Mailbag: Cano, Warren, Trade Candidates

Rays rough up Pettitte; take series opener 8-3
Olney: Cubs are ready to sell

Going with a rapid fire mailbag today, so nine total questions. The Submit A Tip box in the sidebar is the way to send us anything throughout the week.

(J. Meric/Getty)
(J. Meric/Getty)

John asks: Hypothetically speaking, if the Yankees were to trade Robinson Cano today, what type of package do you think they could expect in return? Considering the new rule that the acquiring team will not get comp picks if they lose him, would the package really be that significant? In Spring Training I think they could’ve gotten, lets say, Oscar Taveras and Shelby Miller from St. Louis. Now I don’t think they would get Taveras by himself. Am I off base?

Half-a-season of Carlos Beltran fetched Zack Wheeler, and Beltran had a clause in his contract that prevented the team from offering arbitration after the season. The Giants knew at the time they would be unable to recoup a draft pick. Beltran was also a corner outfielder with a long injury injury while Cano plays a more premium position and 159+ games a year, every year. There’s no way they should settle for anything less than a prospect of Taveras’ caliber. That said, Matt Carpenter is amazing and the Cardinals no longer need a second baseman. I know they were just an example though. A half-season of Cano should net the Yankees an elite prospect at the very least. I’d want someone MLB ready who could step right into the lineup after the trade.

Humphrey asks: Given the apparent need of the Tigers to improve their bullpen, is this a place the Yankees can match up? Is there something the Yankees could get in return that would be valuable to them?

The Tigers desperately need bullpen help, particularly capable late-game relievers. The problem is that they’re a contender and are unlikely to trade away big league players to get that bullpen. They’ll offer prospects instead, and they don’t have many great ones to offer. Sorry, but you’re not getting Nick Castellanos (or even Avisail Garcia, for that matter) for David Robertson. I can’t see the Yankees weakening the pitching staff, pretty much the only thing keeping them afloat these days, for minor league players who won’t help right away. I don’t see a good fit for anything more than a minor trade.

Travis asks: Do you think Adam Warren will get a shot at starting in 2014 or will he just stay in the bullpen?

Assuming Phil Hughes is allowed to leave and neither Hiroki Kuroda nor Andy Pettitte return, the Yankees will have to come up with three starters next year. Even if they sign some free agents, they won’t all be studs. I expect Warren to come to camp as a starter with the opportunity to win a rotation spot. I do think he’s best suited for the bullpen and have for a few years now. He’s been very good as the long reliever but I think he could also wind up contributing as a more tradition one-inning, late-game reliever at some point. Give him the chance to start though, he’s earned it. If they come to camp with an open rotation spot or two, they owe it to themselves to see what Warren can do.

SMC asks: What would it take to get Danny Espinosa from the Nationals? He’s clearly fallen out of favor with their organization, but he’s a young switch-hitter with power who plays the middle infield well, steals bases, and draws walks.

(Greg Fiume/Getty)
(Greg Fiume/Getty)

I have to preface this by saying I’m a huge Espinosa fan. He was awful this year (23 wRC+) while foolishly trying to play through a chipped bone in his wrist, and he’s since been placed on the DL and then sent to the minors. Espinosa has flirted with 20-20 in each of the last two years and came into this season with a career 98 wRC+. He’s also very good defender who can legitimately play shortstop on an everyday basis. I’d love to get my hands on him at this point while his value is down, especially since Washington has Anthony Rendon at second and seems disinclined to move Ryan Zimmerman off third. I don’t know what the Nationals would want in return, but if they wanted a good but not great prospect like Nik Turley or Ramon Flores, I’d do it in a heartbeat. Espinosa fits the Yankees needs very well going forward even if he is a low-average, strikeout-prone hitter. Power, speed, and defense on the middle infield is hard to find.

Ian asks: If Mark Teixeira‘s wrist is still hurting, what is the point of even trying to bring him back? It clearly isn’t right and isn’t likely to get right given the rigors of the season. Why not accept reality and do the surgery so the team can try to salvage the last three years of this now awful contract?

