King: Yankees not in on Cuban righty Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez

Rosenthal: Yankees not in on Ricky Nolasco
King: Yankees interested in Dominican third baseman Rafael Devers

Via George King: The Yankees are not interested in signing Cuban right-hander Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez. They have scouted him during his recent workouts in Mexico. “That looks like the Dodgers,” said a scout who has been in attendance for the workouts.

Gonzalez, 26, was recently declared a free agent, but he still needs to be unblocked by the Office of Foreign Assets Control before he can negotiate and officially sign. He’s said to have a mid-90s fastball plus a changeup, a curveball, and a forkball, but he hasn’t pitched much the last two years due to suspensions following attempts to defect. King says the bidding is expected to climb north of $40M, perhaps as high as $60M.

Rosenthal: Yankees not in on Ricky Nolasco
King: Yankees interested in Dominican third baseman Rafael Devers
  • trr

    Doesn’t look like we’re “in” on much of anything these days…

    • bobbys world

      Don’t worry we’ll be “in” last place soon and for the rest of the season

      • Ron

        Hahaha +1

        don’t forget Hal will be swimming in his profits.

        • Robinson Tilapia


    • V

      It’s sad that the Yankees’ owners are more interested in saving money than fielding a competitive team anymore.

      I guess in 5 years when the bad contracts are gone we can start following the team again.

      • crawdaddy

        Spoken like a true frontrunner!

        • 28 this year

          To be fair, I don’t necessarily have a problem with going through some rebuild. The thing is, I don’t think the Yanks need to and I think there were several options like Swisher and Martin that could have made this team significantly better. The problem I have is, it doesn’t even look like the front office is trying and they flat out seem more interested in saving money rather than fielding a competitive team. Even rebuilding teams look like they are trying and use young players to see what they have. The Yanks seem content with washed up veterans and that serve no purpose for the future and it is funny because the Yanks aren’t even saving the money they wanted to because they have Wells and Ichiro and Youkilis getting paid more than they are worth. Either save money or field a competitive team but the Yankees are doing neither and seem directionless at this time. Their front office mentality seems dated and they aren’t adjusting the changes in the league. It is tough to watch even for a diehard fan because there doesn’t seem to be any direction or hope across the horizon.

          • BFDeal

            Yeah, the injuries didn’t have any bearing on their plan for this year.

            • bpdelia

              dude. I had season tickets from 80 through 99. I’m not a frontrunner. the front office doesn’t get a pass for injuries. jeter and arod were both coming huge injuries in their late 30s. youklis injuries have to be planned for, hafner too. is Swisher’s replacement injured? no he just sucks. choosing oft injured and shitty cervelli and shitty Stewart over an extremely reasonably priced martin turned out exactly as it was always going to. miserably declining texiera and granderson are the only injuries that could not be obviously anticipated. the injuries are not an excuse

              • BFDeal

                But to pretend injuries have had no bearing on this year is simply beyond asinine.

                • bpdelia

                  did injuries have an effect? sure. it took a team that if everything broke perfectly was a 84 to 87 win team and turned it into a 79 to 83 win team. the off season plan was so clearly and obviously flawed I’m at a loss to understand how any one can defend the front office this season. they allowed productive major league players to sign totally reasonable contacts with small market teams. replaced those players with obviously inferior ones, in some cases drastically inferior ones, counted on aging players coming back from major surgery and failed to sign useful players then panicked and bought perhaps the games very worst player in wells. there is a reason every reputable forecasting system and publication called this a bad team coming off a disastrous off season. because t they are and it was. period.

                  • Manny’s BanWagon

                    This x 10000

                    Anyone who blames this season entirely on injuries has their head in the sand.

                    • BFDeal

                      Its also just as ridiculous to blame the FO for everything.

                    • Manny’s BanWagon

                      The FO isn’t completely to blame but to quote Mike, if they hadn’t half fasted it through this past offseason, they wouldn’t be in the predicament they’re in now.

                    • Robinson Tilapia

                      It’s not all injuries. Agreed.

                      The organization really thought the Core Four and Friends wouldn’t be human. They are. There wasn’t a thought given to what a post-Core Four and Friends world looked like, and this now intersects with this celery cap nonsense. That’s what we’re seeing. That’s not injuries.

