Rays rough up Pettitte; take series opener 8-3


The nail-biter two-game winning streak was nice while it lasted, but the Yankees have now lost two straight and and seven of their last nine games. They’ve also lost 15 of their 24 games if you want to go back even further. Thursday’s loss was an 8-3 drubbing at the hands of the Rays. New York’s run differential is down to -5 on the season.

(Mike Stobe/Getty)

(Mike Stobe/Getty)

The Tragic Number
For the fourth time in the last six games and the fifth time in the last nine games, the Yankees starter allowed at least four runs. It should be no surprise that they’ve lost seven of those games; this lineup simply can’t overcome that. Four runs allowed is the magic tragic number, anything more than that and New York is probably going to lose.

Andy Pettitte was the culprit on Thursday night, surrendering five runs on nine hits and one walk in 6.2 innings against Tampa. The top four spots in Tampa’s lineup went a combined 7-for-12 against him, driving in four of the five runs. Since returning from the DL four starts ago, Andy has allowed 14 hits on 35 base-runners in 25.2 innings. I don’t know if the lat (or back) is still bothering him or what, but the Bombers need more than that from the veteran left-hander.

(Mike Stobe/Getty)

(Mike Stobe/Getty)

Three Runs, One Hit
Matt Moore came into this start having allowed 20 runs and 39 base-runners in his last 12.1 innings (three starts), but the Yankees offense has a way or helping out struggling pitchers. Moore shut them down for the first five innings before they managed to put together a three-run rally on the strength of one hit. It wasn’t even a three-run homer or anything, in fact it was a leadoff single by Reid Brignac of all people.

The Yankees loaded the bases with no outs in the sixth inning thanks to the Brignac single and walks by Brett Gardner and Jayson Nix. They couldn’t have asked for anything more than to have Robinson Cano up at the plate, but they didn’t even have to wait until the end of his at-bat to score a run — Brignac scampered home on a (very) wild pitch. Cano plated the second run with a hard-hit sacrifice fly to center, then Travis Hafner got the third run in with a ground ball out to the right side of the infield. That made it a one-run game, but only temporarily. The Rays started to blow things open the next inning.

More Bad Pitching
Because the starters haven’t been crummy enough the last two weeks or so, the bullpen has now allowed nine runs on 18 base-runners over their last 8.2 innings. That dates back to the disaster ninth inning in the series finale against the Angels. Joba Chamberlain and Boone Logan both allowed homers in this game — Joba a solo shot to Evan Longoria and Logan a two-run shot to Yunel Escobar. Preston Claiborne threw a scoreless frame, but put two men on-base and has now allowed six base-runners in his last 2.2 innings. Can’t hit, can’t pitch, can’t bullpen.

(Mike Stobe/Getty)

(Mike Stobe/Getty)

Outside of the three-run inning, the Yankees didn’t put up much of a fight offensively. Didn’t hit Moore hard at all, did nothing against the bullpen. The lineup was completely overmatched. Let’s recap the ridiculousness:

  • Cano went 0-for-3 with the sac fly and forgot how many outs there were after striking out in the fourth. He put his helmet down and started taking his batting gloves off at the plate before being shooed back to the dugout.
  • Vernon Wells went 0-3 and is down to .221/.263/.368 (68 wRC+) on the season. He admitted to getting dominated by a pitching machine before the game — “I got dominated by the machine for a little bit, then I came through,” he said to Chad Jennings. Yep.
  • Nix went 0-3 with a walk and two strikeouts, plus he actually hit a ball to the warning track. That doesn’t sound like a big deal until you realize it is only the fourth (!!!) ball he’s hit the warning track this season. Here’s his spray chart if you don’t believe me. Four balls to the warning track in 72 games. Four.
  • Brignac went 1-for-3 and raised his OPS to .269 in pinstripes. Not his average, not his OBP, not even his SLG. His OPS. That is the third lowest OPS by a non-pitcher Yankee since 1917 (min. 40 PA). I assume he is on the roster to make Eduardo Nunez look good by comparison.
  • Chris Stewart went 0-for-3 with a walk and is sitting on an 80 wRC+ this year. That is the highest wRC+ by a Yankees right-handed hitter this season (min. 70 PA), by a lot. Stewart is the team’s best right-handed hitter. Chris Stewart.

On the bright side, Zoilo Almonte picked up his first big league hit off former Yankee Kyle Farnsworth while pinch-hitting for Wells in the ninth. The hard-hit grounder was ticketed for the left field corner and a double, but it hit the third base bag and ricocheted to the infielder. Bad break, but hey, congrats on the first hit. Hopefully Almonte actually gets into the starting lineup on Friday. He can only help at this point.