I disagree that it “isn’t likely to get right given the rigors of the season.” If the doctors say he is healthy enough to play, let him play. He can help the team. Wrist surgery is no small thing, you never want to cut into an important joint like that if it can be avoided.

Donny asks: The Yankees have three potential free agents who could be offered a qualifying offer — Cano, Curtis Granderson, and Hughes. This would result in a total of four first round draft picks, correct? If that is the case, are there any limits on how many compensatory picks a team is allowed or, in theory, could the Yankees have their entire team turn down qualifying offers that then resulted in 26 first round picks? That seems a little ridiculous to me if that is the case, no?

We could add Kuroda to that list as well, he’s definitely a qualifying offer candidate. Hughes is very much on the fence right now. But yes, there is no limit to how many compensation picks a team can have. The idea of letting the entire roster walk and netting 25 additional first rounders is obviously unrealistic, but technically it is possible. I don’t think it’s ridiculous at all either. If you have a lot of good players, you should be able to reap the draft pick reward if they decide to sign elsewhere.

Colin asks: Saw a blurb that the White Sox may look to sell at the deadline. What are the chances they move Alex Rios or Gordon Beckham? Rios would be a great fit for the Yanks right now.

Beckham, even the disappointing version who is just an okay player and not the star he was expected to be, would definitely help the Yankees. I have a hard time trusting Rios though. He is so wildly up and down. Here, look:

Source: FanGraphsAlex Rios

You’ve got a star player one year, a replacement level guy the next, a league average player the next … who knows what’s coming in the future? The 32-year-old Rios has hit well since the startof last season and seems to have figured it out, but is it worth gambling ~$20M through 2014? The Yankees are already saddled with Ichiro Suzuki and Vernon Wells through next year, I’d hate to add another dud outfielder to those two. Plus having Rios and Wells on the same team gives me nightmares about the mid-2000s Blue Jays.

Bill asks: Would never happen but say hypothetically the Dodgers were looking to trade Matt Kemp (once healthy) since they have Carl Crawford, Yasiel Puig and Andre Ethier. What would the Yanks have to offer if they even have enough?

Kemp, 28, was having a terrible year (78 wRC+) before hitting the DL with a hamstring problem. He had left (front) shoulder surgery during the offseason, and the team has acknowledged it is still giving him problems. That said, he put up a 146 wRC+ just last year and nearly went 40-40 in 2011. He’s not old, though he is well-paid (~$140M through 2019). I really don’t know what it would take to acquire Kemp; we don’t have any comparable trades to reference. The first Alex Rodriguez trade maybe? The contract and shoulder should drag the value down a bit, but it’ll still take a huge package. Multiple top prospects, I’m guessing.

Ari asks: Chris Stewart hasn’t hit a double all season. What is the record for plate appearances without one? Can we start the Chris Stewart doubles watch?

I hadn’t even realized Stewart was double-less until this question came in. Stewart has three homers and no other extra-base hits on the season. That’s hard to believe. Anyway, the record for most plate appearances without a double by a non-pitcher is 321 (!), which Rafael Belliard set with 1988 Pirates. Here’s that list, and here’s the list of most double-less games to start a season by a Yankee (doesn’t include last night’s game, but it doesn’t change much):

