Fourth of July Open Thread


Happy birthday, America. There is nothing more American than throwing a no-hitter on Independence Day, which is what Dave Righetti did on this date 30 years ago. Thirty years since Rags no-hit the Red Sox on George Steinbrenner‘s birthday. Time flies, man.

Here is your freedom-lovin’ open thread for this wonderful night. MLB Network will air a game tonight (who you see depends on where you live), and that’s pretty much it for sports at this time of the year. Enjoy the holiday, everyone.

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  1. lightSABR says:

    The Yankees’ collective record this year against the Indians, Twins, and Royals: 14-1.

    Their record against the rest of MLB: 32-38.

    Hey, Detroit. Whaddaya say we switch divisions? Pretty please?

  2. Dalek Jeter says:

    Is anybody else watching this Mets game?! In both the 13th and 14th innings the Mets have come back and hit homers to retie the game.

    • forensic says:

      Because Gibson is a dumbass and sticking with Heath freakin’ Bell as his closer instead of Putz who had one whole chance after coming off the DL.

      Sincerely, a J.J. Putz fantasy owner

    • SDB says:

      Can the FO ship Joba over to Arizona, who seems in dire need of a bullpen? They seem to have a few good hitters, and a god awful bullpen that’s cost me a few games in my FB leagues (Heath Bell – ugh).

  3. Eddard says:

    Phelps sure does seem to show up for these big games doesn’t he? They needed to go at least 7-4 in the Twins/Royals games and they’ve already gone 4/4. And the next 10 games are at home. If only the Sox would lose.

  4. Robinson Tilapia says:

    Enjoy the rest of your 4th, everyone. We are fortunate enough to have friends (Yankee fans, to boot) with a beautiful view of the Hudson and will be watching the fireworks from their living room tonight.

    Great win. Wish the bullpen would have made it a bit less boring. Would love for some of these suddenly-woken bats to be the real deal once the O’s roll into the town.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      bit MORE boring.

      I type too fast.

    • SDB says:

      Here’s hoping that Vernon and Hafner keep remembering how to hit the ball tomorrow evening. I’d like nothing better than to see the middle of the lineup show some real power against the Os to support Cano and Ichiro.

  5. Alan says:

    I need help. I’m travelling to NY this coming week, and going to the game Wednesday against the Royals. First time at the stadium, new or old, being from Florida and all. Seen them plenty in Tampa. but never in NY where the entire family is from. My problem is I’m staying near Times Square, and have no idea what the best way is to get to the stadium. Somebody direct me!

    • Bob Buttons says:

      Not sure but Yankees.com might have something on that.

    • HateMclouth (formerly I'mVernon) says:

      I’d say the 4 train would be easiest, you’d probably have to take a bus (M42, I believe) east from Times Square and then get off near Lexington Avenue.

      • Alan says:

        I’m checking into this right now, and Google Maps is telling me to take the D train from Rockefeller Center. Does this seem reasonable?

        • HateMclouth (formerly I'mVernon) says:

          I’m not too familiar with the D line and the west side in general, but I know the D does go to Yankee stadium, so that sounds good too.

    • Crime Dog says:

      You could totally take the shuttle from Times Square subway station to grand central, then take
      The 4 train uptown directly to Yankee stadium! Won’t be more than a half hour. Use google maps, their public transportation system is perfect.

    • Bartolo's Colon says:

      No need for buses, either walk over to Grand Central and take the 4 uptown or take the D uptown from Times Square. Both go to Yankee stadium with minimal stops. 4 is a little quicker, but the d is fast too

  6. Kramerica Industries says:

    Amazingly, despite the fact that I was dreading having to work today, my shift was even worse than I could’ve ever imagined.

    Holy shit. Sometimes, colleagues are just the worst fucking people on the planet. Happy fucking 4th of July.

  7. forensic says:

    Very quietly, the Blue Jays are on their way to their 8th loss in 11 games since the end of the 11-game winning streak. Good stuff.

  8. forensic says:

    It’s time for MLB to send out a memo to umpires to inform them that for a runner to be tagged out they actually have to be touched with the ball.

    They just screwed that call up again in the Mariners-Rangers game where Kinsler tagged the runner with his glove while the ball was clearly in his other hand about to throw it.

    These aren’t even difficult calls, and they constantly screw it up.

  9. trr says:


    Cervelli out.

    Now can we get a fucking catcher?

  10. Frank says:

    Can anyone remind me why the Yanks decided not to resign Ibanez?

  11. Ken says:

    Swisher, Ibanez, and yes, even Ramiro Pena could have helped the Yanks this year. Seems like they always let the wrong guys go…well, not always!

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