and get on the field already!!!

  8. Dalek Jeter says:

    I still stand by neither Derek or Alex play for the Yankees this season for injury reasons. I just have a feeling it’s more likely we see Pineda with the big club than either guy.

    • Bill says:

      totally disagree..

      Both will be ready to play no later than Mid August.. probably late July… I suppose it’s possible of the two, alex won’t come back but that will be because of the biogenesis stuff, not his injury

  9. vicki says:

    way off topic: tebow signed with the pats. so perfect.

  10. Bill says:

    As much as I’m dying to get Jeter back in the mix… yeh, play it conservative for sure…

    One more setback and he’s out the entire season (and if anyone thinks this team is winning the 2013 world series without him you’re delusional)

    If I were Girardi/Cashman.. I’d wait until I thought Jeter was ready to come back, then wait at least one more week.. he’ll hate it but too bad

  11. Klemy says:

    Jeter, who will turn 39 in a little more than two weeks, took 25 dry swings and fielding 20 ground balls hit right at him according to Brian Cashman.

    So, he’s game ready? Am I right? Too soon?

  12. King George says:

    Read it again…he was only talking about Nolasco.

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