Rk Strk Start End Games AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI SO BB BA OBP SLG OPS
1 Eddie Robinson 1955-04-14 1955-07-22 63 143 23 30 0 0 15 40 21 27 .210 .352 .524 .877
2 Gil McDougald 1955-04-13 1955-06-21 59 209 34 53 0 3 7 21 31 35 .254 .360 .383 .743
3 Phil Rizzuto 1955-04-13 1955-09-05 55 111 12 27 0 1 1 7 15 15 .243 .344 .288 .632
4 Enos Slaughter 1959-04-16 1959-07-25 51 69 9 11 0 0 6 15 17 11 .159 .272 .420 .692
5 Dick Howser 1968-04-13 1968-07-07 48 75 13 11 0 0 0 2 8 19 .147 .326 .147 .473
6 Norm Siebern 1956-06-15 1956-09-29 47 158 26 32 0 4 4 21 37 19 .203 .287 .329 .616
7 Frankie Crosetti 1941-04-18 1941-09-15 43 127 10 29 0 2 1 19 11 16 .228 .329 .283 .612
8 Horace Clarke 1968-04-10 1968-06-05 42 163 14 36 0 0 0 4 15 5 .221 .243 .221 .463
9 Chris Stewart 2013-04-03 2013-06-19 40 118 15 31 0 0 3 10 22 11 .263 .323 .339 .662
10 Bobby Richardson 1961-04-11 1961-05-30 40 157 10 32 0 1 0 10 2 5 .204 .233 .217 .450
Provided by View Play Index Tool Used
Generated 6/20/2013.

Add in last night’s game and Stewart is at 41 games, still sitting in ninth place on that list. At some point he will yank a ground ball passed the third baseman and into the left field corner for a double … right? Yeah, it’ll happen eventually. He has about a month to do it before he sits atop that forgettable list.

Rays rough up Pettitte; take series opener 8-3
Olney: Cubs are ready to sell
  • TheOneWhoKnocks

    Pretty sure the tigers would trade avisail garcia in a millisecond heartbeat for robertson.

    • I’m One (Because typing all the letters in “The Real Me” is becoming tiresome and might get me confused with “The Real Greg” which is why I dropped the handle originally)

      But the Yankees would probably hang up. Even though the offense sucks, I know I’d hang on to Robertson (then again, I don’t work fo rhte Yankees.).

      • TheOneWhoKnocks

        not saying the Yanks should or shouldn’t do it. Just know there’s no way the tigers would turn that down.

        • I’m One (Because typing all the letters in “The Real Me” is becoming tiresome and might get me confused with “The Real Greg” which is why I dropped the handle originally)

          I agree with you.

  • JU

    Thanks for answering my question about a Cano trade, Mike. As I was reading your reply about Beltran, I started saying to myself, “Yea, but the Giants got comp picks…” I did not remember about that clause in his contract. So here is my follow up question: If the Yanks are 8 games back towards the end of July, would trade Cano for that elite prospect? They could conceivably just resign him in offseason anyway – because you know he’s following the money.

    • Mike Axisa

      I don’t think I would. Eight games is still close enough to contention with two months to go.

      Trading him for a prospect then re-signing him after the season is an interesting thought. Hard to plan on that happening though.

  • I’m One (Because typing all the letters in “The Real Me” is becoming tiresome and might get me confused with “The Real Greg” which is why I dropped the handle originally)

    There’s a lot of differing opinions on signing Manny Ramirez. I’m for brining him on with a MiLB contract or even a MLB contract if it’s at or near league minimum. I’d even consider letting him keep his hair until he’s brought up to the majors if he’s brought in on a MiLB contract. What do others think?

    1) No Manny
    2) Bring him in on a MiLB contract
    3) Bring him in on a MLB contract (at or near league minimum)
    4) Bring him in for up to $2MM

    • trr


    • mitch

      Definitely 1

    • MannyGeee

      I am a sucker for a good tragedy (Your 2013 New York Yankees, everybody!), so I would vote 2.

    • LK

      I’m down for 2. 3 and 4 would be crazy in my opinion.

    • Dalek Jeter

      2, why the hell not.

    • Robinson Tilapia


    • I’m not the droids you’re looking for…

      5) A-Rod for Puig straight up.

      6) Profit.

  • Johnny O

    I would be all over an Espinosa trade too. I’m getting increasingly concerned about giving Robinson Cano 8 years and $160M (or thereabouts). Do what the Cardinals did with Pujols – thank him for his service and let someone else pay for his decline.

