Hafner headed to DL, Jeter likely to be activated on Sunday

The Dane Cook of Offenses: Yankees have no answer for Archer in 1-0 loss
Saturday Night Open Thread

4:39pm: It’s officially a right rotator cuff strain for Hafner. He had surgery on the shoulder in 2008 and has been on and off the DL with various problems since. Pronk missed a few days with soreness earlier this year.

4:11pm: Travis Hafner is heading to the DL with a shoulder injury, Joe Girardi announced. Derek Jeter is likely to come off the DL on Sunday to take his roster spot as long as he feels good tomorrow. The Cap’n had eight at-bats in a simulated game with Short Season Staten Island in their ballpark this afternoon. If they activate him, it will mean the Yankees are pretty confident Jeter can play shortstop full-time because they have five games in NL parks next week.

The Dane Cook of Offenses: Yankees have no answer for Archer in 1-0 loss
Saturday Night Open Thread
  • Kevin G.

    Phantom DL for Hafner?

    • trr

      There probably is some discomfort in the shoulder, but this is an easy way to get him off the active roster until Sept. Basically , Granderson will replace him in a few days.

  • Kvothe

    Well, Yanks are undefeated when Jeter is in the lineup. Sooo, yay?

  • Eddard

    It’s an improvement but it’s too little too late. Same with the Soriano deal. By the time Granderson, Frankie and possibly A-Rod return they could be 10 out. They need to be sellers at the deadline.

    • Larry Fl.

      Eddard do not agree with your thoughts at times but as these season moves forward. Its obvious that the return of the players will be a little to late. I’d even trade Cano but its obvious that ownership wants marque appeal as opposed to winning player appeal.

  • Larry Fl.

    I have been calling for Hafner’s DFA since he has shown an inability to put the ball in play. Shoulder injuries are difficult at best to heal quickly and this is not his first occurrence. So, he should take his pay on the DL and stay there.

    Disappointed in the ownership for disregarding their GM and staff’s recommendation on the Soriano trade and Ichiro signing. It is going to be a very difficult task to retool this team to above mediocrity with ownership and baseball people not being on the same page.

    The more that I watch during this period of no offense, good pitching. I wonder if the Cano signing will be helpful to the team going forward. There is much that can be done with 25 million dollars per year over the next 6 or 7 years. Long term contracts should not be the solution to filling the seats at the stadium nor the acquiring of has been players.

    The Yankees with a few wrong moves could move toward years of bad baseball.

    • high heat

      Sadly, it’s hard to see them making the “right” moves. It’s not like Cashman’s going to be able to pull the wool over multiple GMs eyes, and that’s what it’s going to take at this point.

      They need multiple pieces, and I have very little faith in them getting one astute piece, much less multiple.

  • JohnnyC

    Cashman must be a genius because it seems every bad decision the Yankees have made was made by ownership against his advice but all the good decisions were his ideas (must have caught Hal and Levine on a good day…right after a particularly juicy episode of The View maybe).

  • forensic

    Rotator cuff strain? Must be from all the throwing and defensive prowess he shows off…

  • Duh Injuries

    2014 Yankees (regardless of whatever happens this year, especially if the Yanks somehow, some way win the World Series):

    Starting Nine:

    C – Romine (Trade steroids cheat Cervelli since he of all players is a name in the Biogenesis story.)
    1B – Adams (Teixiera and half his remaining salary traded. If Carl Fucking Crawford can be traded, so can Teixiera.)
    2B – Cano
    3B – Eric Jagielo (Fuck developing him, just stick him out there at 3B and in the #9 slot every day.)
    SS – Nunez
    LF – Almonte (Trade Wells and $1.2M or half his 2014 salary.)
    CF – Gardner (Give him $5.7M or double his 2013 salary.)
    RF – Soriano (Trade Suzuki and $3.25M or half his 2014 salary.)
    DH – Jeter (He’ll exercise his $8M player’s option for 2014.)


    C – J.R. Murphy
    1B/3B – Mustelier
    2B/SS – Ramiro Pena reacquired
    OF – Mesa


    Kuroda re-signed for a year and $20M he’ll take
    Hughes re-signed for three years and $10M a year $30M total he’ll take
    Two from Phelps, Nuno, Warren, Pineda, a minor-league contract signee, and three starting pitching prospects acquired in an offseason trade of Sabathia to an N.L. team

    Offer Chamberlain a year and $2.2M or a little over 1.5X his 2013 salary on the condition he begins his season in AAA to build his arm up to be a starting pitcher. He can opt out June 1 if he doesn’t make the Yankees rotation by then. If the Yanks can pay Jon Lieber millions to just rehab, they can take a flier on a still young fireballer to see if he can be a starting pitcher again. It’s a low-risk high-reward move: if Joba stinks, he costs only $2.2M. If he’s good for even just 5 to 10 starts he was worth the $2.2M. The Yanks pissed away $1.5M on Brennan Boesch and $12M on Kevin Youkilis, I think they can piss away $2.2M on what I’d call “The Joba Project”.


    Robertson (closer)
    Clairborne (co-setup man)
    Kelley (co-setup man)
    Logan (re-signed)
    TBD (ideally another homegrown arm)

    • stuart a

      this team would be way worse offensively then the 2013 team.

      some of the suggestions are beyond ludicrous. reacquire pena. like our 4 utility guys we have cannot fill the role already..

      I like getting younger and homegrown but this takes it to a level that is absurd…

    • BFDeal

      Apparently, you love being told how stupid you are.

  • Duh Injuries

    * $2.8M for Joba. Peanuts.

  • EndlessJose

    Derek Jeter can play SS the rest of the year but the Yankees have to know he can’t play SS a whole year. Even before the injury last year he looked like a old man at short.

  • Bob Michaels

    Last year the fans were saying the Yankees rely on the Homerun.This year the complaint is no power.When will the Bombers return to being the Bombers and in what year?

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Our only surprise is that it took this long.

  • ExitCashman

    I guess that a DL stint has become a God-given right of every aging Yankee in the dumps. Great move signing Hafner, Cash. Blame Hal.

  • Tony Moschetti

    Finally, some GOOD injury news for the Yankees! Another “great” Cashman signing. He’s been on the DL EIGHT times since 2008. He can’t play in the field. Good one Cash!