For the second time in a week, a Yankee ran into an out at third base on a ground ball hit in front of them on the left side. Lyle Overbay did the honors on Wednesday, getting cut down at third with one out in the seventh. Gardner did the same thing over the weekend. Bad recent pitching and a generally bad lineup are hard enough to overcome, can they at least not run into outs?

WPA Graph, Box Score & Standings
MLB.com has the box score and video highlights, FanGraphs has some other stats, and ESPN the updated standings. The Red Sox lost while the Orioles and Blue Jays were off, so the Yankees are two back of Boston and Baltimore in the loss column, two up on Tampa, and three up on Toronto. Wins, they need them.

Source: FanGraphs

Up Next
Same two teams on Friday night, when David Phelps and Fausto Carmona Roberto Hernandez meet in the second game of the four-game series. RAB Tickets is the place to go for last minute ticket deals if you want to catch the game live.

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  1. ExitCashman says:

    This team is going backwards, and injuries are not the reason.

    • Pat D says:

      Pray tell then what is.

    • Crime Dog says:

      Haha yea sure.

      You have your 1B, SS, 3B, backup 1B/3B, RF and catcher hurt. Please tell me more about how this isn’t about injuries.

      • Coolerking101 says:

        Right, because injuries to the SS, 3B and backup 1B/3B were totally unexpected and shocking. Who would have expected that Chris Stewart, Ben Fransisco and Ichiro couldn’t replace the offenaive production of Martin and Swisher. Clearly nothing to complain about. Dont know about you, but i’m looking forward to the team meeting the 189 goal.

      • FIPster Doofus says:

        It isn’t just about injuries – back in the winter, the offense looked underwhelming on paper even with a healthy Grandy, Jeter and Teixeira. It’s also about letting good players go (Martin and Swisher) and bringing in washed-up ones via free agency and trades. I still can’t believe anyone who is paid to work in an MLB front office thought adding Vernon Wells was a decent idea. Any average Joe who reads FanGraphs knew it wouldn’t work. Same goes for the Ichiro re-signing, really, though to a lesser extent because at least he can run and defend.

        What’s crushing the Yankees are injuries, their own awful decisions of last offseason, and their total inability to develop players over recent years. David Phelps is the best youngster on the team, and he’s a back-end starter. There are no worthwhile young bats who can contribute. I mean, how do you commit to an austerity budget when none of your premier prospects are close to the majors? The screwed-up way this organization has been run lately is coming home to roost now.

        • LK says:

          Dude, don’t you know the deal? When Red Sox fans use injuries as an excuse it’s pathetic, when we do it it’s totally legitimate.

        • ExitCashman says:

          Thank you. I’m getting sick of repeating myself only to have yet another Cashman follower who predicted a playoff berth blame the injuries. The offense was a no-show in the playoffs with a full complement last fall plus all the guys they lost in the offseason and didn’t bother replacing.

          • Coolerking101 says:

            I’m upset at the team’s performance, but don’t see this as a Cashman failure. It sure sounds like he was given no budget to sign anyone this offseason and was prevented from inking multi-year deals so the team could get under 189 next year (except Ichiro which was an ownership decision). Swish and Martin are gone simply b/c their very reasonable deals would have made 189 in 2014 almost impossible. The Yanks didn’t even make an offer to any non-Yankee free agents till Pettitte and Kuroda were signed (obviously b/c of the Steinbrenner’s budget concerns)….and many names were off the board by that time.

        • Pasqua says:

          The offense looked “underwhelming” even with Tex, Grandy, and Jeter because you’re looking at it through the lens of a Yankees fan. We are a spoiled fanbase. We expect / demand exceptional production everywhere. The “screwed-up way” things are being run is actually pretty indicative of the way most teams are run — a few stars, a few average players, a few busts. Thing is, when you eliminate the stars you do have (Tex, Grandy, Jeter, “A-Rod”) have one bonafied stud left (Cano, who is seeing NO pitches, because why would he?), and are left with the mediocre-to-bad players, NO team can overcome that, no matter how well-run they are.

      • KD says:

        Injuries do not explain Robbie turning doubles into singles.

  2. Chris says:

    Much rather have a season trending this way than miss the playoffs by 3 games or less. Less stressful. More free time.

    • Bob Buttons says:

      Better draft position too.

    • lightSABR says:

      Yeah. If this keeps up, I’ll feel terrible for Mo, but maybe we can sell off Granderson at the deadline, maybe Overbay and part of the bullpen… I’ve been saying all year that I’d rather have one or two terrible seasons than the five or six mediocre ones I thought the front office was aiming for. If the team keeps playing like this, it might just force Steinbrenner’s hand.

