NYDN: Selig may invoke commissioner’s power to ban A-Rod


Via NYDN: Commissioner Bud Selig is prepared to invoke one of the office’s most extreme privileges and ban Alex Rodriguez from baseball if the embattled Yankees does indeed pass on a plea deal to fight a Biogenesis-related suspension. Article XI, Section A1b of the Collective Bargaining Agreement allows the commissioner to ban someone to preserve the integrity of the game, basically.

If Selig were to go to that extreme, he would be bypassing both the grievance/appeals process and the Joint Drug Agreement, the only document that addresses performance-enhancing drug discipline. They’d rely on evidence showing A-Rod tried to interfere with the Biogenesis investigation, not necessarily evidence showing he purchased a banned substance. It’s pretty obvious MLB and the league is leaking this stuff in an attempt to pressure Alex, and even if Selig did invoke the rule to ban him, it would result in a monster legal battle. A-Rod would have nothing to lose at that point. Seems like a scare tactic, really.

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  1. Steinbrenner's Ghost says:

    Shoeless Joe Jackson move over

    • Steinbrenner's Ghost says:

      Shoeless Joe Jackson and Pete Rose move over.

    • Selig's BanHammer (Temporarily Not Bob Buttons) says:

      Maybe he’ll play in some independent league under the alias of Alex Alexanders.

    • radnom says:

      even if Selig did invoke the rule to ban him, it would result in a monster legal battle. A-Rod would have nothing to lose at that point. Seems like a scare tactic, really.

      Hilarious. Typical, you were singing the exact same passive aggressive story when they announced they were going for suspensions without a positive test. And then again when it was reported that they would exceed the 50 game first-time suspension. Neither sounds so ridiculous now.

      This could happen.

      • trr says:

        Yes, and it will drag this shit on, and on, and on, and on.
        I’m so sick of this thing I almost hope they ban him for life so we can get back to baseball….Remember baseball?

    • Al says:

      Fight A-Rod Fight it go for a court order and stick it up Spuds ass. ” An injunction is an equitable remedy in the form of a court order that requires a party to do or refrain from doing specific acts. A party that fails to comply with an injunction faces criminal or civil penalties and may have to pay damages or accept sanctions. In some cases, breaches of injunctions are considered serious criminal offenses that merit arrest and possible prison sentences.”

      • Frank says:

        Sure, he could get an injunction. What that means legally is the court can stop the process while the court determines whether or not Selig has the power to ban him. The office of the commissioner of baseball does have this power. Given that the union A-rod belongs to signed a collective bargaining agreement that specifically grants the power to ban to the commissioner, I can’t really think how a court would determine that the power doesn’t exist.

  2. Pseudoyanks says:

    Well at least all of this is making the off-season go by quickly.

  3. Wrecky says:

    For once I’m rooting for Bud, just so Yanks can save that $100 million.

  4. Kevin G. says:

    That would be a major shit show

  5. OldYanksFan says:

    We all step in shit sometimes, but ARod has a way of stepping in it, and then kicking it such, that it ends up in his mouth and all over his face.

  6. Former ACE MannyGeee says:

    Love A-Rod or hate him, you are an absolute lying whore if you don’t think this whole thing is FASCINATING. Selig threatening to pull the supercard in an attempt to lock A-Rod down? Huge, YUUUUUUGE hanging brass ball move by the Commish.

    So much so, that I don’t think Bud has the brass hangers to pull the trigger. Not at all.

  7. RobA says:

    Man Selig REALLY wants to help out the Yanks with their ARod problem.

    I hope he fights it all the way. No way could they win that when all these other guys have done PED’s and gotten a relative slap on the wrist. I find what Braun did and how he acted after getting caught last year to be more ofensive and egregious then anything ARod did.

    A lifetime ban would be so arbitrary. It reeks of a personal vendetta. Can’t see how that would hold up.

    • Former ACE MannyGeee says:

      Problem is, if Selig pulls Executive Privilege, there is ZERO appeals process. If he goes through with it, its Pete Rose style. This is tremendous. Fucking EPIC. I swear, like Brad Pitt should be in this, its playing out so Hollywood.

      • RobA says:

        Sure ARod has recourse. He can take Selig to court and challange MLB’s golden goose. The antitrust exemption.

        I think Selig will do anything to not let this happen because most legal experts seem to think that if ever challanged (it never has been) it would be struck down in court. No other sport enjoys antitrust exemption.

        ARod has some leverage here too.

        • Il Cugino says:

          I’m honestly curious. How is that the golden goose for MLB? Other sports don’t have it and make crazy money and have the same issues. Of it’s merely fighting of competitors, I don’t think that’s really a concern anymore now as it was in 1914.

        • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

          The antitrust exemption has been upheld by the Supreme Court.
          Obviously that doesn’t mean it will always be upheld, but it has survived challenge before. A different court could provide a different result.

        • Gonzo says:

          I’m pretty sure since this is a labor case this has nothing to do with the antitrust exemption. At least that’s my understanding of the Curt Flood Act of 1998.

        • Dan in Athens says:

          On what basis?

          I have seen nothing to support such a statement flying in the face of stare decisis, especially since Congress with its anti-steroid fury is unlikely to revoke the exemption based on a Supreme Court affirmation of prior decisions in such a circumstance.

          Or, are you a pontificating ass with no knowledge of the decisions, having read none, and lacking any background in Congressional/Supreme Court relations?

    • King George says:

      Those other players didn’t attempt to obstruct and impede their investigation either. For once, I do find myself agreeing with Bud.

