2013 Futures Game Open Thread


Tired of watching the same old boring Major League players day after day? You’re in luck, because the 2013 Futures Game is being played this afternoon in CitiField. Just one Yankees prospect was selected to game, and that’s RHP Rafael DePaula. He’s scheduled to throw the fifth inning for the World Team. The full rosters are right here: World and Team USA. The game will be broadcast on ESPN2 at 2pm ET. Talk about the game here.

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  • Wes

    What do you think the ceiling is for depaula? Middle reliever, 4 starter?

  • Jack

    Good thing we didn’t waste the money on Sano and his attitude problem. Culver and dbj are so much better club house guys. I’m sure everyone will love them as they repeat low a for 3 years. Go make up.

  • JMK

    DePaula strikes out Buxton. I only saw fastballs. He was around 94-95.

  • Charles

    Depaula just blew away Byron Buxton on 6 straight 94-95 mph fastballs.

  • Jack

    Depuala blew away Bruxton

  • Wes

    Depaula throws low to mid 90s , his secondary stuff was a lil weak tho, so out of the rotation he prob sits 90-92

    • Jack

      No he doesn’t. He sits 93-95 and touched 97.

    • Bo Knows

      I don’t think any of the pitchers in this game were trying to throw any different than would during one of their starts. So I feel that what we saw is what we probably should expect from him out of the rotation.

  • Dale Mohorcic

    Wish the futures game wasn’t on while MLB games are being played.

    • Neil

      Yes sure would not want to have missed today’s Yankee game! I’m annoyed with myself for forgetting the Futures game was on!

  • Bo Knows

    Really liked De Paula’s fastball, good velocity, alot of movement. I don’t recall any breaking ball save for the one that plunked the batter. What looked like the changeup looked decent, needs location improvement good separation at 82 mph.

    • Bo Knows

      and looking at the hot gif, he apparently did throw a breaker, it looked like a straight change, so he definitely didn’t have his good secondaries