      • forensic says:

        You’re not going to get anything for Overbay, whose fluky homer power has predictably disappeared, and has taken his value with it.

        I also question how much you’d actually get for 2 months of Granderson coming off of two different broken hands.

        • Pasqua says:

          You’re right on Overbay, but Granderson would fetch something pretty good. Broken bones heal, and should have no bearing on a team’s evaluation of him — it’s not like a broken finger “lingers.” Granderson’s limitation in value is tied to his impending free agency.

      • FIPster Doofus says:

        They’ll sell off Cano, too, if they have any balls. They don’t.

  3. Pat D says:

    Glad I missed this one. Luckily I’ve had other things to distract me lately.

  4. Chris says:

    It’s a shame Banuelos got hurt…cause it looks like the second half of this season would have been a golden opportunity for some growing pains time he might not have been allowed any other year on the Yanks.

  5. Eddard says:

    Of course the Sox lost again so they’re still just 2 games back. They’re playing awful but really haven’t lost any ground on the division lead. I still think they can weather the storm for another month until some reinforcements start trickling in. The pitching needs to carry them. BGDP, CC and Kuroda will need to step up this weekend.

    • Eddard says:

      I guess Kuroda won’t pitch Sunday. They’ll need to call up Nova. If he pitches will he should get a shot to take Hughes’s spot. Try Hughes in the pen and dump Jobber. Might kill two birds with one stone.

    • forensic says:

      It’s nice to keep saying to keep it close for the reinforcements, but it’s not like they’re sure to do a ton for awhile after their return, or like they’re even close to sure to stay healthy.

      Granderson already came back, didn’t do much, and got hurt again.

      Teixeira came back, did almost nothing, and got hurt again.

      There’s no reason that it may also happen to them again, or the other ones who haven’t been back yet.

      Don’t get me wrong, it’d be hard for some of them to play worse than some of the guys in there now, but it’s not like it’s some sure thing that they’re going to come back and immediately do much to improve things a ton or that the team will suddenly start winning a lot and consistently.

      • Eddard says:

        Well, Granderson suffered a freak accident so I wouldn’t lump him in with Teixera whose injury returned. I don’t care if these injured guys are limited, they’re still better than the lineup we’re putting out there every night.

        • Rolling Doughnut says:

          Right but that’s not saying much. Jeter, Tex, and ARod are in their waning years, which except possibly for Texeira, should have been seen coming. Granderson will hit maybe 15 homers and strike out 75-100 times when he returns. These guys are not going to get us to anywhere near the WS this year. Second WC maybe. The pitching has been shaky also of late. Andy has been mediocre since coming off the DL, CC is in transition and so you never know what you’re going to get, Kuroda’s not getting any younger and might run out of gas in September. Hughes, Nova and Joba pretty much suck. And it’s Mo’s last year. The real problem is not this year, which is probably a washout. It’s what happens going forward.I hope I’m wrong, but even when we get the regs back, it’s probably going to be a tough slog.

  6. jimmy james says:


  7. FEED.ME.MORE! says:

    Can Almonte get the start in RF tomorrow over Vernon Wells? Please Girardi, I’m begging you.

    • J-Money says:

      Vernon Wells makes me miss Ben Francisco

    • Jon G says:

      What he said — Wells should be benched at this point. Period. And if Almonte performs, Yanks can probably let Wells go when Granderson comes back. Unless Wells can prove himself a worthy backup/pinch hitter…

      • LK says:

        Wells and Ichiro are both under contract for 2014 and part of the all-important 189 plan. Neither of them are going anywhere.

  8. Manny's BanWagon says:

    This ship is sinking fast.

  9. stuart a says:

    our first poster some astute comments. “the team is going backwards and injuries are not the reason” correct after all brignac is better then nunez, wells is better then granderson, overbay is better the ntexiera, adams, and nix are better then arod and jeter, and romine is better then cervelli.

    absolutely the yankees offense being horrible has nothing to do with injuries it has to do with there approach and the batting coach!!!!!

    there are actually people stupid enough to believe that….

    • Manny's BanWagon says:

      You can’t blame everything on injuries.

      The Yankees knew Jeter and Arod very likely would miss a good deal of time early in the offseason and failed to bring in a decent back up SS and signed Mr. DL himself, Kevin Youkilis to fill in at 3rd. They signed washed up Ichiro for RF and actually traded for washed up Vernon Wells for LF. Like Mike has said numerous times, they half fasted their way through the offseason and this is the end result.