  8. I'm not the droids you're looking for.... says:

    So glad that popcorn I made is an extra large bucket. With genuine butter flavored corn oil on top.

  9. W.B. Mason Williams says:


    I don’t know what dark evil sh*t the Steinbrenners are promising Selig if he goes through with it but I bet it includes Jeter’s firstborn son.

    • Former ACE MannyGeee says:

      Dollars to donuts, there’s a gift basket involved of some sort.

    • Selig's BanHammer (Temporarily Not Bob Buttons) says:

      Maybe they promised to go below 189 for the next ___ seasons?

      • W.B. Mason Williams says:

        Did you just change your name? Either way I love it.

        And I doubt Selig wants them spending less. I’m pretty sure the whole revenue sharing thing gives Selig a big enough hardon that he’s happy to let them spend unto eternity.

        • Selig's BanHammer (Temporarily Not Bob Buttons) says:

          I saw your first sentence there and decided that in tribute to this fiasco this will be my temporary name.

          I don’t know what Selig wants the Yanks to do, but nothing short of Steinbrenner selling the team would surprise me.

          • W.B. Mason Williams says:

            I’m right there with you. Considering the developments of the past several days, the lifetime ban has gone from “lol ok” to “never tell me the odds” and if one of the Steinbrenner boys is willing to play Han Solo we could see some photon torpedoes shot straight into A-Rod’s contract.

            Like turning off your targeting computer, it’s a long shot (much smaller than a womp rat)

  10. RobA says:

    Seems grossly unfair that Braun would lose 65 games and less then $3 million fine when ARod for the same offense would get 250 games and $30+ million fine.

    • Former ACE MannyGeee says:

      Different offense. A-Rod impeded the investigation…. somehow.

      • RobA says:

        So did Melky. Can’t see how ARod could have attemped to impede the investigation more egregiously then a guy who created an entire fake website scheme.

        • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

          ARod apparently tried to purchase/get rid of evidence that already existed.
          Melky just tried to concoct an elaborate cover story.
          Those two are quite different. If Melky tried to bribe somebody to get rid of his test sample, that would be more akin to what ARod allegedly did.

          • RobA says:

            How do you know what ARod did? It hasn’t even been speculated other then “tried to impede investigation”

            Which is exactly what Melky did. Creating a fake website and claiming you bought the supps off there is “impeding the investigation”

            • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

              It’s been reported that he allegedly tried to buy evidence to keep it away from MLB.
              Both would be impeding the investigation.
              Only ARod’s would rise to trying to destroy evidence.
              Big difference. They probably could have gone after Melky harder for impeding the investigation.

              • flamingo says:

                Has it really? Being completely sincere here – I thought that the Daily News reported he refused to pay off Bosch when Bosch tried to extort him.

                • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:


                  It’s been alleged that ARod arranged to have documents bought. Whether that’s true or they can prove it, I have no idea.

                • radnom says:

                  From the article we are commenting on……

                  “MLB investigators believe Rodriguez attempted to intimidate witnesses and purchase incriminating documents to keep them out of the hands of baseball officials.”

                  • Gonzo says:

                    There’s also saw something that they want to get A-Rod for recruiting players to Biogenesis. I think the moral of the story is that we don’t know exactly what the differences are in A-Rod’s case versus everyone else’s.

                    • jsbrendog says:

                      watch, arod was the $$ behind biogenesis and a pic of him and bosch on a boat catching tuna surfaces.

              • Former ACE MannyGeee says:

                I thought Boesch offered him the evidence for a price and A-rod turned down the ‘attempted blackmailing’… which in and of itself should have discounted some of its validity, but I digress.

            • Duh Injuries says:

              A-Rod isn’t gonna fuck you bro.

    • Gonzo says:

      We don’t know what the evidence is, so we should probably hold off on what’s fair and unfair right now.

  11. Captain Turbo says:

    I guess the witch hunt is on. When are they going after all the juicers on the ’04 Sox?

  12. forensic says:

    Should Selig ban himself for life for turning a blind eye to all of this in the first place and having the game cash in on the extreme popularity that this whole era brought to it?

    I can’t wait for the next day that goes by without any of this crap coming up.

    • Thud says:

      Wha-bam! Circle gets the square!

    • flamingo says:

      Can’t wait for the day Selig is voted into the HoF.

    • Duh Injuries says:

      Yeah it’s “crap” that A-Rod is a steroids cheat and MLB has (apparently) enough on him to ban him for life ekse why all the rumors flying about.

      And ya know, lifetime banishment is just a scare tactic.

      You’ll be waiting for that “next day” for quite some time.

      If I’m A-Rod I retire from the fucking game and collect the full $100M to avoid suspension or banishment and so the Yanks can collect 80% of that back in insurance. Then I come back in 2015 for a year and a mil (Lyle Overbay’s 2012 salary) for anyone who wants me on their team.

      ‘Last I checked, if he retires from the game he can return a year from retirement date or the next season after that date. If no one wants him, then he’s just Barry Bonds II.

      • Kiko Jones says:

        So, Selig and the writers and the teams get to point fingers and adopt a hypocritical, holier than thou stance after they looked the other way AND benefited from PED use? So, only the players should pay the price? Does that seem fair to you?

    • Darren says:

      Exactly. I would looooove to see an investigation, by a top notch law firm, with full subpoena powers, into what Selig knew and when. That lying fuck.

      Only a piece of shit like Selig could turn Alex into an underdog.

      • Kiko Jones says:


      • Blackbeard says:

        I think Alex did a pretty good job of screwing himself up. But, you are right on about Selig. He turned a blind eye to all of it in the 90′s with bonds, Sosa and Mac putting fannies in the seats.

