Offense breaks out for five runs; Kuroda carries Yankees to win over BoSox


That play you see above has to be the Yankees defensive play of the year, no? It’s either that or one of Brett Gardner‘s catches against Daniel Murphy and the Mets. Give it up to Chris Stewart, that was both a great play and a huge play at that point of the game. Instead of having Dustin Pedroia and David Ortiz bat as the tying run in the eighth, the inning was over. Huge props for that.

Oh, by the way, the Yankees got a much-needed 5-2 win on Saturday afternoon. No disrespect to Stewart, but that’s the bigger story of the day. Let’s recap the victory:

  • HIROKstar: It was a day that ended in y, which means Hiroki Kuroda gave his club (at least) seven innings of (no more than) two-run ball. It’s the tenth time he’s done that in 20 starts this year. Kuroda limited the best offense in baseball to those two runs on five hits, one hit batsman, and one walk in those seven innings, and the two runs didn’t score until his final inning of work. What more can you say? Kuroda was outstanding yet again.
  • Scratch: Five runs qualifies as a great day for this offense, but for a while it looked their fifth inning run on Gardner’s two-out hit would have to last. They broke things open with a three-run seventh thanks to run-scoring singles from Luis Cruz, Robinson Cano, and Lyle Overbay. The Cano and Overbay hits came with two outs. Cano plated a fifth run in the eighth with a sac fly. The Yankees didn’t draw a single walk, but they strung together 12 hits (eight singles, four doubles) and got some big two-out knocks. Bravo.
  • The Three-Hit Club: Nine of those dozen hits came from three players — Gardner, Overbay, and Eduardo Nunez had three apiece. Overbay and Nunez had two doubles apiece. It’s the third time New York has had three players record at least three hits in a game this year and the first time in April. They only did it twice last year, believe it or not.
  • Leftovers: David Robertson and Mariano Rivera closed things out in the eighth and ninth, though Robertson needed some help from Stewart’s great play … Cano, Cruz, and Vernon Wells had the club’s other hits … Cruz scored three runs … Wells threw Daniel Nava out at the plate in the first inning, though Nava slipped coming around third and that surely helped … New York had runners on base in every inning but the third and eighth.

MLB.com has the box score and video highlights, FanGraphs the WPA graph, and ESPN the updated standings. The Rays won and the Orioles are destroying the Rangers, so the Yankees are five back in the division and will be two back of the wildcard in the loss column. Jon Lester had his start pushed back due to general “wear and tear,” so it’ll be Ryan Dempster against CC Sabathia in the rubber match on Sunday night.

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  • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

    Best part of that Stewart play was the look on Pedroia’s face after it happened.

    • Pat D

      Yea, he looked like he was going to come at Nava like a tornado of arms and teeth…and fingernails.

      • vicki

        stay off pedey’s bridge or he’ll gobble you up!

  • Kramerica Industries

    Given that I will always expect the Yankees to win a game started by Sabathia, there’s no reason for this not to turn into a 2/3 proposition this weekend, which would undoubtedly be a success.

    The fact that Dempster goes is a bonus. He’s probably better than Lester at this point, but Yankees can’t hit LHP. I mean, they can’t hit RHP well either, but better than LHP.

    • Rolling Doughnut

      Depends on who shows up: CC or his evil twin Feces.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Feces Sabathia? I pray this doesn’t catch on.

        • Rolling Doughnut

          Depends on him I’d say.

          • Rolling Doughnut

            I mean them it depends on them. Sorry.

        • Mac

          Caca seems like a more natural fit.

          • Mac

            or CaCa

          • Pa Poo

            TWSS! LOL!

  • forensic

    I would put Stewart up there with Gardner in terms of individual greatness on a play (not really counting Cano just catching and tagging, though he failed to do just that earlier in the game). Personally, my favorite is still The Triple Play because of all that was involved in it and how unusual (first ever time like that) it was.

    This was a great win to get (it felt like it had been a week without one…). Any win they get now vs. winning teams is huge and if CC can pitch well (how he pitched last time against Boston would work very nicely) and the offense can do a little more stringing together of hits against Dempster, they could even win the series.

    • Wolfgang’s Fault

      The triple play in the spring stands by itself, but Stewart’s play today was special, too.

      Cano’s brain fart in the 7th inning on what turned into Mike Carp’s double turned what should have been Papi on 3rd w/one out into a 2nd & 3rd w/nobody out & anything could happen situation. Clearly, Robbie gave up on the play early & didn’t think Gardner had any chance of getting Carp at 2nd on the throw. Turned out, Gardner made a great play getting to and firing the ball to 2nd quickly & accurately enough that Carp would have been hung out to dry if only Robbie was alert & ready to make the play. Hope he doesn’t repeat doing that again.

