Heyman: Yankees called Padres about Chase Headley

Williams stays hot in Tampa win
Poll: Buy or Sell at the deadline?

Via Jon Heyman: The Yankees recently called the Padres about the availability of Chase Headley, but were told there is no deal to be made. San Diego seeks a “special prospect” in return for their switch-hitting third baseman and are likely to keep him.

Headley, 29, is hitting .229/.330/.359 (97 wRC+) this season while battling a fractured thumb and calf problems. He broke out last season by hitting .286/.376/.498 (145 wRC+), and he remains under team control as an arbitration-eligible player through 2014. The Yankees reportedly discussed Headley with the Padres both at the deadline last year and at the Winter Meetings. This would be a great time to “buy low” on him, but it seems obvious the Friars aren’t going to just give him away because of subpar half-season.

Williams stays hot in Tampa win
Poll: Buy or Sell at the deadline?
  • Rich

    I hope they asked about the availability of Logan Forsythe while they were on the phone.

    • pablos ham sammich

      I hope they asked about the potato salad of Logan Forsythe while they were on the phone.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Special prospect? SPECIAL PROSPECT?!?! We have a guy who can win Rookie of the Year every year. It’s right there in his first name, and I’ve got him a box with Mikey O’Brien as we speak. Hell, I’ll even throw in Mikey’s brother, Pete. According to DOTF, he’s the greatest prospect of all time.

    I wouldn’t sell low on Headley if I was the Padres either.

    • Mac

      I don’t know that they’d be selling too low right now. It could easily just be that they’d have been selling really, really high at the end of last season. Headley is a FA after next season, so his price tag may not rise any from here unless he really starts clobbering the ball.

  • CashmanNinja

    I’d love Headley, but the price tag will be sky high. Even with a down year he’s far too valuable. The Padres could get a much better package from some other team. The Yanks may be desperate, but not even this desperate club has enough pieces to get a player like Headley. If Hughes were under contract for a few more seasons then I think he’d be the kind of guy they want, but Hughes is about to cash in and if the Padres are going to spend money they may as well keep Headley or trade him for a stud pitching prospect. Oh well…

    • Mac

      I think you are severally overvaluing Headley and Hughes, while undervaluing the Yankees prospects. Headley is signed for 1.5 seasons and is a good but not great player for every season of his career but one. I don’t think the Padres will be getting more than the Yankees could offer for Headley. This isn’t Giancarlo Stanton. Headley is both worse and much, much closer to free agency.

  • trr

    Agree, it would take quite a bit to pry him loose I’m sure. Headley is a good player, and God knows we meed the upgrade, but we shouldn’t overpay out of desperation. I can only imagine who’ll be playing 3B for us in 2015….What about Kendry Morales? For now, that seems like a more reasonable deal.

  • Oy

    I’d offer Phelps, Williams, Austin and Campos/Banuelos.A proven MLB starter who’s pre arb until 2015, two under performing previous top 5075 prospects and a wild card piece.

    • jsbrendog


    • BFDeal

      And you’ll still get a “no” from SD. According to the article, SD views him as practically untouchable.

    • LK

      Phelps has a long way to go before he’s a proven MLB starter.

      • Oy

        At the age of 26, he has 182.1 IP as a starter in the AL East. In those innings, he has a FIP of 4.08 and xFIP 4.04. That’s a proven starter in my eyes.

        • LK

          I don’t know how you can call anyone with less than 200 IP a proven starter.

        • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

          He’s made 23 career starts. That’s not even a full season’s worth. If that’s a proven starter to you, I have several bridges on sale with a two-for-one special.

    • OldYanksFan

      How do you build a future team when you make trades like that for ONE guy. Sure, it could well work out. But this type of trade is ‘farm depleting’. Bernie, Mo, Posada, Pettitte, Gritner and even Cano (who was offered at least twice) were not ‘top’ prospects. While higher picks may statistically be more successful, many good and some great (Pujols, Piazza and the 4 above) come out of relative obscurity.

      While Headley is a very nice player, a 113 OPS+ at age 29, doesn’t warrant losing (what a think is) a proven back-of-the-rotation guy and 3 of our top 15.

      Getting above average players from the farm is very hit-and-miss. But the more potential you trade, the lower the odds of developing home grown players.

      • Oy

        For every Bernie, Mo, Posada, Pettitte, Gardner and Cano we have Bradley Suttle,Brackman, Betances, Montero and Romine x5. After missing two months of play, Headley is 11th in 3B WAR. Since 2011, Headley ranks 5th in MLB 3B WAR.