    • ruralbob says:

      That’s the first thing I thought when I read about this: Where was Bbud in 1998 when it comes to “the best interests of the game”? (I don’t think A-Rod is innocent here, but Bud’s hypocrisy really annoys me. Actually, just about everything Bud does annoys me.)

  13. BigBlueAL says:

    I feel a bit sorry for Arod but this could really be huge for the Yankees financially. Of course in turn I sure as hell hope they use the saved money on actually improving the team.

    • Captain Turbo says:

      True, but I really don’t want to be a fan of a team whose front office makes a habit of railroading players to get out of paying them. They signed the contract and they need to live up to it.

      • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

        They forced Arod to do steroids?
        They forced ARod to try to buy evidence and intimidate witnesses (allegedly)?
        The punishment is coming from the league, not the Yankees.

        • Duh Injuries says:

          Hear hear. ‘Love all these passive-aggressive sorta kinda Yankee haters or people who hope A-Rod legally and morally steals $86M from the Yanks through 2017.

          The Yanks only mistake was giving this fuck a decade-long contract.

          Had they given him a half-decade long contract, last year would’ve been his final season as a Yankee and probably ever for all the shit going down HE created not the Yanks or any other team he played on.

          • B-Rando says:

            THATS the mistake though. This is why you don’t hand out decade long contracts, because if anything happens (injury, PEDs, who knows what else) you are still on the hook for a long time…

            Sure they didnt force ARod to take PEDs, but up until this point in time, the massive fall out in production from ARod and the albatrossness of his contract occurred naturally.

            The fact that the Yankees can now see a window to get out from it does indeed suck for ARod.

            I’m really torn because I think ridding themselves of ARod’s contract is obviously a huge plus for them. However, I do think they are using this opportunity to get out of a ridiculously bad contract that everyone knows should have never been handed out to begin with.

            • Captain Turbo says:

              This is why you don’t hand out decade long contracts, because if anything happens (injury, PEDs, who knows what else) you are still on the hook for a long time…

              Exactly. They bought into this mess and now they have to man up and pay the man regardless. Or, if they want to get out of the contract, do the right thing and give back the ’09 World Series title because, after all, they got it with a “fraudulent” player on their team. They can’t have it both ways.

              • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead says:

                If the Yankees have to give back 09, the Sawwwx have to give back 07(I don’t recall a 2nd championship…), the Giants have to give back last year(Melky), etc.

                No one’s doing that. It’s not even on the table.

          • Captain Turbo says:

            Love all these passive-aggressive sorta kinda Yankee haters or people who hope A-Rod legally and morally steals $86M from the Yanks through 2017.

            I don’t think you have the slightest clue what passive-aggressive means.

      • fat jeter says:

        there is something to this. Dave Winfield and Giambi come to mind immediately. Then again, pretty much all teams try to avoid contracts. Happens in football every single year, granted they can just cut guys whenever they want in football, but I can definitely remember the Red Sox sending private investigators afgter Mo Vaugn to escape the weight of both Mo Vaughn’s giant ass and his expensive contract.

  14. Yankeeparrothead says:

    If Selig does something that arbitrary to A-Rod he could do it to any player for any reason. I agree that is reeks of a personal vendetta. Not only would A-Rod fight that and likely win, but would have to fight that hard as well. I think the union might look away at many approaches but that would be something they could not live with. I could easily see a move like that result in a work stoppage at the next CBA and destroying the great working relationship between the owners and the players association all those years. I don’t think Bud is that dumb so I agree it is leaked to put pressure on him.

    • RobA says:

      No way no how could MLB allow the highest paid player lose $100 million for an offense that many many other players have gotten 50 games (or 65) for. They would fight it tooth and nail.

      • ChrisS says:

        Simple reason why MLBPA would sit back on this? It’s not the same offense.

        What if it does come out that Arod was funding BioGenesis and/or recruiting his workout partners? Is that the same as pissing hot once?

    • Selig's BanHammer (Temporarily Not Bob Buttons) says:

      If A-Rod is banned for two seasons Braun should at least get more than whatever he got.

      I sincerely hate Braun more than A-Rod. I mean, at least he didn’t make a guy lose his job.

  15. JonS says:

    “A-Rod’s lawyer: We will fight any discipline”

    So Arod not only is guilty, but they have evidence that he tried to impede the investigation, yet, you all think that part is small. That’s HUGE!!

    It’s one thing to cheat and get caught, this is an entirely different level of grievance and demands an entirely different level of response.

    • RobA says:

      again…so did Melky.

      Can’t suspend ARod for 700+ games and $100 million fine for doing no worse then several other players just because you don’t like his face.

      If Selig tries to use “best interest in baseball” (which woul, in effect, be an admittance that the evidence is not strong enough to withstand appeal, and thus he needs to go this route so there will be no appeal, the will be seriously overplaying his hand.

      • Captain Turbo says:

        Exactly. A-Rod is being singled out.

      • CashmanNinja says:

        You’re wrong about comparing Melky and A-Rod. Melky had a friend try to make up a fake website with a fake substance. He basically tried to cover his tracks — similar to players who use various drugs to try to mask their PED use. It is wrong, but A-Rod supposedly took it to another level. When you try to BUY evidence from a suspect under investigation so you can DESTROY it…then yeah, that’s a problem. Plus it probably wouldn’t be just evidence against him but evidence against other players as well. So instead of clearing his name he’d be clearing several other players’ names, thus destroy MLB’s case against 20+ players. That is a HUGE deal because it goes far and away past what Melky did. it would be like O.J. trying to buy the bloody glove.

