Hughes can’t overcome offense, Yanks fall 4-1 to Twins

Update: A-Rod hitless in latest minor league rehab game
Heathcott's big night leads Trenton to win

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Oh well, scoring eight runs in back-to-back games was fun while it lasted. The Yankees are back to scratching out a handful of runs per game and hoping it’ll be enough for a win. On Saturday afternoon, it wasn’t. Let’s recap the 4-1 loss:

  • Homerun Phil: This was a really good start for Phil Hughes … until Pedro Florimon hit his final pitch out to right for a two-run homer. Just like that, two runs in 7.1 innings became four runs in 7.1 innings. Much uglier. Hughes allowed five hits, including three homers. He struck out ten and walked just one. The first two solo homers were overcome-able, but that third homer was a back-breaker.
  • LOLffense: Of course, Hughes or any other starting pitcher would have had to throw a shutout to get the win on Saturday. The Yankees scored just one run against Samuel Deduno, and that came when Robinson Cano singled in Ichiro Suzuki in the very first inning. Nine of the next ten and 13 of the next 16 Yankees made outs. They actually had a runner on base in every inning but the second, yet only three runners actually made it to third base. Gross.
  • Botched: The team’s best chance to score came in the fourth, when Luis Cruz had runners on the corners and two outs. Zoilo Almonte got caught stealing at second as part of a weird double steal to end the inning. That screams of “we need to generate offense but have no idea how to actually do it.” Very silly play considering Almonte and Vernon Wells were the runners.
  • Leftovers: The top three hitters in the lineup went 4-for-12 (good!), but the bottom six went 4-for-21 (bad!) … Shawn Kelley and Joba Chamberlain were fine in relief, though both allowed a base-runner … Travis Hafner came off the bench to provide a pinch-hit double late, his first action in two days after fouling a ball off his foot in the batting cage … the Yankees scored two runs or fewer for the 31st time this year, almost exactly one-third of their games and two fewer times than all of last season. It was the 19th time they scored one run or less, one more than last year. Hate this lineup. has the box score and video highlights, FanGraphs some other stats, and ESPN the updated standings. The Rays won and the Orioles lost, so the Yankees remain tied with Baltimore and drop to two back of Tampa in the loss column for the second wildcard spot. CC Sabathia and rookie right-hander Kyle Gibson get the ball on Sunday afternoon, the final game before the All-Star break. Check out RAB Tickets if want to catch the team live for the last time in a long time — they’ve got a seven-game road trip right after the break.

Update: A-Rod hitless in latest minor league rehab game
Heathcott's big night leads Trenton to win
  • WhittakerWalt

    Oof. Glad I missed this one.

  • forensic

    Yeah, pretty blah game. That’ll happen periodically (or more) with this offense though. Hopefully they can shake it off, do some more damage to Gibson, and have CC carry them through to at least win the series and keep the homestand with a winning record.

    I didn’t mind the double steal attempt that much. I mostly blame Girardi for not having made sure that Almonte knew what to do in that situation (and a little blame on Almonte for just not knowing himself). Otherwise, maybe it gets the run home with the bottom of the order coming up.

    This was Hafner’s first XBH since the 4th of July, just the 2nd game with one since June 25th, and just the 2nd game with a double since May 24th. It possibly should’ve been caught, but at least it was hit solidly and even a little the other way. Hopefully that’s some sort of a good sign for him.

    • snuke swanky

      Hard to blame girardi. I don’t know how they do it over there on the islands but i learned that play when i was like 13 years old

      • Snuke Swanky

        I mean maybe it’s a stupid call – MLB players know how to defend that play. Almonte has to know that hes supposed to stop in the middle of the baseline though

      • forensic

        I did put some of it on Almonte, but I think if you’re a manager and you’re putting a player into a position like that on a sort-of trick play, then you need to make sure beforehand that he knows what to do in these sort of situations.

        • Snuke Swanky

          Eh, it’s too basic of a play. It’s like knowing that you’re supposed to swing at anything on a hit & run, you shouldn’t have to tell guys that before you put it on.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          I’d say its on Almonte, but whatever. He’s a rookie. It was a costly play at the time, though.

          Would have been funny to hear Kelleher suddenly scream “get down!” at him, though.

