King: Giants and Braves interested in Joba Chamberlain


Via George King: The Braves and Giants have interest in Joba Chamberlain as the trade deadline approaches. Both clubs are looking for bullpen help and both had scouts on hand to watch his recent outings — the Braves over the weekend in Baltimore, the Giants last night against the Twins. Both appearances were scoreless.

Chamberlain, 27, has a 5.75 ERA and 5.07 FIP in 20.1 innings this year. He missed about a month with an oblique strain and has been just dreadful since returning, pitching to a 7.36 ERA and 6.14 FIP in 11 innings. Joba’s only redeeming qualities at this point are that he still throws hard (94.8 mph, hardest since 2008) and can miss bats (9.74 K/9, 22.9 K%, and 9.9% swing-and-misses). If the Yankees are lucky, his “name value” with fetch some kind of return. Otherwise half-a-season of an inconsistent, injury prone middle reliever usually nets you close to nothing.

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  1. trr says:

    His time with the team is over. I have no problem trading him, now, tomorrow, next week…

  2. MannyGeee says:

    This has “troll bait” written all over it

  3. Caballo Sin Nombre says:

    How about Joba for $900K in International Free Agent cap space?

  4. the Other Steve S. says:

    Buster Posey or the Justin in a straight-up, make it happen.

  5. Kosmo says:

    Pasternicky and Laird.

    • Preston says:

      What’s this and stuff, I’d do Pasternicky or Laird.

      • Kosmo says:

        Yanks are not the only team saddled with bad longterm contracts. The Braves owe Uggla 26 million over the next 2 years. Uggla has struck out over 100 times in about 250 ABS. My point being Pasternicky really hasn´t a position and Laird is expendable. Yanks could add another player.
        Braves are also looking at Crain and Gregg so Joba is one of a few being scouted.

      • NwkLaw says:

        Not sure that Laird or Pastornicky is an actual improvement over Stewart or Nix. Laird has been hitting in small samples two years in a row now, so maybe he’s turned a corner of some sort. Pastornicky is at least under team control for a while.

        Not sure that either is an appreciable upgrade over Joba. Could be persuaded they are, I just don’t think it’s a slam dunk. Joba could earn back a 7th inning role down the stretch and provide some value.

        • Preston says:

          He could and I think if we traded him (especially to the NL where hitters hadn’t seen a lot of him) he’d have a great stretch run. But the bullpen isn’t a current area of need and any position player who can hit a little bit is. I might not do it for Laird. But I’d do it for Pastornicky in a second.

          • NwkLaw says:

            He has youth on his side but Pastornicky has been very Nix-like with the bat to date in both MLB (small sample) and AAA. I might do it to have him around for the next few years. Wouldn’t expect a starter but another warm body at SS doesn’t hurt. For 2013 I’m not sure you’re getting an improvement on Nix.

            I would be interested to at least scout Laird to see if he’s changed his approach and mechanics recently, or has just gotten a little hot the last two seasons.

  6. Get Phelps Up says:

    Joba and Phil for Heyward or else.

    • Dalek Jeter says:

      AND they throw in McCann!!

    • The Doctor says:

      Joba and Hughes are far too valuable to this team. With a 1.77 and 1.5 HR/9 respectively, they are among the best Major League souvenir givers. Sure, we like to see the Yankees win, but really we all go to the game to catch a home run, so they oblige.

      Melky and IPK or nothing.

  7. Jake says:

    It’s also possible a team looks at Joba and thinks they could get more out of him than the Yankees have.

    • mitch says:

      That wouldn’t be hard because the Yankees haven’t gotten anything out of him since 2010.

    • NwkLaw says:

      Think it’s safe to assume that any team who does trade for him believes it will get more. Not many teams want a RP with an ERA close to 6 on their roster.

      And there’s plenty of reason to think they might get more out of him going forward (or that the Yankees will if they keep him). I would not expect a shutdown reliever. Just better than he has been so far.