        Since he is under control for next year, I would give up 3 of our top 15. Losing Phelps would be a blow for next year, but by offering Hughes a qualifier and hoping that Pineda/Warren can step into Phelps’role, Yanks will be in all right shape.

        • Kosmo

          5th in 3BWAR since 2011 ? Why don´t you go back to the beginning of his career. It took one 6+ WAR season 2012 to inflate your rather arbitrary ranking. 11th in 3BWAR is worth giving up great prospects ?

          • Oy

            Since playing full time

            2009: WAR 1.3
            2010: WAR 4.4 (6th in MLB 3B)
            2011: WAR 2.3 (9th in MLB 3B)
            2012: WAR 7.2 (2nd in MLB 3B)
            2013: WAR 2.1 (11th in MLB 3b)

            Either way, a very good player. Obviously he missed two months or so this year. There were no great trade prospects in my trade offer.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          And if you keep on thinking that way, you wind up looking like the Yankees circa about 1987.

    • Mac

      Little steep for me. Especially if it’s Banuelos. That’s like 3 of the top 5 or 6 prospects in the system to me (Banuelos has an injury with like a 90% recovery rate, so I can’t really understand how he went from #1 or 2 in the system to as far down as many rank him).

      I don’t think it’s unreasonable and might work for the Padres (though report seems to suggest they’re more interested in a top heavy deal for what it’s worth), but for 1.5 seasons I probably pass. I would expect about 6 fWAR (could be convinced that goes up in Yankee Stadium, I guess). I would expect that I’m giving up maybe 2 cost controlled starters among the 4 if it’s Manny in the mix. Depending on your expectations for A-Rod’s suspension and production the next 1.5 seasons you might also be acquiring a player at a position where you have a $25 million starter. Headley’s bat doesn’t really fit in a cOF spot and you lose his plus D at 3B out there to get what was a poor defensive OF.

  • Vern Sneaker

    We don’t have any “special prospects,” except maybe Sanchez but he’s still not even at AA. Sure we’ve got some good ones — at AA and lower — but they either don’t have enough history or are performing below expectations.

  • Coolerking101

    I don’t get why you’d sell the farm for him. He’s already 29 and under team control for only one more year. Not to mention who knows what you get out of him this year if he’s fighting off nagging injuries. Hell, best case scenario is you get 1.5 good years before he walks at age 30…when he will undoubtedly want a 6 or 7 year mega deal. Then you get Teixeira all over again.

  • Dalek Jeter

    If he could do what he did last season for the remainder of this year and all of next year he’s the kind of player I’d want a GM to break the proverbial bank on…and it looks like the Padres want that exactly. I guess Sanchez and DePaula + isn’t enough for them…

  • Bill

    The Yankees don’t have the prospects to get this deal done. Also given the general lack of available 3B if the Padres are willing to sell they’ll get more than the Yankees can offer.

    • Oy

      The “Yankees don’t have the prospects to get this deal done” stuff is ridiculous. Yanks ranked as a top 10-15 organization prior to the season. They have a legit top 30 prospect in Sanchez, a top 50-75 in DePaula and borderline top 75-100 guys in Heathcott and Williams.

      Headley is not Stanton, he is not someone who costs a farm. He was a an above average 3B with solid but not spectacular offense prior to 2012. He has a 97 wRC+ this year. His ROS projections from ZIPS and Steamer are not great by any means. He’s not cheap next year, this is not a player who’s untouchable.

      • Mac

        Agreed, I think people with short memories only remember Headley’s 2012 and maybe his 2011. Very good player, but doesn’t have unlimited value where there are many teams who couldn’t put together a package if they really wanted him for 1.5 years.

    • Kosmos

      most of the contending teams have good 3B and I doubt any of them would be willing to give away top talent for 1 Chase Headley.

  • Kosmos

    Has anyone checked in on Headley lately ? He´s hitting .229 ! He´s had 1 great season 2012, the rest of the time he´s been slightly better than a 2WAR player. He´s nothing special. AROD could, I said could, post similar 2WAR numbers. If San Diego wanted to do a 2 for 1, for example, Ramirez and Heathcott then ya maybe otherwise pass.

    • Mac

      He’s on track for almost 4 fWAR this season, which would be the 3rd time in 4 years he’s there. Same story for bWAR.

      4 WAR is not 2 WAR. I know people are overvaluing him, but that doesn’t mean you have to overtly distort facts to go to the other extreme.

  • bigweiner

    Pass. An old broken down Arod is still better than Headley. And we get that back on Monday. If NY is looking to the future they can do better. Headley is almost 30. He isn’t going to improve at this point.

  • Leg-End

    Yep I’m also passing, if he could have come at a cheapish cost then by all means but if they want the world then forget it.