Game 99: Texas

(Jared Wickerham/Getty)

(Jared Wickerham/Getty)

The schedule was not too kind to the Yankees these last 24 hours or so. Last night’s series finale against the Red Sox started at 8pm and ended sometime after midnight, then the team had to travel to Dallas for tonight’s series opener against the Rangers. Preston Claiborne tweeted everyone arrived sometime around 6am. Crummy schedule, but that’s baseball life. Here’s the lineup that will face right-hander Yu Darvish:

  1. CF Brett Gardner
  2. RF Ichiro Suzuki
  3. 2B Robinson Cano
  4. 1B Lyle Overbay
  5. LF Vernon Wells
  6. DH Travis Hafner
  7. SS Eduardo Nunez
  8. C Chris Stewart
  9. 3B Luis Cruz

And on the mound making his first start in 12 days, right-hander Ivan Nova.

Typical Texas weather for tonight’s game, meaning it’ll be freaking hot. No showers or anything though. First pitch is scheduled for 7:05pm ET and can be seen on YES locally and ESPN nationally. Try to enjoy.

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  1. Kramerica Industries says:

    Adrian Gonzalez would really be bitching and moaning about the schedule right about now.

  2. Nuke Guy (Knoxvillain) says:

    Off topic, but Braun is suspended for the rest of the year. I guess that means A-Rod will be too.

    • kenthadley says:

      One could only hope it’s forever.

    • Gonzo says:

      T.J. Quinn is saying an OTL source said the evidence against A-Rod is “far beyond” what they had on Braun.

      No clue what that means though.

      • Steinbrenner's Ghost says:

        TJ Quinn: “A-Rod will be a different story. MLB’s case against him includes possibility he interfered with investigation. They’ll go after him harder.”

        “If plan for other players is to attack Bosch’s credibility, Braun just made that very difficult.”

        “Braun was first player MLB was building a case against. A-Rod last.”

        So if ARod was last, then his suspension may not come until the offseason.

      • trr says:

        And they had enough on Braun to have him cave in, a far cry from 2 years ago when he looked in the camera and lied like the scumbag he is. I think they’ve got enough on A-rod to get him to capitulate as well.

        None of this is anything to be happy about.
        A sad, sad day for the game I’ve played and loved all my life.

        • Gonzo says:

          I’m a glass half full guy. It’s possible that someone’s life was saved by all this stuff. Considering the side effects and all amateur drug dealers out there, that’s not far-fetched.

  3. Deathstroke Heathcott says:

    With the lineup the way it’s been lately and the scheduling, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Yankees got 3 or 4-hit. Or worse.

  4. RetroRob says:

    So Braun suspended for the remainder of the season, so obviously the 50, 100, etc. list it out the window.

    What will A-Rod agree to and when?

    • Gonzo says:

      I have to hand it to the reporters handling this case throughout. The CBA language was more flexible than most believed to be.

    • trr says:

      From what is being reported, the 65 games (the rest of the season) was a compromise.
      What this means for A-rod is unclear. At this point, it’s still speculation, but speculate away….

  5. Pseudoyanks says:

    I lived in Dallas for two summers. “Freaking hot” doesn’t quite capture the hellish conditions.

  6. dkidd says:

    braun not appealing. does that mean the evidence mlb has gathered is substantial? starting to think a-rod never plays another game

    • RetroRob says:

      Nah. The Union would not allow a lifetime ban, and on what grounds? No reason for A-Rod to accept it either.

      • Steinbrenner's Ghost says:

        I have trouble seeing the union banding together for someone as unlikeable as ARod.

      • Dan says:

        This isn’t the union of 1995-2004. These aren’t the same players who turned a blind eye and fought against drug testing and suspensions tooth and nail. The impression I get based on what several MLB reporters have written, is that the current clean players hate the cheaters, because they’re taking away from their sources of money and their opportunity to play in the Majors. Don’t expect the union to go to the mattresses to defend Alex on this.

        Alex, on the other hand, would never agree to a lifetime ban. He’d have every incentive to fight it tooth and nail, and in court if necessary. MLB will decide what they want to do, and they’ll probably settle, and probably on a larger number of games than what Braun got.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

      T.J. Quinn
      Source also tells OTL evidence provided about A-Rod is “far beyond” what Bosch gave them re Braun.