        • Cool Lester Smooth says:

          The MLB had no more legal right to that evidence than A-Rod did.

          In fact, his buying it seems less reprehensible, to me at least, than the MLB’s tactic of threatening to drag a lawsuit out for years in order to bankrupt anyone who didn’t give them the evidence they wanted.

          • CashmanNinja says:

            If A-Rod tried to completely destroy their entire investigation (against 20+ players, not just him) then yes…they do have the right. MLB was trying to fix the integrity of the game by dealing with the players listed, but A-Rod trying to buy evidence to destroy would throw a wrench into MLB’s plans…thus he would be steamrolling them and preventing them from fixing the integrity of the game. So, yes…they’d have a legal right. You forget that he is an *EMPLOYEE*. I dare you to go to your job and do something that is ethically and morally wrong that tarnishes your company’s name. Let’s see how long you last.

            • Cool Lester Smooth says:

              If Selig had any right to that information, he wouldn’t have had to blackmail Tony Bosch into cooperating.

              I don’t care if he was “investigating” other players, either. Bud Selig is not an agent of the government, and he does not have a warrant. He simply doesn’t have the legal power to compel someone to give him information.

        • B-Rando says:

          Having a friend do it is not the same as you trying to cover your tracks? Not buying that one…

    • Selig's BanHammer (Temporarily Not Bob Buttons) says:

      And it’s an even higher level to make someone lose their job because he tainted the guy’s reputation.

      If A-Rod gets life Braun should get two seasons, at least.

      • OldYanksFan says:

        Braun ‘only’ got 65 games because he cooperated with MLB and promised not to appeal. If the rumors are correct, Bud offered to suspend ARod for ‘only’ 150 games, if he, like Braun, cooperated.

        But again… as over a dozen people have stated above, it appears that ARod ‘committed crimes against Baseball’ beyond just doing PEDs.

        The rumors say MLB has phone records, EMails and text messages between ARod and Bosch. My guess is they contained very serious dirt. I suspect that in some capacity, ARod was helping Bosch.

        Bud is powerful but certainly not omnipotent.
        If he is pushing for a lifetime ban, this against a very rich and powerful guy (ARod), then my guess is Bud has a TON of ammunition. Bud would not try to set this kind of overwhelming precedent if he did not have a really good shot of pulling it off.

    • Darren says:

      By the way, the only example I’ve heard so far of ARod impeding the investigation is that he either offered, or actually arranged, to get lawyers for people who were being investigated. That doesn’t sound half as bad as PAYING people to provide evidence, as MLB has clearly done.

      So, let’s wait and see whether Alex has actually interfered with an investigation by doing more than hiring lawyers for people. Cause that sounds like ZERO grounds for banning him for 1 game, let alone life.

  16. RobA says:

    Actually seems like a desperation move by Selig. If he had strong evidence (i.e. evidence that would stand up on appeal) he would just issue the 250 game suspension he’s reportedly seeking (as has been made clear, Selig isn’t bound by the 50, 100, life punishment scheme he would be if ARod actually failed a test, so he could issue a 250 game). The only reason he would go through “best powers of baseball” is because he doesn’t want to put his evidence up against an appeal board. He obviously feels there’s a good chance ARod would win.

    • Duh Injuries says:

      Selig can and should invoke a lifetime banishment and avoid the appeals process because he has enough evidence to even further publicly humiliate A-Rod who will never, ever have anything to do with MLB again even if he isn’t banned.

      A-Rod should just retire. He’s worth $86M 2014-17 on paper only. He is legally and morally stealing fron the Yankees. For him to want to continue to keep playing is nothing more than him saying he wants to make as much money as possible. Pay-Rod. Pay me $25M next year even though I will produce about as well as 2013 Jayson Nix and it will hamstring the Yanks in bringing in players to make the team especially the offense better. He’s a money-clutching scumbag with no sense of basic human decency. He cares more about his money than the welfare of the team.

      What the fuck does he think he’s gonna do next year, post up pre-2011 numbers at his age and physical condition? He is living in serious denial as well as a money-clutching scumbag.

      Gil Meche walked away from millions, A-Rod should follow suit.

      • Captain says:

        What the fuck does he think he’s gonna do next year, post up pre-2011 numbers at his age and physical condition? He is living in serious denial as well as a money-clutching scumbag.

        stop talking about Jeter that way.

      • RBC says:

        I get your point, but please the word “moral” should not be in the same sentence with Yankees. They aren’t innocent in this debacle either.

    • Carlos Danger says:

      All of this. The more Sulig postures and threatens without actually doing anything, IMO, hurts him more than A-Rod. If he has evidence, issue the ban and let it play out in the system. They’re trying to make A-Rod into the scapegoat when they could turn him into a martyr of sorts.

      I thought A-Rod was the ring-leader behind this circus, it appears its Selig more than anybody, leaking information to gain scare-tactics. This whole thing reeks.

      • RBC says:


        Personally I’m sick and tired of all the leaks. If you have the evidence, present it and suspend him. Its time to stop the wait.

  17. HateMclouth (formerly I'mVernon) says:

    Holy cow.