                      Still, though:

                      1) This applies long-term. A lack of injuries would have made 2013 better.

                      2) Even if the franchise would have forseen their core getting old perfectly, it still wouldn’t have been easy. This second point is why I don’t sit here whining like a two year-old every day.

                    • bpdelia

                      yeah see I’m not whining. it is what it is. I just hate self delusion, appeals to authority and pollyanaism and its getting yo point where any disagreement with the teams direction makes you a front runner, a whiner, an idiot or a whining front running idiot. I just can’t take it. I’m at a loss how any one can watch everything that the realists predicted come true and act like this team is slumping. a step back was totally inevitable. but it didn’t have to be this bad this fast. it was avoidable. and you can win or at least lose entertainingly. this team makes me want to claw my fucking eyes out. its simply unwatchable. doubly so because Swisher and Martin signed such reasonable deals. if in 2011 I had said that Swisher and Martin would get the contacts they did everyone would have been fucking psyched because they were completely reasonable value deals. when is the last time the Yankees significantly downgraded because they wouldn’t pay market price at crazy reasonable contact lengths? its just infuriating because the business model demands a good product. they get premium prices for everything because winning is fun. losing ugly is not. this will be a downward spiral of falling revenues.

                    • Manny’s BanWagon

                      No one’s whining, just stop blowing smoke up everyone’s ass trying to pretend things with the team is fine and how Cashman deserves the benefit of the doubt because to be this bad with a $200+ million payroll means one thing.

                      They’ve fucked up.

            • 28 this year

              Sure there are injuries but with Swisher and Martin, with Gardner and Cano and you still probably have Hafner because he wasn’t the same type of reactionary signing, you have enough offense to get buy to some degree. Instead, the Yanks downgraded at multiple positions banking on Tex turning it around, and Arod and Jeter coming back with any setbacks or delays. Tex and Granderson are the injuries that are shocking and could not have been planned for but really, the Yanks didn’t upgrade a single position this offseason other than getting Gardner back. That is the only upgrade from last year while simultaneously accepting downgrades from Pettitte, Arod, Jeter, Tex, and everywhere else where players were a year older and coming off injuries. Yea, thats solid planning for the year.

            • bpdelia

              sigh. I’m a complete moral relativist. I, as a rule, don’t think anything is totally responsible for anything. Ever. that being said, if I had to get all insurance adjuster and assign percentage of blame it would be 30% short sighted desire to cut payroll immediately and abruptly, 45% horrible decisions on player acquisition and retention, and 25% on injuries. a full 75 percent of the blame for the teams record (and more importantly the teams unwatchability) lay with ownership and or baseball operations. I’m not calling for anyone’s head but there needs to be an acknowledgement from some here that bad luck is not the primary cause of this train wreck.

      • OldYanksFan

        I believe their 2013 payroll is north of $220m.
        How much more should they spend (and remember the extra 40%!).

        • 28 this year

          It’s stupid spending that bothers me. They end up spending a lot of money on shitty players when there were smarter options like Swisher and Martin. In the end, the Yankees are worse for this year and beyond and they aren’t saving money because this year, there spending is still high adn they are losing money on tv, attendance, and other stuff. So the Yankees dont come out ahead, the fans aren’t happy, and no one wins.

    • HeavyHitter

      This is one of the reasons Cashman must go. I used to give him the benefit of the doubt. Then Chapman and Puig, among others, slipped by without a flicker of interest from the Yankees. Now I realize it’s incompetence. We’re headed for a replay of the mid to late 60’s.

      • AndrewYF

        Oh please. Chapman is a reliever, and Puig is a nice story for now. Remember when Cashman was an idiot for letting Cespedes slip by? Wonder what ‘The Menace’ is doing now?

        The Yankees have done, and will continue to do, just fine on the international market. Stop the nonsense just because they don’t sign every single player out there. You do know there’s 29 other teams, right?

        • Bill

          Cespedes is slumping a bit this year, but I’d still gladly take him on that contract. He’s signed through his prime years at a pretty reasonable rate.