    • aRX says:

      Thats the thing that gets me. Even with a positive test, he found a loophole/technicality and walked. He has a powerful union behind him, and yet he takes 65? No way that happens unless they got him dead to rights.

      A-Rod could get hammered.

  7. yeayo says:

    The corpse of Hafner in the lineup….ugh.

    • trr says:

      Any over under on how many times he K’s tonight?

      • WhittakerWalt says:

        If he doesn’t get pinch-hit for, I predict 3. First two times he’ll swing over the top of that breaking ball down-and-in that he always swings at. Third time he’ll take a BP fastball right down the middle, because he’ll have mind-fucked himself so bad he doesn’t know what to do.

  8. Devil Dawgs says:

    Sell!!Get the prospects, resign Cano,and lets go!!!We are way to old
    to compete!

  9. So what will it take to have a negativity-less thread for one ball game? Beer for everyone?

  10. OldYanksFan says:

    I’d bet even money ARod gets a 150 game suspension.
    If so, it would be GREAT for the Yankees if it started in 2014.
    That would allow him to play this year, where he could help the team, and since the money saved for a suspension does NOT count against the salary cap, this would give the Yankees about $22.5m more to spend next year. This would make it easier to make the $189m line, and have enough money to get a player more productive than ARod (for 2014).

    • trr says:

      Also, I remember reading that the team can get 80% of his salary back this year from insurance if he’s out past Aug 1, can anyone confirm that

      Man, we are vultures picking apart his contract

      • Elton Cod says:

        Who cares if they get the 80% back? It’s not like the Steinbrenners are going to invest that money back into the team – they’ve already established they want to spend less so they can buy more vacation homes or whatever it is they do.

        • OldYanksFan says:

          ?YANKEES Opening Day payroll
          (Major League contracts plus pro-rated signing bonuses):
          ?2013: $228,106,125

          Yup… the Steinettes are some cheap bastards.

    • RetroRob says:

      I’d have to see evidence they plan to spend. Recent Hal moves suggest he’s pocket the money.

  11. Eddard says:

    Nova’s our #2. This is a must win with him on the mound. Good start to the game with Gardy on.

  12. OldYanksFan says:

    Anyone else with the Extra Innings package that has this game starting at 8:00 PM?

  13. Elton Cod says:

    I don’t really care about Braun one way or another – but now Kruk is bitching about how Braun lied to him. It’s one thing to lie, but it’s another thing to lie to John Kruk! A baseball legend! The outrage!

    Now I have to like Braun a little bit, just because he did something petty to make Kruk feel indignant.

  14. OldYanksFan says:

    Rays up on the Sawks 1-0, top of the 1st.

  15. SellTheFarmRay says:

    Did they disclose what Braun’s specific violations were? IE, what was he using and when? For some reason, I have a different reaction to something that was done 3 years ago versus something that’s ongoing.

  16. nycsportzfan says:

    I’m so sick and tired of these scumbag athletes. Sorry to the ones who actually do things the right way, but these pukes who think they are actually worth this ridiculous money when they know they are using performance enhancing drugs to improve there numbers.

    It should be simple. If you get caught, ur current employer has the option to void ur current contract completley, as they cheated to get the money.

    • Rich says:

      You telling Me if someone tells you take this pill and you can make 12 million dollars, you wouldn’t do it. Please. They are only harming themselves.frankly I’m happy cuz this might give the Yankees the ability to get out of all that money

    • Elton Cod says:

      This is a dumb opinion.

      Players do not get paid for adhering to moral codes.

      Players get paid because they generate profits for the people who own teams and run the league, and people who own TV networks etc.

      Players are in fact worth that ridiculous money because the profits they generate are ridiculous.

      It doesn’t matter whether or not McGwire or Sosa ‘cheated’. Their race to 61 generated shitloads of revenue. They deserved a share of that revenue – a greater share than they got.

      • Rich says:

        Completely agree. The moral media police are the biggest hypocrites society has especially when they would take every edge imaginable.

    • kenthadley says:

      When you remember that Arod negotiated his contract based on the fact that he was the “clean” homerun champ, and at the same time knew how dirty he was, you realize that the penalties for him CANT be too severe. He not only BS’d the Yanks out of millions, but he did it to the fans also. To think these guys have the audacity to challenge Ruth and Maris’ records is nauseating.

