Injury Updates: Jeter, Grandy, Kuroda, Pineda

(Al Bello/Getty)

(Al Bello/Getty)

Some injury updates, courtesy of Zach Braziller and George King:

  • Derek Jeter (ankle) is close to beginning a minor league rehab assignment. He continues to take simulated at-bats in Tampa, and he is running the bases after each one. The Yankees haven’t set a date for the rehab assignment yet, but Brian Cashman said “he’s doing real well. He’s really progressing well.”
  • Curtis Granderson (hand) swung a pipe 20 times underwater. He has to progress to a short bat and a weighted short bat underwater before taking real live batting practice. So yeah, Granderson isn’t close to a return.
  • Hiroki Kuroda (hip) will be re-evaluated by a doctor today. An MRI revealed no tear and the plan is to get him back into the rotation shortly. Ivan Nova is starting in Kuroda’s place tonight.
  • Michael Pineda (shoulder) will make his final rehab start with Triple-A Scranton tomorrow. His 30-day rehab window expires on Monday and it seems likely the Yankees will option him to Triple-A for some more tune-up starts at that time.
  • In case you missed it yesterday, Frankie Cervelli suffered a stress reaction in his elbow and has been shut down for at least two weeks. He isn’t expected to return until sometime in August now.
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  1. jsbrendog says:

    so then…..really the only positions in need of upgrade are 1b and c right? nunez will be back what, a week after the allstar break, arod a week later and then maybe jeter the first week of august? it doesn’t really make sense to upgrade somewhere that person wont be able to play…cause when those 3 guys come back there’s your combo ss/3b/dh.

    i guess OF needs something too cause granderson is no gimme to return at all or in time for it to matter….and the current setup kinda blows. maybe ichiro and zoilo can stay hot long enough for it to be ok?

    come on reinforcements!!

    • I respectfully disagree. As you saw with Teix and Youkilis, just because those guys come back, doesn’t mean that they are going to stay back. I have very little faith in Nunez as an everyday SS, which he would be getting considerable time there as Jeter will most likely get a lot of time at DH. Corner outfield is a definite priority. Vernon Wells and Ichiro (his current hot streak not withstanding) aren’t very good at all and shouldn’t be guaranteed a roster spot. They Yankees should be looking for an upgrade where ever they can, and hopefully they will do it soon.

      • OhioYanks says:

        A better back-up SS than Nunez would be great. How likely is it for one to be available, though? And what does it cost? Most guys who are significantly better than Nunez are starters. Even most starting SS probably aren’t any better than Nunez. There are 10 qualifying SS with a wRC+ above 80 (Nunez is at 83 career, granted I know his D stinks… still not a ton of better options even exist let alone are available at a reasonable price). Even if I lower the PAs min to 150, Nix is the 27th best SS in baseball this season by fWAR.

        Granderson should do a lot to ease their corner OF troubles.

        Sure they should look for upgrades, but there’s also not much sense in overpaying in long-term assets to get quick fixes that might represent marginal upgrades and be replaced in a few weeks.

  2. Nick says:

    Derek needs to STFU about his rehab! What an asshole he is for mentioning that he is close to getting into some rehab games

  3. trr says:

    It’s tough to play that waiting game and depend on Nunez/Jeter/A-Rod, since we really don’t know what we’ll get from them. Granderson/Cervelli seem a long way off, Cervelli maybe never…so yes, need OF (RHB) and C. Right away. There are small upgrades at C (Hernandez, Shoppach, Oliva)available fairly cheaply. Romine has to go back down, too soon for Murph…

    • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

      I think Shoppach and Hernandez already signed with other teams, fwiw.

      • trr says:

        didn’t see that, thanks – but we did have an opportunity to sign them, and took no action.

        • Robinson Tilapia says:

          I *think* Olivo is still out there, unless something happened today.

          Yes, I’d take a shot.
          Yes, I feel gross for saying that.

          • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

            I’m guessing if the Yankees weren’t interested in Shoppach or Hernandez, they’d have even less interest in Olivo.