  18. True Yankee Fan says:

    He hasn’t taken steroids in 10 years how could the document from that many years ago mean anything. If you’re a true Yankee fan you’ll be happy to see the money go away but saddened that we won’t have his great hitting and solid fielding in the lineup. I was really hoping to get him back soon enough to at least see him play one last time instead of him leaving after his horrible postseason. It’ll be sad for me to see him go and I hope that he goes to play in an independent league in NJ so I can watch him but lucky him can probably get a huge contract again in Japan if they gave Andrew jones around $3 million he can easily get $15-20 million. I really hope he can fight this and he’ll be back as soon as the start of next year especially after all that rehab and hard work just to come back and help the yanks and try to get his team back in the pennant race. There’s a point where you have to forgive a guy and a point where you have to let something slip your mind and cheer on and support each player on the team that you love and have followed over however many years. Not one person on this site was mad when they signed him to the contract but now that he has been declining (normal) every body hates him as if he’s still not gonna hit .260-.290 with 20+ HR and 85+ RBI with 10 SB a season he’s still better then league average and a lot better than we have to replace him. The only possible trade replacements I can think of is headley, young, and Alvarez. Btw out of all the crappy utility players we’ve had play for us this year why did the free agent names bill hall (3B,SS,2B) and Chone figgins (3B,SS,2B,OF) never come up ever.

    • CashmanNinja says:

      The documents aren’t from 10 years ago. The documents are from recently. If the documents were from 10 years ago then Frankie Cervelli would be in little league and Jesus Montero would be a few years from being eligible for tee-ball.

    • radnom says:

      Not one person on this site was mad when they signed him to the contract

      Wrong. It didn’t take Nostradamus to predict that it wouldn’t end well.

      • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

        Yeah, that contract was pretty widely panned as being excessive when it was signed.

        • Deathstroke Heathcott says:

          We were bidding against ourselves! Terrible, terrible way to make a deal. And IIRC, A-Rod opted out of his previous deal which erased some of the money Texas would’ve paid of his contract? If he just signed an extension instead, we could’ve saved some money I think.

    • Kiko Jones says:

      Cheers, TYF.

  19. mustang(The Has Beens & Wannabes Bunch 2013) says:

    WOW !!!!

    Selig bring out the big guns.

  20. Rizi Walnutz says:

    This whole thing is unfucking believable. Can’t wait to see the movie. Crouching Yankee, Hidden PED. Going from A-Rod to F Rod. Are we ready to see a Rose-like A-roid, sitting in a Copperstown doorway, hawking autographs for thirty bucks a pop to make ends meet?

  21. Gonzo says:

    Aren’t you burying the lede? Wouldn’t this allow the MLBPA to open up negotiations for a new CBA?

    That’s the juicy part to me. Maybe Selig wants to open it up. I don’t see how the court of public opinion could be more on MLB’s side down the road.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

      They apparently can only reopen that specific section of the CBA dealing with the Commish’s power to preserve the integrity of the game in this manner, not the entire CBA.

      The Association may reopen this Agreement, with reference solely to Section A(1)(b) and Section C of this Article, upon the giving of 10 days’ written notice at any time, based upon experience under the aforesaid Sections which, in its opinion, is unsatisfactory

      • Gonzo says:

        Dang, I thought that had a shot at being the juiciest part. Thanks for straightening that out. Good work man.

  22. Alex says:

    What pisses me off the most Selig is trying to cement his legacy on Arods back. Even though there is no way he didn’t know steroids were part of the game. Get off your moral high horse Bud. On another note I’m so sick of these steroid stories everyday, doesnt baseball realize that with all this crap slowly leaking out instead of all at once is damaging the integrity of baseball then any player ever could. Rip off the band aide and get this over with. Enough is enough.

    • radnom says:

      This shouldn’t piss you off at all. A cheater is getting punished, and it benefits the Yankees. Plus the guy is a grade-A douche. Win, win, win.

      • vicki says:

        a cheater is getting punished?

        a cheater is getting lynched.

        • alex says:


          • Duh Injuries says:

            Absolutely not.

            A-Rod cheated 2001-2003, he has cheated after that.

            He deserves everything he will get.

            Ryan Braun fessed up. A-Rod is an arrogant, defiant jerk who has created nothing but turmoil for the Yanks.

            • Selig's BanHammer (Temporarily Not Bob Buttons) says:

              Alex at least stuck to his guns and shouldered all the blame himself (and his cousin guy, technically)

              Braun blamed it on others, made someone lose their job and their reputation, then delivered a super insincere apology after denying it for more than a year, and to this date, did not apologize to the poor guy who lost his job.

              I have less disdain towards A-Rod since at least he took it like a man and doesn’t put other people under buses for his bullshit. I never did, and never will respect Braun for the rest of my life, and the only RIP I will say in regards to Braun’s eventual death is Rot in Pieces.

              (And before trolls start, no, I’m neither a Latino or Hebrew within at least 10 generations of my family. Nor am I biased towards Latinos or Jewish people.)

            • Mike Axisa says:

              He also created millions and millions of dollars in revenue.

              • Kiko Jones says:


              • ChrisS says:

                So did Madoff.

                • Improbable Island's Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR) says:

                  For himself. Silly rebuttal. And we’re really comparing what Madoff did to cheating in sports?

              • fat jeter says:


                Is that an argument? He created revenue, so now he’s untouchable? Lance Armstrong generated a lot of revenue and interest in cycling and cancer research. He’s also a cheating little fucker. Never failed a test either. Now completely banned from cycling. I have no problem with it and if alex’s punishment is harsh I’ll have no problem with that either. Stop coddling these entitled, rich assholes who bring nothing to table other than athletic ability and an inability to tell the truth.

                • RBC says:

                  What buried Armstrong was the fact that he costed people their careers in cycling. The same thing with Braun – he costed a guy his job.

                  A-Rod might be a liar and a cheater, but he hasn’t brought anyone down because of it. In fact, the Yanks have made money off the guy.