      • Rich says:

        I don’t care about any of that. He did what every person would do, to do whatever it takes to get the most money and then cover up the lie.

        • kenthadley says:

          If every person would do it, why are the current players supporting these penalties…did Jeter do it? Mo? Bernie? Every person with the morals of a rat would do it, not every person.

          • Rich says:

            Morals are the argument of people that have nothing else to argue. Plus btw how do you know Bernie or Jeter didn’t take greenies during the season back then. It’s the same shit, PED for an edge.

          • Dalek Jeter says:

            The ‘moral’ ‘gentleman’ who ‘always does things the right way’ and ‘the ultimate teammate’ Andy Pettitte says hi!

            • kenthadley says:

              Pettitte made a mistake and admitted it. You can’t compare his situation with Braun who destroyed anyone who disagreed with his defense, or Arod who negotiated a 250 million contract on a fraudulent premise that only he know about.

              • Dalek Jeter says:

                How do you know that Andy isn’t still using HGH? By your moral standard, a lie of omission is a lie nonetheless and the liar shouldn’t be trusted. It’s not like he came out and admitted that he took HGH on his own free will, he was caught using and admitted it.

                • Rich says:

                  Cause he’s part of the “core four” he is immune from everything. Shit, maybe he should go get some HGH to pitch out of the sixth inning

                • OldYanksFan says:

                  I agree…. However HGH is NOT a PED.
                  It’s like lumping Reefer in with Crack.

                  • Dalek Jeter says:

                    Human Growth Hormone is a drug used by athletes to enhance their body’s performance by speeding up it’s recovery time. Performance Enhancing Drug.

        • trr says:

          I feel sorry for you Rich. Perhaps you are describing your own moral-less mindset, but you sure as hell don’t speak for me or many others here

    • Bo Knows says:

      cheating at a game make these guys scumbags, nevermind the abusers, murderers, bigots, rapists, thieves, drug dealers, that douchebag that cut you off in traffic

      • Rich says:

        Like anything else in life, if given the chance, I would take it and laugh all the way to the bank. Look at Melky, he got suspended and made 12 million guaranteed, that’s a fair trade

  17. Cy Pettitte says:

    screwed by the 2nd base ump again

  18. Bo Knows says:

    That is so stupid, take away every player’s stats who are busted? Where does it end, because if you do that then you best take away every player who used a spitter, every drunk, addict, racist…etc

  19. Elton Cod says:

    John Kruk’s ranking of evils in the world:
    1. Baby killers
    2. Baseball steroid users
    3. Terrorists
    4. Sex criminals

  20. nycsportzfan says:

    How can such a money making bussiness be so fucked up that Alex Rodriguez is able to keep this contract even though hes been caught cheating, which basically means, he cheated to get the money?

    Its absoulutley the easiest way to stop this ever. You simply void there contracts completely, if you want.

    • Dalek Jeter says:

      Say you’re Scott Boras, why in gods name would you ever allow Alex Rodriguez to sign a contract with a single cause that allows the Yankees to void the contract. Especially a ‘steroid clause’ in 2007 after the whole steroids thing came out before hand.

      • Elton Cod says:

        You would do it for the morality of it! This is how things used to be when you bought bubblegum cards and looked on the back and saw an asterisk next to ’61′ BECAUSE IT WAS CHEATING TO PLAY MORE GAMES, IT WAS AN INSULT TO BABE RUTH AND BASEBALL AND AMERICA. You signed contracts for the morality of it not for the mutual self-interest. Lou Gehrig, for instance, never signed a contract. He just shook hands with the owner before every year. All Lou needed to do was shake hands and look you in the eye. So much trust and integrity and gamesmanship, that handshake meant more than any printed words and signature could ever mean.

        • Rich says:

          Back then they had other “handshake agreements” too like the reserve clause and no black players on baseball.

          • Elton Cod says:

            Exactly. Back when everything was just and good. No DH and no interleague either. A more honorable world.

    • awy says:

      ‘cheating’ is not a legal offense. not going to the ballpark and perform is a more serious offense. there’s nothing wrong here.

  21. mustang (The Has Beens & Wannabes Bunch 2013) says:

    “Last week, Weiner said that the MLBPA wouldn’t fight for any players who might be suspended when faced with overwhelming evidence that they used performance-enhancing drugs.”

    For those of you who think the union will automatic back these guys up.

