Yankees take Aaron Judge and Ian Clarkin with 32nd and 33rd picks

Yankees take Eric Jagielo with 26th overall pick
Sanchez & Flores both double in losses

With their back-to-back supplemental first round picks (32nd and 33rd overall), the Yankees selected Fresno State OF Aaron Judge and California HS LHP Ian Clarkin, respectively. Click the links for my write-up of each player. These were the compensation picks for Nick Swisher and Rafael Soriano leaving as free agents.

Yankees take Eric Jagielo with 26th overall pick
Sanchez & Flores both double in losses
  • Theonewhoknocks

    Admittedly don’t know anything about these guys but I can’t think of any positional players with long successful careers at 6’7. Anybody know of some

    • The Real Greg

      Frank Howard, the Capitol Punisher.

    • Nuke Guy (Knoxvillain)

      Richie Sexson.

    • The Real Greg

      Frank Howard, a great ballplayer with the Senators in the 60s was 6’7”

      • The Real Greg

        Sorry I had connection problems

        • greg

          this man is not the real GREG, and i use the name the real greg over at thejetsblog………its gonna confuse people lol

    • TSmith515

      Dave Winfield was 6’6″…I’d take another of him.

      • Mikhel

        Strawberry too…

    • Mikhel

      Not 6′ 7″ but a rather succesful player was the straw man himself, at 6′ 6″.

      • Greg

        one inch taller…no career!

    • MannyGeee

      Sean Green is 6’6″. The Big Hurt was listed at 6’5″.

  • Jimmy McNulty

    D-Opp just went into beast mode today. THRILLED with this.

  • The Big City of Dreams

    lol @ Clarkin hating the Yankees growing up and his favorite moment as a kid was the 01 WS

    • Bo Knows

      Phil Hughes grew up in a devout RedSox family, his Grandmother has said that she hates the yankees and only cheers for them when Phil is pitching.

      Hell, Laptop Mc-spitball aka Clay Buchulz was a Yankee fan before he was drafted

      • Mikhel

        I knew it!!! Hughes is an infiltrate!!!!

      • Havok9120

        I love, love, love that name for the Laptop Thief, regardless of its accuracy.

  • Jim Cavanaugh

    Yeah 6’6 is big but i can’t lie … John Hart calling Judge the “Blake Griffin player” of this draft is definitely exciting.

    • Bo Knows

      People been screaming for Stanton, well the Yankees drafted a guy that even bigger physically….so maybe we can hope the bat matches the body (twss)

  • forensic

    Clarkin is the latest attempt at an embedded Red Sox (fan). Trying to take the Yankees down from the bottom up this time.

    Little does he know that the Yankees will get the last laugh by failing to develop him and not giving him any sort of Major League career.

    • VOIII

      He’s a HS pitcher…he doesn’t have to sign… Gerrit Cole was a Yankee Fan and chose college.

      • Mikhel

        Gerrit Cole knew he could get a better bonus in his next year, same thing with Appel.

      • trr

        Lets hope we get ’em ALL signed

    • Andy in Sunny Daytona

      Isn’t Clarkin a Diamondbacks fan?

      • http://www.mozilla.com Ryan Tenpenny

        I think so, because he cheered when the Yankees lost to them in game 7 of the 2001 World Series.

  • The Doctor

    Necessary: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6KMAjPqpVs

    I am happy with the results.

  • Manny’s BanWagon

    Seems like a solid draft so far with 3 solid projectable players with good upside.

    Glad to see no apparent Bichettian or Culveresque reaches

    • LeftyLarry

      I DUNNO, the 3rd baseman has holes in his swing , is a question mark to remain at 3rd, can’t run but has good power.
      The big kid has potential, maybe even Dave Winfield type potential but is far from a guarantee and the Lefty pitcher has a funky delivery and IMO less projectibilty than some HS pitchers drafted after him.
      Then again, they did take “names” this time, maybe that’s the ticket for them, hard for the pundits to critcise them this time..

      • JobaWockeeZ

        Obviously none of them are a guarantee. What is pleasing is that all three picks are consensus good values in contrast to Culver and Bichette who were viewed as reaches.

        • Manny’s BanWagon


          • Evan3457

            I’d put it this way. The Yanks had three first-round draft picks, and for a change-of-pace, selected three 1st round prospects.

            Decent mix of positions, of high school and college, and “fast movers” with “high ceiling”.