                • Cool Lester Smooth says:

                  You’re right. It is ridiculous that Lance Armstrong was banned from cycling.

            • Captain Turbo says:

              Ryan Braun fessed up. A-Rod is an arrogant, defiant jerk who has created nothing but turmoil for the Yanks.

              And a World Series title. In your opinion should the Yankees offer to give that back?

        • Selig's BanHammer (Temporarily Not Bob Buttons) says:

          We’ll hang A-Rod to a sour apple tree
          We’ll hang A-Rod to a sour apple tree
          We’ll hang A-Rod to a sour apple tree
          Our Bud is marching on!

          I really want to watch Inherit the Wind again.

        • fat jeter says:

          oh cry me a river. if he just took a plea and took responsibility for his actions, then he wouldn’t be “getting lynched” (I’m just gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and call this an overstatement, as comparing a lifetime ban in baseball to a despicable act of racism from an earlier era that literally ended lives is fairly shortsighted).

          The problem is, alex is an egomaniac. he really thinks the rules don’t apply to him and everything he’s done in regard to getting back on the field and avoiding any and all association with this investigation has been done at a detriment to his own character and integrity. the man continues to bury himself every step of the way. its not the crime that gets you, its the cover-up. in this regard, no punishment is to extreme.

      • alex says:

        I get that he cheated, but he’s not the only one Braun actually ruined a mans career, A-rod has only hurt himself. Plus I always thought Arod got a bum rap. Plus him being a yankee is the reason it bothers me the most, remember a couple years ago Oritiz was implicated in steroid use and every media outlet has convientely forgot about it because he is such “a good guy”. Plus the MLBPA stood up for him which they didnt do for any other player. Arod cheated but so did a lot of other players, time to move on its been to long.

      • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead says:

        And we can hate what ARod did while at the same time hate how Selig has handled everything and feel like Hypocrite Bud’s getting off easy.

        It’s not that hard to have more than one thought about something.

  23. vicki says:

    i smell torre.

  24. mustang(The Has Beens & Wannabes Bunch 2013) says:

    As a Yankees fan I want Selig to win this, but just can’t see MLB beating the union and “Team A-ROD”(LOL as I’m typing this)in court.

    BTW “Team A-ROD” is totally a copyright of the New York Daily News and I’m not associated with that name in anyway.

    • mustang(The Has Beens & Wannabes Bunch 2013) says:

      I like to thank A-Rod and Bud for making an otherwise boring season on the field into anything but that off it.
      Because God knows that there is no way that anything that this team done on field would be close to 100 comments on an off day.

  25. Now Batting says:

    Wow I can’t wait until what A-rod did gets leaked. Must be a lot worse than just buying steroids.

  26. Mister D says:

    So what happens if there is a ban, and ARod fights it in court? Those things can take years to play out. Is he banned until the case is over? What if that’s not until after the 2014 season? Would the Yankees suddenly be on the hook for a retroactive payment for 2014? How would that count towards the payroll? Or would ARod be allowed to play until this was settled?

    • Gonzo says:

      The odds of this successfully reaching court are not high because he has to prove that he has exhausted the MLB appeal process. Even then the courts tend to shy away from labor issues like this. He could try a defamation lawsuit like Jonathan Vilma did though.

      He’s only banned during the appeal process if Selig uses the integrity of the game power. If his appeal is successful, he is awarded back pay. I have no clue how that’s calculated for luxury tax purposes though. Just a straight out of my ass guess is that it would be calculated for when it was supposed to be paid. Just a guess though.

      Sorry if any of this is wrong. I’m tired and it’s late.

  27. Gonzo says:

    I’d like to rewind to the beginning of the season when everyone, including myself, thought that none of this was possible.

    Pretty amazing how far we’ve come.

  28. Al says:

    “An injunction is an equitable remedy in the form of a court order that requires a party to do or refrain from doing specific acts. A party that fails to comply with an injunction faces criminal or civil penalties and may have to pay damages or accept sanctions. In some cases, breaches of injunctions are considered serious criminal offenses that merit arrest and possible prison sentences.”

  29. Improbable Island's Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR) says:

    Hoestly, good luck. Good bye, contract. It’ll be a fun offseason at least, with all the extra cash, right?

    • Selig's BanHammer (Temporarily Not Bob Buttons) says:

      Not if Levine has something to say about it.

      • Improbable Island's Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR) says:

        Perhaps we can pay one of Selig’s assassins to knock him off too.

        • Selig's BanHammer (Temporarily Not Bob Buttons) says:

          Or maybe Selig made a deal. Levine keeps running the Yankees, he bans A-Rod.

      • Gonzo says:

        Levine is looking at the middle relief market and drooling right now.

        • Selig's BanHammer (Temporarily Not Bob Buttons) says:

          He’s really focused on finding that bridge to the bridge to the bridge to our future closer and is willing to go overslot for an IFA that fits the bill.

  30. Nathan says:

    Looking back at the circus that was the post ’07 WS offseason, who would have thought that would be nothing compared to what is going on now.

    • Selig's BanHammer (Temporarily Not Bob Buttons) says:

      With all these poppycock raging around right now bet a lot of us could use a trip to the circus.

  31. Cuso says:

    Selig has a tough hill to climb.

    But for all those claiming foul that A-Rod’s situation is unfair in comparison to Braun and Melky, it is just plain not.