    • Kosmo

      Wouldn´t it be better if the Cardinals are content with Carpenter as their 2Bman to try to pry away Colton Wong one of the top MILB 2B prospects ?
      Espinosa as Cano´s replacement ? What a joke.

      • Mike Axisa

        Just to defend myself, I was looking at Espinosa as a replacement for Nunez, Brignac, and whoever else the team winds up with at SS going forward. Not as a Cano replacement.

        • Dr. TJ Eckelberg

          I took it as this, and love this idea. He can fill in SS, then help spell Cano every once in a while. Heck, maybe he can play 3rd and be a terrific virtual full time UTL. He would definitely get enough at bats.

        • Kosmo

          OK, I guess Johnny O´s comment threw me a little. Sure as a SS replacement for Nunez or Brignac. Hell Honus Wagner´s ghost would do it for me.

          • Johnny O

            I WAS thinking Espinosa as a Cano replacement if they don’t re-sign Robbie. Not that he’d replace Cano’s production (no one can), but a nice middle infielder who probably woudln’t be a black hole offensively and play good defense. plus he’s only 26 yrs old and not a FA until 2017.

            I guess the premise of my original comment was around not wanting to re-sign Cano so who would play 2B for the yanks that we could reasonably require as FA or trade.

            • Kosmo

              I´d still rather go after a good prospect who might be blocked . Wong for example would be an ideal top of the lineup hitter w/ a good ave. and OBP.
              Lindsay an Angels 2B prospect is blocked by Howie Kendrick who is still owed roughly 20 million.
              Wong and Lindsay might be worth looking into as a potential replacement if Cano decides Hollywood is a better place.

  • Kosmo

    NY will have to take on contracts such as Rios´ if they are going to attempt to improve the offense. No doubt Rios is something of a risk but I´d rather NY gamble on what´s left of his current contract which only runs thru 2014. I´d also look into what the Sox want to do with Alexi Ramirez. He´s a fine defensive player and can hit a little bit.

    Hell if I´m going to watch Espinosa SO 150 times a season waiting for him to run into one 2-3 times a month all the while hitting .230. pass.

    • OhioYanks

      He’s not a total stud, but the alternatives to Espinosa at SS are largely guys like Nix or Alexei Ramirez who don’t get on base any more but also aren’t running into any.

      I mean you are interested in Ramirez because you say he can hit a little, but he doesn’t hit any better than Espinosa.

      • Kosmo

        career-wise Ramirez for a SS has hit for power and has had around 70 RBIs a few times . In MHO Ramirez does things just a little better and with a longer track record than Espinosa.

        • OhioYanks

          I’m not trying to say that Espinosa is worlds better than Ramirez or anything. But I would say at worst he is (healthy) comparable to Ramirez offensively.

          ISO is really the way to isolate power, rather than RBIs. You can hit a weak grounder and pick up an RBI if a guy with at least ok speed happens to be on 3B. Or a single if a guy is on 2B. SLG is another way to look at power, but it picks up your average at the same time basically.
          Espinosa hits for significantly more power than Ramirez by both of those measures, and since he walks more he gets on base at roughly the same clip. (Espinosa doesn’t even walk much, Ramirez just walks less than anyone.)

          Ramirez does have a longer track record, but the flip side of that is that he’s fallen off for a season and a half now and is a 32 year old middle IF. Espinosa is 5.5 years younger and may actually be on the upswing of his career rather than the decline.

        • LK

          But with that track record comes age. Ramirez is 32. Espinosa is 26. Alexi has already seen his best days. Not to mention the fact that once you adjust for ballpark, Espinosa’s actually been better with the bat (90 wRC+ vs. 88).

          Once you factor in cost Ramirez might be preferable though; he should require much less in a trade.

          • LK

            Sorry, Ramirez turns 32 in September; the overall point still stands.