      • trr

        As has been stated previously, a lack of hustle ultimately infests all aspects of a player’s game. Cano is a great player and I hope we re-sign him, but this will only worsen as he ages.

  • http://www.twitter.com/mattpat11 Matt DiBari

    I still say Kuroda will go down as one of Cashman’s best free agent signings, especially if you don’t count no-brainers like Mussina and Sabathia.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Loved the signing. Loved the timing of it as well. Seemed to happen about five minutes after the Pineda trade.

      • Pseudoyanks

        4 minutes and 32 seconds.

      • http://www.twitter.com/mattpat11 Matt DiBari

        I really liked it at the time too, but there were certainly enough naysayers, which is why I rank it higher than the two I mentioned. It doesn’t exactly take an astute baseball mind to say “I wanna sign one of the best pitchers in baseball in his prime.” This is one where you had to weigh pros and cons and make an informed decision, and I think its worked out even better than even the most optimistic of us could have expected.

        • Mac

          I don’t know that it really took an astute baseball mind to sign Kuroda to a reasonable 1-year deal, either. I doubt many of the naysayers had even seen him pitch much. They were just speculating about things like age and league switch. It wasn’t as much of a HR as the other two, but it also wasn’t nearly the commitment.

          Don’t get me wrong, great signing (twice probably). I just think it’s one that dozens of GMs would have made if Kuroda were interested in their team/city. If Kuroda were actually looking for market value, Cashman would have had a much tougher decision on what likely would have been a bigger multi-year deal. As it was he was basically giving himself away to the Yankees. I am actually a fairly big Cashman fan, but i can’t give him a ton of credit there. For the way he had run the org leading up to that point that attracted Kuroda, I guess I can.

    • trr

      I think we all hope for another year of him!

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Fun as hell game. Not much else to say. C’mon big man, and lets have those who thought this would be a lost series eat a bit of Ben’s hat.

  • Pat D

    Gotta give props to the Fenway crowd for cheering Rivera. Considering there’s still 7 games left at Fenway between these two teams, will they do it every time, since there will be no way of knowing which is the last?

  • dkidd

    what needs to happen, realistically, for the yankees to sneak into the playoffs (assuming the teams ahead of them refuse to conveniently collapse)?

    a-rod, jeter and granderson approach best-case scenarios upon returning
    cc and andy figure it out (or: pineda comes up and steps in)
    nova keeps it up

    we have a shot. it’s mo’s last go round. there’s no dominant team in the a.l. 2014 & 2015 are likely to be worse. was it over when the germans bombed pearl harbor?

    buy buy buy

    • Petebest

      The Germans didn’t bomb Pearl Harbor.

      • dkidd

        forget it, i’m rolling!

        • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

          Heh. Had to wait a while for the set up.

      • W.B. Mason Williams

        I weep for the cinematically challenged.

  • Bob Buttons

    Grits Stewart

  • Dan

    I still laugh when Mike writes that the team “broke out” for a handful of runs. Possibly the best thing Mike ever wrote on this site was when he said a few weeks ago something like the team lost even though the offense broke out for a run. I Lol’d.

  • Dan

    Joel Sherman tweeted that the Yanks are 31-1 when they score at least 5 runs. They really only need a slightly improved offense to be putting up 5 more consistently and to be competing for the division. With Jeter and ARod coming back (hopefully), they just need to trade for a right-handed hitting corner infielder (and/or a better platoon catcher), and they’ll be right in this thing. They need to do this for Mo.

  • Kosmo

    NY is 17-13 vs LHP 35-32 vs. RHP

  • Mick taylor

    Hey where are all the nick swisher fans? My prediction he would hit 230 with18 home runs in February on this blog was pretty good . How happy can the Indians be paying him all that money to hit 239 with 9 hrs and 31 r.bi.s

    • Robinson Tilapia

      That’s chasms better than who we’ve run out there.

      Maybe he just misses posing for the creatures.

    • Bo Knows

      He’s also been playing through this entire season on a bad shoulder, what’s your excuse for sounding like an ass?

    • Mac

      I think that the issue is more that you’re looking at those stats as an indication of how he’s doing offensively. He’s 10% better than league average. Having a down year, but not nearly as bad as you’re portraying.

  • Mick taylor

    After you finish jerkin off to nick swisher’s picture I guess you will say it was a bum shoulder that caused him to choke in the postseaon every year he was a yank. Ihave two words for you bo Carlos beltran

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Classy. You’re an idiot.

      • Pat D

        He’s a good guitar player, but that’s about it.

        I think Mick is trying to take over stuart’s place since stuart seems to post less frequently.

        • Get Phelps Up

          I’m sure we’ll see more of stuart when ARod comes back.

  • Mick taylor

    Hey mike, I did not leave that comment Latin loser it is someone using my name who luvs the choke king goodbye