    Source also tells OTL evidence provided about A-Rod is “far beyond” what Bosch gave them re Braun.”

    Now that NYDN story of MLB giving A-Rod 150 game deal is a lot less strange.

    Wow! Just think if MLB is going for the big Strike 3 on A-Rod a life time ban.

    • mustang (The Has Beens & Wannabes Bunch 2013) says:

      I guess if your A-Rod and your facing 150 games or a lifetime ban you might as well roll the dice in arbitration since your career is probably over regardless.

      • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

        I’m not sure he’d put all that money at risk to try to salvage whatever might be left of his career.

  22. wow says:

    Remember when Darvish was risky and not worth the investment? Those were the days.

  23. Cy Pettitte says:

    1-0 and this game feels over already.

  24. Anderson Silva says:

    It’s amazing that Hafner, Wells and Overbay still have a job with this team. What a joke.

    • Cy Pettitte says:

      it’s not like there’s anyone better in the system that could replace them right now

      • kenthadley says:

        No…Cashman has run the system to his creed since 2006. All those problems are over….we are full of talent. George was the problem before…now we are supreme…..what? no?

  25. Rich says:

    Btw guys. Von Miller of the Broncos was suspended four games for PEDs too, where is the outrage

    • krk says:

      I’ve seen no report claiming his suspension is specifically for PEDs and not any other controlled substance.

  26. dkidd says:

    “watching” on gameday

    how does nova look so far?

  27. Dalek Jeter says:

    I wonder if MLB/Selig realizes they’re doing their image just as much harm as good with this steroid bullshit. Sure, make the game as clean as possible, but when you’re making deals with shady people and dragging players through the mud left and right for a year before taking any kind of action you’re not making yourself look good.

    • Eddard says:

      As Gene Hackman said in Mississippi Burning, these people are crawling out of the sewers, maybe the gutters are where we outta be. Nobody cares what MLB is doing to get the info. The players are guilty and they got their man today.

      • mustang (The Has Beens & Wannabes Bunch 2013) says:

        Wow I think I actually agree with Eddard.

        I need a drink.

        • Dalek Jeter says:

          Yeah? I think it makes them look grimey and vindictive…but I guess the winners get to write history, huh?

          • Crime Dog says:

            I think that in 20-30 years, this’ll be looked at as a disgrace and an embarrassment for what MLB has done. History won’t look upon what and how they’ve gotten their evidence well.

          • mustang (The Has Beens & Wannabes Bunch 2013) says:

            Dude we all know that MLB probably knew about the riod problem and did nothing. Still once the genie was out of the bottle players should just no better and stop.

            MLB told these guys the party is over they now choose to continue clearly knowing what might happen.

  28. Eddard says:

    If they do suspend A-Rod I hope it’s a lifetime ban and the Yankees can recoup that contract. Then they’ll be able to re-sign Robbie and get another impact bat. Could be the best result that A-Rod is gone for life.

  29. Rolling Doughnut says:

    How’d the run score? How many XBH Nova give up?

  30. Rich says:

    Is there a worst everday player than Luis Cruz?

  31. Cy Pettitte says:

    3 innings, 0 hits, 30 pitches. sigh.

  32. Cy Pettitte says:

    another one bites the dust. see ya Cruz.

  33. Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

    Nice catch.
    And yet another injury.

  34. Dalek Jeter says:

    Luis Cruz’s ACL might have just exploded.

  35. Bo Knows says:

    Nunez, that’s one you have to get

  36. Hopefully he’s fine.

    He stayed in the game. (Of course after Almonte, who knows)

  37. Frank says:

    Cruz my not hit but gotta admit he’s very good defensively.

  38. Frank says:

    And then there’s Nunez.

  39. Dalek Jeter says:

    For those curious because I was:

    “MLB did not announce specifically what violations Braun committed. Instead, it merely stated that he was suspended for the remainder of the season for violating the Joint Drug Agreement in the Basic Agreement, and that he had agreed to it.”

    From the Milwaukee Sentinel.