  • OhioYanks

    It’s more than a little deceptive to list less than half a season on a graph of full seasons and then say that a guy is “league average” based on that data point. Rios is 11th among MLB OFs in fWAR this season.
    This is not the first time that I have noticed you stretching the truth or outright making things up when you had a decent point in the first place but want to exaggerate the truth to make it seem like a total no-brainer. Hard to take your writing seriously when you consistently do this.

    • mitch

      When I look at that chart I see a guy who’s been an above-average outfielder 6 out of the last 8 seasons, including the last two. I’d definitely be interested in Rios if the price is right.

    • Mike Axisa

      I was speaking generally, not referencing specific years.

      • OhioYanks

        What year was he league average, though? The two total flop seasons are definitely red flags, but otherwise he’s been above 3.4 fWAR 5 of the past 7 seasons and is well on his way there again this season. Even the season when he was at 3.4 fWAR he was the #28 OF in baseball.

        • LK

          I think you may be taking the mailbag answer a bit too literally.

          • OhioYanks

            My comment is not really about the mailbag. This is easily the best Yankees site out there in terms of aggregating and presenting content, but I have been consistently disappointed by the author stretching and manipulating facts to make perfectly reasonable points seem like no-brainers.

            • Dalek Jeter

              FWIW, using wRC+ and fWAR from 2008-2012 Rios was above average (110, 5.4) in 2008, exactly replacement level in 2009 (77, 0.0), about average in 2010 (108, 3.4), awful in 2011 (59, -1.2), and above average in 2012 (125, 4.1).

              So while it isn’t the exact pattern Mike described in his answer, I think he’s allowed the poetic license there.

            • Robinson Tilapia

              In other words, the editorializing on Mike’s part has gone a bit too far? Maybe. I think it’s more he’s usually the only voice and that, alone, makes it harder for him to play both sides of a coin. It wasn’t always this way, and it’s why Matt’s writing helps things immensely.

              • Jim Is Bored


    • Jake Koenigsberg

      Totally. You should demand a refund.

    • Hoss

      Who died and made you arbiter of statistical measures? This season is most relevant so it should be highlighted, and since when did fWAR become the accepted standard by which players are judged?

      Get off your bullshit pulpit and add something useful to the conversation or get lost. Your criticism of me yesterday was pure crap. You say that I made predictions that had a 50-50 chance of occurring. Who assigned those odds? How do you know the research I did to make those statements? Why do you think that many have proved accurate? You are a joke.

      • OhioYanks

        Sorry that I hurt your feelings. You don’t have to lash out and make silly, incorrect points just because I disagreed with you, though.

        This season is not a full season. Say I gave 9 other people an hour to complete a task that takes roughly an hour to complete and you a half hour to complete it. Then I measured your results directly against theirs. How would you feel when I told you that you were half as good as they are?
        You’re not measuring the same thing. The denominators are different. This season is relevant, but to compare it to the past 9 you have to annualize it or show the results on a per game basis.

        And Mike used fWAR as the standard, not me. If you are going to try to prove someone else wrong it’s always good to have at least some small idea of what the hell you are talking about.

      • Dalek Jeter

        I’ve got no problem with you calling out somebody that you think is a dick, but honestly I think we can all agree that fWAR and bWAR are generally good standards by which to judge a player.

        • OhioYanks

          For what it’s worth, I was literally told by another commenter multiple times not to even bother trying to have a rational discussion with Hoss because that is not what he’s interested in doing. I tried anyway. Learned why I shouldn’t have today. Would not say I was a dick to him at all yesterday.

          • Dalek Jeter

            A week ago, I might have agreed with that person’s assessment, but just yesterday I was grouped in with a bunch of trolls for questioning Girardi’s in game decisions too frequently and a guy who is known as a regular troll was one of the more level headed posters in the post game thread last night. And a few days before that I drunkenly inferred somebody was a dick (when he really isn’t, he’s just a character) and straight out called somebody a troll (I’m sorry nycsportzfan, idk if you’re still around, but that was out of line). So I no longer know what to say about other posters here.