            Any pick can bust, all of them might bust, but I like these picks, overall. I think the Yankess’ Drafting Crew did what they had to do.

            • trr

              As stated, nothing is a sure thing, but there’s certainly cause for optimism here

    • RetroRob

      The Bichette and Culver picks are a thing of the past. There was a strategy behind those picks that had to do with the system that was in place at that time, allowing for higher quality picks further down. The system has now changed, and the picks the last two years reflect that change.

      • http://www.mozilla.com Ryan Tenpenny

        Dante Bichette Jr. has disappointed me so far, I was looking for bounceback 2013 season for him, but it hasn’t happened unfortunately.

  • Wayne

    Damn i wanted cody reed with one of the three picks instead he gets picked by Kansas city. He has alot of up side. Ian Clarkin is not kershaw not even close. Kershaw is way bigger bigger hands and much better delivery.

    • Big Hands Bob

      Well, we know what big hands means.

      • forensic

        Big gloves?

        • vicki

          yep. more than any other physiological trait it means athletic ability.

          • Rick

            Posting at 3:25A, you’re either on the west coast or batman

      • PFOJ

        Big hands, I know you’re the one.

    • Steve (different one)

      Sorry to be so blunt, but this comment is just so bad. “Clarkin is not Kershaw”. No shit. Kershaw is on pace, and of course “on pace” doesn’t mean a ton at his age, to be a first ballot HoFer.

      Comparing a just drafted high school kid to him just make no sense.

  • Now Batting

    Aaron judge just became my favorite prospect to root for. Would be the tallest MLB OFer in history and could potentially play CF.

    • The Real Me

      I’m with you. I was really hoping the Yanks would get him. New prospect to follow.

  • JU

    Was no one willing/interested in rolling the dice with Manaea?

    • John C

      Royals took Manaea with pick 34

      • John C

        Yanks took a 2nd baseman named Goshla Katoh in round 2. Don’t know anything about him. Really wanted H.S outfielder Jordan PAroubeck who went to SD a few picks later

        • CashmanNinja

          Katoh is lanky and is an opposite field contact hitter — think a version of Ichiro who slaps the ball the other way. He’s supposedly a tremendous second baseman defensively, but his arm is pretty weak (hence he won’t move to SS). It’s as if he’s a combination of a bunch of players… Ichiro’s ability to slap the ball/make contact, Ichiro’s speed, Cano’s quick wrists, and Jose Altuve’s defense. He was probably a slight reach, but I kind of like him. He’s a second baseman who seems to be getting rave reviews for his defense alone. At the very least he could be a utility guy who isn’t an automatic out because he can make contact and runs the bases very well. He kind of makes me think what Homer Bush *could* have been.

          • Evan3457

            Sounds to me like the Yanks tried to get their own Dustin-Pedroia-lite.

            Maybe they won’t give Cano the big contract, after all.

            Nah. Katoh’s upside probably isn’t high enough. Oh, well.

            • Howard Cosell

              WHY? waste this pick? a light hitting weak arm 2nd basemen………

              ——–MAKES NO SENSE———–

              • pat

                Actually it make perfect sense if you know what’s going on.So they can ball out and take signability guys later in the Top 10. As long as you sign someone you get their whole slot bonus. If you pick a guy who will sign for less you get to use the leftover money on another player in the Top 10.

            • MannyGeee

              That in now way sounds like Dustin Pedroia to me… If anyone, he sounds like Altuve mold: nice hitter with limited power and a solid glove.

              • Andy in Sunny Daytona

                Look man, Katoh is 6’2″. He’s not 5’7″ or 5’5″

                • pat

                  Plus, he’s got that Ichiro thing goin on.

          • nycsportzfan

            I read that Katoh has power.

      • JU

        Yea I’m aware he went 34 to KC. I’m also aware the Yanks had 3 picks before that, and drafted a HS pitcher at 33 instead of a guy who could’ve been a top 5 pick.

  • EndlessJose

    Ian Clarkin the “Jeremy Bleich” of this draft.Like he’s interview on MLB network we are gonna hear Pettitte comparisons on him until he flops.

    THe draft like the Yankees system has players with some high upside but will take a long to to get there and if they get there.The yankees had too much money too worry about not getting high players.

