• Ed

    Is Brett Gardner’s coming into his own as a quality starting CF & leadoff hitter the (mostly) overlooked Yankees’ story of the year? (I did see that Joel Sherman did do a nice column on him in today’s Post.)

  • Roy Lopez

    Is there any update on aaron judge? Why hasn’t he signed yet and do you think he will sign ?

    • http://riveraveblues.com Matt Warden

      No update as far as I know. I think they’ll wait it out as long as possible to see if they can get any more money thrown their way. I still think he signs though.

  • Ed

    Jeter has an $8 million option for next year. Do you think that whether or not he picks it up will be determined by whether he can play to a high standard when he returns from injury? I don’t see him coming back if he’s reduced to being a bench player.

    • http://riveraveblues.com Matt Warden

      I don’t foresee anyway that Jeter doesn’t return. That’s $8M… He’ll play on one leg if he has too.

  • Ed

    I think that on-field success is a critical part of the team’s business model. Without that, everything else falters. I think that Hal miscalculated, perhaps lost perspective, perhaps succumbed to family pressure for increased profits/backlash against George’s excesses.

  • b-rar

    “They could offer Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain and a prospect or two, although the fact that both Hughes and Chamberlain will be free agents could be an impediment. There’s also Ivan Nova or David Phelps, or maybe even a situational reliever such as a Shawn Kelley or a Preston Claiborne.”

    — Wallace Matthews, ESPN.com


  • Joel

    It’s amazing to me that someone who is (at least) a semi-professional writer for a blog like this would write “should of” instead of “should have”. Matt. Dude.

  • http://riveraveblues.com Matthew Warden

    Hah “semi-professional” is still a stretch. Your point is duly noted, though.

    Unfortunately, grammar mistakes happen, especially in a chat room environment. For what it’s worth, I do my best to curb as many errors as possible.