A-Rod goes hitless in latest minor league rehab game

Game 90: More Than A Split
Sanchez homers in Tampa's near no-hitter

In his latest minor league rehab game with High-A Tampa, Alex Rodriguez went 0-for-3 with two strikeouts and a ground out to third. He played five innings at the hot corner and had to make just one play on a ground ball. Alex will play in each of the next two games according to George King, the first time he’ll play three consecutive days since the hip surgery. His 20-day rehab window expires July 21st, twelve days from now.

In other A-Rod news, ESPN reports MLB will suspend roughly 20 players after the All-Star break for their connections to the South Florida perf0rmance-enhancing drug hub Biogenesis. Rodriguez, who will be interviewed as part of the investigation on Friday according to the NYDN, is among those players. For what it’s worth, a league spokesman told Tom Haudricourt the ESPN report is premature and nothing is finalized. Nothing really knew here; the league will announce the suspensions at some point and the appeals process will take weeks if not months. Same old, same old.

Game 90: More Than A Split
Sanchez homers in Tampa's near no-hitter
  • forensic

    Almost halfway through the rehab window. Hopefully he starts driving the ball a little bit soon.

    • trr

      Ready or not, he’ll be here soon

      • Jeety

        Say he’s not ready and he continues to suck… If we don’t want to call him up… would we have to DFA him? I doubt anyone claims him on waivers for that salary, and if no one claims him won’t he have to accept the assignment to the minors?

  • brian

    There is no way a 100 game suspension will stick… but even 50 games basically ensures that Arod misses the entire season… there are only, i believe, 67 or 68 games left after the break…

    An appeal could be even worse… it could mean Arod plays the second half looking over his shoulder then ends up missing nearly 1/3rd of NEXT season

    • Laz

      Yea, but at his age it might be better split his missed time over 2 seasons.

  • MikeW

    Let’s make a couple of assumptions:
    1) A-Rod will be suspended but will appeal;
    2) his performance does not justify bringing him to the Yankees.

    1) Can the Yankees keep him in the minors?
    2) If they put him on waivers to facilitate keeping him in the minors who would claim a guy whose production is questionable (one of my assumptions), who brings huge baggage and whose salary is astronomical?
    3) Would A-Rod accept staying in the minors?
    4) Would A-Rod and/or the Yankees just take the suspension if it happens?

    • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

      1) Not unless ARod agrees to it. He almost definitely won’t.
      2) Nobody
      3) No
      4) ARod won’t. He won’t want to give up the $$.

    • Tony

      I think they can put him back on the DL if the Yankees think his weak performance is injury-related.

    • Shittyshittybangbang

      If he’s “waivered”, aren’t The Yankees on the hook for the majority of his contract ?

  • Preston

    Bud Selig is about to get another pie in his face from Ryan Braun. Whether or not any of these guys get suspended they everybody will lose in the end.

    • radnom

      So you’d prefer they just not enforce the rule?
      Fuck these idiots for getting involved in another steroid super-lab. 20+ MLB players?! Way to keep under the radar Arod.

      Everyone keeps harping that there is not enough evidence to suspend despite the fact that very few details are known. If there is a paper trail to back up what Bosch’s testimony, there is no question that the suspensions will stick. Maybe not 100, but I applaud them for attempting to prosecute as harshly as possible. Let the arbiter decide if it fits the rules or not.

      • Preston

        I actually prefer they would enforce the rule. The rule that says that this information shouldn’t be public until the appeals system has been exhausted. Instead it’s been months of rumors about when the suspensions will be handed down, followed by a large public circus full of mud-slinging that will last until next season. Bud Selig wants so badly to look like he’s coming down hard on this stuff, he is instead coming across as vindictive and ineffectual.

        • Betty Lizard

          Right on.

        • radnom

          Um, how is it Bud Selig’s fault that an ex Biogenesis-employee leaked the initial list of names to the Miami Herald?
          There was never a chance this could be done secretly.

          “Right on”

          • Preston

            This story that Mike is relaying to us tonight has to be a leak from somebody in MLB. They have been leaking stuff about this all along to constantly convince the public, and probably themselves that they were really going to do something about this. I think MLB has proven pretty inept in their handling of this and the attorneys that Braun, Rodriguez and others hire will eviscerate them.

  • pat

    How the hell can the MLB suspend someone based on the word of some scumbag disgraced doctor they coerced into naming names.

    • Dan

      There is a 0% chance that Boesch’s testimony is all that MLB has. I’m betting it’s his testimony corroborated w/ 2 or 3 others working in the lab. With all of his written documentation (the notes) and cancelled checks and Fed-Ex or UPS records, possibly telephone records. You have to remember he’s cooperating fully, he could provide all of this documentary evidence to the MLB with out even needing very much involvement from the company’s who have the records.

      • radnom

        It blows my mind that no one here seems realize this. A separate employee leaked the initial names, and there is likely going to be more than enough of a paper trail. There is a reason why MLB goes after the large, professionally run organizations and it has nothing to do with a personal vendetta from Selig against Arod.

        • yanksguy23

          It’s also been rumored that minor league players who were on the Biogenesis list and knew things were threatened, and many of them spoke up. There’s the additional charge of obstructing the investigation that MLB will bring to ARod. MLB will use the “just cause” clause in the contract to nail him on this as well as whatever paper trail and witnesses say about him. So you have 100 days for PED’s (he’s already admitted using, so there is the first incident) and obstructing the investigation. ARod is going down in flames.

    • Shittyshittybangbang

      ‘Cus A-rod’s a bigger scum-bag.

  • VT Yankee Fan

    I can’t imagine these charges ever holding up in court when the MLBPA sues.

  • KD

    Because, in A-Rods case, most people hate him, even the grannies of minor league pitchers. Including, I’m afraid, many douchbag Yankee “fans”.

  • bigweiner

    Without failed drug tests the suspensions are bogus. MLB is at fault for not catching them legitimately. They look like clowns if 20 guys could evade their testing program. And Even if they can prove they purchased PED’s their is still cant prove they took them. I’m all for catching cheaters but this isn’t the way to do it.

    • I’m One

      While I’m a big believer in due process (in a civil or criminal case; this is neither.), it seems you’re saying that if you don’t get caught, you’re not guilty. Plenty of people do illegal things and don’t get caught. That doesn’t mean they’re innocent.

      Also, we don’t have all the evidence. I’m willing to wait and listen to whatever we have access to and then form an opinion. I do believe, however, that MLB will have enough if they are willing to suspend these players and, no doubt, go up against the MLBPA.

    • JMK

      This. This. This.

  • I like big booty bit—

    I always new in the back of my head this wood happen

    • I’m One

      I see what you did there.

  • JonS

    The narrative is setting up great. Arod’s performance isn’t up to par, must be his hip. Will retire to get his whole money.

    • LK

      If you think defrauding insurance companies of a nine-figure sum is that easy, you’ve got another thing coming.

  • Hear me out bro

    The MLB drug policy is a joke. As a multiple offender, A-Rod should receive a lifetime ban from the sport. Period.