            • Jim Is Bored

              I dunno, if any regulars have had a productive, logical discussion with Hoss, I will retract my statement. People are certainly allowed second chances.

              But until I see evidence, he’s on my O:S list, for my own sake.

              • Dalek Jeter

                Fair enough, I can’t recall ever having an interaction with Hoss (let alone a positive one) so your point is valid.

            • Improbable Island’s Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR)

              I just hope Troll was banned. I could deal with him being a jerk. It’s when he flat-out lied that I told him to commit suicide, an issue close to me and that I personally campaign against, that really made me mad.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        *jizz to the monitor*

  • steves

    Yanks should have learned their lesson by now to stay away the ex-Blue Jay “has been at early 30’s” outfielder bin (Barfield; Mondesi; Wells). Rios is cut from the same cloth.

    • Dalek Jeter

      Mondesi wasn’t really all that bad for the Yankees, in 169 games he hit ~.257/.322/.451 with 27 Homers and 92 RBI while stealing 23 out of 44 bases. If the Yankees could trade for Rios and get that kind of production out of him for the rest of this season and all of next season I would consider that a huge improvement over Wells.
      (I was also 13 when the Yankees traded for Mondesi so I have no idea what kind of prospects were given up, and if it could be considered a good trade)

      • Dalek Jeter

        23 out of 34 bases**

      • Kosmo

        I just looked it up – Mondesi was traded for Scott Wiggins a pitcher who threw a grand total of 2+ mlb innings.,

        • Hoss

          But among pitchers who threw 2 innings in their MLB careers, Wiggins was one of the best.

        • Dalek Jeter

          So at the end of the day that’s definitely a net win for the Yankees, but at the time, I wonder if Wiggins was like a Hensley like prospect, a Warren like prospect, or like a Vidal Nuno (a borderline organizational guy).

          • OhioYanks

            At best Nuno, but a different sort of prospect. He was a 26 year old RP in AA, but was performing well and striking out quite a few guys. Maybe you could say he had the upside to be pretty good in a small MLB role, whereas Nuno has the upside to be ok in a larger role. Nuno has also reached a higher level at this point, for what that’s worth.

            Mondesi was largely a salary dump at the time, so Wiggins was sort of a token guy to get. Not to say he had no value, but not a whole lot.

          • Kosmo

            7th rounder

  • Oy

    I’m all in favor of selling. Kuroda would be, by far the best SP on he market. Cano is not the player you want to give a 6-8 year deal, a 2B who’s already on a decline and can’t hit LHP. Sell him while he still have value. Granderson and Hughes won’t fetch much but there’s little chance that Yanks will offer them qualifying offers anyway. Martin was left with out an offer last year.

  • BSwink23

    If the Yankees get even 3 first round picks next year, then I really like how the farm system would be shaping up, with the opportunity to develop some of that young talent into a future Yankee developed team. Or even to have so many quality trade pieces in the system. I’m not, however, convinced that with the Yankees track record that they could develop these guys into stars, or even everyday players. But, it would be nice to see the system with all of those #1 draft picks.

  • Frank

    I think Yanks should trade Cano if they can get an impact player or two. A long term deal would be yet another mistake by the Yanks. This team is rebuilding- the process can be accelerated by getting a couple of impact players for Cano.

  • fred robbins

    The Yankees don’t have the guts to trade or let Cano walk. For some reason, Cano is still hyped as a superstar all over MLB network as well as ESPN and the BBTN guys. After watching him in last years playoffs, and to continue to see him all this year, he has the look of a quitter when his team is down. All it takes is 3 pitches and he gets back to the bench where he can spit his seeds and put his feet up on the top deck or another chair. He sure seems to look forward to the home run derby and he does have amazing 3 week or month long hot streaks, but I don’t see that happening this year. Sweeni Murdi gave the excuse he has no protection in the line up… with that kind of logic, we should never expect a well pitched game because the offense is not putting up the numbers. Good hitters hit or walk, good pitchers pitch and don’t complain about run support.
    thanks to Mike for some great trade ideas and conversation today

  • PFOJ

    My question didn’t make it, so I’ll throw it out for discussion. If Vernon Wells adopted the Overmatched Nine Year Old in Little League approach of just never swinging at another pitch, would he be more productive than he has been the past two months?

