A-Rod goes hitless in latest rehab game

Sunday Night Open Thread
Ruiz homers again in SWB win

In his latest minor league rehab game with High-A Tampa, Alex Rodriguez went 0-for-3 at the plate and played eight innings as the DH. He lined out to short, popped up to the first baseman in foul territory, and grounded into a 5-4-3 double play. No word on the next step, but I assume A-Rod will remain with High-A Tampa and play third base in his next game. Nothing official yet.

Sunday Night Open Thread
Ruiz homers again in SWB win
  • Tmoney

    Bring him up he’s in postseason form.

  • Terry

    his swing isn’t there, that’s for sure

  • Betty Lizard

    No worries. He’s just in stealth mode.

    Just as Hafner’s health is reciprocally related to injuries for other players, Alex’s hitlessness in MiLB means he will hit the cover off the ball when he’s back in the Yankees’ lineup.

    Sometimes I wonder
    Where I’ve been
    Who I am, do I fit in?
    Make-believing is hard alone
    Out here, on my own

    We’re always proving
    Who we are
    Always reaching
    For that rising star
    To guide me far
    And shine me home
    Out here on my own

  • I’m not the droids you’re looking for…


  • trr

    can’t go nuts over this. these are just exhibition games to him

    • dkidd

      we can always go nuts

      love, the internet

  • Mike

    I would like for these dumbass fans try hitting a ball. I’m sure they never played b4.

  • Laz

    Was only 2 games, but Bichette rubbed off on him.