    • CashmanNinja

      I admit I’m a little nervous that he’ll go all “Bleich” on us. When we drafted Jeremy Bleich I was insanely thrilled. I mean thrilled. I thought he was going to be the next Sandy Koufax. Well, not really, but I was really hoping he’d make it to the majors and be a great pitcher for us. That obviously hasn’t happened, but oh well. Not every player works out and most of the time it is the guys who come out of nowhere who wind up having the biggest impact on teams.

      Ian Clarkin really does have some alright stuff, though. His fastball could use some work, but his main thing right now is location. His curveball is so good that if he can get the command issues completely ironed out then he could still be extremely successful even with a fastball of just 91-92. It would be like Mike Mussina’s later years (especially his last). He didn’t have a ton of gas left, but he was able to hit his spots and keep hitters off balance. Maybe he should try to get that sweet two-seemer that started in and broke out over the plate to lefties. God that was a sweet pitch.

      • nycsportzfan

        Clarkin has a great fastball and devestating curveball, that he can bury to get swing and misses or throw for strikes, and he also throws a change, which is the pitch that needs most work. He gets the heater up to 92-94 all ready, and hes a high school kid.

        Clarkin was the steal of this draft, and nothing like Bleich and his 90mph fastball, and also, Bleich was terribly injury prone since we drafted em. If he stayed healthy, you never know? I think Clarkin is nothing like Bleich, personally. Way better projection, and all ready a super devestating curve with a big heater.

      • http://www.mozilla.com Ryan Tenpenny

        Why did you thought that loser Jeremy Bleich was gonna be the next Sandy Koufax?

    • Bwitz

      Completely alike. Except that Bleich was 21 when he was drafted. And in college. Other than that, they’re like twins. Scary almost.

  • Wayne

    Best pitchers available are jd busfield luke schiraldi evan anderson alex schick alec Hansen and kyle Richter Scott frazier andrew mitchell . Alec Hansen could be really good and so can busfield and evan anderson the top 3 starting pitchers available.

  • Wayne

    Second round what a waste of a pick!!!!!!

    • Big Hands Bob

      Aren’t his hands big enough?

    • Steve (different one)

      Katoh is not Joe Morgan, the pick is wasted.

      • The Real Me

        Right. Should have picked a “sure thing” 1st ballott HOF’er with signability issues. No reason to have a plan to ensure they have the money to sign their first 3 picks. They’re not important. It’s that 2nd round that counts.

  • Wayne

    Judge is suppose to be a quick developer i heard. But who knows?

    • King George

      I heard the same thing too. Read on ESPN that one scout thinks he can make it to the show by next summer. Not expecting it, but at least he has talents and tools that are well-lauded. By and large, the Yankees really did well with all three selections.

      • The Real Me

        That would be amazing. When was the last time the Yankees had someone to make it up that quickly (within 2 years)?

  • Rookie

    My take is that Clarkin looks very interesting, but that the rest of the picks so far are likely to be busts. Looks to me like Yankees picked the others (other than Clarkin) based on projections, not their results.

    • pat

      If you draft based on results you’re doing it wrong. Like totally, horribly, wrong.

  • vicki

    jon denney. hang in there.

    • Travis L.

      I cant believe he hasn’t been taken yet.

  • MannyGeee

    Aaron Judge, you have become my new favorite prospect, if for no other reason:


    • Scout

      Judge makes it too easy for the announcers:

      “The Judge is holding court today.”

      “The Judge just cited that pitch for contempt.”

      “The Judge just gave his verdict on that pitch.”

      • TCMiller30

        Haha I really hope he becomes an elite player in the majors for no other reason than all the fun things they can say with his name.

        “Judge rifles it into second, the tag! The verdict is in.. He’s out!!”

        “With that 3rd inning HR, Judge sentences that ball to 6 innings of hard time to be served in the right field bleachers”

  • nycsportzfan

    Was watching some Ian Clarkin footage alittle while ago, and that kids Curveball is disgustingly nasty! A heater that he controls low in the zone with movement that sits 90-92, and has topped out at 94(all ready!), and a decent change.

    I read the low end of his potential would be as a num 3starter and if everything works out, possiblya num 1 or 2. This kids a steal!

    Judge, Jaigelo, and Clarkin, is the best draft haul i think the yanks have had in some time. I was praying for Andrew Thurman in RD2, but oh well. That 1st 3picks was enough to excite me.

    • The Real Me

      Absolutely. Maybe they pick up a sleeper somewhere in the later rounds as well. I’m quite satisfied and hope that a few from this draft class can make it to the show.

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