            • trr says:

              It’s pretty clear the “plan” was do nothing until Cervelli returned. Now? who knows…

              • OhioYanks says:

                I don’t know about that narrative. You could pick up Hernandez or Shoppach for a month if you like them better than your current options and then just dump them when Cervelli is back. It’s not easy to adjust to a P staff, but these guys are veterans. I think the most likely case is that the Yankees did not pick those two up simply because they prefer their current options.

                • OhioYanks says:

                  And Olivo is terrible. I think it’s pretty clear he is worse than Stewart and am in no way sure he’s better than Romine going forward.

    • Dalek Jeter says:

      I’m surprised so many people want Murphy to come up after what’s happened with Romine. I mean in my head it would play out the same exact way: a relatively high end catching prospect (Romine was on the top 100 list before missing most of last season with a back injury) gets called up out of desperation (ineffectiveness if Murphy gets called up, while injury got Romine up here) to sit on the bench under a manager that prefers vets to rookies, killing him developmentally because he only places twice a week instead of the 5 days a week and constantly playing with some level of rust because of it. As far as I’m concerned they both (Murphy and Romine) need at least one more full year of development, playing just about every day working on stuff in the minors were they can get polished without affecting the major league club on a day to day.

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        Replace “Murphy” with anyone else having a hot month in AAA for the past few years and the sentiment would be the same.


        • Dalek Jeter says:

          Yeah, probably, but what I don’t understand is we’ve seen this movie play out with Joseph, Adams, Neal and Romine just this year alone. Granted, the first 3 are fringy guys anyway, whose best case scenario is a platoon or a bench career…but Romine going into just the beginning of last season was looked at as an almost definite major leaguer. I guess my point is it’s hard to do coming up and sitting on the bench after being a starter in the minors and we’ve seen this year alone that it can completely screw a guy up…and to try it again with somebody even younger and even less polished just doesn’t seem like a good idea.

          “Insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting different results.”-Einstein.

          • Robinson Tilapia says:

            Those were all burritos that were warmed up, eaten, and came out the other end already.

            JR Murphy is currently in the microwave.

            *bangs on microwave*

            • Dalek Jeter says:

              I’ve had 1 microwave burrito in my life, it was enough to tell me “you should never do this again.”

              • Robinson Tilapia says:

                I’ve had better luck, but microwaved entrees and shit like that tend to gross me out in general.

                • Cool Lester Smooth says:

                  Not a fan of Microwaved burritos, but those taquitos from Costco are like crack, even when microwaved.

                  • Robinson Tilapia says:

                    I think I’ve had those at bad wedding receptions. Not bad.

                    FreshDirect has some good microwaved stuff.

            • I'm One says:

              Not advocating for Murphy in the slightest, but we know not everyone is the same. Almonte has done well (1 out of 5?), although outside of Adams and Romine, the others really weren’t given a chance.

              • Robinson Tilapia says:

                Almonte had more time in AAA than Murphy has. Catcher’s a damn tough position to adjust to, mid-season, in a pennant race like this. Almonte’s getting the chance to play every day, which I don’t think Murphy would get right now.

                • OhioYanks says:

                  Not saying that Murphy should or shouldn’t be called up, but boiling MLB readiness down to AAA time is a boversimplification. The C angle I agree with, though it’s not impossible for a rookie C to help a team and age/experience telling you C readiness is also a general boversimplification. Not so sure about the playing every day narrative. Have seen no one bother to prove it. If Murphy is truly ready for MLB offensively, he could pick up some PT at DH or maybe even 1B to get more offensive reps.

                  • Robinson Tilapia says:

                    Eh, I was just listing potential reasons. There are pros and cons to every one of them, just like you said.

                    Boversimplication, eh? You’ve been around longer than we thought. :)

      • Dalek Jeter says:

        plays* twice a week

      • OhioYanks says:

        That Romine has struggled isn’t really an indication of how Murphy will do in MLB or how ready he is to play in MLB. Not saying he is ready or an upgrade, necessarily, just saying that small sample variation works in both directions. Murphy is not Romine (not saying he is better or worse… he’s just his own person and whatever Romine does has no impact on how good Murphy is) and plenty of BUCs have really good years in small samples that they would never sustain over the course of a full season.