      Even with a healthy Granderson and Teixeria, this offense still would likely be below average.

    • LK says:

      The A-Rod injury was known in plenty of time to react, and there’s no way they should’ve counted on Jeter for a full season. Cervelli’s injury is being overblown because he was way over his head before getting hurt.

      The pitching has been remarkably healthy, especially considering the Yanks employ 2 of the 3 oldest starters in baseball.

      Injuries are to be expected when you assemble one of the oldest sets of position players in team history.

      Have the injuries contributed to the funk the team is in? Yes. Should the team get a free pass because of them? Absolutely not. They willfully went through the offseason giving themselves no margin for error. When you have no margin for error, sometimes you end up as one of the 4 worst offenses in baseball.

  10. stuart a says:

    arods injury was expected but how about nunez, cervelli, granderson, also??? nunez old? the guy is 25, cervelli old he is 25 also.. granderson is 31 not exactly ancient…

    easy to state the yankees 3rd stringers are not great and it is true, that is why they are 3rd stringeers.

    einsteins look at the yankee bench tonight; neal 25, 10 games in the big leagues, romine 24 what 20 games in the big leagues, almonte 24 and 2 games, and adams 25 and what 12 games. absolutely injuries have nothing to do with it. playing your 3rd strin SS and 3B is no big deal. injuries are part of the game….

  11. Nat King Kong says:

    This is just a horrible, horrible baseball club. Cano should be benched. Forgetting how many outs there are? This guy has done less with more talent than any Yankee I can remember in 40 years. Counting his sparkling 3-40 performance in the postseason, he is now hitting .250 since the end of last regular season. .250!!! This from the guy everyone agreed would win batting titles! He is a loafer and apparently can’t be taxed to stay mentally in the game while he’s striking out and woefully underperforming. Probably thinking about the home run derby. What a joke. And Vernon Wells still in the lineup and batting 5th? 9 for his last 90, with one extra base hit and one walk. Amazing. Stick with him, Joe! He’s gonna bust out of it any month now!

    • pat says:

      He’s hitting .301 since the beginning of last season. Arbitrary endpoints FTW!

      • Nat King Kong says:

        And what does that tell you about which way he’s trending, Pat, considering that he’s at .275 through 3 months this year?

  12. stuart a says:

    and girardi says they have the same team now that got them 12 above but that is not true, they are missing youkilis who early in the season was playing well and is right handed and also cervelli who played very well before he got hurt. this team is more hurt now then to start the season.

    • LK says:

      If they couldn’t see a Youkilis injury coming at some point, then they’re even more clueless than the trolls would have you believe.

  13. dkidd says:

    andy needs to be better

    even at full strength, this team won’t be an offensive juggernaut

    • stuart a says:

      with granderson, cervelli, and nunez in the lineup they would be 5th worse offense in the american league not the 2nd worse… when you are this bad every little bit helps offensively..

  14. stuart a says:

    cano should be benched so the ycan play david adams at 2b. shrewd move.

    i am not a fan of Cano’s mental skills and hustle but really who the hell you hurting by benching cano? The damn team and the purpose is to try to win.

    yep imagine the lineup without cano; overbay at 1b, adams at 2b, brignac at ss and nix at 3b with stewart behind the plate, pronk, wells, gardner, and ichiro would be your lineup and that would be the worst lineup in baseball by far….BY FAR. but keep spouting stupidity……..

    i am not a cano fan but get a clue………..

    • Chris says:

      I’d love to see that lineup play for a week just for the LOL’z. But of course they would probably go 4-2 because it’s baseball.

    • Dalek Jeter says:

      The world is literally upside down right now.

    • Nat King Kong says:

      I would not be opposed to benching Cano for a game to send him a message. I believe Torre did that once with him, and it seemed to get through to him, for awhile…

  15. Shittyshittybangbang says:

    Eddard, the Hughes to the pen idea might work. He’s been there before and done well. As far as waiting for reinforcements, I wouldn’t count on A-Rod much and the rest are mostly aging veterans prone to more injuries. I.M.O., the failures have mostly been with the offense, and lack of MLB ready minor leaguers to plug into some of the injury holes. I hope for the best, but reality might supersede.