    • Dalek Jeter

      For 1 game, yeah probably, because pitchers would continue throwing him fastballs in off the plate (that I would have a better chance of catching up to right now) or pitches low and away, off the plate, that he can’t help but swing at for whatever reason.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      You were watching when I played?

      I had two approaches: This one, and “just swing at all three pitches and get it over quickly.”

      I put a ball in play once. The idea of me actually having to run to first was just awesome. Made it too.

      • Dalek Jeter

        I used to be good at baseball till everybody hit puberty and all of a sudden the ball was coming at like ~60-80mph or more and people were throwing breaking balls instead of just throwing like 40mph and straight all the time.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          I didn’t have a real glove. I had, I shit you not, a white fielding glove which someone brought over from Cuba once. It was nice-looking, but the padding on it was minimal, so hard-hit balls would easily bounce off my glove. Got me made fun of endlessly.

          Also, this was all around ’85 and ’86, when I woke up one day and was the only kid not wearing a Mets hat.

          Baseball was NOT my strong suit.

          • Improbable Island’s Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR)

            I was the worst baseball player ever, but I could hit a fastball fairly well.

            Still, true story. In all my years of playing baseball, up to the 8th grade, I NEVER caught a pop-up. Not once.

            The closest my came was my final season. I did everything right – kept my eye on the ball, settled under it, put my glove up in the right position…

            The ball hit me in the head.

            My Dad later told me that at that time he looked at the coach and said “He’s really a soccer player.”

            In my defense, I was a pretty good defender and I was in good shape, so I wasn’t putrid at all sports. I even played lacrosse my senior year of High School.

            • Robinson Tilapia

              Terrible at sports as a kid. Second to third to last boy picked for anything. Got better as an adult. Probably still couldn’t do baseball, but could fake other team sports. Very much wound up getting into stuff like racquetball for a while as an adult, but it’s a rich man’s game in NYC.

        • PFOJ

          I was good at baseball until we went from 60 foot base paths to 90. At that point, I couldn’t reach first base with a throw from anywhere but 2nd and I could hit a ball as hard as possible and not have it reach the outfield grass. They really should have let me keep dominating the 60 foot base paths league until I reached 5’0″, which would have been freshman year of high school.

  • Mouse

    How about a three way trade with Cano?

    For example:

    Yanks get Giancarlo Stanton from Marlins
    Contender Team A (Detroit, LAD, ATL, etc.) gets Cano, gives up a couple of top prospects to Marlins.

    Yanks resign Cano in the offseason.

    • Dalek Jeter

      Why would the Yankees make any contending team in the AL better by trading them the best 2nd baseman in baseball? And unless they’re getting a Profar or Tevaras, or Bundy, plus another 1 or 2 top 100 prospects, plus another B prospect or 2, why in the world would the Marlins trade literally their only major league caliber player? Let alone their only star.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Yanks get Giancarlo Stanton from Marlins
        Contender Team A (Detroit, LAD, ATL, etc.) gets Rookie Davis, gives up a couple of top prospects to Marlins.

        Yanks keep Cano in the offseason.

  • William Rast

    Mike, I thought you said I’m the offseason you wouldn’t trade DRob for Castellanos because you were not high on him. Did something change with your Castellanos opinion or is the situation the Yanks in much different?

    Or did you not say that?

  • nycsportzfan

    I coulden’t help but chuckle when I seen the list in which mike called a “forgettable list” for Stewart to be on. The list had Crosetti, Scooter, Slaughter, Howser, Richardson..etclol

    I know what Mike meant, its just ironic thats the only way Chris Stewart could ever get grouped with that kinda talent.