King: Yankees will call up Chris Bootcheck

6/14-6/16 Series Preview: Los Angeles Angels
2013 Draft: Yankees sign eighth rounder Brandon Thomas

Via George King: The Yankees will call up right-hander Chris Bootcheck from Triple-A to bolster the pitching staff. Adam Warren is likely to be sent down following Thursday’s six-inning relief outing. King confirms the team will also call up Thomas Neal and send down David Adams. It’s unclear if either Bootcheck or Neal will be with the team in time for tonight’s game.

Bootcheck, 34, has pitched to a 3.32 ERA (3.60 FIP) in 62.1 innings across eleven starts for Triple-A Scranton this year. He was scheduled to start tonight, so he will be able to provide a ton of innings out of the bullpen if need be. The righty owns a 6.54 ERA (4.84 FIP) in 147.1 career big league innings, most coming with the Angels. He last pitched in the show with the Pirates in 2009. The Yankees will need to make a 40-man roster move to accommodate Bootcheck, though I suppose Eduardo Nunez is a 60-day DL candidate at this point.

6/14-6/16 Series Preview: Los Angeles Angels
2013 Draft: Yankees sign eighth rounder Brandon Thomas
  • vicki

    i make the east coast to west coast trip pretty often, and i can’t imagine getting off that flight and playing baseball. of course those guys probably won’t drink as much as i do.

    i guess we won’t see bootcheck except in an extreme situation. all i know is he’s a tall guy with a cool name and a pretty good k/bb.

  • Eddard

    Warren deserves to stay with the big league club after what he did yesterday. I don’t think they even need to make this move. Andy, Phelpsy and CC are lined up for this series, not Phil Hughes which reduces the need for long relief.

    • The Real Me

      This is a precautionary move and no indication that Warren isn’t deserving. The team needs Bootcheck just on case something odd happens (hey, you can’t predict baseball!). How the starting pitchers line up really makes no difference. Last year, as I recall, one of these 3 pitchers had his game and entire season shortened by a freak accident.

    • SDB

      Before Seattle, Andy had enough short-ish starts when the bullpen was needed to take care of a few innings. Phelps has been really good, but he does have off days (and rarely goes as far as 7 innings), and you definitely need a long guy in the bullpen right now with everyone except Joba pitching yesterday.

      Warren definitely deserves to stay, but the move seems to be just so he can rest for a few days after throwing 6 IP, without actually taking a space up on the 25 man roster.

      Bootcheck should be available for this road trip, and by the time the Yankees are back home, I imagine he’ll be sent back down and a fresh Warren will be called back.

  • BeanTooth

    If this were two weeks ago, it’d probably be Wang getting the call. Oh well.

  • forensic

    Um yay? Seriously though, probably not a big deal. Might have preferred other choices, but hopefully they won’t get to a point where he’ll even need to pitch.

  • Cuso

    With the Yanks facing a lefty tonight id be surprised if they didn’t try to make sure that Neal got there in time.

    • Cuso

      Cancel that. CJ is tomorrow. Never mind.

      • Cuso

        Wait a second, I was right the first time. It is CJ tonight.

  • The Evil Umpire

    Somewhere Dave Coatcheck is sulking about his missed big league career.