Pineda allows two hits in first minor league rehab start

2013 Draft: Reviewing Day Three
Game 63: The King

3:54pm: Reiber spoke to scouts at the game who said they had Pineda up to 95 mph with the fastball. “Looked like the guy I saw in [Triple-A Tacoma] a couple of years ago,” said one. Pineda, meanwhile, said he and his surgically repaired shoulder feel fine. He isn’t sure where his next start will be, however.

2:29pm: In his first minor league rehab start with High-A Tampa, Michael Pineda allowed two hits in 4.1 scoreless innings. He struck out four (all swinging) and walked one while throwing 42 of 68 pitches for strikes (62%). He was on a 65-70 pitch limit. The 30-day rehab window is officially underway and will expire on Monday, June 8th.

According to man on the scene Anthony Rieber, Pineda sat in the 92-93 mph range for most of the outing before tailing off and sitting around 90-91 in his final inning of work. He threw both fastballs and offspeed pitches. Tampa is off next weekend for the All-Star break, so Pineda might have to make his next start with one of the other affiliates. Low-A Charleston is home next weekend while both Double-A Trenton and Triple-A Scranton are on the road.

2013 Draft: Reviewing Day Three
Game 63: The King
  • Travis L.

    Check your date Mike. Monday JULY 8.

    • Travis L.

      Thanks Mike. I wasn’t trying to be critical, like some. You do a good job and everyone makes mistakes from time to time.

  • Ryan

    You mean Monday, JULY 8th, not June 8th. June 8th was yesterday, so that doesn’t make sense.

  • DERP

    I think he said that the velocity numbers were from the scoreboard.

  • The Doctor

    Pretty encouraging all around. Any word on what his velocity topped out at?

  • shittyshittybangbang

    Mr. Axisa, is there any info that you can provide regarding pineda’s surgery ? I.E., recuperation, velocity effects, increase/decrease etc.,,,

    • CountryClub
      • shittyshittybangbang

        Thanks for the info. Although advances have been made, the shoulder/labrum injury remains the most serious for pitchers. Guess i was hoping that medicine had caught-up to the “tommy john” level. Totally different physiology though.

        • Cool Lester Smooth

          Pineda should be alright, though. They were actually wrong about Clemens not being a good comp.

        • Jonathan

          While neither are fun (I’ve had both multiple times) the shoulder capsule tear is the touch of death. Lots of guys come back from labrums. You get a full SLAP tear or the capsule and it’s essentially game over. I went from a 1.8 pop time behind the plate and low 90s in HS to I literally can’t sleep on that arm.

  • Benjamin Kabak

    Yanks win the trade.

    • The Real Me

      The infamous Mr. Kabak, back from s stint in the big house. :-)

      For a first start, this is encouraging. I hope he can keep it up. Anything he contributes this year is great, but the Yankees really need him to be a solid starter next year, preferably a #2 or 3-type starter.

    • Travis L.

      How’s that prison food, bro?

  • LarryM FL

    Progress is being made.

  • Cuso

    Pineda is the Phoenix

  • jimmy james

    Love reading this. If he can come back and provide some good production this season, the Yanks definitely won this trade. Not that there’s an extreme amount of competition so far from Montero.

  • Pat D

    Definitely encouraging. Hopefully it can build from here.

  • Yankeemagic

    I was at the games and talked to a scout with a gun. He said Pineda did not hit over 93. Listened to Pineda talk to another scout he said he felt great, but it is too hot lol

    • CountryClub

      Sounds like the stadium gun was pretty accurate then.

  • CONservative governMENt

    2014 rotation

    Qualifying offers: Kuroda, Pettitte, Hughes

    • Travis L.

      You forgot the trade for Cliff Lee!!!

    • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

      Really no point in giving Pettitte a qualifying offer. He’d either accept it (resulting in paying him more than likely necessary) or he’d retire.

    • RetroRob

      No need to make one for Pettitte, and in fact it would not make sense. QO will be in the $15M range, which would represent a pay increase. If Pettitte comes back it will only to pitch for the Yankees.

      Hughes is a no-brainer. He won’t accept a one-year deal, so he will leave even if it’s for a lower AAV than the QO as long as he gets a multi-year deal.

  • John

    Apparently the scouts had him touching 95 mph

  • Jenny C

    The 30-day rehab window is officially underway and will expire on Monday, July 8th.

    What does that mean?

    • jimmy james

      In short, Pineda will most likely be in the Bronx around the All-Star Break.

      Basically, the Yankees need to make a decision on where they will place him going forward after July 8th. If they keep him in the minors it will eat up an option and, I believe, delay the clock for him hitting free agency.

    • Mike Axisa

      At the end of the 30-days they have to either activate him off the DL or send him to Triple-A. They can’t keep him on the DL forever.

  • Paco Dooley

    I just worry that he looks too much like the same guy and will end up with more shoulder problems in the near future

  • Ron Billings

    The Yankees very likely did receive damaged goods who may never be the same again. With the terrible tailing off of his rookie season (second half)including velocity, a contrast MRI should have been ordered before the trade, the best way to image for a labrum tear. Did not do their due diligence IMO.

    • Curtis

      Due diligence would be hiring you to be their medical director – never mind if you went to medical school or not. This wouldn’t have happened on your watch!

    • BeanTooth

      The “tailing off” has been debunked thoroughly. Pineda’s peripherals were pretty much the same second half to first half.

      • Cool Lester Smooth

        And so was his velocity outside of his last start of the season.

    • Steve (different one)

      Pretty sure you can’t order a contrast MRI on a pitcher before a trade, but I could be wrong. Though I doubt it.

  • will

    he hasn’t really pitched for any sort of time, in like 1.5 years. Will take some time for velocity. What is he supposed to be around 98+?

    • will

      check that, just read 94.7 so for 91-93 that’s ok

  • tommy cassella

    it is apparent that cliff lee does not want to pitch for the yanks. if that’s the case, and I know that it is, then who the hell wants him. you know, he does not walk on water.