  16. stuart a says:

    granderson back will help. believe it or not nunez is missed. he has some speed and a righty.

    so are so lefty dependent that is why youkilis injury hurts a ton…

    6 lefties in the lineup tonight. i play adams over brignac, he has a chance offensively brignac has been in the show for years he is never going to hit. the guy has a terrible swing, that may affect his hitting. who knows……

  17. 461deep says:

    Reinforcements will need to be productive pretty quick since they will have only 60 or so games at most to help. Alex and Derek will be 38 &
    39 by then so may need more time to shine once they get back. Saving grace is that the AL East teams all have issues. Red Sox closrer is killing them lately. O’s starting pitching just so so.
    Rays likewise with pen issues too. Jays rounding into shape and talent begining to get healty and gel as a first year reconstructed unit. Winning streak will end but winning ways may not when Reyes and Lawrie get back but they
    need more from Joey Bats.

  18. Eddard says:

    People keep saying don’t count on those reinforcements. They won’t be what they once were but are you telling me that a diminished A-Rod can’t be more productive as Adams/Nix at 3rd? Are you telling me that a diminished Jeter can’t be more productive than Brignac? Austin Romine is a negative value player. You can’t tell me Cervelli won’t be more productive than Romine/Stewart.

    And all you hear about is how bad Vernon Wells is. Then Granderson will be an upgrade. I’m saying the replacements are so bad that even diminished quality reinforcements will be an improvement.

    • stuart a says:

      you are correct. arod stinks and he would be a huge upgrade at 3B..

      granderson of last year with a ton of K’s is a huge upgrade..

      cervelli hitting 230 with no power is an obvious upgrade over romine. he also takes pitches and has some speed. if each replacement gives you some minimal incremental improvement it means a lot…nunez versus brignac.. nunez is a minimum 250 hitter, with speed, and occassional power versus a guy who is a legit under the mendoza line hitter, the difference can be 4 games in a season……

    • Dalek Jeter says:

      I have to agree with Eddard that:

      CF Gardner
      SS 70% of Jeter
      2B Cano
      DH Pronk
      1B 70% of Teixeira
      3B 70% of A-Rod
      LF 70% of Granderson
      RF Ichiro
      C Cervelli

      is better than the line up that played tonight, or replacing members of that line up with players who are currently on the bench.

      • LK says:

        I think (hope) everyone would agree with that. The issue is:

        1. We’re not seeing that lineup for quite a while still.

        2. There’s no guarantee that some of those players are coming back at 70%, if they’re coming back at all.

        3. While that lineup is better, it’s still not what I’d call good.

        • Dalek Jeter says:

          I would settle for “not below replacement level at 5 spots” right now. Good is a whole other stratosphere. Anything this team does this season will be on the backs of their pitching.

  19. Cuso says:

    Kelly Shoppach please. I don’t care. Just get him. At least he “looks” semi-dangerous at the plate from the right side

  20. Shittyshittybangbang says:

    Are we forgetting the impending A-Rod suspension ? MLB is not letting go of this thing. If he gets 50 or worse, 100, season over for A-Rod, and probably NYY.

  21. WhittakerWalt says:

    Christ, it’s frigging Troll Central around here tonight.

    • ABC says:

      Why is that? People are giving reasons why the Yanks are not very good right now with reason for concern. Funny definition of trolling you have

  22. Darren says:

    I thoroughly encourage you to check out the list of worst OPS’s in Yankee history that Mike linked to. It reads like a who’s who of jokey-Yankees that get name dropped when talking about futility (see a sample below)

    And we can be proud to say that the current Yankee team boasts 6 (!) of the top 88 worst OPS of all time: Brignac, Romine, Nix, Stewart, Wells and Nunez.

    At least they’re better than:
    Paul Zuvella Torey Luvullo, Alvaro Espinoza.
    Morgan Ensberg, Terrence Long, David Delluci
    Sal Fasano, Joel Skinner, Todd Greene

    and so on!

    • WhittakerWalt says:

      How can Jayson Nix be on that list???

    • FIPster Doofus says:

      Sal Fasano’s mustache was capable of willing teams to victory, though, so his stats weren’t important.

    • forensic says:

      And we can be proud to say that the current Yankee team boasts 6 (!) of the top 88 worst OPS of all time: Brignac, Romine, Nix, Stewart, Wells and Nunez.

      And that doesn’t even count Alberto Gonzalez and Youkilis who are also in that top 88 but aren’t active right now.

      So, almost 10% of the worst offensive players in Yankees history have played for them this year. That’s pretty amazing.

      And yet, the most hated player in the organization is the one with the 2nd highest OPS on that list…

      (Though, I’m not sure how trustworthy that list is anyway as it’s missing a bunch of players who would be better than the OPS’s listed and I’m sure plenty in the middle of the list too, unless I’m missing something in the requirements. For example, Yogi had an .830 OPS with the Yankees, but he’s not on there, and that’s just one quick example I found).

