Heyman: Yankees have checked in on Justin Morneau

McCarron: Granderson and Nix will start rehab assignments tomorrow
Game 101: The Newest Ranger

Via Jon Heyman: The Yankees have called the Twins to check in on the availability of Justin Morneau. They prefer Alfonso Soriano however, mostly because he’s a better fit for the lineup since he’s right-handed and hits for power.

Morneau, 32, has hit .272/.332/.401 (102 wRC+) with seven homers this season, and he’s managed a 109 wRC+ with four homers over the last 30 days. His offensive performance has been on par with Lyle Overbay’s (100 wRC+). The Yankees are getting nothing from their DH spot and I’m sure Yankee Stadium‘s short right field porch would help Morneau’s power output, but he is owned more than $5M through the end of the season and has been trending downward with some major red flags. I think he’s a last resort, basically.

McCarron: Granderson and Nix will start rehab assignments tomorrow
Game 101: The Newest Ranger
  • I’m One

    A last resort, or a way to pressure the Cubbies.

    • trr

      That might be giving the F/O too much credit, but I suppose Cashman can be a sneaky SOB.

      It seems unlikely they’ll pull the trigger on this unless the asking price is nothing and they finally decide to cut ties with Hafner:
      think Morneau replacing Hafner, not Overbay. Still he’s not the hitter he used to be (so he’d fit right in did I somebody say? :)?)

  • EndlessJose

    You put Morneau is this ballpark and he will hit beyond what Overbay can.The Yankees should not be worried about what side a hitter can he from. They should worry about if they are better than the trash hitting now.

    Carlos Pena is better than any of these guys.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

      Pena’s awful performance this season strongly suggests otherwise.

  • CashmanNinja

    I think Morneau would be a great fit because of the lineup. I do think it’d be nicer for the lineup to have a righty, but it’s not like Soriano is immune from strikeouts. He’s going to strikeout regardless of what arm the pitcher uses, so it kind of neutralizes the whole “righty/lefty” thing for a batter. Each have some power, but Soriano is an outfielder and his speed is what could make him a better fit right now. I think this is a ploy to get the Cubs to lower their asking price, but if the Yanks are serious then I wouldn’t mind Morneau as the DH. I think he’d be a great fit and could hit some real shots in this ball park. He could have a late season HR surge and utilize the park the same way Raul Ibanez did.

  • Mighty Munson

    Why not both? We need to accumulate as much talent as possible in an attempt to just get in especially before the self imposed $189 cap hits next year.

  • Mike Myers

    anyone else blown away that he is having just as (un)productive of a seaon as overbay?

  • Chiggie

    Last resort! Last resort! Are you kidding? Have you been watching this team hit? They are terrible! At the bottom of all baseball in every offensive category. If they traded and got the 85 year old ball boys from San Francisco I would feel more confident than the joke of a lineup they have been running out night in and night out.

    • Andrew J.

      Hilarious. And I agree. Four home runs from 3rd base this year. A DH who doesn’t hit. Luis Cruz the shortstop of the future now on the DL. Last resort is here.

    • Robinson TIlapia

      Yet they’re five games over .500 and you’re frequenting a team blog.

      • jim p

        TV said they’ve had 23 come from behind victories this year. Though they’ve simply not got the bats, I do think this team doesn’t quit. Though they might not have the talent to succeed enough.

        Adding one or two serious bats could make all the difference.

      • Shittyshittybangbang

        Blog bully !!!

  • ropeadope

    Can’t get here soon enough.

  • Andrew J.

    Six games over. And we need offense in a year when we have good pitching. Soriano, Morneau, one or both. Bring them on.

  • dkidd

    2006 called, it wants it’s all-star team back

    • dkidd


      /hate that

  • Nathan

    Wrong Twin.

    I was pretty certain the Yankees would have paid Mauer a buttload of money and persuade him to come to NY but that never came.

  • Bring back the bullpen car

    Amen brother amen

  • New Guy

    I kind of think these two players miss the point. Don’t get me wrong, any bat at this point would help. However, it kind of ignores the fact that first base and outfield are not the biggest issue spots on the team. Overbay is no Teixeira but he has been more than serviceable and has held the spot down really well. The outfield is not great either but between Gardner, Wells, Ichiro, Almonte, and Granderson hopefully coming back soon the Yanks can piece that together. The club really needs to add upgrades at third and catcher. Obviously that’s easier said than done, but those spots will be the ones to make or break the season IMO. I don’t even want to bring up the questions with A-rod and everything I’ve heard recently about Cervelli sounds more and more like we wont see him back this year. If the Yankees acquired one or both of Soriano and Morneau I feel like it would be crowding areas that have been at least serviceable and taking at bats away from the wrong people. Wells and Almonte are no studs but I much rather let them hit than (insert 3rd basemen name here) or Stewert/Romine. I understand the market dictates and the positions needed may not be available for a reasonable price or at all. Just seems like if the Yanks sign a bat it needs to be a catcher or someone who can at least stand at third with a glove. And acquiring Morneau would basically be moving Overbay to DH. I don’t know, I guess that would help a little.

  • Tom

    Soriano not in the lineup tonight(“rest”).

    So I guess Morneau is still just a backup plan.

    • Dan in Athens

      mlbtraderumors.com quotes several beat writers saying Soriano appears willing to waive his no trade to the Yankees (along with certain other teams).

      The key is can the Yanks get a deal where they pay the remaing salary this year, but next to nothing next (giving them 2 free players – Wells, Sori – plus Arod salary relief via suspension, which makes 189 a much more palatable number).