Yankees activate Andy Pettitte, send Brennan Boesch to Triple-A


As expected, the Yankees have activated Andy Pettitte (trap) off the DL. He will start tonight’s game. To clear room on the roster, Brennan Boesch was send down to Triple-A. The Bombers are now carrying a normal 12-man pitching staff and four-man bench.

Oh, and Lyle Overbay is starting in right field against the Indians tonight. So that’s where the Yankees are at right now.

  • Winter

    What’s more likely, Lyle Overbay hits a home run or is responsible for an inside-the-park home run?

    • MannyGeee

      LoverBay is a baseball player(TM)… put him anywhere and he’ll give it a go.

      • Scott

        Tonight, RF; tomorrow, Catcher?

  • Wheels

    Glad to have Overbay’s bat in the lineup tonight. It can’t hurt.

    • Jersey Joe


    • RetroRob

      The bat might not, but the glove will soon enough.

      • Wheels

        Screw it, we need to shake things up right now. This offense is dead in the water. I the ballsy move.

        • Wheels

          I *like* the ballsy move.

  • Mason Williams Blood Alcohol Content

    Remember when Overbay was a doubles machine? Jesus that must have been fifty years ago.

  • http://aol amanda

    Sparky Lyle Overbay can he run ?

    • Nutty Squirrel

      Maybe Sparky Anderson Cooper will do a report on it.

      • jsbrendog

        sparky arn anderson will come down with a chair

  • Chip

    My eyes! They burnses!

    For the record, I’m expecting this:

    • Chip

      Apparently I’m not allowed to post pictures of Vlad in right field

  • Mberk15

    Wow, they really hate Boesch, huh? He has the 4th best OPS on the team (yeah, small sample size), and when was the last time anybody else had a three-hit game with a HR?? It’s like they’re looking for new ways to avoid using him. So, we’re so desperate for offense that we’re sending down the only guy who’s done anything lately so we can start a 36-year-old first baseman with a .289 on-base % in right field????

    • Travis L.

      It beats losing Overbay for nothing and having him come back and bite us in the ass later on. At least now, we can keep him until he completely sucks, then cut him and call up Boesch.

      • Jersey Joe

        Yes…good point.

      • Mberk15

        But shouldn’t Adams be the guy to go down?? Now there are actually only three OF on the roster, and you’re sending down Boesch before even trying Overbay out there.

        Girardi has guys he loves – Nix, Stewart – and guys he just hates, and can’t bring himself to put in the lineup. Clearly, BB is one of those guys.

        • DC

          Nix can cover the corner OF position if needed, so he’s the current default 4th OF unless Overbay can handle it.

          • Mberk15

            Yeah, but playing Nix in the OF means Brignac at SS, and that’s another guy Joe obviously doesn’t like. I still don’t get why Adams isn’t the guy to go down.

            All I’m saying is, if we’re so desperate for offense, why is the odd man out the only guy who’s hit lately???

            • DC

              I’m not saying it’s ideal by any means, but the biggest reason Adams isn’t going down is because he’s a RH bat.

            • Mikhel

              Also keep in mind that Nix is not only the 4th OF, but also the back-up catcher, or rather… the backup of the backup (Romine), of the backup (Stewart) of the catcher (Cervelli)

              • Mikhel

                maybe 4th OF is a bit of an over-reach LOL

        • trr

          Sometimes it sure seems that way

    • trr

      I’m not saying I endorse this idea, but I’m sure they’re looking at O-Bay’s 29 ribbis, 2nd to Cano on the team.

      Yes, ‘berk, we ARE desperate for offense!

      I wonder, does Overbay havw a good personal history against Masterson?

      • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

        625/700/625, but only 10 PA, 7 of which came in 2010.

        • trr

          SS, but thanks Needy

      • D$1184

        For the record, Boesch vs. Masterson: 7-27 (.259/.355/.296) 4 BB 3 K.

  • http://riveravenueblues mississippi Doc


    • Havok9120

      Your turn.

  • Dave M

    I don’t know what kind of range he has. But a good glove is a good glove. So I assume he’ll catch what he can get to. We’ll find out.

    • Jersey Joe

      Ya, Overbay is one of the better first basemen in memory, so I can’t imagine that he is as bad in the OF as Youk was with the BoSox.

      • trr

        You know what? I bet he’ll be servicable out there tonight.

        Plus, we’ll have such a big lead after 6 innings that we can take him out for a defensive replacement, right? RIGHT?

      • RetroRob

        I don’t know. Youkilis was a very good defender at first, and was also good at third. Overbay could be quite horrible out in the OF.

        • KeithK

          The problem with playing outfield isn’t catching the ball. Heck, I could catch fly balls if they were hit to me and I’ve never played anything more advanced than slow pitch softball. The problem is reading the ball off the bat and running a good route to the ball (and not being catcher-slow while doing it). There’s no reason to think that Overbay is adept at playing flyballs based on his defensive abilities at first base.

          I wouldn’t be surprised if Gardner shifted a couple steps toward right tonight to cover for Overbay.

  • LarryM Fl

    I really feel bad for Boesch. I understand the move and the need to keep Overbay on the roster.
    I can just see it now. Swisher will be laughing his a$$ off as Overbay makes Swisher look like a graceful Joe D. I hope we don’t loss Overbay crashing into a wall in RF but if he can run 10 steps in any direction he can play RF in YS3.

