• Joey Vegas

    Does anyone else not think it’s appropriate for MLB to be in the criminal investigation business? Why not punish for failed drug tests and leave the rest to the criminal justice system?

  • KennyH123

    Joe D. only in the “top 15” RHB of all time? You need to go take a look at the numbers again. His pre-war years consisted of BA’s in consecutive years of .381, .352, .357.. was well over.400 in ’39 till he got that freak injury at the end of the year… OBS over 1.000 five separate times despite missing 3 years to war in his prime, and retiring early due to injuries… 7 different seasons of 125+ RBI, including ridiculous seasons with 140, 155, and 167… Dimag was a pull hitting right handed hitter playing half his games in a ballpark that was 395 ft. to straightaway leftfield, an insane 460′ to left center field, and a stupid 490′ to straightaway center field. And he still had 361 home runs, with a high of 46 in one season.
    That, my friend, is better than just a “top 15” righty hitter all time.

    • nyguy

      Agreed. Glad you wrote contesting Mike’s comment about Joe D only being a ‘Top 15’ hitter. Perhaps a reasonable argument could be made that Dimag doesn’t quite make the top 5, especially if you consider longevity, but not in the top 10? Absurd. Not only does he have the stats even with the handicap of playing in the original dimensions of Yankee Stadium, he only struck out a total of 361 times in his entire career and he was also considered an outstanding fielder. His 162 game average stats tell the story.

  • Wolfgang’s Fault

    Mike, just read through your first couple of comments, & I gotta say your take on Nunez is way out of proportion & far too filled w/contempt to take seriously. I couldn’t disagree w/you more here. Nunez will be a quality post peds major league shortstop somewhere. Your evaluation of him is bordering on obsessive/compulsive/vindictiveness. If it means anything to you, sometimes a cigar is just that, & it’s better to leave something alone for a while if you can’t exercise a little objectivity, & fairness regarding it. I know it’s tough watching & reporting on this stuff every day, but give the guy a break. He’s been hurt, & he didn’t get settled in before that. It’s not easy following a HOF guy. Nunez can play & he will hit enough to play shortstop. For your sake, when (imo, not if) he does, hope you’re standup when eating some crow.

  • Wolfgang’s Fault

    Mantle was the better of the two ballplayers. He just was. Mays probably was the better all around athlete & he was a great baseball player, no question, & a healthier one, too, but Mickey was just the most complete baseball player ever to turn up anywhere. He was off the charts in his prime despite never really being completely healthy at any time throughout his career. Even in his rookie year & before stepping in the Stadium drain pipe, he had to contend w/the consequences of his earlier bout with osteomyelitis. Aside from the broken bodied player too many remember in his last few years, Mantle was the greatest player, on the most successful team, and under the most relentless scrutiny. There’s no disrespect to Mays here, at all. it’s just the way it was!