  40. Alex says:

    I’m sitting here listening to Sutcliff bitch and moan how players like Wally Joyner didn’t have a chance to make more all-star games because of guys like Rodriguez. But where is Sutcliffs proof that those same guys didn’t use steroids, just because ou were not caught doesn’t mean you were not juicing. You can’t just summarily dismiss every big name star in the 90s. There where a ton more players other then Arod to use steroids but since they retired before the Balco scandal and were not tested doesn’t mean they are clean and deserve praise. Also Selig alone with every MLB exec know about steroids and ignored it so I wish Bud would get of his high horse and stop pretending that he is the moral conscience of baseball. Sorry for the mini rant, had to get it out of my system.

  41. your mom says:

    The way Darvish is dominating, that 1 run will probably hold up for the win.

  42. Anderson Silva says:

    I feel confident in saying they will get no-hit tonight. They are not touching Darvish, not with this joke of a lineup.

  43. Frustrated says:

    I think we are witnessing a no hitter. Just gets worse.

  44. your mom says:

    Holy shit I’m getting fucking sick of this Ryan Braun news.

  45. Hall and Nokes says:

    Is this the first time in baseball history that a pitcher hit the first batter and then threw a perfect 9 innings? The Ruth game started with a walk.

  46. ExitCashman says:

    I am so tired of these blown calls game after game. When are we going to get instant replay? Not only do you need to make the play in baseball, you need to convince some old self-important schmuck that you did. What a load of crap. Fuck the umpires and their union.

  47. Guys, its 1 run, not 7.

    Same on getting sick of the Ryan Braun news.

  48. your mom says:

    Who did Leonys Martin hit 2 HRs against earlier this year? Was it Feces or Hughes?

  49. Eddard says:

    That one run is going to be the difference just like it was last night. They will have been screwed out of two Ws by the umps.

  50. forensic says:

    Well, this thread is about what I expected. 90% steroids, 10% game.

    Glad I missed that part, not that there’s much to talk about regarding the game yet.

  51. Alex says:

    ESPN has all these outlets for news, maybe they should stop hijacking this game with Braun.

  52. ExitCashman says:

    Mike noted that Overbay had worst offensive game in MLB this year last night. His predecessor, Tex, had that distinction last season. Some things never change.

  53. Bo Knows says:

    Is that Nolan ryan’s grandson? Any chance he can pitch/hit? This team needs help

  54. Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

    So not a no-hitter.

  55. Dalek Jeter says:

    yay we won’t be no-hit.

  56. Cy Pettitte says:

    at least they won’t be getting no hit tonight

  57. forensic says:

    A hit!!!

  58. your mom says:

    Yay!!!!! No hitter is not a possibility any more.

  59. Bo Knows says:

    no hitter over bitches

  60. Hall and Nokes says:

    Way to honor Mo with that cheap hit.

  61. ExitCashman says:

    CC said he was embarrassed last night? Then he should have told Joe to pull him and done us all a favor.

  62. forensic says:

    Is there some sort of contractual obligation that they have to show Nolan Ryan 400 times a game and talk about him for half of it???

    It’s so annoying.

  63. Warren says:

    Listening to this commentary is so painful.

  64. ExitCashman says:

    Wow, Sutcliffe has got to be the most annoying announcer I’ve ever heard. The guy is up there with Hawk Harrelson, except someone stuffed cotton in his mouth.

    • your mom says:

      No one is worse than the Hawk. How can White Sox fans tolerate his bullshit???

    • FORMER ACE MannyGeee says:

      At least Hawk will break from the preaching to be interesting or funny for 30 seconds a game. Sutcliffe is just brutal.

  65. MP says:

    Too many dang homers.

  66. nycsportzfan says:

    These guys are fucking garbage! They look goofy against the fastball. Every AB , they look the exact same, like its the first time they seen it. Freaking pathetic as fuck! How is it possible some of these guys are MLB players?

  67. Alex says:

    I love how ESPN and Fox conviently forgot that Ortiz was implicated in steroid use a couple years ago.

  68. forensic says:

    So, neither team can keep track of the number of outs?

  69. your mom says:

    Nova’s looked good. Should be tied at 0.

  70. Eddard says:

    This game is going to be 1-0, folks. And nothing at all will happen to that 2nd base ump if he ends up being the difference in the ballgame. He won’t be reprimanded, he won’t be fired, and he’ll probably work the World Series.

