• Dave M

    Nothing drives me crazy more than comments like this;
    “Well RBIs don’t mean a whole lot, but his point still stands.”

    It means they’re not scoring runs!!! If no one can get a base hit with runners in score position, you don’t score runs. If you don’t score runs, you don’t win.

    I understand that RBI is not the end all and be all of stats. For instance a guy can have a low number of RBI’s because he’s always hitting with no one on base. However to say it’s not important is just plain wrong.

    • http://Riveraveblues.com Matt Warden

      His tweet about RBI provides absolutely no context other than X player(s) hasn’t driven in many runs. It doesn’t explain whether the player is just an awful hitter or hasn’t had an opportunity to drive runs in because he’s surrounded by other awful players. It also doesn’t provide context surrounding opportunity. If a guy has only showed up in a few games (like Mesa) then of course he’ll have limited RBI.

      If you didn’t follow the Yankees and read Sherman’s tweet, you’d really have nothing to conclude other than a number of players, for whatever reason, have not driven in runs — you wouldn’t even necessarily be able to determine whether that’s the primary cause of a team struggling. You’d have absolutely no substance as far why things were happening. I’d just assume bypass a general observation like that and dive into the drivers as that’s the more compelling conversation. Just my 0.02.

  • Dave M

    This one is actually funny;

    “3 hits between both teams. Kuroda is looking awesome. Holland is looking like any other pitcher facing the Yankees.”

  • Ken

    So even when the Yankees are winning, RAB can’t be bothered to pay full attention! They do a chat instead. Why not just go over to Michael Kay’s house and play foose ball?