      • forensic says:

        Scooter (.706), Posada (.848), Bernie (.858), Tino (.831), etc. also not on there.

        Methinks maybe that list should be taken with a very big grain of salt (again, unless I’m missing something).

      • Darren says:

        Oh totes, there’s definitely something wrong with the list. I mean, there’s less than 200 players on it, when clearly there should be a lot more.

        In any event, I would have FUCKING KILLED TO HAVE THIS CURRENT TEAM in ’90, ’91, ’92 even ’93. You bet your sweet Scott Sanderson that Phil Hughes or Phelps would have been the ace in the early ’90′s, let alone Andy, CC or Kuroda!

        Shiiiitt, some of these kids don’t know demoralizing until you literally don’t have a #1 or #2 starter for five years and your best bullpen arm is Steve Howe (RIP)



  23. WhittakerWalt says:

    Can someone please enlighten me? Who were all these magical+great+cheap players the Yankees were supposed to get in the offseason?

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      You don’t “get” players like them. You develop them. A season like this is to be expected when a team largely fails on developing it’s prospects who for the most part are better than half of the league.

      Your comment implies that this season is unforeseen due to injuries and yes that’s definitely true. But it’s also a byproduct by failing to make these “magical+great+cheap players.”

      You’re right, Cashman couldn’t have done this for one offseason. But he’s had many.

      • WhittakerWalt says:

        Many seasons of crappy draft picks. That’s part and parcel of winning so many games.

        • Steve says:

          Many seasons of having no cap on international players. A lot of team draft at the end of the first round every year. The Cards do well. The Sox do well. Are all good players drafted in the first round?

  24. Wheels says:

    How did we get off to such a good start this year? There has to be another run of good baseball in this team.

    • forensic says:

      Cervelli, Wells, Hafner, Youkilis, Overbay all playing over their heads to varying degrees, Cano playing like he should, and several clutch late inning hits leading to absurd records in 1-run games.

    • LK says:

      They’re almost certainly better than this.

      However, you’re logic is flawed. Based on that, there also has to be another run of good baseball in Vernon Wells.

      • Wheels says:

        That’s what’s crazy though, he did even put that first month together in retrospect? He’s still got to posses some ability.

        • LK says:

          That’s the thing – he really doesn’t. Really bad players can have good months. Really bad teams can do the same thing. I don’t think this team is really bad, but just because they played well for the first month or two doesn’t guarantee they’re going to play that well again.

          • forensic says:

            Don’t tell that to Girardi.

            “This is the same team that got us to 12 games over.”

            Yet no one even calls him on that either since it isn’t as it’s missing Youk and Cervelli (not to mention other guys who played above their ability level).

            • LK says:

              I mean generally speaking no baseball team is going to be the same roster at two different points in the season.

              The reality is that statement is completely vacuous. Really terrible teams play well for a month a time. Really awesome teams play shitty for a month at a time. If you’re not going to be the ’98 Yankees or ’03 Tigers, you’re going to have good and bad stretches. The issue with this team is that I’m not sure which is closer to the “real” Yankees – that good first month or this recent awfulness. And I’m scared to find out.

        • forensic says:

          It’s still generous, I think, to say he hit for a whole month. His line at the end of the month is fine, but it’s basically all made up of the first week of the season plus a couple of games against Toronto.

          • LK says:

            Generally speaking, you can take any good month that any baseball player has and slice it up into good and bad parts. The smaller the slices (and a week is REALLY small) the bigger the swings. The consistent hitter is a complete myth.

          • Wheels says:

            He almost made a believer out of me. I remember leaving a comment saying “What if this is the beginning of an illustrious Yankees career for Vernon wells?”. Oh well, live and learn and all that.

  25. Tom says:

    So who’s the leader/voice on the club right now? Who’s talking to someone if they are forgetting how many outs, making a baserunning mistake, not hustling, throwing to the wrong bag, in a really bad hitting stretch, etc… Pitchers are kind of in their own world otherwise I would say CC or Andy; I just see a complete void from the position players.

    I know chemistry and clubhouse presence have driven in as many runs as the posters here (0), but I think it is something sorely lacking with Jeter on the shelf (and to a lesser extent Grandy).

    I also think this is another area where Swisher is missed – he’s up and down the dugout talking people’s ears off, picking up guys who might be struggling or just trying to lighten things up. Cervelli was probably the closest thing to it with Swisher’s gone.

    Cano and Gardner are really the only 2 guys and neither seems like the type.