  71. stuart a says:

    some positive comments for a change…

    Nova is legit, he is a major league starter for sure. homegrown and his curve more is really good.

    addtl good news is hafner will not be on the team next year or cruz or joba or other dreck. I do not see them scroing tonight unless cano or gardner do something…

    games like this are why losing last night kills…stolen bases calls have not been good to the yanks the last 24 hours, last nights call was much more blatant…

    • Winter says:

      Keep in mind that Nova also looked legit in the second half of 2011, then completely imploded in 2012 and the start of 2013.

  72. FORMER ACE MannyGeee says:

    Wow, nice catch from Nelson Cruz to rob Gardner.

  73. ExitCashman says:

    SAP: Steroid Assisted Play

  74. Winter says:

    So I just got here, saw from some comments that the ump got the Rangers’ RBI. Can anyone explain?

  75. Dalek Jeter says:

    I hate this commercial.

  76. Oy says:

    When is Manny expected to be up? If we’re loosing, might as well be entertained. http://www.theonion.com/articl.....kno,33166/

  77. FORMER ACE MannyGeee says:

    Gee has a no hitter going through 6….

  78. Dalek Jeter says:

    He looked out from that second to last angle…that one was really close though.

  79. your mom says:

    Double to Soto? Bad Nova, bad! Game over?

  80. Dalek Jeter says:

    Gardner took a Granderson-esc route to that ball.

  81. Cy Pettitte says:

    once again, sigh.

  82. Kyle says:

    UNWATCHABLE. Thanks Steinbrenner & Co.

  83. your mom says:

    Good throw. I’m surprised the ump called him out.

  84. your mom says:

    Where the fuck was this Overbay last night?

  85. Rolling Doughnut says:

    Darvish looks good in this rehab start. I’d say he’s ready to go back to the club.

  86. forensic says:

    Couldn’t have done any of this last night, Overbay?

  87. Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

    Thanks Wash.

  88. Dalek Jeter says:

    Please go to Neal. Don’t let Hafner hit here, and don’t use Lillibridge again…

  89. your mom says:

    Pinch hitter?

  90. Cy Pettitte says:

    let’s see if they can string together 5 or 6 more singles/walks.

  91. Dalek Jeter says:

    Why is Hafner being allowed to hit here? Why’d we call up Neal just plant him on the bench?

  92. Manny's BanWagon says:

    I’m so glad that Cashman was fiscally responsible and didn’t waste any money signing Darvish.

    • stuart a says:

      yep another after the fact GM. shrewd.. Texas gave him over $25 mill more then anyone else einstein…

      • Manny's BanWagon says:

        Nothing ventured, nothing gained moron.

        By the end of this season, he likely will have earned about $50 million of the $112 it cost to sign him in posting fees and salary.

  93. Cy Pettitte says:

    they’re letting Hafner hit? hahahah, Joe G has completely given up.

  94. Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

    So why is Neal even on the roster?

  95. forensic says:

    Ross has a huge reverse split this season. Hopefully it works in Hafner’s favor here.

  96. SDB says:

    That was a fun rally.

  97. Cy Pettitte says:

    lmfao that was stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. How do you let Hafner hit there? unreal

  98. your mom says:

    Wow. Just wow. Why the fuck am I surprised? Good call Joe.

  99. Eddard says:

    Romine would have been a better option in that spot. DFA Hafner.

  100. Cuso says:

    Yeah, figures.

  101. fabricio says:

    can we please get rid of hafner he doesnt do shit anymore!!!

  102. HateMclouth (formerly I'mVernon) says:

    Hafner is doing worse then Vernon. Didn’t think that was possible.

  103. Cy Pettitte says:

    I bet Girardi will say something stupid in the postgame like “I really thought Hafner gave us the best chance to knock one out there for 3 runs” meanwhile Hafner since May 1, coming into tonight: .174/.255/.299

    • your mom says:


    • stuart a says:

      he will say he took a walk earlier in the game..

      seeing the ball better.

      hafner is fuckin awful…

    • Dalek Jeter says:

      I’d really like to see a reporter say something along the lines of “with Hafner’s struggles this season against LHP (gives numbers) and his struggles the last few months (gives the slash you just posted) why was he allowed to hit there?” Instead of just “How come no pinch hitter for Hafner?”