      For some reason this site seems obsessed with taking a player’s production on the season to date as a projection for how he will play for the rest of the season. Of course, this is not how statistics works.

      • Jim Is Bored says:

        “For some reason this site seems obsessed with taking a player’s production on the season to date as a projection for how he will play for the rest of the season. Of course, this is not how statistics works.”

        This is now one of my favorite comments on RAB. I wish I could frame this comment and adore it every time I’m in a bad mood and need to laugh at someone else.

        • trr says:

          Joba’s usefulness to this team ended quite some time ago. While it’s quite true that a team acquiring him may see some immediate improvement (usually herein called a “dead cat bounce”) it’s doubtful he will ever fulfill his former promise.

          • Jim Is Bored says:

            I’m more laughing at the idea that NwkLaw thinks that Mike or Matt have only looked at Joba’s stats from this season to make any sorts of predictions or projections on how he’ll pitch moving forwards.

            And not his pretty substantial injury history.

            • trr says:

              which is often overlooked…I’m not a Joba hater, but let’s face it, he’s likely to be gone after the season anyway. I can’t imagine getting anything of value for him straight up, but if we do, I’d certainly be OK with it

            • NwkLaw says:

              Injury history is the way to predict future performance? That’s pretty much another example of what I am laughing at myself.

              What the author did was to say the Yankees will be lucky to get some kind of return. A bit subjective but that means, basically, any return is better than Joba. The Yankees will be lucky to move him and get something. There are a lot of ways to look at future performance that would not lead one to conclude that. Looking only at the recent past is about the only thing that would lead you to conclude that he has virtually no value to the Yankees and they’d be lucky to move him for “something.”

              • Jim Is Bored says:

                Way to predict future performance:

                Weighted analysis of past 3 years, more if you so choose, balanced with an injury risk.

                No author on this site is using only first half Joba stats to predict his future.

                • NwkLaw says:

                  Thanks for reading their minds for me. Appreciate it. You are also the guy who decided that using the word blogger is an insult, so I’m going to go ahead and ignore your psychic powers for now.

                  A lot of pitchers miss time for TJS. Your arbitrary three year time frame is largely time missed due to TJS. Good luck with your psychic 3 year predictions. I’d guess any actual prediction of Joba’s second half would show a lot of volatility. Too much to say what they’d be lucky to trade him for with much certainty.

          • NwkLaw says:

            His “former promise” was to be a top of the rotation starter. He doesn’t have to be 1/10th of that to have some value to the team going forward as a solid middle reliever.

        • TomH says:

          “Of course, this is not how statistics works.”

          Of course, it’s often how people works.

  8. Yankee Space Parader in SWPL hell says:

    Let’s assume this report is accurate. So while 2 well-run franchises appear to be interested in Joba, Mike thinks its “lucky” if anyone will give anything of value in return.

    Don’t see why anyone would even think of giving more weight to the judgement of guys who are quite successful in doing this for a living as opposed to a blogger…

  9. Kosmo says:

    it would be great if NY could work out something with the Giants for Joe Panik a native born New Yorker attended St.Johns etc. plays SS-2B but I don´t see it happening.

  10. A.D. says:

    Really only makes sense if you can expand the deal to get something useful back from another party

  11. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Sell, sell, sell.

  12. Jobu says:

    Two teams interested in Joba . . . wait, what?

    • Preston says:

      Relievers are volatile, he’s still got the stuff, a change of scenary would probably get his head back on right and he’d be a quality 7th or 8th inning guy down the stretch.

  13. CT Yankee says:

    Tim Lincecum on a rental and maybe keep him around next season on a new deal?

    • The Doctor says:

      They know Tim can pith in relief very well. They’re not giving him up for Joba. I’m certain he can be had at a very reasonable pride considering his struggles, but while Lincecum is a failing starter, Joba has been a failing reliever for much of the season. The former is much more valuable.

  14. Vern Sneaker says:

    Might as well trade him if we can swing a deal that helps us. Still, his leaving will be kind of a sad thing, even after these last few years of frustration. Such a case of what might have been.

