A-Rod will join Triple-A Scranton tomorrow to continue rehab

2013 Midseason Review: Grade D’s
2013 Midseason Review: Grade F’s

Alex Rodriguez will continue his minor league rehab assignment with Triple-A Scranton when they return from their All-Star break on Thursday. He is working out with Double-A Trenton today but will not play in a game after playing each of the last four days, including three times at third base. Brian Cashman confirmed yesterday the team will not activate Alex off the DL before Monday, when his 20-day rehab clock expires.

A-Rod, 37, has gone 5-for-28 (.179) in ten rehab games so far, though the results have been better in recent games. Considering that the team’s third baseman are hitting a woeful .225/.288/.301 (61 OPS+) this season, even a hobbled and declining A-Rod figures to be a pretty nice upgrade. For what it’s worth, MLBPA head Michael Weiner told reporters yesterday that suspensions stemming from the Biogenesis investigation are not imminent, and they are likely to be served in 2014 once the appeals process is complete. It seems unlikely the Yankees will get A-Rod back next week only to lose him to suspension a few days later, but we can’t completely rule it out obviously.

2013 Midseason Review: Grade D’s
2013 Midseason Review: Grade F’s
  • SDB

    So if A-Rod misses the bulk of next year because of the suspension, what are the luxury tax ramifications? I’m guessing it’s better for the Yankees FO if he misses time in 2014 when they’re obsessed with the cap, rather than now?

    Either way, hope he gets his timing/rhythm right soon.

  • jsbrendog
  • Darren

    Would be great to have Alex back as soon as possible, but hopefully they go crazy rushing him back if he’s not quite ready. We don’t need any more setbacks.

  • Hear me out bro

    Lifetime Ban. The only just punishment.

  • trr

    Right now I only want to look at this in the short term, i.e. the rest of this season. I’m not an A-rod fan, and I loathe cheaters of any stripe; but I’m more than willing to hold my nose and accept whatever production he can give us for the rest of this year. IMO, this team as presently constituted will not make the playoffs, so we need to pursue any/all possible upgrades, unless we want to write off this year which I certainly don’t see the team doing. Let’s deal with 2014 and all the fall out from the Biogenesis investigation when we get there.

    • I’m One

      While I’d really rather this just go away (PED issues), I understand why MLB is persuing it. I just think they went about it all wrong in this case and in past cases. That said, yes, I want A-Rod back this season, as he should be (at worst) a marginal, if not significant, upgrade over what the team has. If they ban him for a significant period of time next season (even for life), so be it. He brought this on himself. I just hope they decide and bring it on quickly so the team can adjust.

      • mitch

        I have no problem with the MLB addressing the PED issue, but they’re going about it the wrong way. Their witch hunt method is unfair and makes everyone involved look bad. Just accept that cheating happened in the past and put the efforts toward better prevention in the future.

        • radnom

          How is bringing down a lab involved with 20 MLB players a ‘witch hunt’? Because Arod is one of those guys?

          And Biogenesis isn’t the past. They need to enforce the rules through any avenue they can. The testing framework is limited, and clearly defined by the CBA. The only way to improve towards better prevention in the future (until the next CBA) is to investigate distribution avenues.

    • RetroRob

      All players cheat.

      • vicki

        going back to 776 BC olympia.

  • CONservative governMENt

    I’m kind of glad Mo is retiring after this season so the team can completely take emotion out of the equation and do what needs to be done.

    • I’m One

      I get your point. I would add that I wish he and Jeter were retiring at the same time, be that after this season or next. Would make it even easier.