  104. stuart a says:

    wow. nice dp by hafner. he is now officially friggin awful

    i like vernon swinging on a 3 and 0 count.. girardi allowed to tell any guy over 30 to take? Vernon wells has not hit a homer in like 50 games and gets a extra base hit as often as andrus gets the green light.

    what does thomas neal or mesa need to do to get a AB against a lefty over Pronk? Hold Girardi hostage…

    at this point enough with the defering to Pronk, you pinch hit Lillibridge for him the other day.

    offense firing on all cylinders tonight…

  105. How bad does Cash-Man want MLB to suspend A-Roid for 200 games by yesterday?

  106. ExitCashman says:

    I believe that Travis Hafner acquired damaging photos from Sergio Mitre and Chad Gaudin.

  107. Steinbrenner's Ghost says:

    Pete Abraham accuses Yankees of felony insurance fraud:

    “Given news today, A-Rod’s “quad strain” strains the bounds of believability.”

    • Dalek Jeter says:

      His hate for A-Rod is almost comical.

    • Widget says:

      You know what else is strained? His belt.

    • Bo Knows says:

      It makes sense that a billion dollar empire is going commit a major felony just to keep a guy they dislike out of the house

      • ExitCashman says:

        Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s insurance proceeds. That’s the 2nd commandment he’s busted on.

    • forensic says:

      He has an absurd level of hate for A-Rod.

      Truthfully though, the way the whole thing went down even has me questioning the Yankees motives and treatment of their players (though I’m sure some of it is just frustration that he’s not back now and likely won’t be in San Diego in a week and a half).

      • Steinbrenner's Ghost says:

        Why does he hate ARod?

        • Dalek Jeter says:

          Why does anybody hate A-Rod? He’s got more money than god and comes across as aloof, arrogant, and out of touch with the media and therefore the fans as well.

          • Dan says:

            And don’t forget that he sucks at baseball now, while still being under a huge contract that the yanks signed him to while they were under the impression that he was clean, when he almost certainly did steroids for his whole career. And then he acted with contrition upon being caught only to be busted again. And was a choke artist before that aside from the 2009 post season.

  108. Wheels says:


  109. The Walking Injured says:

    At what point does Haf get the axe, he’s been completely useless for several months now. Call up Dan Johnson or Randy Ruiz. Sell off the spare parts for some fringe prospects at this point to a team that actually stands a chance at ending the year with a plus run diff or a winning record.

  110. Cy Pettitte says:

    that ball was steroid assisted

  111. ExitCashman says:

    SAH: Steroid Assisted Homer.

  112. your mom says:

    Nice to see the steroids have paid off, eh Cruz?

  113. stuart a says:

    btw this game is over. yanks would not score runs if they played 27 innings…

    yanks hit a homer about 7 days ago…

    • Winter says:

      Yankees scored 7 runs in as many innings yesterday. But you’re right, it’ll probably take them 27 innings to score just one now.

  114. forensic says:

    I hate how two or three run deficits feel like it’s game over with this offense.

  115. Bo Knows says:

    Pretty decent start by Nova, too bad this offense can’t score, and Joe is waving the fat white flag (Joba)

  116. Rolling Doughnut says:

    Bright side: Nova has put together some good starts.

  117. your mom says:

    Nunie has looked so overmatched today.

  118. TJF says:

    After seeing the wheels fall off the season (lucky it was even this watchable) I think the Yanks should be sellers at the deadline and seriously look at completely rebuilding.

    Sell high on Cano and other vets that might help someone down the stretch and retool with young players and top notch prospects.

  119. Cy Pettitte says:

    Yankees playing a team 1-7 in their last 8 and look completely non-competitive. just sad.

  120. your mom says:

    I just noticed that there aren’t many “sell” posts tonight. Did we get it all out earlier today?

  121. Cuso says:

    Hey! Joba got the 8th inning role back!

  122. Duh Injuries says:

    Why is Luis Cruz playing at 3B every day or almost every day and why is Chris Stewart still the everyday catcher?

    The following Yankees should be playing every day:

    Romine at C
    Nunez at SS
    Adams called up again at 3B
    Mesa (let’s see what he can do) in LF

    The Yanks should give these young players as many plate appearances as possible.

    The starting nine should be two-thirds homegrown now (the above four, Cano, and Gardner) and 7/9ths homegrown when Almonte returns (Almonte LF, Mesa to RF, Suzuki to DH, Hafner traded or released.)

  123. forensic says:

    That was pretty bad Nunez.

  124. Rolling Doughnut says:

    Stonehands misses the tag.