    • forensic says:

      Truthfully, I don’t know if there is any sort of a real leader in there among the position players. After almost all of the recent losses the position players have bailed out of the clubhouse and left or hid until the media was done in there. Suzyn has said it several times and the complete lack of postgame interviews on YES supports it.

      To me, that points to no one stepping up and taking a leadership role, giving the club a voice, or taking responsibility after the losses (everyone likes talking after wins).

  26. Get Phelps Up says:

    Let’s look at it this way:

    The Yankees have 5 all stars slated to come off the DL in the next month or so, give or take.

    Jeter would have to hit .209/.275/.270 to be an upgrade.
    ARod would have to hit .255/.305/.349 to be an upgrade.
    Grandy would have to hit .215/.254/.337 to be an upgrade.
    Tex would have to hit .212/.274/.403 to be an upgrade.
    Pineda would have to pitch to a 5.08 ERA to be an upgrade.

    And we probably can all agree that those guys, even if they aren’t what they once were, are WAY better than those lines. And really, the Yankees don’t need a top 10 offense with their pitching staff but they do need better than they’re getting.

    • LK says:

      They’re definitely going to make the team better.

      The real question is, how good is the team now? They currently have a negative run differential. If you think that represents the current talent of the team better than its record, all those guys could be upgrades and the team could still not be very good. That’s my fear.

      • Darren says:

        Why don’t you shut your big mouth with that kind of talk!!!

        (Me worried too))

      • Get Phelps Up says:

        I think the Yankees are about 60/40 in favor of their 16-11 April than a -5 run differential mostly because of pitching. And while the current lineup isn’t great, Cano, Pronk, Adams, and even Wells are playing worse than their true talent.

  27. forensic says:

    How about that Mariners/Angels game? M’s go up 7-0 in the 3rd and 8-1 in the 4th with Felix on the mound, so it’s sewn up.

    Then, over the next 3 innings the Angels put 7 runs on the board (7 runs, 6 earned total off Felix in 5 innings) to tie it up. The M’s score one in the top of the 8th and the Angels come back with 2 in the bottom of the 8th to take the lead, 10-9.

    Frieri now trying to close it out.

    And by the way, 10 runs and 17 hits for the Angels, yet Josh Hamilton goes 0-4 with a K and a DP (and a SF).

    • Dalek Jeter says:

      Josh Hamilton has straight up forgotten how to hit a baseball. It’s freaking mind boggling. There is not one stat that has been trending downward for him, and apart from IFFB his contact percentages aren’t that drastically different, but he’s literally replacement level according to fWAR posting a 0.0 so far this season.

  28. stuart a says:

    even if aroid is suspended which I doubt this year, they would still be better even if they only got back; grandy, cervellie, nunez, and pineda much better.

    trade Joba for whatever, if hughes sucks in his next 2 or 3 starts he goes to the pen and nova and or pineda gone in his slot.

    youkilis was pretty good before he got hurt, he always works counts and that helps also.

    all I want cashman to do is look to make incremental improvements. they are not resigning joba and hughes so look to move them for prospects, why not…

  29. fred robbins says:

    It’s not all the injuries. If you don’t get that, you are not watching this team with open eyes. Is there One good reason the Yankees have not been looking for and grooming a star shortstop. Do they think Jeter will be their guy for the next 5 years still? Same for 3rd base and the outfield. Ownership has either tied Cashman’s hands or he is the worst GM out there. There is just no good reason to have passed on Tori Hunter and then go out and sign a useless Wells and Youk for about the same money.
    This team has no Heart. Cano is a streak hitter who quits when his team is behind and yet all around baseball and on BBTN and ESPN you never hear a word of just how average he has become. He is called elite and a star for no good reason. To forget the outs shows the true character of this guy who would rather be sitting on the bench spitting seeds and laughing with his buddies. I would take a handful of second basemen over him any day of the week– Pedroia makes him look like a bush league grunt. There are 1-2 guys on each major leaue team I would rather have than Cano, but they are all getting locked up now by smart ownership. The Yankees are where they deserve to be– or at least they will be when they hit last place in their division.
    And Giving away Want to a rival no less– over Hughes and Phelps and the rest.. unbelievable

    • ExitCashman says:

      How can you think that ownership has tied Cashman’s hands when he dumped $25 million on Youkilis and Wells in the offseason? That’s more than most teams have to spend for several years! This tied hands bullshit has got to stop. And so has the hate on Ichiro. I wasn’t a big fan of the 2 year deal, but as a 4th outfielder for $6 million, he is well worth it for the speed, defense and ability to get on base in tough situations. He’s a future HOFer who didn’t use PEDs, so please stop comparing him to these has beens and never will bes on the team now.