          The Yankees do fine signing international prospects, but they haven’t signed an international professional since Igawa. Its a shame too because their missing out on premier developed talent that can be locked up through the prime of their career.

          Instead they waste millions upon millions in past their prime veterans that are constantly injured.

          Oh and downplaying Chapman because he is “just” a reliever is ridiculous when you consider that he’s probably the best reliever in the game right now.

      • Fernando

        This is not accurate.

        1) The team did make an offer for Chapman. Came up short and for as good as Chapman is, the bullpen really isn’t a place of worry for this team.

        2) An offer was made for Puig, but the Dodgers blew EVERYONE out of the water with their offer.

        If anything, I would be more disappointed about Darvish. They saw him play a lot more than those Cuban players, but let the failure of Igawa hold them back. The new CBA rules hurt the team from spending, plus other teams are locking up their players sooner with their increased media revenue. The only place the Yankees can use their financial might is in free agency and that has few viable options.

        People need to realize that this team needs some young blood and not some quick fixes to barely claim a playoff spot. As a fan, I am okay with the team missing the playoffs so that they can get a larger draft pool and build for a longer run of success.

        If they are going to trade with Miami, do it to increase their slot money the max 50%. The team has been successful in the international market, so take advantage of the opportunity to trade for a larger pool. The Marlins don’t spend their money, so they would gladly trade that for a player..

        • vicki
          • Mikhel

            If Fernando is who I think he is, he is right, we have friends who were in attendance when Puig was showcased in México and when offers were made (we even know what uniform he was wearing, something only those in attendance know), on top of that, we usually have more inside info on those cases like Miguel Alfredo (playing 1hr from where I live, and will be playing next week in my hometown during the playoffs of the league he is playing in right now), Despaigne (playing in México right now), the youngsters Urías (16 years, Dodgers), Heredia and Osuna (Pirates and Blue Jays), to cite various examples.

        • SDB

          I mean, we Yankee fans only get to watch the greatest relief pitcher EVER, D-Rob who’s pretty damn impressive himself, and the last few seasons the bullpens have usually been among the team’s strengths.

          When the Yankees lose, especially in clutch games, it’s the hitting or pitching that does it. Guys like D-Rob, or Damaso Marte in 2009? Not the problem. Last year, his scrap heap pickups like Eppley and Rapada were seriously good.

          This year, Kelley’s been fantastic for the most part, Logan’s been solid and Joba’s been the only weak link in the BP at points.

          But yes, Cashman failed for not getting Aroldis Chapman. Because the bullpen NEEDS him and without him, the team’s awful.

          • Bill

            Chapman would likely be a starter on the Yankees. If not though even with the Yankees’ depth in the bullpen its hard to make any argument that he wouldn’t be a very valuable contributor to this team now and especially beyond this year.

      • Bo Knows

        Did you even know this guy existed two weeks ago? It’s always a good idea to throw money at guys that you can only verify via workouts in strictly controlled environments.

        Also like someone said, Chapman is a reliever; a reliever that throws 100 is a dime a dozen, if he was still a starter I might agree with you but his talents are wasted in the bullpen and so is the value of the money.

        Cespedes has a .285 obp and is hitting .222 with 15 homers but how is that worth the money he’s being paid? That’s not any better than some of the players currently on the roster.

        Darvish and Puig are the only two guys you can make arguments for but who knows how long Puig will hold up.

        Also remember Armando Rivero? the supposed Cuban phenom that the Cubs signed in 2011 that was going to be “special”? Yeah he’s done jackshit since

        • CONservative governMENt

          Rivero signed with the Cubs for $3.1M and was projected by Baseball America when announced as a middle reliever.

          Chapman, Cespedes, Puig, Darvish – none of these guys would make it through waivers because their contracts are fair. That means the Yankees are either not scouting them accurately or didn’t want to pay up. Either way, its discouraging.

          • Bo Knows

            I’m referencing how people on here bitched about not signing him

          • Bo Knows

            Also the contracts are “fair” if you could prove these guys were viable major leaguers. Hindsight says is mostly true, but dropping 40,50, or in the case of Darvish over a $100 million dollars on prospects is not smart, in my opinion and your going to get bit in the ass far more than not.