    Even setting aside his revelation in 2009, he is still accused of:

    1.) bringing illegal PEDs across the border
    2.) lying in the MLB investigation regarding Galea and bringing those PEDs across the border
    3.) his name is in Bosch’s records for purchases from that clinic
    4.) he lied to MLB in their investigation of Biogenesis
    5.) there is evidence that he hired people to purchase and/or destroy records from either the Miami Herald or Anthony Bosch or both before MLB could acquire that evidence.
    6.) recruited other MLB players to Bosch’s clinic

    Whether you agree or not with any or all of the above 6 statements, the fact is that MLB is well within their rights to treat EACH of those six as individual, stand-alone offenses against the MLB drug program agreed to in the CBA.

    Braun & Melky lied and misled and (in Melky’s case) tried to plant false evidence, their offenses aren’t as numerous as the ALLEGED offenses A-Rod has committed.

  32. Hardcore Yankee Fan says:

    DO IT BUD!!! PLEASE!!!

  33. mustang(The Has Beens & Wannabes Bunch 2013) says:


    The video in this really explains everything well.

    If A-Rod doesn’t take the deal:
    1- They suspended for “conduct…” so he can’t play the rest of the season until an arbitrator rules.

    2- Then if that doesn’t work they go after him after the season under the Drug Policy and probably suspended for sometime next season.

    If he takes the deal he can still get all if not some the 60 million still owe to him from the Yankees. I say “if not some” because I’m sure the Yankees will try and buy him off if he suspended for this season and next.
    Just WOW!!

  34. jim p says:

    An A-Bomb on A-Rod!

  35. Chris Z says:

    I’m not defending A- Rod’s actions but why is it ok for MLB to pay off Bosh for his documents and testimony but it was totally illegal for A-Rod?

    “Hey quit buying evidence! We don’t have the purchase order approved yet!” -MLB

  36. Manny's BanWagon says:

    How dumb could Aroid be?

    He’s gonna blow $60 million because he wants the entire $100 million. He should take the deal Selig offered. . His lawyers no doubt are advising he fight this since they’ll make huge money defending him.

    I just wish he could get one more AB in Yankees stadium so the fans could give him a proper send off.

  37. JLC 776 says:

    I hope something gets announced today… I’m sick of this story being dragged out.

    And I’m perfectly aware that it is likely to drag out for another year or so.

  38. David Ortiz says:

    If only Alex Rodriguez knew enough people like me, he would have gotten away with using PED’s like me.

  39. BeanTooth says:

    The ARod apologizing on this thread is incredible. Yes, a lifetime ban seems a little excessive, but if the evidence him is much greater than Braun, as widely reported, he is and should go down for a considerable amount of time. No conspiracy, no witch hunt. Arod’s a big boy. He’ll have to suffer the consequences. Also, don’t believe everything you read in the media. There’s probably a lot of bluffing and posturing going on right now.

    • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead says:

      A little excessive? How can it possibly be a little excessive? What would be a proper punishment if that’s considered a little excessive? A half-lifetime ban?

      • Vincent Vega says:

        I don’t think its excessive at all. Prior to the new CBA (which is a detail most forget) Arod came clean. He told MLB and the public he used and was now clean. He invoked that card.

        After the new CBA he allegedly recruited plyers to Biogenesis, invested in the company, tried to impede the investigation by purchasing incriminatory documents, used PEDs again, lied to MLB investigators over multiple investogations, and refuses to talk to investigators regarding his involvement.

        IMO the most egregious violation is recruiting players to using PEDs. He is the kingpin of the operation so to speak.

        A lifetime ban is appropriate.

        • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead says:

          That’s a fine position to have, it’s defensible, even though I disagree with it.

          I was arguing with the phrase “A little excessive”.

        • CJ says:

          If all that you have alleged is true, then a lifetime ban is appropriate.

          But where did you get the allegation that he was recruiting players? I keep hearing about the PED usage and alleged interfering with the investigation, but where is this coming from that he recruited other players?

    • Captain Turbo says:

      The ARod apologizing on this thread is incredible.

      Actually, I’m finding the A-Rod hate on this thread even more incredible. Whether or not he cheated, he’s being singled out and hunted down by the MLB for being a) too good b) a Yankee c) arrogant. No other player is being threatened with the sort of outrageous punishment he is. Hell, there are Red Sox players that we know have juiced that aren’t even being investigated. I’m not angry at A-Rod for cheating. I’m angry at the MLB for their hypocrisy. And at the Yankees front office for not doing anything to defend their player.

      You want to clean up the sport, Selig? Fine, do it right. Start kicking out all the players that juice (even if they’re from a certain town north of NYC). Void the championships of teams that won with a juicer on their roster. Ban all known cheaters of any stripe from the HoF (sorry, Whitey). If they want to go after cheaters, I’m fine, but it needs to be done the same way for all players. You can’t just conduct a witch hunt on one of the best players of the last few decades and say you’re done.

      And frankly all this A-Rod hatred makes me a little embarrassed to be a Yankees fan. Not too long ago I was talking with a die hard Tigers fan and when I said I liked the Yanks, his response was, “I don’t like anything about them.” And, you know, I’m starting to feel that way.

      • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead says:

        I can be angry at A-Rod for cheating(while still loving what he did in 09, and really for most of his Yankee tenure) AND angry at MLB’s hypocrisy. They should start by giving back the billions of dollars they made off of the 1990′s and the HR chase.

        I completely agree with pretty much all of what you’re saying though. Although as someone pointed out to me last night, the player’s signed up for this nonsense in the most recent CBA by giving Selig this kind of jurisdiction outside of the actual testing.

        It’s completely asymmetrical, he’s treating different players differently, and is absolutely making an example out of ARod.