  15. emac2 says:

    I think the value of a test drive and maybe first signing option for a solid arm that just might not be well suited to NY is higher than recognized here.

    I like the idea of extra international money mentioned earlier.

    If we really have extra cash to spend and can easily part with the free agents we aren’t going to tender I have to think we could get a real major league quality SS or 3B.

    Hughes, JOba, Cano and Arod for H Ramirez?

  16. jsbrendog says:

    the problem is will they get anything back? probably not.

    second problem, offering a reliever a QO is prob dumb since it is the average salary overall right? so, there goes that.

    is his value to the team higher than the dreck they’re most likely toget back? is this addition by subtraction?

    obviously, listen. If they think joba will pitch high leverage innings then his value is higher than the return. if they don’t then sel that fat turd to the highest bidder for the highest C level prospect!

    too bad LA isnt interested. i mean they did trade carlos santana for mark derosa…

    • Slu says:

      Exactly. Joba nets you nothing of present or future value in a trade. The only way it helps the Yankees is by saving them money. Since I don’t care about saving Hal money, I say keep him and let him walk at the end of the year.

  17. jsbrendog says:

    why is my comment awaitng moderation? what is this?

  18. handtius says:

    I just refreshed the page and saw less comments…that’s a first.

  19. Bill says:

    Trade him for international bonus money

  20. Roadgeek Adam says:

    Yay, no more Pedro Strop in the Orioles. Cubs gave Feldman and Clevenger for Arietta, Strop and int’l pool money.


    • Jim Is Bored says:

      Should read: “Crap, no more pedro strop on the orioles.”

      We beat the crap out of him last season.

      • Roadgeek Adam says:

        Not always. But its not like the bullpen for them is 100% behind Johnson either.

        • Jim Is Bored says:

          2012 Yankees against Strop:

          7/23, 1hr, 2 2B, 9 BB, 3K.

          1.022 OPS.

          I’d say that’s basically “always”.

    • Pat D says:

      Definitely an interesting trade, particularly with the pool money changing hands.

      Will be interesting to see if Arrieta has any chance of turning it around.

  21. Bo Knows says:

    They can have him, after the incident with Mo I was done with Joba.

  22. Before we all start fighting with each other, does anybody (this is for you, Mike) know what the Braves or Giants might offer? And anybody that reasonably meets the Yankees needs. Joba is not a bum. Maybe a head case, but a very talented, young head case.

    • Preston says:

      Oh to be young and in love (with prospects).

    • The Doctor says:

      “WANG will take the ball quietly every 5th day and win 18-20 games a year during the prime of his career and be the forgotten ACE”

      That was the saddest part.

    • TCMiller30 says:

      “Hughes has a chance to have one of those 15+ wins a year for 15 straight years” kind of runs. That said, Joba’s got a chance to do some serious damage, like 250+ K in a year.”

      Well that’s sad to read.. Haha

  23. Robinson Tilapia says:

    Why does work have to get in the way on a thread this epic?

  24. Aluis says:

    Good riddance!!! Not a fan anymore. I can’t stand to seem him come into games anymore because more often that not he’s going to give up some runs. And usually it’s because he just not that smart when it comes to pitching and like the announcers said yesterday he tries to get to cute in certain counts when he should be attacking hitters.

  25. Mikhel says:

    This sounds like Bruney part deux…

  26. Gonzo says:

    Can we place a disclaimer that we are hitting the part of the year where a ton of players get scouted because it’s after the draft (and the draft deadline is closing in too) and before the trade deadline. Teams with scouts (read every team here) have to get those guys working and scouting everyone.

    It could mean so many different things. It doesn’t have to mean they want him. Hell, it could mean that they were scouting another player but were told to watch Joba with an eye on the offseason.

    Otherwise, I have a Jump to Conclusions Mat you can purchase.

  27. LarryM Fl says:

    “Taxi, Taxi over here” ” Please take Mr. Joba to LaGuardia” Adios big boy.

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