            • CONservative governMENt

              Here’s a list of recent international free agents or posted players: Darvish, Cespedes, Puig, Chapman, Ryu, Iwakuma. If we include Matsuzaka and Igawa, does it seem like teams are getting bit in the ads far more often than not?

              • CONservative governMENt

                Leonys Martin got $15M for 5 years. Seems like another guy teams would take given the chance.

              • Robinson Tilapia

                There’s 29 other teams.

                • kenthadley

                  If you worked for Ole George, that response would have gotten you immediately terminated. Much of the fan psychology was created by George’s desperate need to win above everything else. His son’s don’t have that desperation, so you could work for them and survive this response….I imagine they think the same way.

                  • Robinson Tilapia


                    You’re not that much older than me. Get bent.

              • Bo Knows

                Cespedes has to actually put more than a single season before he should be considered a success because this season, he doesn’t look worth the money he was given. Once again, if Chapman was a starter, I’d actually feel upset but a 100 mph fastball is not all that impressive when it’s coming from a reliever as it would be if he was a starter it’s an overpay because you can always find bullpen pitchers with 100mph heat. If your going to bring up Iwakuma you need to mention how he scared the A’s off with his contract demands and then signed with the Mariners as a reliever. No one expected him to be a starter, the Mariners essentially had no one to help in the rotation and decided to take the plunge with him since he had experience. It’s no different than the Yankees giving Phelps/Warren/Nova/Nuno/Insert other pitchers name.

                The only one that honestly they could have done a better job with is Darvish (I really wanted Darvish in Pinstripes), but I’m not going to bite their heads off for once again not choosing to gamble tens of millions of dollars on every “guy I never heard of before 3 days ago but totally deserves at least $40 mill although you don’t know if he can handle big league competition.”

              • Fin

                I think your list is one you came of off the top of your head and did no research on. ITs all guys in the majors. Having no knowledge at all about the list and doing no research, I know you left out Solar who is on in A ball. I’m sure there are others but I’ll let guys who like to research this shit come up with a more complete list.

  • CONservative governMENt

    Revitalizing the team, cutting the fat and using young players to get under the $189M could have been an exciting process if the Yankees had gone hard after foreign free agents and blown out the amateur budget prior to the restrictions.

    Instead the team is dull and the front office has gotten more conservative. Unless you get incredibly lucky, you can’t cut spending and stay competitive in this tight timeframe.

    • dan genovese


  • ExitCashman

    Much easier to keep waiting to make that trade of our best prospects for Cliff Lee than to waste time scouting promising international prospects…

    • Dalek Jeter

      Wow, groundbreaking deduction, it’s easier to (or makes more sense to) try to acquire proven ace-type guys than to scout a pitcher who hasn’t pitched in two years and before that pitched in a country where pro scouts aren’t allowed in and people aren’t allowed out. It’s amazing you don’t have a job in a front office.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        You’d think his name would stick out in the pile of resumes.

  • Mike

    I’m happy with our pitching prospects. No need to throw big money on unproven players. Remember Igawa?

    • Dalek Jeter


      • Manny’s BanWagon

        What a ridiculous response.

        I guess completely turning your back an entire market is the smarter move when your team is decaying and your top prospects are at least 2 years away and mostly stuggling.

  • Chris

    I think the Yankees biggest problem the last decade or so is they haven’t drafted well..I don’t think that’s all cashman but he should be part of the blame for that..I understand what there trying to do with saving money but part of doing that is drafting better and so far they haven’t .

  • http://Riveraveblues Austinmac

    To those Cashman supporters, do you really believe he has led the organization to a successful path in the years head? Is it okay for the team to get NONE of the top end international players? They made a bid — I could have made a bid too knowing it would not be accepted. That means nothing.

    • BFDeal

      They signed the #2 and #4 ranked international players last year, but lets sweep that under the rug and pretend it didn’t happen.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Say that again in case they didn’t hear you.

      • Zack D

        But their names aren’t written on Yahoo or ESPN so it doesn’t count

      • vicki

        amateurs. if you leave out the word your statement is misleading. and wrong.

  • http://Riveraveblues Austinmac

    I bet the Rangers feel smart about Darvish. Same for the Dodgers and Puig, the Reds and Chapman and yes, the A’s and Cespedes. Some of you must feel good about the safe play of getting Youkilis, Hafner and Wells. We could have had a real player for that money going forward.