    • WhittakerWalt says:

      Cano is considered elite and a star because he’s a Gold Glove 2nd baseman who hits 30 homers a year and led the league in XBH last season.
      There, that’s three reasons. Oh, wait. You’re mindreader and you can tell how he “feels” about the game.
      Bernie Williams once forgot how many outs there were. So did Posada. I guess they were bums, too?

  30. Travis L. says:

    Does anyone else think that all this complaining is a waste of time? Its as if all the commenters that are bitching about a losing team think the New York Yankees should be 100% winners for the rest of time and not lose EVER!!!! Wake up. Damn. I’ve been a Yankees fan since I can remember. I was a fan through the 90′s. I’ve been a fan since the 90′s. Guess what? Losing happens. Bad teams happen. Poor decisions happen. Slumps happen. Players fall off cliffs. Its not the end of the world. Its not a good feeling, to see your team destined for the cellar, but its not world ending. Every team goes through a rebuild. We will too. It’ll be unconventional and quirky, with not selling when we need to and just hanging onto guys when they need to be cut. In the end, we don’t run the team. We, though, as fans, need to support our team. This run (this year really) is going to be disappointing. Oh well. Its still the Yankees and its still going to be the Yankees next year. Just sit back and watch. Or don’t watch if you are faint of heart and seeing a team play terribly hurts you that bad. But for Christ’s sake…quit trying to make this out to be the worst team ever. Yankees standards are high, but at least this isn’t the Houston Astros of the last few years. We still have a winning record…stay positive.

    Rant Over.

    • ExitCashman says:

      I don’t like complaining either. I just want Cashman out. He’s done nothing but overspend on older, fading talent in the years he’s been here and has not built an organization that can thrive in the years ahead. Don’t blame the Steinbrenner family. If Cash did what Gene Michael did, there would be no calls for Rafael Soriano or others who he didn’t want.

      • Travis L. says:

        When did Cash take over as GM? What did those Yankee years look like? Everyone blames Cashman, but as Levine makes his own deals and the Steinbrenner kids aim to pocket more profit, you see the roster talent shrink. Cashman doesn’t scout prep or college players, the scouts do. Cashman has to take the word of other people as to who is talented or not. If the draft fails, it isn’t Cashman who should shoulder the blame. Is it? If I tell you that XXXXXXX is a round 1 talent and you should take him in the opening round…and you do…and he flames out, then who’s ass should be hung for it? My point is that we don’t know what happens in that office. Only they do. We can sit back and judge all day long and not be right. Hell, maybe you are right. But at least have the smarts to know that there is a chance that things aren’t as easy as we see them to be. Ok?

        • Anthony_14 says:

          I don’t blame Cashman. I lived thought the era of revolving door GMs and managers, it’s was terrible. I honestly think that Hal Steinbrenner is bad for this club. Nice guy, but no baseball sense. This self imposed salary cap is understandable, but at this time – with these injuries – it is a perfect storm. And I do think this club leaves too many players in the minors for too long, and maybe some of that lands with Cashman….to be fair about it.

          I still would like to see Heathcott and Austin get bumped up to the majors. I don’t care about skipping levels. There is nothing to lose right now. I know I have written that before, so this is the last time I will reiterate that, but it would be fun to see it.

      • WhittakerWalt says:

        “I just want Cashman out. He’s done nothing but overspend on older, fading talent put together 4 World Series winners in the years he’s been here”

        There you go.

    • Rolling Doughnut says:

      Pretty much agree. The only thing to add though is the “how” of the rebuild is the key issue. This squad reminds me of the 1965 Yanks, with the fading stars of years past injured and/or slipping into mediocrity. It took 10 years to rebuild that team. Hope we don’t have to wait that long this time.

      • Travis L. says:

        Me too. In all honesty though, we have talent in the system. They are working their way up through from the lower levels. It may take 1-3 years to get them MLB ready, and we may have to shovel shit for those 1-3 years, but once the prospects start arriving, I’m crossing my fingers that things will be alright.

      • TomH says:

        Shhhhhh. People don’t like to read “1965.”

        • Pat D says:

          Indeed. I thought we agreed that was forbidden to mention.

          • Pat D says:

            Especially because if this year does end up being 1965 v. 2.0, is next year going to be 1966 v. 2.0?

            Then you’ll see people on this board lose their fucking minds.

            • TomH says:

              You mean because the NYY finished 10th (of 10) in 1966?

              Hell, they’ve got a chance of finishing 5th of 5th this year. Of course, that’s an improvement over 10th of 10.

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