  • Ben

    Not saying that I disagree with the move, just so they can keep overbay around for Tex Insurance. But i’d rather take Boesch’s avg defense and bat over Lyle’s no glove + his recently awesome bat.

    • Mberk15

      I feel like everyone loses sight of the fact that Overbay has a .289 OBP.

      • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

        .326 vs. RHP, which is the only time he should ever play.

        fwiw, Boesch had a .286 OBP in over 500 PA’s last year.

        Really, neither one is a good option.

        • trr

          That’s it!
          Or would you prefer Ichiro?

          • forensic

            Ichiro’s hitting .389/.389/.389 in the last 7 days and .333/351/.389 in the last 14 days.

            I know it’s a really small sample and his season numbers suck, but he’s one of the only guys hitting for anything right now, so why is he still the butt of everyone’s jokes (not just you, just happened to be the last one to do it)?

            • jjyank

              Haha that first line is the most Ichiro line I’ve ever seen.

              • forensic

                Yeah, no one ever said he’s patient or powerful. But hey, .389 is .389… :-)

            • trr

              It’s OK ;)

              Actually I did point out in the Series Preview thread that Ichito’s bat was starting to heat up a little; I think he’s hit in 12/14. Ichiro does have a target on his back because of his contract, but I think everyone here does realize we need better options for RF, and filling that need should be a little easier than SS or C

              • emac2

                You would be wrong.

                Right field is one of the last places to waste assets in an upgrade.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

      avg defense and avg bat is being extremely optimistic for Boesch.
      He’s a pretty lousy defender, and really has had only one at least average offensive year (2011).

    • forensic

      Overbay is hitting .182/.182/.273 in the last 7 days, .176/.243/.324 in the last 14 games, and .241/.289/.434 in the last 28 days.

      That’s far from recently awesome, even for this offense.

  • trr

    “Overbay makes Swisher look like a graceful Joe D.”
    A drunken mule couldn’t do that.

    • LarryM Fl

      That was funny at least you got my humor!

  • shittyshittybangbang

    Wow. Suzuki fail. Didnt forsee it, was ok with his resigning. Man, do they need a grand slam in draft and intl f/a, or what ?!

  • forensic

    Well, this is… surprising.

    Not a fan of this move. I’m certainly not a big fan of Boesch, and really Overbay may actually ‘in the ballpark’ of his level defensively, but they seem to be acting like Overbay’s “production” is something they can’t do without and can’t replace.

  • mick taylor

    playing overbay in rightfield is insane. he will either make errors costing runs or hurt himself. better playing tex at third , where he has played before. but no, mr 23 million can’t.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

      How does playing Tex at third help?
      They’re looking for offense in the OF.

      • jjyank

        Yep. The Yankees have 3 guys that can play third. Don’t need a fourth. But then, this is mick taylor we’re responding to.

        • trr

          Mick Taylor of the Stones?

    • DC

      Death, taxes, and you whining about Tex.

      • trr

        Let’s face it, most of us have our favorite whipping boy (some of us more than one!)

        Wait ’til Aug when the Grand Poobah of all whipping boys returns. You know of whom I speak.

    • Get Phelps Up

      Tex’s salary isn’t $23 million.

  • BigBlueAL

    Further emphasizes just how huge Granderson getting re-injured is.

  • emac2

    At least it isn’t Wells, Gardner and Overbay, that might be fun to watch…maybe funny is a better term.

  • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

    If they’re willing to live with what will presumably be poor defense in RF, it makes me wonder why Musty isn’t an option. Can his defense really be that bad?
    I get trying to keep Overbay around for the time being, but it seems to me if you’re going to do that, Musty would be a better option as a Boesch/Adams replacement. He can move into the OF rotation vs. RHP, and DH or occasionally play 3B vs. LHP.

    • forensic

      Completely agree. And they even still have a 40-man spot open if they didn’t want to DFA Overbay for that quite yet. Just baffling. They tend to make some really odd decisions with their roster management.

    • emac2

      well shoot. we have to keep overbay because he might have some trade value or get another big hit. Save the good players on the farm for next year.

  • Mike HC

    Well, this could get interesting. Also, nice work Mike being on this Overbay to rightfield a couple of weeks ago.

  • vicki

    reporting live from the east village: it’s pretty stormy. i wonder if they’ll get it in.

  • Tommygun

    Good thing Girardi and friends aren’t as fixated on stats as some of the people who read this website. A walk is NOT as good as a hit. And it’s easier to get a walk against a poor pitcher. Masterson isn’t going to give up many walks. So why not let Overbay try to get over?

    • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

      1)Nobody ever said a walk was as good a hit. They are better than making outs however, something the Yankees are doing way too much of lately.
      2) It’s also easier to get a hit against a poor pitcher. It’s easier to do anything offensively against a poor pitcher.
      3) What the hell does any of this have to do with Overbay playing RF?

      • Mikhel


    • Mikhel

      If you knew stats, you would know that a walk is better than no hit whatsoever and swinging for the fences. A hitter can get in a hitting slump but will rarely get onto a no-walk slump.

  • Evan3457

    If it was me, it would have been Adams who got demoted, with Boesch going to RF against righties.

    But that’s just me.