    No, Yankees don’t take any risks on young upside players. Good plan to only sign the guys over 35 with physical ailments. Yet, some people defend it.

    I said here in January the Pirates look better in 2014 and everyone said ridiculous. Really?

    • BFDeal

      Do you want a cookie or a pat on the back?

      • Robinson Tilapia

        I only have a bag full of dicks to offer.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Took the Pirates long enough, then.

    • Zack D

      Reports are that the Dodgers outbid everyone by 30m. Puig’s contract is 40m. Yet somehow the Yankees were stupid and missed out.

    • pat

      Cespedes has a sub .290 OBP. He’d fit in well here.

      • JobaWockeeZ

        And a 1.3 WAR which would translate to 3.2 over a full season. Not an all star or anything but I don’t enjoy cherry picking.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Yanks did their due diligence and scouted the guy. Aren’t interested. However, they should bid in and sign him anyway in order for a few guys to feel warm and fuzzy inside.

    • BFDeal

      But all the other teams are having fun and getting attention with their fancy new import!!

      • Robinson Tilapia

        While we shine our 27 championship rings.

    • CONservative governMENt

      The fact that they aren’t interested could mean at the money they think he’ll get.

      I’m not interested in a Land Rover because I know its out of my price range. Doesn’t mean anything as to its value, though.

      • BFDeal

        Land Rovers are notorious for landing on the DL.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Which is incredibly valid.

        Since I’ve never fucking heard of this guy (god I hate my phone auto correcting to “ducking” every time), I’ll assume the range of what he could do will range anywhere from “front of rotation” to “bust.”

        Michael Pineda could become that after injury. Manny Banuelos could become that after recovery. Oh what, those injuries are a risk? So is paying 60 million up front, or whatever.

        • Manny’s BanWagon

          Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

          I guess Cashman sitting around with his finger up his ass is a better policy.

          If they sign 10 guys and hit on 1, they’re plus 1, not minus 9. I’m far less pissed at Cashman for Igawa than I am about Darvish.

  • Now Batting

    God damn this team is boring both on and off the field.

  • http://Riveraveblues Austinmac


    Odd collection but not surprising.

  • bruno

    Ok, Igawa was a major bust, but its time to move on!

    • CONservative governMENt

      The Yankees are like the person who never gets a flu shot again because one year he still got the flu. How many successes does it take to see that they are undervaluing international free agents?

      As to the #2 and #4 international players, the July 1 classes are important and they have done ok there. But $3M bonuses are different than what it takes for the adult free agents, and Igawa has spooked them.

  • pat

    I wish I didn’t love this team so much because most Yankees fans are the fucking worst.

    • BFDeal

      You actually get the idiots with every team.

      • jimmy james

        Yeah, but you get more of them with the Yankees… ugh

  • EndlessMike

    Yeah who needs a 26 year old guy we could put in the rotation now. Lets go and get a 16 year old kid who will need 5 years to develop.Like everyone else in this farm.

    • Zack D

      That 26 year old hasn’t thrown a pitch in competitive baseball in 2 years. But sure plug him right into rotation

    • Bill

      Especially when the organization has been so successful in developing young pitchers.

  • jimmy james

    The amount of whining here is ridiculous. I think what we’re seeing here from the Yankees organization is a slow rebuild. After all, this isn’t a franchise enduring awful season after awful season, like the Pittsburgh Pirates or the KC Royals. The Yankees can’t simply say, “Yep, this is a rebuilding year,” like those two teams have in the past. Instead, they have to covertly make it look like they are trying to field a winning ballclub, while also having a eye toward getting rid of these bad contracts and developing their prospects.

    Also, remember, teams can only get lucky with scrap heap types for so long before they have a run of bad luck with them. I would say Colon, Garcia, and Ichiro (in 2012) were successes, but for every one of those players, you get a Overbay, Wells, Youkilis, and Garcia (2012).

    It’s funny, more fans than not said Swisher priced himself out of NY, and yet here we are some of those same people are now vilifying Cashman for not making a run for him. Sorry guys, you can’t have both.

