Robinson Cano named captain of AL Homerun Derby team (again)


For the second straight year, Robinson Cano will captain the AL Homerun Derby squad, MLB announced. He won the event back in 2011, as you surely remember. David Wright will do the honors for the NL. He was the runner-up to Ryan Howard back in 2006. The All-Star Game is in CitiField this year, so good job by MLB of picking the two New York guys.

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  1. Matt DiBari says:

    This completely ruins the new tradition of booing the captain for not picking a local guy

    • Jonathan says:

      Hey now….don’t be so hard on KC. They had 5 total 20+ home run seasons on their roster last year. Ok, so Frenchy had 2 of those and nobody on their ENTIRE ROSTER has ever hit 30 once but c’mon. If they weren’t so ignorant they’d realize if their stupid owner would have payed up they could have had a local guy in Beltran but an OF/DH of Ibanez/Dye/Beltran/Damon in their primes just HAD to go. I live 30 minutes from KC and go to a dozen games a year and have yet to meet ONE SINGLE real Royals fan. They know nothing about the game and stay for 3 innings. All they know is they’re supposed to boo Jeter and ARod….and now Cano. That’s it. Sure was nice win Robbie hit one over the bullpen to silence those boos as we swept them this year.

  2. Laz says:

    Stewart got snubbed

  3. Nat King Kong says:

    Cano needs to start hitting and stop sucking before he worries about any all star game or stupid home run derby.

    • Betty Lizard says:

      Oh gosh, yes. We certainly can’t have fans and, you know, CHILDREN, enjoying the Home Run Derby. All Yankees should be forbidden from participating. This is not a game!

      • Bob Buttons says:

        Of course it’s not. It’s the ultimate showdown between four individuals representing four different regions of varies size over their skills pertaining to hitting batting practice homers repeatedly in front of a packed stadium of fans from various regions each cheering and booing different players along with some children of various ages trying to catch the balls that stay in play, broadcast all over the globe that preludes the ultimate showdown between two combined forces elected to represent different regions facing each other for a (debatable) benefit that ultimately they may not benefit from.

  4. WhittakerWalt says:

    Fans in KC are still pissed.

  5. Tom says:


    The Yankees’ Robinson Cano will be a Home Run Derby captain again this season, but he still won’t pick Billy Butler for his American League team.

    “No chance,” Cano said with a smile.

  6. trr says:

    You know how they say the HR derby messes up your swing? Maybe this year it helps Cano

  7. noah72419 says:

    Cano entered the homerun derby 2 times and he won it 1 time @ Nat King Kong also he will be better then u will ever be @Nat King Kong

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