  125. Manny's BanWagon says:

    For a catcher, Stewart looks pretty frail. That uniform looks huge on him.

  126. your mom says:

    Nunie. WTF kind of lazy ass tag was that? Not that it matters though. Why is Texas stealing anyways? I though it was an unwritten rule that you can’t steal bases when you have a dominating lead?

  127. your mom says:

    WTF? Nathan with the facial hair. Looks like he should be hunting Moby Dick.

  128. ExitCashman says:

    Nathan would be a good pickup for us considering that Mo is retiring. You think they’d take some of our top prospects, 1st round picks for him, (Cito Culver, Dante Bichette, Jr. and Slade Heathcott) plus the untouchables in the potential Lee deal (Nunez and Adams) and our two top pitching prospects in the last decade (Joba and Hughes) in a 7 for 1?

    • BFDeal says:

      Adams wasn’t untouchable (he was injured) and Seattle preferred Smoak over Montero. If you’re going to bitch every night, at least get your history correct.

  129. Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

    Gardy’s really been padding his P/PA stats lately.

  130. your mom says:

    No “Yankees suck” chant tonight?

  131. Wolfgang's Fault says:

    Gardner’s 14 pitch a/b leading off the 9th was a thing of beauty regardless of the outcome. Nathan is already gassed. Too bad we’re probably not going to be able to capitalize on it.

  132. SDB says:

    Until Gardy’s last PA, this was as pathetic as the 90-something pitch shutout against Derek Holland.

  133. The Walking Injured says:

    Did we actually expect a win?

  134. The Walking Injured says:

    Trade Pronk, Joba, and Cashman for Chopper, the AAA Braves mascot. Get it done Hal!

  135. Duh Injuries says:

    8/9ths homegrown if the Yanks replace Hafner with Mustelier if/when Mustelier is healthy enough.

    All-homegrown if they start Corbin Joseph at 1B (Romine-C, Joseph-1B, Cano-2B, Adams-3B, Nunez-SS, Almonte-LF, Gardner-CF, Mesa-RF, Mustelier-DH, bench is Stewart, Overbay, Lillibridge, and Suzuki, release Wells.)

  136. your mom says:

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s loss game.

  137. forensic says:

    Well, that sure was an enjoyable game.

  138. Pego says:

    I’m always an apologist for this organization. But running out this lineup every night is an abomination. You, as a franchise, expect us to pay prices that far exceed any other team. And we are willing to do that, because we have grown accustomed to a certain level of success. And I’m not saying you have to win a World Series every year. And I am well aware of the myriad of debilitating injuries that have occurred this year.

    But to not use your financial advantages in the draft and IFA (which no longer exist). To not going out in free agency the last few seasons and making a true effort to improve the team. To cutting payroll to get under the magic tax number in 2014. If you want us to lower expectations, tell us. Lower ticket prices, sell at the deadline, and rebuild. That’s fine. But do not insult our intelligence.

    You decided, after making several huge money signings, that you wanted to stop doing that. And look at where that has gotten us. The injury excuse only goes so far. We’re missing players in the last years of their careers, a player who’s performance has declined each year, a player who strikes out 195 times last year, and fucking Cervelli. That’s what we’re missing right now. With them, we’re not winning a championship. And their replacements are either over the hill or belong in the minor leagues. The fact that we aren’t 10 games under .500 is a miracle.

    If we should have different expectations for the Yankees going forward, I’m fine with that. But you don’t want us to. You want us to think we’re still going to be a contender every year. Well, based on the decisions you’ve made in the last few years, that won’t be the case for much longer.

  139. SDB says:

    Upside: The Yankees got one more hit than the Red Sox tonight!

  140. 28 this year says:

    This Yankees lineup is so bad, Zach Greinke this year even if he had 600 ABs would probably have better numbers than everyone but Gardner and Cano. I just noticed how great he has been hitting after the FanGraphs article. Not sustainable but still better than anything the Yankees have.

  141. Nathan says:

    This team keeps finding ways to let me down. And I have pretty low expectations right about now.

  142. bringbackthebullpencar says:

    Carlos Pena just got DFA..at least he can play the field…release Pronk

  143. stuart a says:

    carlos pena idea not horrible. obviously him being a lefty is a probelm but hell the guy can hit a home run on occassion.

    grilli may have gotten hurt tonight. joba to the pirates for ; tabata, or some other players!!!why not?

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