    Finally, on the international front, I’m OK with the Yanks missing out on Darvish, as the recent track record of Japanese pitchers wasn’t good at that point. Dice-K was good for a few years but where is he now? Igawa, well we know first-hand how that shook out. As for these Cuban players (Cespedes, et al.) teams are spending a ton of money on these guys and good for them, but the Yanks really need to begin developing their players better, that’s where the money saved will come from.

    • Bill

      They aren’t rebuilding though. The team is getting older every year and the minor league system is not getting any better. And they’re not even reducing payroll (at least not yet).

      I like some of the moves Cashman has made, but I think he’s missing out on a big opportunity to get younger and stay more competitive. Yes, there is an inherent risk with these international guys, but as we’ve seen with several guys so far there is also the potential for a huge reward.

      Additionally and more importantly the market offers something that you can’t get anywhere else developed professional talent in the prime years of their career. Traditional ML FA’s typically are not hitting free agency until their early 30’s and the best of those FA sign long term deals that go through their decline years. Amateurs are either drafted (premier talent is drafted early) or is subject to international spending regulations (limited budget) AND these guys all need several years of development before they can be of value to the team. International professional FA’s can be as young as 23 years old and are typically at most only a year or two away from the majors and some are ready instantly.

      To that point I’ll take the risk on the guy in his mid 20’s that hasn’t played in this league over the guy the veteran FA that is likely given some (or perhaps all) of his best years.

      Age is the key factor here and this is the only part of the market (outside of trades) that gives the Yankees and other teams access to good players in this age bracket.

  • Fin

    I think the Yankees haven’t taken a chance with some of these guys because they couldn’t afford to have them fail. The Yankees have been in WS contention for damn near 20 years and have used their resources on “sure things” to fill holes in the lineup to keep them competing for WS. Its their philosophy and its been very successful up until this season so I’m not going to complain about them not taking these huge risks on very expensive lottery tickets.

    That being said the business of baseball has changed through the CBA with more teams getting huge TV contracts and able to compete with the Yankees in FA or smaller market teams singing their you players to long term contracts before they hit FA. The Yankees have seemed to be a step slow in the changing landscape of baseball. I think Cashman saw it coming when he started putting emphasis on the minor league system, but I’m not sure the infrastructure is in place at this point to count on the system producing. Just about all of the Yankees top prospects flame out or get injured.

    I think fans are out of their minds to bitch about what the Yankees have been able to accomplish over the last 20 years or how they have done it. Its been an amazing run, one of the best in the history of sports. That being said I can understand Yankee fans having doubts about this being the right group of management to rebuild this team and lead them into the future. Their strength has been spending money and keeping the machine going. Now they have to rebuild the machine and seriously reduce the amount of money they spend. With the results of the minor leagues, moves like signing Ichiro for 2 years and bringing Wells in, I think this group should be on a short leash. I personally have very little faith in them rebuilding the Yankees into a WS contender.

  • Manny’s BanWagon

    As for these Cuban players (Cespedes, et al.) teams are spending a ton of money on these guys and good for them, but the Yanks really need to begin developing their players better, that’s where the money saved will come from.

    Just like that, you think the Yankees can flip a switch and become better at drafting and player development. Pretty unrealistic IMO.

    No reasonable person is saying the Yankees should sign EVERY international FA but to come away with NO ONE from that entire market when it’s pretty much one of the last places the Yankees can use their finiancial advantages is just ludicrous.

    Most of group that includes Cespedes, Viciedo, Darvish, Puig, Soler, Iwamura, Chapman, Kendry Morales, Leonys Martin, Shin-Soo Choo, Ryu, Aoki, Tazawa would be an upgrade over what the Yankess are running out on the field and Soler would probably be a top 5 prospect.

    On the other hand, they’ve given out or taken on ridiculous contracts over the last few years to Ichiro, Wells and Youkilis not to mention having to pay $20 million for AJ Burnett to pitch for the Pirates.

    Sitting idly by while this market produces solid talent is just another reason they’re headed to a sub .500 season, large drops in attendance and huge YES rating declines despite having a payroll over $200 million.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      No. It’s the reason you’re not going. You don’t speak for everyone, and neither do the rest of the whiners.