  4. JW says:

    Just curious — how come Pineda gets a 30 rehab clock but A-Rod is on a 20 day clock? I don’t get the rules.

  5. Andrew Brotherton says:

    I think Mccann or Carlos Ruiz would be the targets, David Adams is slowly figuring things out, and Arod will be back soon. I think if they can get Michael Young for a song they will go after him but they won’t invest any serious prospect for him.

    • Dalek Jeter says:

      McCann would be awesome, even as an impending free agent he’d probably be pretty expensive though.

    • Get Phelps Up says:

      Unfortunately McCann’s team is in the thick of a playoff race and he probably isn’t going to be traded.

  6. Robinson Tilapia says:

    Six guys at short. Six guys at third.

    This will be the only time Oleta Adams gets quoted on here. I don’t care how you get here. Get here if you can.

    • mustang (The Has Beens & Wannabes Bunch 2013) says:

      “I want to compete. I want to stay in New York. I refuse to quit. Maybe it’s stupidity, I don’t know, but I’m wired to compete and give my best. I have a responsibility to be ready to play as soon as I can.”

      Just for you Robinson,

      Love always


      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        If he’s going to come back, then that’s exactly what he should be saying.

        Now let’s see if he can say it with his bat.

        • mustang (The Has Beens & Wannabes Bunch 2013) says:

          I have come to the point where I’m going to just embrace the madness that is A-Rod. Anything else just makes me want to kick my dog and I love my dog.

  7. Mattchu12 says:

    With JR Murphy needing to stay at AAA and Cervelli way out, hard not to think catcher needs to be a priority here. Michael Young would be a nice insurance piece though in case A-Rod can’t come back and be better than, but I don’t want to pay big time when Adams might be the better choice to platoon with Overbay considering the potential price and potential.

    Right handed outfielder might be my #2 priority after catcher though. Granderson is worrying me big time right now. He’s moving along pretty slow.

  8. trr says:

    McCann would take an A-list prospect and more, I’d think.
    Ruiz? could happen. Young. not sure…every team wants as much as they can when dealing, that’s why some of acquisitions go down to the wire. Doesn’t help us now though

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      I’d be fine with a flyer on Olivo. Is it a lock he’d be beter than Romine backing up Stewart? No, but I think he’s worth the audition, at the very least.

      Notice how I’m completely resigned to Stewie starting the rest of the way.

      • trr says:

        Out of all possibilities, that seems the most likely. The team just seems to want to ignore the deficiencies at catcher this year.

        • Robinson Tilapia says:

          I think we’ve all now seen that there’s some unknown quantity they see in Chris Stewart that fans don’t.

          Perhaps Romine’s gotten too long a leash. We’ve spent eons complaining about young guys getting too short a leash.

  9. mustang (The Has Beens & Wannabes Bunch 2013) says:

    My friend said it best its just day by day with this team can’t even look pass the series in hand. Hard way to live for a fan but anything else will just drive one to madness.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      We take for granted how boring roster construction was for this team for the last several years sometimes.

      Those fans who actually like thinking “who’s going to play here? who’s going to play there?” can find a silver lining here. It’s not just put the same predictable names on the lineup card right now. I don’t mind that part so much.

    • jsbrendog says:

      can we PLEASE play the twins every game?

      • Get Phelps Up says:

        We at least need to sprinkle in a few games against Toronto here and there, just to make it fair.

  10. Kosmo says:

    Ruiz or Laird could be possible trade targets. McCann ? forget it, the Braves are in 1st place and I seriously doubt McCann would be moved at this time.
    I like the idea of Young and/or Frandsen too.
    Morneau would be great but unlikely.

    • Mattchu12 says:

      The thought behind McCann is that he is leaving, and they might rather have Gattis behind the plate since he is their catcher of the future. That being said, I don’t think he is going to be had for a price we can or should pay, and would rather focus on Carlos Ruiz.