        Anyone who wants a clean sport needs to be angry at the way this all has been handled. There needs to be no incentive to any party to cheat. Teams/owners need to be disciplined so that they’re more diligent about who they sign. Trainers need to be disciplined so they’re more careful about what they prescribe. Players, obviously. Agents and their companies need to be disciplined so that they stop representing dirty guys, or insist that their clients get clean.

        I don’t know the perfect solution.But I can tell everyone that what’s going on right now is not it.

    • JLC 776 says:

      This is a greasy story where everyone involved is a little shady.

  40. tyrone sharpton says:

    Hip Hip hooray!

  41. Chris says:

    Assuming for a moment he accepts a suspension starting this season and running through 2014 (even though we don’t know if it has been offered). What are his options in terms of staying in baseball shape for that long? Can he go play for an independent league somewhere?

    I think it’s fair to ask how someone at his age, and with his injury history, would return after what would amount to roughly 2 years without regular playing time when his current injury is factored into the equation.

    • Steve (different one) says:

      Manny was allowed to play in the minors during his suspension.

      You could see ARod in AAA all next year, which would be simultaneously hilarious and depressing.

  42. David Brown says:

    The reality of the matter is people somehow think that Rodriguez has to be “Guilty Beyond A Reasonable Doubt” (Which is most people’s minds is Greater than 95% of likely guilt (particularly in Florida where the “Crime” was Committed, and where Zimmermann and Casey Anthony were acquitted) in order to severely punish him. No that means taking away his liberty (sending him to prison)). This means taking money away from him. Thus, all that MLB needs to do is convince an Arbitrator that it is extremely likely (to be fair to both Rodriguez and the Union a more likelyhood than the 51% you generally see in “Preponderance Of Evidence” Cases (I might guess 75%)), that what he did, was so severe he deserves 100 Games or more. Those scenarios would include: 1: Introducing other players to the Doctor. 2: Tampering with Evidence. 3: Obstruction Of Justice. Otherwise the penalty should be 50 games because that was what was agreed to in Collective Bargaining. I suspect that even Rodriguez (as arrogant and “Living In Denial” as he is), would take that penalty and run, if he could. So I think there is a whole lot more on him, than we can imagine.

    • ChrisS says:

      So I think there is a whole lot more on him, than we can imagine.

      This is where I am. This is not a line item in an excel spreadsheet of him buying a few grand worth of PEDs. After last year Braun swore to everyone and their mothers that he would never do something as disgraceful and morally rephrensivable as PEDS and then after a short meeting with MLB, he rolled fast.

      • Mister D says:

        Braun had more incentive to roll over given his age, contract, injury status, team record and shorter punishment offer.

    • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead says:

      I think a lifetime ban requires no reasonable doubt.

      A suspension, be it 50, 100, 150, 200 games, is fine with me. I just wish they’d get on with it.

  43. Dars says:

    Set aside all the legal battles, ARod is a corrupt individual. He cheated the Yankees ane enticed them to give him a 10 year contract by posting numbers influenced by PEDs, then has not even come close to performing to the standards of that contract, has gotten injured likely because of the use of those same PEDs and he intends to not play anymore and still collect on the money stipulated by the contract. He is nothing but a despicable human being. I hope he gets punished to the full extent. I never want to see him on a baseball field again.
    What do you think would happen to the average Joe or even an executive who signed a contract and then stopped performing his duties. He would be fired in an instant.
    Guaranteed contracts have to go away in baseball. That is why the NFL is a much superior league to MLB, you perform you make the money, you don’t, you are gone. They simply allow very little guaranteed money and most of it is paid on performance. That is the case in real life and that is why people identify with football a lot more.

    • Captain says:

      no people identify with football more because they like to see grown men reduce themselves to drooling hospital patients at the end of their lives when their short professional careers end without pay they should’ve earned and the lack of support from their league into the injuries that they suffered while playing.

      and guess what happens when an average Joe or executive signs a contract and stops performing their duties (which Arod hasn’t done, if you didn’t notice he was playing in the minors to come back to join the team), they get paid whatever was negotiated in their legal contract for that scenario. and guess what, Arod is entitled to the same thing.

  44. Long-Past-His-Day-Rod says:

    So I’ve been pretty much staying out of discussion on this and waiting for the facts to come out instead of wildly and blindly speculating.

    One thing I will say to those who insist the player’s union won’t let something so extreme happen to their highest paid player: don’t be so sure. This whole saga defies logic on many levels. I, for one, would not be shocked if the MLBPA only puts up a half-hearted token fight on A-Rod’s behalf.

    Once again, not saying this will happen for sure, but merely reminding everyone that absolutely nothing is guaranteed in any way in this escapade.

    • Mister D says:

      I think the only reason they wouldn’t is precedent setting. If you let Rodriguez get his contract voided, you open the door for future voids.

  45. Robinson Tilapia says:

    Is there really anything new to say here?

  46. bluemoon70 says:

    Banishing someone like Pete Rose who was pretty much out of the game and banishing someone owed $100M is a huge difference. ARod has some of the best lawyers available. Whether the MLBPA fights it or not, MLB will have a fight on their hands. From a Yankee standpoint it may be worth the fight, but from MLB standpoint…not sure they really want to take it there. I mean what does MLB have to gain? The longer this drags on the more it hurts the game. That’s my opinion. I’m sure others would disagree though.

    • CJ says:

      I completely agree. Someone said it here earlier, but MLB has got to stop this from dragging on. And it has got to stop the constant leaks through the media. Unless the evidence is overwhelming, the longer we wait the more A-Rod becomes the sympathetic figure (not sympathy for cheating, but sympathy for being scapegoated). It doesn’t look good for anyone.

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