      • Bill

        The declining ratings, attendance and record are a fact not his opinion. Loyalty is a virtue, but not when it is blind. Cashman and co. have earned some criticism of late. How much is up for debate, but I think given recent track records its fair to question the organization’s decisions.

      • Manny’s BanWagon

        And you as leader of the Polyanna’s only speak for yourselves as well.

        Attendance is way down and YES ratings are way down. That’s a fact whether you like it or not so I guess I’m not the only “whiner” who isn’t too happy with this shit show we’re seeing on a near nightly basis.

    • jimmy james

      I’m not saying they can flip a switch and magically draft and develop players better. But, in order for the Yanks to get out of all these albatross contracts, they need to. That’s going to take time, and unfortunately that time looks as though is upon us. I don’t think throwing $60 million at players in the international market is especially smart, especially for a team trying to shed payroll.

      Wells, Youk, and Ichiro were bad decisions, I agree with that. The Yanks sat on their hands and let Martin go, which wasn’t smart. But they did do something smart and that was to limit these deals to the short term. With all the new MLB policies concerning spending, this is what happens on the back end. If you’re going to hand out huge contracts to a few players, you’re going to need to go cheap later on, which is what the 2013 Yankees are and the 2014 Yankees will be. Those are the consequences, like it or not.

      The Yanks have been good for the better part of twenty years now, now it’s time for another team to take over for a few years while the Yankees work off some of these bad contracts.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    I wouldn’t spend a dime bidding on any of these guys, to be quite honest with you. Ever. Too much fucking money to just negotiate with a guy.

    So we miss out on someone once every few years? There’s more than one way to skin a cat.

    • Crime Dog

      He’s a straight up FA, so no money goes to another team for the rights to him. Just a straight contract.

      Still, 40-60 mil is a ton to pay for a guy that we don’t really know much about. If the team finds it to be a worthwhile investment, then they better have some real good reasoning behind it. Otherwise, I’d rather that $50Mil get invested in the team in other ways.

    • Fin

      I agree. I think a light is just being shined on the situation for 2 reasons. 1. These IFA guys all seem to be doing well in MLB right now (that is bound to change) 2. How poorly the Yankees spent money this year, leading people back to number.

      I mean if the Yankees are going to let Swish and Martin walk (which I wasn’t against)you don’t expect them to turn around and give Ichiro a 2 year 14m deal, Bring in Wells for 2yrs and 13m and sign Youk for 12m. If they are going to make decisions like that, they may as well go in on the lottery tickets in IFA.

      • Bill

        I definitely agree with point 2. This is why I think an organization change is needed. Cashman is simply not on the level of the better GM’s in this league. He’s not quite one of the worst GM’s, but IMO he’s closer to the worst than the best. I also don’t blame him for letting Swish and Martin walk (although Martin particularly would be nice right now). That said its just a real head scratcher to see him overspend on the likes of Ichiro when a younger guy like Schierholtz was available for much less and was producing at a similar or better rate than Ichiro over the past couple years.

        While the Yankees have certainly been unlucky with injuries, a team this old with their injury histories are going to experience more injuries than the average team. Granderson and Tex were fluke injuries, but everyone gets those. The rest of the guys are not very unexpected.

  • Mikhel

    I said it the past two weeks and I’ll say it again: no scouts of the NYY were seen in the first game where Miguel pitched and if they went, they weren’t in the same place where Cherington and a few other were present (in both instances, scouts quickly abandoned the premises once Miguel’s night was over, in relatively good but short outings: he throws in the mid 90s and from time to time in the upper 90s). In the second game there were a lot of scouts, but 1/3 of them belonged to two organizations (Dodgers and Red Sox); there were a few executives present.

    The guy is pitching in Tijuana (according to “Krusty The Klown” of “The Simpsons”: the happiest place on Earth), a city near the city I live in, heck, if he plays in the playoffs next week, I’ll see if I can get tickets (small venue, tickets fly, unlike Tijuana’s stadium which can hold 20,000 or more in attendance) and upload photos and videos of Miguel IF he pitches against our local team (it still depends in what place our team finishes, Tijuana, Miguel’s team, its still in first place).