      Doesn’t hurt that Ruiz is a right handed hitter.

      • Kosmo says:

        McCann is not going anywhere. He´s been great since his return. Veteran leadership and all that. Gattis has some versatility he can play LF if needed.

  11. Kosmo says:

    Olivo. Woof. No thanks.

    • Now Batting says:

      Exactly what sort of “catcher” are you thinking of?

      • Kosmo says:

        like I mentioned above Ruiz or Laird. They both can hit a little. The idea is to upgrade the offense. Not degrade.

        • Robinson Tilapia says:

          Have you seen how Austin Romine is doing?

          • OhioYanks says:

            69 PAs is like a two week sample for a regular. No doubt he’s been terrible, but the next 69 PAs won’t necessarily look like the last 69.

            • Robinson Tilapia says:

              He’s not playing as a regular, though, and those plate appearances will be spread out over a longer period. Those 69 PAs may take you right past the trading deadline.

              I absolutely understand what you mean. I do think there’s a difference here and, if the potential for an incremental upgrade does exist, they should pursue it. I agree with you that a large percentage of the options out there aren’t necessarily guaranteed upgrades.

              It’s also not just offensive play. There’s been some flashes of nice play behind the plate, and also moments where he’s looked completely lost. It hasn’t been a good extended audition thus far.

              • OhioYanks says:

                The point re: regulars was that this is roughly a 13 game sample. No matter how often he plays, the next 13 games worth of PAs will not necessarily look anything like the last 13.

                So while some people might see Ramon Hernandez or Kelly Shoppach as an incremental upgrade, the Yankees might expect Romine to pick it up the next 70 PA sample (defense includes).

  12. Mike says:

    Yankees player development blows. Hal needs to get on it.

  13. mustang (The Has Beens & Wannabes Bunch 2013) says:

    All I want is this:

    Michael Young, 3B

    Nate Schierholtz, RF

    Jonathan Lucroy, C


    • Kosmo says:

      The Brewers would have to be blown out of the water to part with Lucroy. They have zero catching prospects. Who is going to slide in at catcher for them ? What cost in terms of prospects? Murphy, Austin and Ramirez plus another good prospect. I say Murphy but it could as well be Sanchez.

      • mustang (The Has Beens & Wannabes Bunch 2013) says:

        Murphy, Nova, and lower prospects would that be enough?

        • Kosmo says:

          Lucroy has a very team friendly contract. Lucroy is a good solid catcher. Nothing great mind you, certainly a much better hitter than Stewart. The Brewers would fleece NY .

        • Mike says:

          If you were the opposing GM, would you do that?

          • mustang (The Has Beens & Wannabes Bunch 2013) says:

            People here underestimate the value of Nova he is a young starting pitcher who is under control put him in the NL and he will probably be a 3 or strong 4.

            • jsbrendog says:

              you overestimate him based on one 4-6 month run, which as of now based on his entire career is the outlier.

              • OhioYanks says:

                Well, because you say so it must be true!

                • Cool Lester Smooth says:

                  He’s only been an above average pitcher for that one stretch in 2011 and June of 2012.

                  I’m not sure that there’s much room for interpretation.

        • mustang (The Has Beens & Wannabes Bunch 2013) says:

          I already want the catcher because they maybe able to fill the other spot from within (A-Rod & Granderson ) but catcher they have nothing.

        • Robinson Tilapia says:

          Fuck no.

          I’d do that if I were the Yanks. I don’t think the Cubs do at all.

    • I'm One says:

      Yes to Young for 3B/1B, yes to a catcher (anyone that would be an upgrade over Romine, a starter would be gravy) and I’d prefer a RH OF, but Shcierhotls would certainly be acceptable (although disappointing at the same time, since they perhaps could have signed him during the off-season for “just money”).

    • Mike says:

      What do you give up for these guys and what do you do to fit them into the roster?

  14. phil says:

    How about Kendry Morales and Carlos Ruiz?

  15. DERP says:

    Jon Morosi ?@jonmorosi
    Derek Jeter cleared by Yankees to begin rehab assignment with AAA affiliate.

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