  • trr

    a lifeless, lightless loss

  • brian

    as i said during the game… more concerned with the dead stadium than the loss… can’t beat the same team EVERY time.. it’s baseball

  • Mick taylor

    Gut the yanks. They cannot win a championship this year. Trade kuroda for Matt weiters. Hughes and cano for top prospects granderson to the pirates for top prospect

  • Mick taylor

    for the 2 million they spent on hafner he has not been that bad better than spending 12 million. On swisher

    • vicki


  • Bill

    This is incredible… Nunez’s war now stands at, wait for it, -1.3… in not much more than 100 at bats

    If you project this out over a full season or near full season, he is basically a reverse MVP candidate type player

    Fangraphs is more kind, they have him at -.7 (soon to be -.8) still worst on the yankees, yes behind Romine and Francisco

    Even more incredible, he’s still looked at as a valuable piece with “potential” and “upside”… don’t tell anyone he’s already 26

    • Manny’s BanWagon

      Yeah, it’s funny how some around here talk about him like he’s a future starting SS or some young prospect with a bright future.

      The guy is a below average back up infielder.

      • Duh Injuries

        I wouldn’t write off Nunez yet.

        For one he’s younger, faster, cheaper, and has more upside than Jeter. He definitely has more stolen base ability than Jeter. With enough playing time he could be at least as good as prime Jeter defensively.

        If Nunez could produce around 2012 Jeter’s slashline, he’s an above average shortstop thus certainly in the top tier of shorstops offensively.

        Nunez has been the victim of nowhere to play every day and his defense has suffered for it. He is a shortstop and a better defensive one than Jeter now for the simple fact that he can actually play and run. Jeter needs to get a self-reality check and shut it down for 2013 (yes after only four at-bats where he looked like he should be playing the 2018 Old Timers’ Day Game even when he scored a run.) He should learn every base and be the 2014 Yankees’ super-backup baseman, SS, and DH (27 starts at each position for 135 total starts in the infield – figure 14 pinch-hit appearances and 13 rest days.)

  • Duh Injuries

    LOL @ at Mike Twiststhefaxisa blaming the offense when Hughes sucked at least as bad as they did.

    When you give up three homeruns like Hughes did you are at least just as bad as the offense.

    If it is written in stone or it is fair to say that the 2013 Yankees are a bad team offensively, then how can anyone including you, Mike Axisa, assume this team should’ve scored at least five runs for the win?

    Hughes’s losses can’t all be good. This loss was a bad one. He’s a saint for losing 2-1 AND 4-1? Nuh-uh, he sucked today and btw the law of averages says the Yanks are gonna lose to the Twins at some point, or do you think the Yanks were gonna go 7-0 vs. the Twins this year? I thought they had a shot based on them owning the Twins in the past, but it is no given. If the Yanks win tomorrow, they’ll have finished 6-1 against the Twins. How ’bout 6-1 vs. the Red Sox in the next seven starting with a sweep at Fenway?

  • Duh Injuries

    BTW enough with the IP and SO.

    SO WHAT Hughes pitched 7 1/3 innings and struck out ten?

    He gave up four runs thus his team had to score at least five runs to win.

    Hughes’ ERA for the game was 4.93 so he just about gave up five runs up until the point he left the game.

    • Pat D

      Up until the point he left the game, he gave up exactly 4 runs.

      Based upon his performance up to that point, it is probable he would have given up “just about” 5 runs, had he pitched all 9 innings.

  • mt

    I tend to blame Joe more – how many times do you see that Double steal play in a game? it happens once in a blue moon. Isn’t that what the first base coach is for? Almonte is also a rookie.

    Hughes has got to do better than that since his stuff yesterday was electric but scoring one run a game is not going to get it done (fourth time with one run on this homestand).

    I hope we win tomorrow but whether we do or not, the real test comes in ten games right after the break against Red Sox on road (first in AL East), Texas on road (first in WC) and Tampa Bay at home (curently second WC) after break. Given that no one is really back (Grandy is out till August and I expect Jeter to be DL’ed) yesterday’s line-up will somehow have to get it done after a great offensive team (Boston); good offensive team with improving starting pitching (TB) and Texas (offense OK but still better than ours).

    If we can survive that strecth without getting buried, we then have to hope we go on someting like a 13-2 or 15-4 stretch somewhere in August or September. The path to the playoffs depends on it.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    I have absolutely nothing to say about the game. It was what it was.

    It’s the perfect game, though, and perfect evening for the amateur GMs and realists to show us all the error of our ways. The floor is yours. Teach us something.

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